Leisa Ebere: UK Government Prophecy (GPS#25.2)

Lesia writes, ‘Please receive this powerful prophecy the Lord gave me on 15 Dec. 2018. He has His purposes and We as His People must rise up and embrace the entitlement that His Precious Son, Jesus fought and died for. His purposes shall prevail over the Nation of Great Britain, Amen.

“This the hour of derision where the enemy seeks to mock My People,” says the Lord. “Yet, the responsibility of entitlement My People have not taken up, which is necessary to forestall the enemy. Do you not know you are a royal priesthood with the ability to bind kings and princes whilst bringing liberty to the nations?

“Let not matters of government trouble you, for surely your prayers shall ensure a good end. My Will shall prevail despite the fears and anxieties of man. The enemy seeks to divert your attention with the cares of this world. My People must focus on hearing My Voice and moving by My Spirit for surely the trumpet is sounding and the times and seasons are growing short. You must leap past the things that weigh you down.

“Systems of government will come and go, do not strive so much, that your attention is diverted from me. I will be the One that marks time and decides who rises and falls. The fate of Brexit is in My Hands and I say to you that in this hour, the outcome will not be as you suppose. I am bringing forth a mighty carousel of My Spirit, and bringing about a 360 degree change and such things will cause governmental upheaval, which will be necessary in the days ahead. I have planted My People in strategic places,” says the Lord, “and favour shall be their portion. Look to Me in the days ahead; and know that as you stay in a place of cooperation with me, then the Kingdoms of this world shall be the Kingdoms established according to My Will and Purpose,” says the Lord of Hosts.’

For more delivered by Leisa click here. The first prophetic word brought to our attention is God’s Mandate for the Prophetic Profiling of our Nation, followed by the UK Nationwide Circuit Prophecies; the first of which for 2018 promises the Lord will give His prophets “the ability to see clearly My numbers”Fulfilled Prophecy #38 refers!

Invitation to petition Parliament for a ‘clean Brexit’

Averse to involvement in political issues I’m nevertheless obliged as a Christian to stand up and be counted for our nation’s best interest – as well as believing that leaving the anti-democratic EU aligns directly with the Almighty’s purpose for Great Britain.

Click the above image to sign the petition, which is fast approaching 180,000 mark – the speed of signatures demonstrates this issue’s importance.

The ‘May-EU deal’ and prophecies on Brexit

‘For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when that which is perfect has come then that which is in part will be done away…Let two or three prophets speak and let the others judge…the spirits of prophets are subject to the prophets…’ (1 Cor 13:9-10; 14: 29, 32).

‘Do not despise prophecies. Test all things; hold fast to what is good’ (1Thess 5:20-21)

Grateful thanks to the unknown creator of this splendid illustration

It may have come as a surprise to readers of the previous post that a prophetic word brought a year ago says the PM’s eventually agreed deal with the EU will be a bad one,  and –  as far as the Lord is concerned – it wouldn’t be such a bad thing because He wants Britain to become humble. Also, that purpose features dominantly in what’s regarded as one of the early important and most fullsome prophecies of Brexit.

During the subsequent 12 months our Prime Minister has ensured all opposition in her Cabinet disappeared so nobody can interfere with her plans – and the Lord’s, as some may say – to forge an agreement with the EU that’s contrary, not only to her Tory party’s manifesto pledges, but also to the wishes of the majority who voted for the UK to come out of that union.

Is there not, therefore, a dichotomy between what’s understood from many prophecies about the Referendum’s result as complying with the Lord’s purpose for a clean break between Great Britain and the European Union, and a word given to an acknowledged prophet of His subsequently endorsing such a bad agreement; one that not only keeps us tied to the EU but also puts the UK in a much worse place than at present – that of subservience!!

In my humble opinion, claims of God blessing or being content with a ‘bad deal’, as at present, really acknowledge the state-of-play and how it will serve His purposes. It does not mean we’re to accept such a deal slavishly, but we do need to learn the lessons and turn to Him as our Lord and leader. Also, there have since been further prophecies on what He is doing through all this turmoil; eg, as in ‘reversal of the curse’.

Prophecies are not to be taken as sacrosanct but to be checked and tested for accuracy as well as for our ‘tacking to the wind’. That is, to note and work our way along to where the Lord is indicating and taking us. They enable insights into what’s happening from a spiritual perspective – but we’re not to throw rational analysis and discussion overboard. Eg, where do we draw the line between Mrs May’s single-minded devotion to duty, her self-sacrificial willingness for huge humiliation, and her obdurate deviation from the aims she herself declared?

Hence, the widespread bewilderment during what’s been widely prophesied for the past couple of years as times of international ‘shaking’.  No wonder a ‘No Confidence Vote’ is tabled for tonight against the PM.

Nevertheless there are two benefits of this sorry saga, namely:

  • the EU has shown its true colours for all reasonable Britons to see; thus
  • a much increased percentage wanting to break the chains with a clean Brexit.

So I believe that the Lord’s original purpose still stands; that is, we should eventually be able to cut away all legal and, especially, spiritual entanglements with the EU.

In closing, note how this prophetic vision in July 2005 describes that entanglement:

Wendy Alec: A Vision for Great Britain (extract)

‘And the Lord showed me huge flourishing green tree that was planted in the European mainland – its huge trunk seemed to be planted in Brussels and the foliage had grown so dense that the trees branches and foliage had grown over the English channel and covered Britain in a great dark shadow and thousands of smaller offshoots and branches had taken deep root in Great Britain – and I saw the roots tangled and grown into London and then through the British Isles up all the way to Scotland.

‘The Lord said –

“These are the deep roots of secularism and humanism that have taken deep root in this nation – these are the roots that are eroding this nation’s faith!”

‘And I saw thousands upon thousands of people bowing in obedience to this tree and the roots were tightly twisted around their ankles – but they seemed totally unaware of this – that they were bound – and so they rejected the faith of their fathers – and I saw a great scoffing and a great decline in the traditions and the foundations of the past – and this mass of people was divided into two camps – the first huge mass of people whose ankles were bound by the gnarling roots of the green tree from Europe were younger and seemed more modern in their approach – and I saw written over their head – ‘UNBELIEF’ – ‘CYNICISM’ – ‘HUMANISM’ – and the foliage and green leaves seemed to shadow their heads – and I sensed that they were being attacked at a cerebral level.”

‘But the second group seemed to be those whose roots and foundations were from the established traditional denominations of Britain – yet they were just as affected as this first group – but I saw written over their head – ‘PRIDE’ – ‘SKEPTICISM’ – ‘CLOSED MINDEDNESS’ and I sensed that the roots around their ankles had bound them in a different manner – that even if they heard the call of the Spirit in these days that the spiritual forces had them so bound that they could not move with the tide and the times of God – and I saw the green foliage literally cover and shadow their foreheads and eyes and I saw the word ‘BLINDING’.

‘And I said to the Lord, “Father – what does this mean?” And He said –

“The spirits that led Europe into post-Christian decline – have invaded Great Britain over these past decades – and have infiltrated and overshadowed the nation with the same humanism and paganism and secularism – and yet Britain is still so blinded by her roots and her foundations that she is still declaring herself a Christian nation” – but the Lord says that, “She has been shackled by the enemy.”

‘And I said, “Lord what can break the shackles?” …..(click to read in full).

For a confirmation of this quotation see next post >>

40 things (or more!) wrong with May-EU’s Withdrawal Agreement

UPDATED with PS for further information; also note most informative comment:

One of my contributors to this blog’s series on the EU and Brexit, David Chapman, has submitted the following which he’d received from a friend, after having seen material by Martin Howe QC.

(Martin Howe is a leading barrister in intellectual property and EU law and Chairman of Lawyers for Britain, as well as a contributor to Brexit Central. His articles enable us to appreciate why the hitherto secret Attorney General’s advice to the government, as explosive as it is, came as no surprise to anyone well-informed of the nuances of the Brexit negotiations; see, for example – The Withdrawal Agreement’s Northern Ireland Protocol is Neither a ‘Backstop’ or Temporary published 22nd November!)

I’m informed the following has come from social media and it isn’t easy to determine its source. Nevertheless, David writes, “After trawling through the near 600 pages of the WA this seemed to have a much more succinct analysis than I could give.”

Also, a local friend of financial rather than legal background, reports he’s pleased to find its points are similar to those he’d noted when checking to identify the Agreement’s key issues. 

So with the foregoing in mind, let’s now take a look at :


From the offset, we should note that this is an EU text, not a UK or international text. This has one source. The Brexit agreement is written in Brussels.

  1. Prime Minister May says her deal means the UK leaves the EU next March. The Withdrawal Agreement makes a mockery of this. “All references to Member States and competent authorities of Member States…shall be read as including the United Kingdom.” (Art 6). Not quite what most people understand by Brexit. It goes on to spell out that the UK will be in the EU but without any MEPs, a commissioner or ECJ judges. We are effectively a Member State, but we are excused – or, more accurately, excluded – from attending summits. (Article 7)
  2. The European Court of Justice is decreed to be our highest court (Art. 86) both citizens and resident companies can use it.
  3. The UK will remain under the jurisdiction of the ECJ until eight years after the end of the transition period. (Article 158).
  4. The UK will still be bound by any future changes to EU law in which it will have no say, not to mention having to comply with current law. (Article 6(2))
  5. Any disputes under the Agreement will be decided by EU law only – one of the most dangerous provisions. (Article 168) Arbitration will be governed by the existing procedural rules of the EU law – this is not arbitration as we would commonly understand it (i.e. between two independent parties). (Article 174)
  6. “UNDERLINING that this Agreement is founded on an overall balance of benefits, rights and obligations for the Union and the United Kingdom” No, it should be based upon the binding legal obligations upon the EU contained within Article 50. It is wrong to suggest otherwise.
  7. The tampon tax clause: We obey EU laws on VAT, with no chance of losing the tampon tax even if we agree a better deal in December 2020 because we hereby agree to obey other EU VAT rules for **five years** after the transition period. Current EU rules prohibit 0-rated VAT on products (like tampons) that did not have such exemptions before the country joined the EU.
  8. Problems with the EU’s definitions: 3.1. “Union law” is too widely defined. “United Kingdom national” – we should not have agreed the Lisbon Treaty definition. That is giving away our right to define our citizens.
  9. Definitions needed to include the term “goods” and the term “services” we are promised the deal will mean ONLY EU law in relation to ‘goods’ will apply. This is a non-defined term so far. This agreement also fails to define it.
  10. The Mandelson Pension Clause: The UK must promise never to tax former EU officials based here – such as Peter Mandelson or Neil Kinnock – on their E.U. pensions, or tax any current ones on their salaries. The EU and its employees are immune to our tax laws. (Article 104)
  11. Furthermore, the UK agrees not to prosecute EU employees who are, or who might be deemed in future, criminals (Art.101)
  12. The pre-existing rights of EU citizens are to be extended to citizens of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. They will be pleased. (Article 33)
  13. The EU’s stupidest law ever – the General Data Protection Regulation – is to be bound into UK law (Article 71 to 73). So much for escaping this madness.
  14. The UK is obliged to establish a ‘Joint Committee’ with EU representatives to guarantee ‘the implementation and application of this Agreement’. This does not sound like a withdrawal agreement – if it was, why would it need to be subject to continued monitoring? (Article 164). The Joint Committee will have subcommittees with jurisdiction over: (a) citizens’ rights; (b) “other separation provisions”; (c) Ireland/Northern Ireland; (d) Sovereign Base Areas in Cyprus; (e) Gibraltar; and (f) financial provisions. (Article 165)
  15. The agreement will last as long as the country’s youngest baby lives. “the persons covered by this Part shall enjoy the rights provided for in the relevant Titles of this Part for their lifetime”. (Article 39).
  16. The UK is shut out of all EU networks and databases for security – yet no such provision exists to shut the EU out of ours. (Article 8)
  17. The UK will tied to EU foreign policy, “bound by the obligations stemming from the international agreements concluded by the Union” but unable to influence such decisions. (Article 124)
  18. All EU citizens must be given permanent right of residence after five years – but what counts as residence? This will be decided by the EU, rather than UK rules. (Articles 15-16)
  19. Britain is granted the power to send a civil servant to Brussels to watch them pass stupid laws which will hurt our economy. (Article 34)
  20. The UK agrees to spend taxpayers’ money telling everyone how wonderful the agreement is. (Article 37)
  21. Art 40 defines Goods. It seems to includes Services and Agriculture. We may come to discover that actually ‘goods’ means everything.
  22. Articles 40-49 practically mandate the UK’s ongoing membership of the Customs Union in all but name.
  23. The UK will be charged to receive the data/information we need in order to comply with EU law. (Article 50)
  24. The EU will continue to set rules for UK intellectual property law (Article 54 to 61)
  25. The UK will effectively be bound by a non-disclosure agreement swearing us to secrecy regarding any EU developments we have paid to be part. This is not mutual. The EU is not bound by such measures. (Article 74)
  26. The UK is bound by EU rules on procurement rules – which effectively forbids us from seeking better deals elsewhere. (Articles 75 to 78)
  27. We give up all rights to any data the EU made with our money (Art. 103)
  28. The EU decide capital projects (too broadly defined) the UK is liable for (why on earth can’t they say now … oh yes, I remember, they’re bust) (Art. 144)
  29. The UK is bound by EU state aid laws until future agreement – even in the event of an agreement, this must wait four years to be valid. (Article 93)
  30. Similar advantages and immunities are extended to all former MEPs and to former EU official more generally. (Articles 106-116)
  31. The UK is forbidden from revealing anything the EU told us or tells us about the finer points of deal and its operation. (Article 105).
  32. Any powers the UK parliament might have had to mitigate EU law are officially removed. (Article 128)
  33. The UK shall be liable for any “outstanding commitments” after 2022 (Article 142(2) expressly mentions pensions, which gives you an idea as to who probably negotiated this). The amount owed will be calculated by the EU. (Articles 140-142)
  34. The UK will be liable for future EU lending. As anyone familiar with the EU’s financials knows, this is not good. (Article 143)
  35. The UK will remain liable for capital projects approved by the European Investment Bank. (Article 150).
  36. The UK will remain a ‘party’ (i.e. cough up money) for the European Development Fund. (Articles 152-154)
  37. And the EU continues to calculate how much money the UK should pay it. So thank goodness Brussels does not have any accountancy issues.
  38. The UK will remain bound (i.e coughing up money) to the European Union Emergency Trust Fund – which deals with irregular migration (i.e. refugees) and displaced persons heading to Europe. (Article 155)
  39. The agreement will be policed by ‘the Authority’ – a new UK-based body with ‘powers equivalent to those of the European Commission’. (Article 159)
  40. And, of course, the UK will agree to pay £40bn to receive all of these ‘privileges’. (Article 138)

PS 14 Jan: see also his Leaving the EU with No Deal is not a step into a legal vacuum, posted 13 Jan and Leaked Commons legal analysis vindicates Trump, contradicts May and adds to Brexiteers’ concerns posted 2 Dec 2018 at Brexit Central.

‘Brexit Plan B’ leader doesn’t grasp democracy

To follow up on my closure to Truth of EU’s Trap Revealed, the former attorney general, ‘Dominic Grieve, led a successful plot by 25 Tory Remainers to give MPs the right to dictate a “plan B” to Mrs May if she loses the Brexit deal vote’, so writes political editor Gordon Raynor towards the close of content to this morning’s banner headline The day May lost control.

‘The Prime Minister saw 25 of her own MPs, including several former loyalists, join forces with Labour to pass a crucial amendment to her deal by 321 votes to 299, a majority of 22.’

Gordon provides details online in The end of hard Brexit; How rebel Tories won right to force ‘Plan B’, but I want to draw your attention to his quoting what the ‘fox’ thinks:

Mr Grieve suggested that MPs would now be able to force a second referendum.  He said: “Parliament has asserted its sovereignty to ensure that amendments – such as for a People’s Vote – can be made to any motion if or when the Government’s proposed deal for leaving the EU has been defeated.

“Parliament must now take back control and then give the final decision back to the public because, in the end, only the people can sort this out.” (Emphasis added)

We learned this person fulfilled within days Veronika West’s prophetic word on betrayal within government by his public exposure of being in cahoots with EU leaders.

Watchers of political events know that Grieve’s long been working to reverse the results of the 2016 EU referendum by holding a so-called peoples’ vote – which is exactly what that referendum was anyway!

But now he’s abdicating all democratically designed responsibility. He claims we, the people, can sort out the sheer, shambolic mess politicians of all shades and opinions – here in Britain and in Brussels, including himself – have made of the UK’s governing process!  And there’s many with him – it beggars belief! Let’s think about it, clearly.

Even so, perhaps it would be a good thing to get rid of incompetent politicians because ordinary folk – or better still, trained Spirit-led disciples of Christ (not clergy) – could do a much better job.

So it continues to fascinate me how next week’s voting on Mrs May’s Brexit ‘deal’ will turn out. With no pre-arrangement on either party’s part, this takes place on the final day of Chuck Pierce’s powerful word on crucial 40 days for London!  The 40-day prophecy he brought in 2005 proved to be explosive when London suffered a terrorist outrage – so perhaps this year’s prophecy will prove not only politically but also supernaturally explosive!!

Maybe this shaking we’ve been experiencing will ricochet deeply into all organisations comprising the European Union. After all, it’s just been rocked by Spain!

For a short briefing see What the Grieve Amendment means and how MPs voted on it.

Truth of EU’s trap revealed

After reading Neil Mackereth’s theme on ‘Divine Designs’ implicit behind a chain of totally unexpected events, ones that confounded “experts” and suggest the Lord’s hand was in them, this week has extended that list.:

The longer and more twisted became the EU’s negotiations over Brexit, the more has Brussels tyrannical heart become evident to all – that truth is being revealed and confirms what a Ukrainian pastor told David Hathaway, “The EU is a hundred times worse than communism”!

Hopefully, ALL Britons will drop our differences in ‘Brexiteers’ and ‘Remainers’ becoming united in loathing of the contemptuous, disgraceful way Great Britain has been treated over the past two years because of our desire to regain our sovereignty.

The EU’s true colours are now nailed to its mast!

When the British people wake up to see the fully tyrannical nature of the EU, then any fresh referendum should surely show a far greater percentage voting to ‘LEAVE’.

This week’s momentous, historic political events prior to Parliament’s voting upon PM May’s personal deal with Brussels are evidence of a great shaking, thereby proving Christian prognostications of such to be true prophecies.

Before covering today’s latest news, we should continue the ‘Divine Designs‘ listing by looking at just a few of this week’s events (courtesy Telegraph’s live newsfeed):

  1. Former chief whip will vote against PM for first time
  2. How PM suffered one of most bruising days in politics
  3. Theresa May reeling after three humiliating defeats
  4. Government found to be in contempt of Parliament
  5. Parliament seizes the reins of Brexit
  6. Day two of debate on PM’s deal underway in Commons
  7. Critics: Backstop would see UK stuck in ‘Brexit hamster wheel’
  8. DUP: No wonder Government tried to hide legal advice
  9. Northern Ireland would be ‘in the EU’s Customs Union’
  10. Government publishes Brexit legal advice in full
  11. UK will be trapped in backstop even if talks with EU fail.

Early this afternoon the paper’s Brexit and political correspondents write:

Britain will be trapped in the Brexit backstop even if talks with the European Union on a trade deal break down, according to explosive legal advice finally published by the Government…

‘The legal advice is likely to confirm the worst fears of opponents of Theresa May’s Brexit deal because it sets out in stark terms that the UK cannot unilaterally exit the backstop and it will apply “indefinitely”.

‘It states: “In conclusion, the current drafting of the protocol, including Article 19, does not provide for a mechanism that is likely to enable the UK lawfully to exit the UK-wide customs union without a subsequent agreement…

‘Nigel Dodds, the deputy leader of the DUP, described the legal advice as “devastating” and it was “no wonder” the Government had “tried to hide” it.

‘Sir Keir Starmer, the shadow Brexit secretary, said having reviewed the legal advice it was “obvious why this needed to be placed in the public domain”. He said: “All week we have heard from Government ministers that releasing this information could harm the national interest. Nothing of the sort. All this advice reveals is the central weaknesses in the Government’s deal.

“It is unthinkable that the Government tried to keep this information from Parliament – and indeed the public – before next week’s vote.”

AND, there’s another aspect of yesterday’s shenanigans in the House of Commons, one relating to the vision and word Veronika West brought about a treacherous fox! (Fulfilled Prophecy #30 refers) Click to continue reading in the next post >>

Prophetic word on Brexit: ‘The Lord is in control and will have His way’

This reassuring, encouraging article from Call The Nation To Prayer brings a word from an intercessory group affiliated to Churches In Communities International, and which is in line with other words noted on this blog. (Click title below for a link to ctntp’s website – emboldening of messages added):


‘CTNTP has been careful to keep out of the ‘Brexit fray’. The whole subject has become a very difficult one for The Church at large in our nation, as within our congregations, like during the Referendum, many hold one position, many the other. It has divided us, at the very time when The Lord is surely saying, we must be ‘As One’.

‘Our view is that The Lord has already gone far ahead of us! His overall plans and purposes for the United Kingdom have been in place from the beginning of time. They are good plans, plans that give us a real hope and future. It is all to easy for us to react, to ‘knee-jerk’ to the daily pendulum swing of news and commentary.

‘We are not absolved from the responsibility of prayer and of seeking The Lord, for He works alongside us, ‘co-labours’ with us. It is a great mystery, but He truly uses us to bring His plans to fruition. Prayer leads to ‘mission’ – we must hear from Heaven and deliver our personally assigned part in God’s plan.

‘We have already believed the Lord is speaking to many Christians in Britain about releasing a ‘sound of heaven’ over our Land, for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Read more about this – click here. The plans of the enemy are defeated when God’s people rise up, and standing in love and unity, stand, sing, speak and declare His Glory! (see 2 Chron 20). This should surely be our focus?’

A Prophetic Word from Quiver

‘We have been made aware of a Statement from the Christian prayer organisation, Quiver, written by its Convenor, Jennifer Abigail Lawson Wallace, that was released a couple of days ago. This powerfully speaks into the Brexit situation and is reproduced below. As usual, we ask you to weigh the words before The Lord.

‘We are in a time where we must keep our eyes fixed on heaven, let The Holy Spirit direct your thoughts and prayers, not the BBC (or other) news!’


Last Tuesday was exactly two years ago, when we finished the intercessory journey around the UK. I had totally forgotten about that, but was at a prayer meeting at Emmanuel Centre on Tuesday 20th November (2016), when the Holy Spirit reminded me. He said “Today is exactly two years since you completed your intercessory journey around the UK.”

He began to remind me of the things He said at the end of that assignment; that He has taken control over the nation, and that whatever transpires, we should rest assured that He is in control. After the assignment, He had also said to me, “I will take you to Buckingham Palace and there you’ll complete this task, for I have taken over the nation.” A few months later, I attended the Queen’s garden party at Buckingham Palace, and there, I proclaimed Psalm 45 over the nation, declaring that Christ will rule this land with the Church, His Bride!

Since then, even though we have continued to pray concerning Brexit, the focus of the Lord to us at QUIVER has been the Church. To pray and prepare her to rise up boldly and work. The Lord need His Church to stand firm, and prepared and ready to reach out to the nation again. (Haggai 2). Hence our 36 days of fasting and prayer throughout the year, which concludes next week.

However, whenever I have felt panicky about the current situation with Brexit, I have been reminded that the LORD IS IN CONTROL AND WILL HAVE HIS WAY. I have a deep sense of peace, and the Lord has asked us to enter into rest and praise Him.

The Lord gave 2 Chronicles 20:

In the midst of a fierce threat of war from several nations, King Jehoshaphat declared to Judah and Jerusalem “Believe in the Lord your God, and you shall be established; believe His prophets and you shall prosper.” Then he assigned worshipers to go before the army. They declared, “Praise the Lord, for His mercy endures forever.”

We, therefore, believe that this is not the time to panic but rather hold on to every prophetic word received regarding the UK, and stand firm and declare it. This is the time to believe that God answers prayer and He has heard and will answer and help us. This is the time to praise, worship and thank God and ask Him to glorify His name.

Indeed, it’s not by might but by His Spirit. Who are you O great mountain? Before Zerubbabel you will become a plain. And he shall bring forth the capstone with shouts of “Grace, grace to it!!!” Zechariah 4:6-7

As I prayed last night, I heard word: “The outcome of Brexit has already been determined in the courts of heaven.” We, therefore, believe that the counsel of God alone shall stand in regards to Brexit! No human being shall determine the outcome, God has already determined it.

After, praying last night, the Lord asked me to make a Prophetic Declaration over Britain. (I have an audio recording of this). After making the prophetic declaration, I had a vision of the Lord as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah! I saw the Lion but He was with a Lioness. (This the first time I have seen the Lion with a Lioness). With this I had an assurance that the Lord, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah is with His Bride, the true Church. Jesus Christ is with us in this battle for our nation. Victory belongs to Jesus.

Let us do what King Jehoshaphat and Judah did, and stand firm on His word, promises and prophecies to our nation. Let us stand in faith and believe in the Lord’s ability to deliver. Let us have a confident assurance in our God and praise, worship and thank Him. Let us stand still and firm and see the salvation of our God. PSALM 46. Amen!!!

Written by:

Jennifer Abigail Lawson-Wallace
QUIVER Convenor
24th November 2018

“Go through, go through the gates! Prepare the way for the people; build up, build up the highway! Take out the stones; lift up a banner for the peoples!” – Isaiah 62:10. Jesus Christ is soon coming!!!

Footnotes by RB:
  • I humbly submit, believers have additional responsibility of being aware of events in detail, and of discerning spirits operating therein (eg. the instance of treachery and its rapid validation, as reported in Fulfilled Prophecy #30 blogs).
  • The Lord’s hand could be seen in the outcome of the General Election making the PM’s reduced majority reliant upon the Christian party in Northern Ireland (DUP), and in the unexpected need of Parliament’s approval to any ‘deal’ with the EU; both events being invaluable in view of concerns over governmental deceit.
  • Tue 27th – Today’s news on Donald Trump’s criticism of EU deal is doubtless part of the Lord’s working in this complex situation of deep spiritual significance.  Next, read deeper considerations of the ‘Divine Designs’ for Britain out of the EU.

Breaking News: EU President reiterates Brexit free-trade deal

According to Westmonster, this afternoon President of the European Council Donald Tusk tweeted that his offer of a Canada super-plus free-trade deal for Britain’s leaving the EU still remains on the table, as above. The Brexit briefers’ short report states:

‘Tusk’s comments confirm what Brexiteers have been saying all along, the EU has always had this offer on the table and we could go for a real Brexit.

‘Theresa May claims a Canada deal would break up the UK economically as it would not apply to Northern Ireland, however, the ERG (European Research Group) say this kind of Brexit can work for Northern Ireland with a comprehensive paper published last month.’

Brexit-EU battles follow Bible history and prophecy – 2: ‘spirit of Herod’ exposed in church

Readers unfamiliar with this topic are advised to read the first part for background info before joining our analysis of this unholy spirit’s other main influence, namely


‘Church’ in the ‘Fox’ prophecy’s context presumably means the Anglicans, or Church of England, because its bishops sit as ‘Lords Spiritual’ in Parliament’s upper chamber, the House of Lords, thereby becoming involved with the government’s legislative process; as well as in furthering or hindering The Lord’s desire in Britain’s severing ties with the EU. Peers elevated to the Lords as a political honour – many with large EU pensions – together with Anglican bishops, thwarted the EU Withdrawal Bill from becoming British law by defeating the government 14 times!! (read report together with Cranmer’s opinion here).

We’d expect, however, this spirit of Herod’s hidden influence to become increasingly observed because the Lord’s promiseto uncover, expose and bring to light the works of wickedness and witchcraft in the land”. Also according to this word, He will cause “those who have dishonoured Me and who have turned away and rebelled against My plans and purposes in the Nation…to be stripped naked and paraded out in the open before all men – thus, in their exposure and no longer remaining hidden and operating deceitfully, knowledge of their deeds will become public!

That the Lord’s already working on this behind the scenes was suspected a few years ago in A Passing Thought Becomes Fulfilled Prophecy, with examples reviewed here.

Over the last two years a number of Anglican bishops have spoken out strongly against Brexit, as reported by religio-political blogger Archbishop Cranmer (see ‘Bishops’ tag). The latest noted is the Bishop of Leeds, Nick Baines; but that diocese is now reported in The Guardian as being in a “serious financial crisis”!

Cranmer and contributors, therefore, wax satirical in last week’s post; whereas, knowing of that prophetic word on the intrusive spirit of Herod, I simply ask, “Could the Hand of the Lord be in this financial ‘crisis’ to expose and shake what’s not of Him?”

And now, Revd Gavin Ashenden exposes the ungodliness within the Church of England in its longstanding cover-up of abuse and bullying in addition to the introduction of false doctrine.

In Cover Up and Abuse in and by the Church – Corruption in the CoE he concludes,

‘Institutional bullying, cover-up and the abuse of power are unspeakably corrupt and damaging. If the Church can’t hold its own bullying bishops to account to tell the truth, it should not be surprised if the state and the public try.

‘But the Church of England is already in deep trouble. Many of its members are abandoning it in protest about its own abandonment of Jesus’s teaching about gender and marriage. Dependent on its members to remain solvent, it may find that they decline to subsidise what amounts to an exercise in institutional sado-masochsim. They may decline to pay to be bullied and lied to, by many, some, or even any its bishops.’

Keep watching and praying…


Despite all the political aggravation it’s clearly implicit that a massive spiritual dynamic is well underway from heaven and that satan is pulling out all the stops to prevent it – no doubt it sees its future in the Lake of Fire beckoning over the horizon!

Just look at the marvelous goal implied in the prophetic promise for both the country and the Church, as bought by Veronika, as the explanation for why the spirit of Herod is manifesting today.:

“(It) comes at a time when a people, nation or individual is about to reach full maturity, growth, purpose and Destiny. The Spirit of Herod hates anything good or godly, this treacherous spirit seeks only to kill and destroy destinies that are on the verge of blooming.” (emphases mine)

Nina and I are particularly blessed to attend a local parish church and a healing centre where the leaders are Holy Spirit-filled and led by Him and keen for Father’s will to be done in our patch of earth – Thy Kingdom Come!

Now Is The Time

In his upbeat editorial on The Future of Christianity Clifford Hill writes there’s a new openness to religious belief among young people, and so he concludes:

‘This is the challenge to Christians in Britain today: there is an incredible window of opportunity for evangelism, particularly during this time of political and social upheaval due to the Brexit negotiations. Many young people are trying to understand what’s going on in the nation: this is our opportunity to talk about social values, ethical principles and religious beliefs.

‘Now is the time to talk about the future of Britain outside the European Union. It is the time to talk about the history of Europe, the secularisation of the EU, and the whole subject of values and beliefs. It is the time to talk about the ultimate truths presented in the Bible and the basis of our Christian faith which transforms lives.’

Yes indeed!

PS (8 August) – This weekend sees yet another example of the ‘great falling away’ (#15 of About Signs) as the spirit of Herod continues to operate over church – read Gavin on Ely Cathedral and the Great Apostasy.

Brexit-EU battles follow Bible history and prophecy – 1: ‘spirit of Herod’ exposed in politics

It’s important not to loose sight of the fuller insights afforded by two related words from the Lord received during Trooping the Colour; one in 2016 only days before the EU-Referendum, the other this year just before Parliament voted on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill.

Troops parading along The Mall on return to barracks after the Trooping the Colour ceremony in Horse Guards Parade (photo BBC iplayer)

Having appeared ‘out-of-the-blue’ in our own house, the first word (“This is My country”) enabled me to recognise the authenticity of the extensive one Veronika West received . Both words bring news of Father’s heart for Great Britain, thereby confirming we’re in His awesome plan.

However, there’s one aspect of that second word we’ve yet to consider, AND it links the European Union, our government and the church to Bible history and prophecy – even bringing a fresh insight to eschatological theory.

Also, I submit that it accounts for the deep, persistently anti-democratic stance of EU-Remainers.

This year’s word came on 9th June and Veronika posted video-cum-notes entitled, A Divine Convergence, a Trooping of the Colours, the (Fox) Spirit of Herod over the Land, of which I quote extracts below and underline points for consideration:

She was told, “Daughter Look and See for the Spirit of Herod seeks to destroy and annihilate the Vision and Destiny of this Nation, WATCH AND PRAY! for this cunning, crafty and treacherous Spirit is now operating over the Government and the Church in this Nation”! …

…He then likened the Houses of Parliament to a HEN HOUSE and said, “Just as a fox comes to the hen house under the cover of darkness to scatter, to steal, to kill and to destroy, so the fox has come to the Houses of Parliament in this Nation”.

The Holy Spirit quickened her to read Luke 13:31-32 where Jesus referred to Herod as ‘”that fox” and she explains, “Now as I read that verse, I inquired again from the Holy Spirit what He was showing me and He revealed to me that the ‘Fox’ was prophetically symbolic of the Spirit of Herod that is now operating over the Nation. The Spirit of Herod comes with the purpose and goal of total destruction and annihilation, this cunning and dangerous spirit comes at a time when a people, nation or individual is about to reach full maturity, growth, purpose and Destiny. The Spirit of Herod hates anything good or godly, this treacherous spirit seeks only to kill and destroy destinies that are on the verge of blooming.

‘As I continued praying, I began to see a powerful prophetic parallel unfolding before (me) concerning the Nation and BREXIT. I clearly began to see how this same Spirit of Herod which came against the Destiny of Jesus, John the Baptist, Elijah (operating through Jezebel), Moses and Joseph is now operating over our Government and over the Church in the Nation. This Spirit of Herod is Warring against the people of God in this Nation, and this Treacherous Spirit is contending for the Birthright and Destiny of Great Britain. (This Spirit of Herod is a GREAT THREAT TO THE NATION AT THIS TIME)!”

Drawing her to a close, Holy Spirit repeated but in more detail:

“Daughter just as the fox was seen on parade square in the light of day, out in the open for everyone to see, Watch! as My Spirit of Truth and Righteousness moves to uncover, expose and bring to light the works of wickedness and witchcraft in the land, and Watch! For those who have dishonoured Me and who have turned away and rebelled against My plans and purposes in the Nation, I will cause them to be stripped naked and paraded out in the open before all men, FOR NO LONGER WILL MY JUSTICE AND VINDICATION TARRY IN THIS NATION”!

So, this word reveals that this ‘spirit of Herod’ exhibits a dual-aspect of “operating over the Government and the Church”. In my opinion, it may possibly be identified with one of the satanic ‘trinity’ known in deliverance ministry as the Spirit of Jezebel.


We observed the political aspect of this prophecy start to manifest within days. It was publicly exposed by the Daily Mail (see Today’s Press Scoop Exposes Anti-Brexit Schemers) followed later by The Telegraph’s summary, ‘An Often Baffling Episode in The Brexit Story’. Meanwhile, my scripture trail on the parliamentary plotting brought a surprising insight, which soon got confirmed. The skullduggery continued across the political spectrum and a month later a video summary unwittingly captured the above prophecy’s specific aspect: Mogg ‘Outfoxed’ Remainers To Save Brexit.

Those blogs considered evidence of a ‘spirit of Herod’ operating through people in, or directly connected with, Government. In part 2 we’ll consider its modus operandi within the Church.

Prophetic Parallel

First, however, let’s unpack the “powerful prophetical parallel” Veronika saw between that spirit’s working against the destiny of Old Testament prophets, Jesus’ birth and life and today’s intense, prolonged battles over Britain’s destiny and our leaving the EU.

As in biblical times, this spirit of Herod’s mission would be to constrict any nation that has a holy history in God’s purposes into becoming a vassal state of the ungodly (even satanically directed) modern Roman Empire, and thus stop it moving into its destiny!

Herod ‘the Great’ was ancient Rome’s puppet ruler of its province of Judea and the Jewish people, plus Galilee, Samaria, Idumea, Peraea and territories north-eastward. As recorded in Luke’s historically detailed Gospel, this Herod treacherously told the eastern magi who were searching for new-born Jesus that he wanted to visit and worship the child born to be king of the Jews. But instead, he directed the ruthless massacre of boys under the age of two years! (His sons Herod Antipas inherited Galilee and Archelaus, Judea, but after the latter’s banishment through incompetence in 6 AD it came under the direct control of a procurator responsible to Rome (eg. Pilate).

Therefore, we notice the spirit of Herod’s mission in our day is once again on behalf of a man-made empire founded upon and growing out of the Treaty of Rome (1957) that’s now a large, united federation of European nations, thereby re-establishing a ‘Revived Roman Empire’; as may have been foretold in the Bible’s closing book at Revelation 13:3 (see Footnotes).

That insight enables us to understand the intensely vociferous anti-democracy aim of EU-Remainers, and the dishonesty, betrayal and treachery working within government but now exposed by Prime Minister May’s Chequers Agreement, plus its political fall-out in which many claim this would leave Britain as a vassal state of the EU!!

Moreover whilst I mull it over, Herod started building the magnificent Second Temple in Jerusalem in 19 BC but it wasn’t completed until 64 AD – six years before the Romans destroyed it. That wasn’t so much because the Jews rebelled against Rome, but more from Jesus’ prophetically weeping over the city, because they “did not know the time of your visitation!” (Luke 19:41-44).

Therefore, in considering prophetic parallels, is it fanciful to think that, as the European Economic Community and its subsequent governmental beast, the European Union and its parliament’s modern Tower of Babel, are ruled over by the spirit of Herod then it, too, could follow the destiny of his earlier achievement? That the EU too will fail and fall; be dismantled and destroyed with little left to mark its earlier existence??

I close with realising this is the second ‘scriptural trail’ that’s led to ‘the fall of Babylon’ reference. (The first followed a scriptural remark by Jacob Rees-Mogg MP indirectly related to ‘the fox’, as told here and confirmed later.)

Also, we again note that Bible prophecy and contemporary prophetic word, albeit a different one received November 2015 (here), firmly predict the EU’s eventual fall.

Continue reading in Part 2 >>

  • Evangelical theologian John F Walwoord’s The Revelation of Jesus Christ – ‘The Deadly Wound of the Beast’: ’13:3 And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.’ John in his vision sees one of the heads of the beast as wounded unto death, and the apparent parallelism is to the slain Lamb, described in 5:6. John further observes that the deadly wound (literally “plague”) is healed and that the entire earth marvels at the beast…The wounding of one of the heads seems instead to be a reference to the fact that the Roman Empire as such seemingly died and is now going to be revived. It is significant that one of the heads is wounded to death but that the beast itself is not said to be dead…The beast is both personal and the empire itself; so also is the head. The revival of the future empire is considered a miracle and a demonstration of the power of Satan.’
  • There’s some debate among scholars as to whether or not this passage, relating as it does to the vision of the fourth beast described in Daniel chapter 7, refers to an empire, nation or to an individual, eg. the Antichrist (per Dr A. Fruchtenbaum).

Fulfilled Prophecy #33: post-Chequers ‘major mayhem and madness’!

Y_E_S!  Five minutes after kicking-off England score a goal against Croatia in the World Cup Semi-final. Very well done guys 🙂 AGGHHH Croatia score second goal 5 minutes from end of extra time!!  What a breath-taking match – plus a very exciting day of mens’ quarter finals at Wimbledon, including champion Roger Federer’s defeat!

Earlier today, in a few moments online, I checked what I’d read sometime ago and invite you to consider this pithy prophecy posted at this time four weeks ago today (13th June) by Veronika West on Ignite Ireland Ministry:



‘Major mayhem and madness’ is an apt description for the exceptional, badly managed away-day last Friday for Prime Minister Theresa May’s Cabinet. Most of you will be very familiar with reports of the reprehensible way she conducted the meeting, as well as having read the eye-opening resignation letters of David Davis and Boris Johnson. The Telegraph alone has been deluged with thousands of letters from outraged readers who feel badly betrayed (many accusing the PM of treason!) by a ‘super-soft’ Brexit deal she proposes negotiating with the EU.

Of all the early responses I recommend a Chequers Briefing Memo prepared by Martin Howe QC, chairman of Lawyers for Britain, which assesses the details of the Chequers Statement from HM Government. Although the statement is brief and lacks much of the detail that’s expected in the government’s White Paper due this week, some of his key points may be read in this brief Assessment. Note his concluding one, number 9:

  • These proposals, therefore, lead directly to a worst-of-all-worlds “Black Hole” Brexit where the UK is stuck permanently as a vassal state in the EU’s legal and regulatory tar-pit, still has to obey EU laws and ECJ rulings across vast areas, cannot develop an effective international trade policy or adapt our economy to take advantage of the freedoms of Brexit, and has lost its vote and treaty veto rights as an EU Member State.’

In A Sovereign Brexit is Possible senior business editor Ambrose Evans-Pritchard adds to Martin’s Memo:

‘Yes, it pulls Britain out of the EU’s foreign policy sphere (Pillar 2), and “justice and home affairs” (Pillar 3). It remains to be seen how this squares with Mrs May’s Munich pledge in February to accept the writ of the European Court in dealings with Europol, Eurojust, and the European Arrest Warrant.

‘It removes the UK from the ambit of the Charter of Fundamental Rights. This was the mechanism by which the ECJ was acquiring jurisdiction over almost anything it wanted – in violation of Britain’s opt-out under Protocol 30 – and was the biggest single reason why I voted for Brexit. Hurrah for that.

‘But what it does not do is to free Britain from EU’s ‘Pillar 1’ legal structure, the central corpus of directives and regulations that make up most of the 170,000-page Acquis. This is an inertial body of law. The EU rarely repeals any of it even when known to be harmful.

‘The UK would accept this existing stock of law totally. Some divergence would be possible on future laws but subject to “consequences” (ie reprisals). There is any case a separate pledge for “ongoing harmonisation with EU rules on goods” written into the withdrawal treaty.

‘The plan effectively binds Britain into EU law on the environment, social policy, employment, and consumer protection, and leaves British judges subordinate to rulings by ECJ – all behind a cloak of formal sovereignty. It is in fact suzerainty….’ 

[Noteworthy points in view of David Chapman’s excellent briefing paper which he kindly shared with my readers in The EU’s Background and an Alternative.]

As many reputable journalists state, we haven’t heard the last of this yet and there’s an increasing call upon the Conservative Party for Mrs May’s own resignation!

According to the above word, therefore, we can expect lots more ‘major mayhem and madness’ as a ‘perfect storm’ hits the nation bringing a ‘great shift’ – so batten down the hatches and keep looking to the Lord!

PS: Also read contribution to earlier post American Dreams of England & EU – ‘England Must Remain Sovereign’ from Maxine Pyllis received as I wrote this post!  It’s quite a God-incidence!

Fulfilled Prophecies #31: ‘Brexit’ Becomes British Law

On Tuesday 26th June 2018, 733 days after the Referendum of voters’ preference for either remaining in or leaving the European Union, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II gave her Royal Assent to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill and it became an Act of Parliament.

In its press release the Dept for Exiting the EU states, ‘This historic Act will make sure the UK’s laws – entwined with over 40 years of EU law – continue to work from the day we leave, ensuring a smooth and orderly exit. It does this by transferring EU law into UK law where appropriate and creating temporary powers to correct the laws that will no longer operate appropriately.

‘Now that the Act has become law, the Government can start to use the powers in the Act to prepare our statute book for our exit from the EU. Work on this will begin in the coming weeks as Departments start to lay the relevant secondary legislation in Parliament.

‘This marks the next essential step in ensuring that the UK is ready for life after we have left the European Union.’ (Click above link for Secretary of State David Davis’ remarks.)

Credit Ton Snoei – Prophecy TodayUK

On a personal note, I’m extremely pleased that my eligibility to vote for the first time in early 1970’s has at long last been overturned. My late father annoyed me by saying, “You can’t put wise heads on young shoulders!”, but I was an idealist fresh out of the hippy era and its ‘Age of Aquarius’ that looked for a ‘brave new world’. Having grown up under the real threat of MAD (mutually assured destruction) nuclear war, objected to the atrocities of the never-ending Vietnam war and the global threats of communism versus rampant capitalism, the saner concept of a European Common Market keeping both of them apart offered the promise of a future of peace, prosperity and security. I suppose that could be why many Millennials prefer to remain in the EU – but ‘oldies’ have lived through and seen its increasingly undemocratic megalomania and say, “Beware!”

Perhaps Her Majesty was pleased to affix her signature to the final version of the Bill?

Did you note the sequential number (#31) of this ‘fulfilled prophecy’? (The title is in the plural because there are so many prophetic visions and words about this critical matter – see linked compilation).

I wasn’t going to use that phrase in the title but got suddenly and strongly nudged! AND LOL – I assure you this hasn’t been engineered, because I realised that’s the numerical reverse of number #13 (‘unlucky for some’) which happens to be used for the Noakes’ prophecy about the fall of the EU…!!

Could the Lord be using this to confirm or hint at something??

Grateful thanks to the unknown creator of this splendid illustration

PS. SERVER FOLLIES! Absolutely fascinating that after I saved this draft and hit the ‘preview’ button the pc screen went totally blank and unresponsive for a minute or more! Slowly it returned to life as one tab-screen after another licked back on but nothing on WordPress as a server note indicated it was trying to access the cache. Then I added this PS and hit ‘publish’ – BUT the finished article doesn’t show on blog’s home page!!

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NB: The few times such cyber-chicanery happens to be when I’m working on a critical topic; or is it just coincidence – or maybe my accidentally using two editing tab-screens?