[May 2022] Is Donald Trump’s heart for God’s Kingdom? – part 6: Truth Social, and Bible prophecy?

As a result of being challenged two years ago by some church folk about my knowledge of President Trump’s personal belief and full-spectrum support of Christians, I began a short series summarising what I’d learned, links to which are in the Footnote.

Whilst in office and subsequently, as you’re doubtless well aware, he was continually maligned by mainstream media and banned from Twitter & Facebook. BUT, note the assiduous work of this exemplar of real, investigative journalism (click here):

Therefore, Trump decided to establish his own platform called Truth Social headed by Devin Nunes and is already on Telegram and Apple, with Android to follow soon.

“I created TRUTH Social and TMTG to stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech…I have a Ministry of Truth…We have a strong Christian influence there”  – President Donald J. Trump.

In fact, it’s announced today on t.me/TRUTHSocial_TMTGContinue reading

US Democrat’s House of Cards Collapsing: 1 – here it goes!

Blogging has been disjointed over the last week as a result of a critical veterinary event in the family. Unable to return to sleep before 4 am I got up quietly and – not inhabit of  booting up my phone – I checked Verse For Today, then got prompted it’s ok to check for news and I arrived at the following conclusion:

Weekend”s reports from over the ‘Pond’ strongly indicate the political House of Cards isn’t so much tumbling down but about to be blown away, I pray.

In view of Thursday’s very tight schedule with attending a specialist vet I managed to drain only a couple of items in my blogging brain. Thus, it was only today that I caught up with what Veronika wrote that day, and which seems to support my above surmise  – as does this found on Chris Moyler’s Telegram channel:

Click for previous posts on House of Cards and Trump’s Cards.

Is Donald Trump’s heart for God’s Kingdom? – part 6: Truth Social, and Bible prophecy?

As a result of being challenged two years ago by some church folk about my knowledge of President Trump’s personal belief and full-spectrum support of Christians, I began a short series summarising what I’d learned, links to which are in the Footnote.

Whilst in office and subsequently, as you’re doubtless well aware, he was continually maligned by mainstream media and banned from Twitter & Facebook. BUT, note the assiduous work of this exemplar of real, investigative journalism (click here):

Therefore, Trump decided to establish his own platform called Truth Social headed by Devin Nunes and is already on Telegram and Apple, with Android to follow soon.

“I created TRUTH Social and TMTG to stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech…I have a Ministry of Truth…We have a strong Christian influence there”  – President Donald J. Trump.

In fact, it’s announced today on t.me/TRUTHSocial_TMTG

Now to consider the previous post’s closing items I’d caught over the weekend on this channel:

Posted 9th May:

I don’t know whether or not this item was personally approved by Donald Trump but it is no longer on t.me/TRUTHSocialMediaPlatform, perhaps in view of its sensationalist – even scare-mongering – American-style, sales-hype presentation!

Yet it’s content accurately refers to scripture and modern-day events, as we are only too well aware, and may be read by clicking this image and visiting website for video.

  1. 2008-2017 – Challenge and comparison
  2. 2017-2020 – Dismantling Obama’s legacy
  3. President Trump’s Personal Faith
  4. President Trump’s Faith in Action.
  5. President Trump’s Worship & Belief

Follow-up to Veronika West prophecy on Twitter vs Truth Social – 2 of 2: Trump

Please be sure to have read carefully the content of the screenshots shown in part 1 before continuing this part, wherein you’ll find how these events relate not only to the prophecy brought by Veronika, but also in Dr Lora Allison’s accurate dream of Donald Trump in a massive theatre.

First, a reminder of part of Veronika’s word:

Now note Elon Musk’s recognition of that significantly special symbolism:

A couple more screenshots of 7th May on Telegram’s Richard’s Watch (where I cover more specific news and commentaries) of Trump and Republicans’ elections and then to his Truth Social on Telegram, where we get an unusual, very encouraging item on Bible prophecy, which will feature in the next post:

Lastly, but not finally, NOTE POTUS 45’s statement posted 4 May that highlighting the difference between his social media platform and the revamped Twitter platform:

Follow-up to Veronika West prophecy on Twitter vs Truth Social – 1 of 2: Musk

Richard’s Watch Telegram coverage of one side of this ‘battle’ begins with Leo Hohmann’s Patrick Wood asks: Will the real Elon Musk please stand up?

The above quotes only the first part of Veronika’s prophetic word of 27th April, for the remainder please click image below:

Truth Social vs Twitter: A battle for the airwaves rages – Veronika West

Some subsequent news brings insights into this issue: Continue reading

Exposure of US political corruption keeps spewing forth, thereby fulfilling prophecy

Is the Lord exposing rotten politics? UK, USA – next EU??

A couple of news items form The Gateway Pundit, as shown on my Telegram channel:

PS @ 16:52

The ‘sweet sound’ of Censorship: Biden seeks ‘perfect pitch’ for Disinformation Governance — Jonathan Turley

Many politicians and pundits are in full panic over Elon Musk’s threat to restore free speech values to Twitter.  While Hillary Clinton has called upon Europeans to step in to maintain such censorship and Barack Obama has called for U.S. regulations, the Biden Administration has created a new Disinformation Governance Board in the Department of Homeland Security. It appointed an executive director, Nina Jankowicz, who is literally pitch perfect as an advocate for both corporate and state censorship.

It would have been hard to come up with a more Orwellian name short of the Ministry of Truth. However, the DGB needed a true believer to carry out the monitoring of political speech in the United States. It found that person in Jankowicz, who has long been an outspoken anti-free speech advocate. [Continue at…]

The Sweet Sound of Censorship: The Biden Administration Seeks the Perfect Pitch for Disinformation Governance — JONATHAN TURLEY


What is going on with Twitter? — John Barber

What is going on with Twitter? Yesterday (and also earlier today) I had all sorts of Twitter-related experiences, and this was my prompt to blog here, not just by way of pure indulgence but because what is going on is at the heart of the cultural and spiritual wars going on, which everyone […] What is going on with Twitter? — JRB Publications

As ever, John brings a good summation and I like the way he intertwines paragraphs with pictures – Matrix fashion!  LOL!!   

Truth Social vs Twitter: A battle for the airwaves rages – Veronika West

After answering my remarking, “I wonder, maybe in connection with planned launch of DJT’s social media platform Truth Social?” upon her “Mayday, Mayday!” Fbk post, dear Veronika added her reply as a Postscript to the original, and posted at HKP as:


“Twitter vs Truth Social — A Battle for the Airwaves rages on. Be watchful, sober and vigilant — Nations have now entered The Narrow Place — Nations moving through The Eye of a Needle!”

From what The LORD showed me recently as I was shown into this “Narrow Place,” I saw a Battle raging over “Airspace” — like The Eye of a Needle.

In fact, it looked something similar to what one would see unfold in air combat in the natural, but I saw how the voice of the enemy seeks continuously to rule the airwaves.

Satan, we know, is the prince of the air, but we know that “we have been given authority over the airwaves.” Hence, Satan’s tactic remains to muzzle and silence and distort the sound of The Righteous Remnant from being released into the Atmosphere.

Because he knows the creative power of the tongue, there is a Battle for dominance over the Airwaves — truth over lies — words carry power — creative power, to bring life or death.

If Satan can dominate the Airwaves, and bring many into the power of agreement, then he knows that he can build and establish his kingdom of darkness in the earth.

Many call it a Battle for freedom of speech, but really it’s a battle of life over death, and the establishment of a kingdom of darkness or The Kingdom of Light, in the earthly realm.

Decree a Thing and It Shall Be Established

Trump is God’s chosen Trumpet!

This is why he has been so violently attacked and relentlessly targeted by the enemy, because of the sound he carries.

Trump is a voice for Truth, Righteousness, Unity, Mercy and Peace. [RB. see PS]

Unfortunately, many are so blinded by the spirit of religion, that they have missed the voice of God completely.

Because of their own bias, they have failed to recognise the hour of Supernatural Visitation, and have driven God out!

A Counterfeit or The Real Deal?

God has shown me in recent days, Elon Musk, and what I can say now, is that there needs to be keen discernment when it comes to the recent take over of Twitter.

I saw a trap and a snare being formulated, like a juicy piece of meat set in a trap that lures its prey

Satan has regrouped and is looking to bring a counterfeit! Let us be wary!

This might sound very graphic, but as I was praying concerning this counterfeit, the Spirit quickened this: How Eskimo kill a Wolf…

An Eskimo coats his knife blade with animal blood and allows it to freeze. He then adds layer after layer of blood, until the blade is completely concealed by the frozen blood.

Next, the hunter fixes his knife in the ground with the blade up. When a wolf follows his sensitive nose to the source of the scent and discovers the bait, he licks it, tasting the fresh frozen blood.

He begins to lick faster, more and more vigorously, lapping the blade until the keen edge is bare. Feverishly now, harder and harder, the wolf licks the blade in the cold Arctic night.

His craving for blood becomes so great, that the wolf does not notice the razor-sharp sting of the naked blade on his own tongue.

Nor does he recognize the instant when his insatiable thirst is being satisfied by his own warm blood. His carnivorous appetite continues to crave more until in the morning light, the wolf is found dead in the snow!

See the Word given on December 4, 2021: “Let My People Go!” A Spiritual Showdown!

” The LORD then led to me the book of Exodus and took me to the portion where Aaron’s rod turned into a snake and swallowed up the other rods that had turned into snakes; the ones which belonged to the magicians and sorcerers of Pharaoh (see Exodus 7:8-12).

Consider also the budding of Aaron’s rod: Hebrews 9:4 tells us that Aaron’s rod remained in the Ark of the Covenant as a testimony of God’s choice of Aaron and Moses to lead His people. Aaron’s rod was also a reminder that God does not put up with rebellion against Himself or His chosen representatives on Earth (see 1 Corinthians 10:10).

Then I heard The LORD say this concerning 2022:

“Listen for a cry of ‘Let My people go’ [that] will reverberate across the nations of the earth. For a great spiritual showdown has begun between the power and authority of the key of David vs. the power and authority of the counterfeit spirits of Leviathan. See! For it will be a showdown between Satan’s smoke and mirrors vs. beholding the power of God’s glory made manifest in the nations of the earth. For ruling counterfeit spirits of light will seek to mimic and masquerade as the real and the genuine in the midst of the undiscerning and those [who] have chosen religion over intimate relationship.

“Therefore, beloved, listen and take heed and fear not and think it not strange. For My ways are not your ways, and My thoughts are not your thoughts. For I will harden their hearts [so] that I may display the powers of My glory in the nations of the earth. Watch and pray! For have I not said, ‘Be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves’? Watch! For now is the time when My governmental hand of justice and judgment will move to strike down the counterfeit powers of the serpent spirit of Leviathan that rages over the birthrights and destinies of the nations of the earth.

“Watch, for I say to you: the authority of the key of 22:22 shall be in your mouth, and you shall bind and loose, and He shall open and none shall shut; and He shall shut and none shall openFor the powers of the serpent spirit of Leviathan shall be swallowed up by the jaws of My truth, My righteousness, My justice and My victory!

As I heard the Spirit speak these things to me, He then quickened to me the book of Isaiah, the 11th chapter. As I went to read the 11th chapter, which speaks of the seven-fold Spirits of God, I heard these words:

“Watch, for My 11th hour kings and high priests are rising in this hour. For a divine convergence of the power of My seven Spirits is now taking place. For I shall pour out a double portion of My anointing upon the heads of My servant kings and high priests in this new era.”

Then The LORD quickened to me the 22nd chapter of Isaiah (Isaiah 22:22) which says, “I will give him the key to the house of David—the highest position in the royal court. When he opens doors, no one will be able to close them; when he closes doors, no one will be able to open them.“

Then He led me to Matthew 16:19: “I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven. Whatever you bind on Earth will be bound in Heaven, and whatever you loose on Earth will be loosed in Heaven.”

Then the Spirit of Revelation took me back to Isaiah 22:22 and I heard these words: For 2022 shall be a year of the key of David being laid upon the shoulders of My righteous remnant, and they shall rule and reign in the kingly anointing of David that shall break and shatter to pieces the heavy yoke of oppression and deception over the nations of the earth.”

The LORD showed me a powerful, prophetic parallel between the word for 2022 (the spiritual showdown between the power and authority of the key of David vs. the power and authority of the counterfeit spirits of Leviathan) and the vision of the fattened calf  being prepared for sheep nations that will return in repentance.

I saw that as prodigal nations returned to the altar, they received the kingly robe, the key of David and a gold signet ring. This all symbolizes the governmental authority of the key of David. Sheep nations will begin to rule and reign in great power and victory over the antichrist spirit that will arise to govern over goat nations! We will see that the powers of the serpent spirit of Leviathan will be swallowed up by the jaws of truth, righteousness, justice and victory. ”

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

PS. CONFIRMATION seen later on Telegram > > :

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The main focus of this WordPress blog is not only on being alert to the signs and events indicative of Jesus Christ’s promised return, but also on some modern prophecies and their fulfillment. To that end I cover some relevant secular news whenever our personal schedule allows, BUT… Continue reading

The Endgame is now in play – 13th Anniversary of first email on End-times

COPY of first pre-blog email (see ‘About‘) sent to friends and certain church leaders. The main points covered therein are.:

wheat and tares parable, “This is ALL about to be fulfilled” – sifting the Church!

> Jesus stressed 7 times “Watch…be alert…on your guard…” Continue reading

Making sense of Canada’s abrupt pivot away from financial terrorism against its own citizens — Leo Hohmann

Don’t be fooled. Canada’s sudden pull back from the brink of dictatorship was not because Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland suddenly developed a sense of democratic remorse or that they became fearful of the growing protest movement.  These two stooges of the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab got a little too big for their britches. They got carried away, perhaps so giddy with the feeling of raw power rushing through their veins, that they raced out ahead of their bosses, and forgot that they really are just pawns and need to check in with their bosses more frequently before taking the next step toward total tyranny. Because if they had had their way, shutting down protesters’ bank accounts willy-nilly, they would have created a panic, a run on the banks. […continue reading..] MAKING SENSE OF CANADA’S ABRUPT PIVOT AWAY FROM FINANCIAL TERRORISM AGAINST ITS OWN CITIZENS — LEOHOHMANN.COM

Leo’s article expands most suitably upon Maxine David’s comment upon this news: “According to information coming out in Canada the revoking of the Emergencies Act lines up with what’s coming next – the attempt to require all Canadians to have a digital passport with the banks in order to do their banking or keep working. Canadians were at the verge of pulling all their assets out of the banks in protest only to have this change in course to protect the banks so they can take over where the injections failed to be made mandatory for all Canadians. Please pray for the hamans to be exposed and hung on their own gallows, whoever they are (figuratively speaking only, not a death threat), and for Canadians to continue succeeding at the hand of God to preserve freedom that comes from Himself, through the Kingdom sons for whom all of creation awaits (Romans 8:19-21).”

Need-to-know News – Canada’s Trudeau climbs down

Late last night we Brits were very pleased to learn about this surprising news:

BUT what about making reparations to the many thousands whose bank accounts were broken into and closed down because they’d donated to the Truckers’ Freedom Convoy – it was a government-inspired criminal act deserving very hefty jail terms!

PERHAPS Trudeau realised he was approaching his farewell ‘Ceausecu moment’ – as hinted below: Continue reading

Canadian PM Trudeau’s actions fulfill February prophecy to Amanda Grace

The Word of the Lord given on 7th and 8th February to Amanda Grace brings, as usual, intriguing promises on international politics. Be sure to read it in full via that link as I’m citing the parts on Canada only (underscoring and bold text mine). Speaking to Steve Schultz on Tuesday, Amanda begins her recitation:

“Praise be To the Lord God El Shaddai, who rules in righteousness, who is long-suffering, whose name is above all names, and to His Kingdom, there is no end. And the Spirit of the Lord says this day My Children there is much percolating happening on the earth, a furious boil has begun in areas of the world and that boil Has approached the point of BOILING OVER says the Lord of Hosts….

OH CANADA OH CANADA I THE LORD GOD AM WITH YOU, the wicked leaders of your land are not fighting you but fighting Me and MY PLAN, they are attempting to drain and lynch and blockade the people coming together in one accord, what can be withheld from them says the Lord of Hosts.

A VERY SUDDEN AND SHARP PLUMMET within the leadership of Canada shall echo freedom across the Land. Oh, Canada Cry out to Me March forward, put on the whole armor of God, and STAND for the dawn breaking forth of your salvation is at hand…

In this hour there shall be a squeeze and a sudden release as I am letting the air out of Trudeau’s balloon as well says the Lord of Hosts….”

In presenting and discussing this on Tuesday on Elijah Streams with Steve Schultz, he comments at 25:11 mark and then Amanda replies (from auto-transcript):

“May I make a comment on this: there are people out there believers, Christians, patriots who are saying you know those truckers are causing a lot of trouble they’re breaking the laws,they’re blocking the city of in Ottawa, the capitol, and they’re saying ‘Why don’t they just stop causing trouble?”…but God’s saying you truckers and all the rest of you standing by stand don’t move stand because they’re not they’re not coming against you they’re coming against me am i saying that right?”

“Yes because they, the leadership of Canada has more and more tried to oppress the people of Canada and and use what’s going on as a way to put them in chains and what they’re doing the more they do it, they’re fighting God they’re not fighting the people on this. So they get closer and closer to the cliff of their demise!

… yeah wow okay. It’s like pharaoh okay and this is coming to me right now and i perceive this to be the lord when the Jews were getting freed from Egypt pharaoh made the mistake of being drawn out to try to clamp them back down. He made the mistake and he went out trying to re-clamp down and put down this revolution in a way that was happening this miracle and what happened was pharaoh lost his whole army instead. So they’re trying to put something down. He’s coming back out trying to with more fierceness this time Trudeau put this down and it’s going to backfire on him!
Yes Lord, wow that’s an okay wonderful word well praise the Lord…”

AT 36:40 on the above final point Amanda brings an amusing take:

“In right in this hour there shall be a squeeze and a sudden release as I am letting the air out of Trudeau’s balloon as well says the Lord of hosts…”

This is interesting the way He says ‘and I‘m letting the air out’. You know what happens when you let the air out of a balloon? It does one or two things: it just completely falls and drops, or it goes crazy going everywhere like this until there’s no air left and it completely just you know sputters out! So He’s letting the air out of his balloon!”

That description is apposite for the outrage Trudeau caused the next day, Wednesday, in Parliament with his exceptionally offensive insult to one of the opposition party. Three times he was asked to apologise but refused and walked away – https://www.foxnews.com/world/canada-house-commons-erupts-after-trudeau-accuses-first-jewish-woman-mp-supporting-swastikas:

Continue reading

Join me on Telegram…

TODAY is our Thursday, our Friday was yesterday!

The forecast of storm Eunice heading rapidly for Britain made us change our regular schedule to make this my full online blogging day instead of the start of our usual long weekend. So we took advantage of yesterday’s very sunny but breezy morning for a 22 mile drive down to the south coast for excellent coffee in a welcoming cafe.

With lighting frequently flickering off, linkage to our ISP’s server failing to send emails and neighbours’ fences adjoining our rear garden down in places, coping stones blown off one’s roof, I may not be able to blog all that’s in my ‘pipeline’ – “Help, please…I take authority over our essential power supply in Your Holy Name Lord Jesus. BE STILL!”

After many distractions and attending to a wildly flapping green-house door and fence paneling in ferocious winds, I’m now sitting at my desk chewing a delicious chunk of Nina’s home-made cheese scone and sipping piping hot coffee, I invite you to join my Telegram channel https://t.me/RichardsWatch  (or click image):

There, I take advantage of being able to quickly link news reports/opinions additional to the prophetic material on this blog. Coverage of some items on this legacy WordPress site can be time-consuming at times in not only copy-pasting but also reformatting from any Fbk entries and YouTube transcript.

Although I’d joined back in November for the purpose of keeping in touch with my friend Chris Moyler who’d kept falling foul of Fbk in his coverage of CV-19 medical issues, it was only last week when I started using Telegram and copied over links to this blog’s hubs.  I particularly like how when visiting a channel that I’ve joined it denotes Unread Messages in descending chronological sequence, or you can click on a down arrow to shoot to the latest posted.

PS: further reading to prophecies for Canada

Postscript to the previous post. We must remember we are living through chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation, involving a war against national leaders implementing fascist dictatorships according to plans of the World Economic Forum, a.k.a. the New World Order, the Deep-State, Global Reset. Continue reading

Prophetic words/visions for Canada during Truckers’ Freedom Convoy

12th February – VERONIKA WEST


“Canada — It’s time to Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike the ground! Yes! To Strike while the iron is hot!”

This evening I was sitting at my desk answering a few emails when suddenly I heard these Words, “Only broken and shattered Arrows in the hands of My Canadian Warriors will bring forth supernatural breakthrough of Victory and Freedom for The Nation of Canada, that will sweep across the Nations!”

As I heard those Words, I felt a strong and tangible urgency rise up within in me to begin to pray for Canada, and then I heard The Spirit speak again saying, ”Canada, It is My Desire that you receive full Victory and not a partial Victory in this critical hour.

Therefore, I say to you Canada, it is time to Strike while the iron is hot!

I say again Canada, it is time to rise up and take the Arrows — and Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Yes! Five and six times — you must Strike the ground and then you will prevail in great Victory and Freedom!”

As I heard those Words going forth over The Nation of Canada, The Spirit of Revelation then quickened to me 2 Kings 13:18-19.

“Then Elisha said, “Take the arrows!” So he took them, and Elisha said to the king of Israel, “Strike the ground!”
So he struck the ground three times and stopped.
But the man of God was angry with him and said, “You should have struck the ground five or six times. Then you would have struck down Aram until you had put an end to it. But now you will strike down Aram only three times.”!

Then I heard these Words in the realm of The Spirit being released over Canada, ”See, it is I Who created the Blacksmith who fans the coals into Flame and forges a Weapon fit for its work.

And it is I who have created the destroyer to wreak havoc. No weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you.

This is the heritage of The Servants of The LORD, and this is their vindication from Me,” declares The LORD (Isaiah 54:16-17).

I DeclareCanada! It’s time to arise! It’s time to advance! It’s time to Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike your Arrows hard upon the ground and Watch, as your enemies are utterly destroyed!

See also His Kingdom Prophecy Word; “Butterflies Rising and Blacksmiths Returning…”  The Fires of God’s Glory Are Falling on Canada!

13th February – BARRY WUNSCH (The Canadian Hammer)

I had a Prophetic Encounter with the Lord this evening while in Prayer that I am to release for Canada at this time. He spoke to me like he has never done so before.
There was a soberness, and seriousness that is gripping me and likely will for some time. When He takes me to these places it is impossible to take them lightly.
So I share it out of obedience, exactly as I saw it, and as to what I was shown. I respectfully submit it today and ask you to take it and weigh it prayerfully before the The Lord.
It is with fear of the Lord and trembling that I share this at this time.
I pray that Holy Spirit would illuminate what is clearly of Him, and what is not for this Nation of Canada.
To whom has ears let him hear.

As I was in prayer tonight, The Lord took me into a briefing with Him. The next thing I knew I was face to face looking at Justin Trudeau. We were close enough I did not see his full body just from his chest and up as you would see in a portrait.

I then saw Justin sit down at his desk, and as he did, he was very careful to be by himself at that moment so that no one would see what he was looking at and working on. Even his closest advisors and security detail were not with him, nor were they all aware of what he was doing.

I saw two folders on his desk that he was going to be looking at and reviewing, for he had some decisions that he was going to have to make regarding these files. The first folder was a red folder which I immediately knew related to the CCP.

The second folder that I saw was a dark blue folder that clearly represented the Democrats from the USA.

The first file that he opened up was the red one. The first thing that I saw was a letter with instructions as to next steps that he was to take and implement. Behind the cover letter there was a map of Canada where there were areas that were highlighted into which he was instructed to open up gates of access to them for their purposes. There was no resistance in him at all, in fact he appeared to see it as his duty and responsibility to turn Canada over into another regime and ideology.

I was waiting and waiting for him to open up the Dark Blue file. As it turned out the blue file remained on his desk and he did not open it. It had seemed that there had been a change in events that did not play out as he had expected and henceforth the file remained closed at this point in time.

The next thing I was shown was an older man I’m going to say in his 80s, midsized and heavier set he was sitting in a seat at a distance from Justin in a dimly lit office. He was giving Justin instructions as to the changes in the game plan moving forward because of the events that had taken place were not what they had anticipated. So they ended up having to modify the plans that they had for the time being to move forward as rapidly as possible.

The next thing that I saw were beautiful clear blue skies and all of a sudden a barrage of low flying fighter jets passed over my head with a great roar. Some of these Fighters were Canadian and some were American. They were in stealth mode and my impression was that in fact the Canadians were flying undercover within their very own country.

They were heavily armed and the armaments they carried were missiles, and each one had the word “TRUTH” written upon them. These were missiles that were about to be launched and dropped into the exact precise locations at the exact right time.

The next thing I saw was a city in the heart of Canada that had just experienced a mother of all bombs. The explosion was immense, equivalent of a nuclear bomb on the largest of scales. The blast was so powerful that it latterly reached from coast to coast. The shock wave moved rapidly across Canada, clearly nothing could stand up against such a force of this magnitude that did not have a place of protection.

The next thing I saw was a man running out of his house into the street, I quickly realized that not only was he running out of his house but the whole city was, in fact all of Canada was running out onto the streets to see what was left after all was rocked by the impact.

The war suddenly over.
There was a tangible peace that was thick in the atmosphere it was surreal.
It was clear the enemy had been taken out.

Everyone was free to come out of confinement once and for all.
Truth had exposed every lie.
The scales were removed from Canada’s eyes. And everyone knew it.

It was if all mind control was cut off.
Every negative frequency was now silent.
All animosity was gone. All fear was gone. All worry was gone. All corrupt control was gone. It was time to celebrate ! It was time to heal ! It was time to rebuild ! Not one individual, family or community would be the same.

Life was never going to be the same ever again.
Life was going to be incredibly better than it had ever been.
Respectfully submitted
Barry Wunsch

Hold the line!
God bless you and your families!
God bless and protect Israel!
God bless America the Beautiful!
God bless Canada the True North Strong and Free!

[RELEASED 05:33 GMT Wed 16th February > https://t.me/TheCanadianHammer]

Courtesy of The Vigilant Fox on Telegram:

‘The Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford, has just blown up Justin Trudeau’s house of cards. In fact he’s just BLOWN UP the entire argument for mandates, vaccine passports and restrictions’ (emphases added):

Archbishop endorses Canadian truckers against Trudeau and ‘Reset’ Totalitarians

Brave, outspoken Catholic archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano is no stranger to my readers, as in previous postings. Here’s the latest, which is to be read in FULL by clicking here:

PS – and an American bishop:

Conspiracy Theories Proven: 7 – as prophesied, whistleblower medics speak out

Conspiracy Theories Proven: 3 – mRNA vaccine MAKES Covid virus dangerous!

The above-linked posting featured a reader’s research, and who is a retired General Practitioner, into this gravely disturbing yet heavily censored topic. Dr Elisabeth’s final paragraph’s remark is now proving to be accurate:

“Some looked at the cause for the increased risk of heart attack, stroke, thrombosis and embolism after “vaccination” in the link above…My husband and I both have had contact with people with vascular events and quick recurrence of cancer which had been in remission after the “jabs. We will see an awful lot of that very soon…’”

When noting her basic findings in a Fbk thread I was castigated by a supposed brother in Christ for rocking the church-boat!  WELL, HERE WE GO….

NOW, note the content of this newsletter from Dr Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology, published this weekend regarding US military whistleblowers:

Continue reading

Urgent message to the World from Canadian Truckers Freedom Convoy — Clever Journeys

This urgent message recorded Friday, February 5, 2022 in a hotel at “the center” of the Ottawa Canadian Truckers Freedom Convoy site should be shared to EVERYONE. It is being seen and heard around the world. You know what to do. https://media.gab.com/system/media_attachments/files/097/764/539/original/540918daa410029a.mp4 […]

Urgent Message to the World From Canadian Truckers Freedom Convoy — Clever Journeys

Late News 6 Feb:

BREAKING: Ottawa Police Seize All Fuel and Propane Tanks From Freedom Convoy Trucks, Cut Off Supply Route For Protesters (VIDEO)


8th Feb brings news of massive resignations in Ottawa police: