A historic day, not only for Britain but also globally re. Genesis 12 & Psalm 2

Now the Lord had said to Abram, “Get out of your country, from your family and from your father’s house, to a land I will show you. I will make you a great nation; I will bless you and make your name great; and you shall be a blessing. 

“I will bless those who bless you and curse him who curses you; and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” (Genesis 12:1-3, NKJV)

As I write, Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, has received PM Theresa May’s letter of ‘Declaration of Independence’ giving notice of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union. She announced to the House of Commons that the Article 50 letter has been delivered. Hooray!

Britain’s ambassador to the EU Tim Barrow delivers formal notice of the UK’s intention to leave the bloc to European Council president Donald Tusk in Brussels CREDIT: AF

A year ago none would have expected such a severe shaking in government and change in leadership in the United Kingdom (as well as in the United States of America) – as said before, obviously the Hand of God must have been in this (eg here). AND, in accordance with what He revealed to one who listened to Him, He told his prophets in advance!

‘Surely the Lord GOD does nothing unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.

‘A lion has roared! Who will not fear? The Lord GOD has spoken! Who can but prophesy?’ (Amos 3:7-8 NKJV)

You may be interested to read Archbishop Cranmer’s ‘take’ on this and note reference by ‘TropicalAnglican’ in the ensuring thread to a ‘brexit’ vision on New Year’s Eve 2015.

Let us never, ever forget the essential prime point – whatever anyone may say – in leaving the EU is to remove ourselves from its inequitable system of judiciary injustice. That fact was well emphasised by David Chapman in The EU’s Background and An Alternative.  Also, it’s featured strongly in Edmund Phillimore’s conclusions drawn a week before the June referendum, which closes by reminding readers:

‘Brexit will not restore us to godly government, for many of our politicians are secular humanists. But it will be a step in the right direction, taking us out of a system of government that does not acknowledge God and his sovereignty over his creation.  It will restore us to the principles of our ancient constitution and democratic monarchy that honours God in the Coronation oath which still stands.  We should trust God , and remember that he can restore life to dry and scattered bones.’ (Our Christian Heritage in Church and State – new addition to blog.)

In my humble opinion, leaving the EU will enable Britain to move back into its God-given destiny and, as Mrs May has a far better appreciation of the purpose and role of Israel in the world than anti-Semitic EU, we can expect the Lord to follow-up His promise to bless us – AND as arranged during PM Netanyahu’s visit to London last month, a British-Israeli task force is proceeding to prepare for new trade deals now Article 50 has been triggered. (After USA, the UK is Israel’s second largest trading partner.)

The USA should also be the recipient of scripture’s promised blessings too now there’s no longer any light showing between their alliance with Israel and their individual geopolitical interests.


As in Prophetic Scripture Update #3, today’s meeting of Sunni Arab heads of states in Jordan may result in their acceptance of the Jewish state of Israel as a partner in working towards an acceptable solution to the Israel-Palestine issue. They may want to wave a ‘hammer’ at ‘mule-headed’ Mahmoud Abbas – and better still, clout him with one!

So, according to Genesis 12 all those Sunni nations will be blessed in dealing properly with Israel – and all parties thus move toward recognising Messiah Jesus. For decades the scenario given in Psalm 2 has applied in that intractable Middle-Eastern enmity, as well as all reprobate nations:

‘Why do the Gentiles throng tumultuously and the people plot a worthless thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD and against His anointed, saying “Let us break Their bonds in pieces and cast away Their cords from us”.

‘He who sits in the heavens shall laugh; the Lord shall hold them in derision. Then He shall speak to them in His wrath and distress them with His deep displeasure… (NKJV)

The psalm continues to describe events, especially the declaration of Jesus as Mashiach or Messiah to the Jewish elders (Matt 26:63-66) and commissioning his disciples unto the nations. Its conclusion may be read as a promise to those who come to respect His people and their Anointed One:

‘Now, therefore, be wise O kings; be instructed, you judges of the earth. Serve the LORD with (reverential) fear and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son (embrace discipline, receive instruction), lest the LORD be angry and you perish in the way, when His wrath is kindled but a little.

‘Blessed are all those who put their trust in Him.’

That scripture may prophesy blessing upon that meeting and its outcome, all of which may fit in with an open vision I had when visiting Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship for the first time in 2003.

Being unfamiliar with the speakers I’d heard a little about them from Nina and knew so little about Heidi Baker of Iris Ministries (Iris Global). However, as she started addressing the conference I suddenly had an open vision as though I was in orbit over central Africa and saw tall flames leaping high into the atmosphere over the whole Mozambique area to the right. I then saw them sweeping up the eastern side of Africa and into Sudan and Egypt. Its Mediterranean coast sat on the curvature of the globe and I saw this holy fire go along it and across the Sinai peninsular into the Arabian peninsula!  .

[Upon speaking to Rolland Baker about this, he replied it’s similar to what their director Supresa Sithole had seen for the ministry, which has brought whole Muslim provinces to Jesus.]

Therefore, we trust and pray the Lord is doing many new things globally today…

Veronica West: March a month of divine demarcation

Within hours of the Midnight Vision of Harvesting Angels on Tuesday Veronica posted this awesome follow-up.:

‘I know it’s early but here is just a glimpse into a Word God gave me today for the Month of MARCH!


veronika-west‘This afternoon I was sitting in my garden when the Spirit of the Lord began to manifest, I felt a tangible weightiness of His presence surround me, then I saw in the Spirit the finger of God begin to draw a dividing line across the Nations of the Earth, I saw an even greater shaking begin to take place, I felt the ground give way as His finger moved across the Nations, then I saw in the Spirit realm a great and mighty SHIFT begin to take place in the earth, suddenly great and mighty earthquakes began to increase in the earth, and the waters of the seas began to rise violently, suddenly weather patterns over the Nations began to shift and change rapidly, then I saw heavy rainfall and large hail stones falling from the heavens, I saw mighty tornadoes beginning to form in the distance, then I heard the Spirit say,


Veronica West, 21st February 2017


It is rare for anointed prophetical voices to refer to exact timing but there are occasions when this is done, and of course it puts them on the spot because such prophecies can be easily checked for accuracy. Veronica West is connected to and accountable to Revd Dr Sharon Stone, whom I witnessed give a forecast in Oct 2013 of a ‘battle’ for Britain in two to two and a half years’ (ie 2016). This was fulfilled in the EU Referendum campaigns and subsequent bitter recriminations plus court and parliamentary battles.

Furthemore, Revd John Kilpatrick taught in 2014 about “prophesying into time” and Patsy Southway gave an accurate word about last May and its ‘domino effect’ (as here).

GPS#6 – today’s trilogy of mighty encouragement

A sequence of three email provides this Global Prophecy Signal from Scotland, England and Australia (but time-stamped in reverse order). In reading them I noted a connecting thread but a day busy on many activities means only extracts are shown. To read the words in full click the appropriate links (emphases added):


God has not called you to be one who gives in to fearful circumstances which threaten to engulf your heart and mind. He has called you be one whose daily experience is joy and peace, knowing that His love is greater than any problem……Decide right now, as you read this word from God to trust Him and view all things through the heavenly lens of faith.

Hebrews 12:2
Let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, on whom our faith depends from beginning to end. He did not give up because of the cross…

Chris Bennett 3 Feb: HANG ON to Your Faith – HANG ON to ME

“HANG ON!” I hear the Lord calling over the tumult. “HANG ON to your faith, HANG ON to ME”, says the Lord, “For there is happening a backlash, an assault, a persecution so vicious it will stagger even the most fervent and zealous of My children. But even in the midst of the storm, My love will prevail.” says the Lord. “In the face of the enemy’s onslaught, you will see thousands turning to Me!”

Many prophets in these days are facing a daily assault and heavy fire from the satanic hordes. There is an unrelenting storm being thrown at Gods people and the prophets are bearing the brunt of it…

“…Can you not hear the victory shouts of My mighty army as the forces of evil are thrown back – and back – and back again?

“It has begun,” says the Lord.Stand by for your new orders, for new revelations, for new plans. The enemy is already retreating. Your victory is assured!”

Lana Vawser: I’m Releasing a Company of Prophets Who’ve Been Through The Fire and Carry Arrows of Fire to Bring a Great Realignment to the Church

“I am now releasing a company of prophets who have been through the fire and carry the arrows of fire in their hands, to bring a great re-alignment in the Church.”

I saw the Lord positioning these prophets, who have been through the fire, these ones who have allowed the Lord to do a deep work in their hearts and souls and who really carry His heart. These ones have been through an incredible testing in this season, an incredible time of purification and pruning and now the Lord is releasing them into places of greater favour.

I saw the Lord hand them arrows of fire and as I looked at their mouths, I could see their mouths like normal, but at the same time, I could see a MEGAPHONE over their mouths. The sense surrounded me that the voice of these prophets is about to get loud…continue reading this mightily exciting message.

“Set me on fire with Your fire…”

AM BURNING!  Upon hitting the ‘Reblog’ button after writing covering remarks to ‘God’s Fire’, I then hear this song coming upstairs into my study…“set me on fire with your fire, set me on fire with your fire…my heart is burning for you, my heart is burning for you….”

Down in the lounge our hi-fi blasts this 88 minutes-long dvd recorded in 2008 and had got to this terrific song that always stops me in my tracks – IT JUST CANNOT BE IGNORED (but the banner blurb can!) – and continues with a plea to “Send Your fire…”

For a fuller sequence see New Britain: Spiritual rains have started in UK – wonderful mix of holy water and holy fire working simultaneously because they’re supernatural.

“Quench not the Spirit” (KJV) “Do not put out the Spirit’s fire” (NIV) 1 Thess 5:19

God’s Fire

In view of the fire+cupped hands image used to accompany yesterday’s Lion Bites on being revisited by holy fire, Tony in Tucson reminded me of the following dream – THUS IT’S TIME TO DECLARE IT AGAIN !

My Dreams and Visions

I had a dream 12/01/2013. In the dream I saw a pair of hands that we’re cupped and there was a fire burning in them. I then saw people coming with unlit torches towards the cupped hands and as each person came up to the hands they would place their unlit torch into the fire and it would become lit with the fire of God. Some people loved the fire and some stomped on their torches shortly after acquiring the fire.

The verses that come to mind are found in Isaiah.

Isaiah 33:14-15 NKJV

The sinners in Zion are afraid; Fearfulness has seized the hypocrites: “Who among us shall dwell with the devouring fire? Who among us shall dwell with everlasting burnings?” He who walks righteously and speaks uprightly, He who despises the gain of oppressions, Who gestures with his hands, refusing bribes, Who stops his ears from hearing of…

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Today’s Lion Bites: a re-visitation of fire

World In Fire by Danilo Rizzuti“I am revisiting you with My fire and My power.

“I am calling you to come into a deeper and fuller encounter with Me and with who I am.

“Move towards Me now as I call to you, to meet you where I am in this new season. Come and meet with Me.

“For there is a place, I have prepared for you of fullness that will satisfy the longing you have. Come and behold Me as I hold you. Come and receive of My power and My fire in these days. For there is much to receive and much to outwork but first receive of My fresh-fire and My power.”

There is a new baptism of fire coming to the church and God is inviting us to pursue it and chase after Him in a new way. We are to position ourselves for the fullness of the fire and the fullness of His power in these days. So choose to position yourself and choose to press in for this fullness for these are the days of a new outpouring of God’s Baptism of fire.

Matthew 3:11
“I baptise you with water for repentance. But after me comes one who is more powerful than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptise you with the Holy Spirit and fire.”

Tongues of Fire; Acts 2-3

[Published with permission of Glasgow Prophetic Centre. Illustration ‘World In Fire’ by Danilo Rizzuti is reproduced by courtesy of Freedigitalphotos.net and ‘Tongues of Fire’ photo credit to Iris Global.]

Angelic Clarion-call over the UK

Heralding Angels with Golden Trumpets Issuing a Clarion Call over the U.K.

Linda Diggle: 24 Dec’16

I was waking up from a dream and I saw 4 angels blowing golden trumpets over the U.K. Each one was positioned at 4 locations. One, the most Northerly – John O’ Groats, Southerly – Lands End, Westerly – Ardnamurchan Point in Lochaber in Scotland and Easterly – Ness Point in Lowestoft. These angels were heralding angels and were announcing a coming move of God, bringing an outpouring to the UK. This outpouring will bring awakening and revival to the church and a deep conviction on the unsaved, and many will be brought into the Kingdom. The angels were issuing a clarion call, which meant there was a sense of urgency requiring action of some kind.

For the church, the trumpets announce a wake up call. Like the reveille call in the army, calling the soldiers in the army to wake up at sunrise for action, to active service. This is a call to God’s beloved people:

“Wake up, wake up from your slumber, awaken and arise, because I am coming. I am announcing this to you ahead of time. Awaken from your sleep and come out and be separate from those who are sleeping and from the world.”

“A call to the church to “Arise, shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord rises upon you” (Isa 60:1). Like the Laodicean church, repent of any personal or corporate complacency, apathy, lukewarmness, lack of passion, political correct-ness, thinking all is well, any self-sufficiency that we have all we need, of a need to be at the centre of things. Move aside and let me be at the centre. Don’t let your wineskin limit what I want to do. Do not take offence when others are on fire and impassioned for many fires are igniting in many places in the UK and will spread like wildfire. All are called to step into this.

“Let a new, desperate cry call out for a fresh outpouring of living water, deep calling out to deep, overwhelming encounters of my extravagant and eternal love for you, healing and restoration and receive, receive. Let me restore to you the joy of your salvation once again. Then, cry out but now with my heart, with my tears as I bring a new spirit of deep intercession to come on the church, my people in this nation, and pray pray pray for my many lost children in your villages, towns and cities in this nation. Pray for a shift away from liberal faith and philosophies and a return to Biblical holiness and truth. I stand outside at the door and knock.”

“Lift up your heads you gates, lift them up you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in. (Ps 24:7)…Look up for my Kingdom is at hand, my glory is at hand.”

Thinking of another trumpet, “the last post” is blown every year over the nation on remembrance Sunday as we remember the sacrifice of brave men and women who paid with their lives in battle, for our peace. Let these angelic trumpet blasts cause us to remember Jesus who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our salvation, and the great cloud of witnesses who are looking on, cheering and encouraging us on. Remember their example, of faith, obedience, intimacy and passion for God and for the lost.

There is so much to do so position your hearts, prepare yourselves, raise up a standard over your towns, cry out as one voice as never before and cry out to me to come, to save, to heal and deliver. Raise up a shout of praise, of worship, of prayer and a longing for revival. Do it together in unison as one body, together in every place as a nation.

A worship song then came into my mind of “Shout to the north and the south, sing to the east and the west, Jesus is Lord over all, King of heaven and earth”.

Because of the urgency of the times, denominational differences, old wounds and barriers will be healed and fall away. 2 Chronicles 7:14 – “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” The trumpets are being blown; the sound is drawing a line from north to south from west to east. Cry out in holy desperation for your kinsmen in this hour.

For the unsaved – the trumpets call is to announce good news. Come out and be separate. 2 Corinthians 6:15-18 “I will live with them and walk among them, and I will be their God, and they will be my people. Therefore, come out from them and be separate says the lord…I will be a father to, you, and you will be my sons and daughters.” The Lord’s covenant relationship. This is the day of your salvation, save yourselves, the time is shortening, the salvation of the Lamb is at hand.

This is the time for repentance, to turn back to me and reclaim your national spiritual inheritance as a nation that has been robbed from you by the enemy. The cross will be lifted up once more, a deep concentrated revelation as Jesus salvation brings many into the Kingdom. The revelation of the cross will bring a shock wave of deep conviction, and repentance and there will be many tears, tears of repentance, thankfulness and joy as the veil is suddenly torn from peoples eyes, minds and hearts as they see Gods salvation plan and encounter His extravagant love through the cross. The cross will be reclaimed as a national heritage and will no more be emptied of its power as people en-masse return to the Lord to His saving, healing love.. There will be a return to the word of God, as softened hearts, under Holy Spirit conviction, with a deep hunger and gladness, will receive and revere the word God in the Bible.

People will turn away from the fruitless deeds of darkness and the temporary satisfaction and security of the world. These things will lose their appeal and a wholesale disillusionment will come upon the nation for worldly pleasures, wealth, power, leisure and media, entertainment, liberal teaching in some areas of the church. The angels said to pray for this disillusionment as the facade are ripped away. Pray this will usher in a longing for truth, spiritual reality and a return to divine destiny. Like the woman at the well, people will be disillusioned with the world and seek the Lords’ living water, an increased longing for their eternal calling and destiny that God placed eternity in the hearts men. A longing to come home and be sons and daughters of the living God. As Jesus drew out this longing out of the heart of the woman at the well, so the people of God will draw out spiritual hunger for truth and reality out of people as they hold out the word of life and step out in my name. A call for hearts to find their home in the heart of the Father as we go out working in relationship and oneness with the Trinity to preach the gospel and demonstrate the Kingdom in miracles, healings, signs and wonders and so lead them to Jesus.

Published with the kind permission of UK Prophetic Words.

Prophetic word for the Church – awakening of the giant

This word brought by Lin Wills, published on UK Prophetic Words, resonates so strongly in connection with what kick-started my writing (“This is ALL about to be fulfilled!”) and reminded me of Lyn F’s vision in 2001 of a giant arising throughout Britain, and of the vision forty years earlier that came to Tommy Hicks (see Library):


I will fan the dying embers into a flame again. A flame of fire says the Lord, that fire of passion. That fire of desire. That fire of longing and desperation for My presence says the Lord. For I am building My church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail says the Lord. For I am the master builder. I am the One who is fanning the flame again. For where there is smouldering ash, so there will be a blaze of glory again.
For where the giant is sleeping, that giant will become awakened. And there shall be a shout of victory again in My church. There shall be a loud shout of triumph again in My church from My people. For there shall be a march of My victorious army throughout the land. And there shall be those signs and those wonders that I have promised.
For My glory shall cover the earth. My glory shall be seen. And My power shall be again resting upon My people. My power, My new oil, My fresh oil. My fresh anointing for these end times. For I will pour out on him that is thirsty. I will cover the dry land with My rivers again.
For there shall be much rejoicing says the Lord. There shall be much praising. There shall be much victory says the Lord. Where there has been defeat, and there has been barrenness, there shall be new shoots. There shall be new shoots of life that will spring up says the Lord.
For I am the Lord and I have spoken it. And I will bring it to pass for I am the builder. I am the master builder says the Lord. And My church shall rule and reign. And My church shall be the giant that I have made it to be.
For there shall be a shout in the land. And the land and the nation shall know, and shall hear the voice of the people of God. And they shall recognise that the voice of the people of God has been raised as never before. The voice has been raised from the church as never before. And they shall recognise the voice as being the voice of God. The voice of God in these days. The power of God in these days. The will of God and the purpose of God in these days. And the glory of the Lord in these days.
For My church shall be the church that I died to make it to be. They shall rise up in power and they shall rise up in strength says the Lord. And that mighty army shall go forth. And there shall many many many be slain of the Lord. And many shall come into My Kingdom in these last days. For I am pouring out says the Lord, and there shall be a triumph note as never before in My church. For I am a God that does not lie. I am a God that keeps His promise. And all that I have promised and all that I have said shall come to pass. And you shall see the hand of the Lord your God and His arm made bare among the nations. For My church shall rise up again in splendour says the Lord. For no enemy shall keep it down, for I am building it says the Lord. I am building it, and no enemy in hell shall keep it down for I am bringing My church to that place of victory, triumph, and the note of splendour that shall go out and ripple out throughout the land.

Lin Wills 20th November 2016

Visitation time – a posting from UK Prophetic Words

I’ve had an interesting correspondence with Tony Puccio in America about the following word’s possible application, courtesy of UK Prophetic Words. I invite intercessors to consider and weigh with the Lord; and in connection with Tony’s vision of an incident at the Big Ben clock tower (as here), which may be a warning of attack or point to political upheaval:


Stay on your toes in passion and hunger and desperation for I am coming says the Lord to do a work, I am coming says the Lord to move by My power like never before. I am coming, says the Lord to break down the things of man. I am coming to tear apart says the Lord, the systems of religion, and I am coming with My power like fire says the Lord, to do a work says the Lord, that you’ve never yet seen says the Lord.

For I am the God of heaven, I am the great I Am, says the Lord, and nothing shall stop My purposes says the Lord, in the earth, and in My church. For I am coming says the Lord, so get ready get ready says the Lord, get ready, says the Lord, get down on your knees, get into intercession says the Lord, get ready. Cry out to your God, for says the Lord, I am coming,  and thus says the Lord, when I come says the Lord, when I come there shall be no room for man’s plans, there shall be no room for man’s designs, and man’s programmes, says the Lord. For I will come and they will be stripped away says the Lord, and the power and the demonstration of God shall be known in the earth and in the church says the Lord, like never before.

So says the Lord, when you see these things, when you see those things start to come to pass, look up says the Lord, look up, for says the Lord, I am coming to do a quick work in the earth, and I say to you My people today, get down on your faces, cry out to your God, for says the Lord there is coming a disruption, yes says the Lord in the earth but in My church also. For I am coming to cause disruption.  Eagles are going to be thrown out the nest says the Lord, and things are going to move says the Lord in mighty power when I come with My  winnowing fork , I come to sort out says the Lord, those things that shall remain and those things that shall be burned in the fire.

For says the Lord, I am a holy God, I am a mighty God, and I will come says the Lord by My power, so be ready says the Lord, be hungry says the Lord. Keep pressing in says the Lord, keep pressing in, says the Lord for I am coming to do a great work, and a quick work in the earth.

Lin Wills, 18th August 2016

Special September 1 – in Holy Spirit’s slipstream

A stirring word of strong encouragement published on Bank Holiday Monday by Veronika West on her Ignite Ireland Ministry facebook:


As I began to pray a few days ago about the month of September, I clearly and distinctly heard the Holy Spirit say these words,


Then I saw the Body of Christ like a flock of flying geese, as I looked again I saw the flock flying in a V-shaped formation, immediately I was reminded of a bird study that I did on geese with my son for a school project. Continue reading

Vision of glory firestorm and the Four Faces of God

Many thanks to Veronika West of Ignite Ireland Ministry for posting this exciting and spectacular vision on her Facebook page on 7th April (title has link):

I Saw a Firestorm, Four Whirlwinds and the Four Faces of God

Verinoka West FbkIn the early hours, I had a powerful prophetic encounter that I would like to share with you. I ask that you read carefully and prayerfully, there is a SUDDEN SUPERNATURAL SHIFT HAPPENING IN THE REALMS OF THE SPIRIT IN THIS HOUR. GET READY FOR THERE IS AN EMERGING ARMY OF MIGHTY WARRIORS COMING FORTH FROM A FIRESTORM OF GLORY, WATCH!!! FOR THE MANIFESTATION OF GREATER SIGNS, WONDERS AND MIRACLES!

In this encounter, I was taken onto a battlefield, the sky was filled with the colours of Deep Red and Orange, and I heard the words, “THE DAWNING OF NEW DAY”, the atmosphere was filled with GREAT EXPECTATION AND ANTICIPATION..I could see the Mighty Warriors of God standing at attention on the battlefield, each one strategically positioned in their respective ranks, I could see these Mighty Warriors were WAITING! I knew by divine revelation that these Warriors were “WAITING FOR HEAVEN TO TOUCH EARTH”, then suddenly a strong and mighty Wind began to blow upon the battlefield, I watched as Four Mighty Whirlwinds began to form in the distance, suddenly I could see the four faces of God within the Four Whirlwinds, I saw the Face of the Eagle within the Whirlwind that came from the North, then I saw the Face of the Ox that came in the Whirlwind from the West, then the Face of Man that came in the Whirlwind from the South, and lastly I could see the Face of the Lion that came in the Whirlwind from the East. Now the Whirlwinds moved in unison causing an immense dust storm to rise up from the ground which filled the atmosphere with an even greater EXPECTATION AND ANTICIPATION among the Warriors of God.

Suddenly a bright flash of lightning lit up the horizon and I could see what looked like the rising Sun, it was a large ball of FIRE which moved swiftly across the skies and towards the battlefield of Warriors, I watched closely as the Mighty Four Whirlwinds moved upon the ball of FIRE, now I could see what looked like the Four Faces of God within the ball of blazing FIRE, the Four whirlwinds seemed to push and propel the fiery ball forward, I watched as the ball of FIRE drew nearer and nearer the battlefield, Suddenly I could feel an intense heat from the ball of fire as it moved upon the battlefield of Warriors, I could hear the shouts of great rejoicing, suddenly my eyes were illuminated by Gods Word and Truth and I instantly received a new measure and a greater level of ‘SEEING’ and ‘UNDERSTANDING’, then like a sharpened arrow I felt the Fire and Power of God deeply penetrate the deepest parts of my heart. There was an instant supernatural ignition and exchange that took place deep within me.

My focus became clearer, and now I watched as the FIRE BALL moved upon the Mighty Warriors of God, I could clearly see the Four Faces within the Four Whirlwinds within of the Fire, I could see the Fire of God in the whirlwind of the Ox touching the Mighty Warrior Evangelists igniting and empowering them with a greater power, strength and Authority for the Endtime Harvest. Then I watched the Fire of God within the Whirlwind of the Eagle now touching the Mighty Warrior Prophets, each one receiving GREATER INSIGHT, DEEPER REVELATION, ACCURATE AND PRECISE VISION, I watched as the Fire of Glory touched their lips, and like hot coals they glowed brighter and brighter, then I watched as the Fire of God within the Whirlwind of Man touched the Mighty Warrior Shepherds, the Fire deeply penetrated their hearts giving them a new level of Humility, Meekness, Power and Compassion. Then I saw the Fire of God in the Whirlwind of the Lion touching the Mighty Warrior Apostles each one received a new level and a greater measure of Divine Wisdom, Authority, Might, Humility and Revelation.

Then I watched as these FIERY, BURNING AND ANOINTED ONES MOVED TOGETHER IN PERFECT UNITY, there were none greater than the other, shoulder to shoulder, and shield to shield they advanced and moved forward as ONE MIGHTY ARMY. They Moved, Marched and Advanced forward with one purpose, one Vision and one Mission. Their Hearts were set ablaze with the FIRES OF GLORY AND POWER, these are the Mighty Warriors that are NOW EMERGING IN GREATER POWER AND GREATER AUTHORITY UPON THE EARTH.


Four Faces bookFascinating this should be published on the day my US supplier sent a copy of ‘The Four Faces of God’ by John Bickersteth & Timothy Paine to a friend in the States! Also, two days earlier I’d emailed another about my blog Vision of Lion & Four Faces of God because he’d told me about the Lion at Dr Sharon Stone’s mentoring day on the previous weekend!! As Veronika says on this ‘God-incidence’ – WE GIVE GOD ALL THE GLORY!

Click/tap book-cover image for link to Amazon > >

READ ALSO, Bobby Conner: Firestorm coming to UK

Oh yes: let Your fire fall Lord…

Watching what’s happening in the Church – Jean Darnall Vision #3


This important message delivered to the World Prayer Centre by a ‘Bible expositor’ and lead pastor of a Baptist church is for the whole Church (and has a personal relevance). So I urge readers’ careful consideration and thank Suzanne Payne, Lynne Hodder and Mark Maddock for alerting me to it. The WPC’s introduction reads as follows.:

‘In March 2016, the World Prayer Centre hosted the WATCHING 2016 national prayer conference at The Hayes conference centre in Swanwick, Derbyshire. Over 240 people gathered for powerful time of seeking God, prayer, being equipped and released with fresh vision and prayer strategy.

‘Revd Malcolm Duncan of Gold Hill Baptist church was our guest speaker for the third year. It was a time of envisioning, watching and hearing what the Lord is saying in these times. We also hosted four workshops as part of the conference, which were to equip people in prayer, evangelism and the prophetic.

‘Malcolm brought a significant prophetic word to the Church in these Islands at our conference. It builds on important words spoken by Smith Wigglesworth (1947) and Jean Darnall (1967) of God’s call on Great Britain. We feel that it is right to release this Word to the wider Church.’


(The above sub-title links into condensed transcription with introductory summation.) The conference began with a delegate referring to having come to faith in 1947, which sparked a recollection in Malcolm Duncan of Smith Wigglesworth’s and Jean Darnall’s visions. The original, fuller transcription begins with wise words, by which we perceive his gifting.:

Revd Malcolm Duncan“I am not prone to saying the Spirit has said something, unless I really believe the Holy Spirit has said something. Let me say before I say what I am about to say that my understanding of New Testament prophecy is that it is quantitatively different from Old Testament prophecy and it should always be presaged with the acknowledgement that you might be wrong and it should always be presaged with an invitation to the person over who you are prophesying to turn to the scriptures to see if these things are so, and it should always be presaged with the acknowledgement that you have got it wrong – so what I am about to say is said in that context – on the plus side that means you can’t stone me!

“So I was really praying about this and I wasn’t expecting to be delivering this to you at all as we began on Monday…with Ian talking about communion and, as he was talking about communion, Denis shouted “And brother I came into the kingdom in 1947” and the minute he said it I thought, “I think God is saying something to me.”

“I think Denis, I don’t know if God uses you like this, I think he used you as a prophetic voice – and I want you to know that. So what came into my head was – “the Smith Wigglesworth prophecy of 1947”.

“I mentioned it the other day, and I turned to Pauline and said, “Did Smith Wigglesworth prophesy his prophecy in 1947?”, and she said, “I don’t know but I was born in 1947.”

“So I looked it up on the internet. I don’t – a very controversial thing to say about us Pentecostals – I’m not mad keen on Smith Wigglesworth. I think he was a bit of an odd bod myself! I am not sure I would let him preach at Gold Hill, I certainly would not let him pray for the sick – no way. (Malcolm made some boxing noises at this point – see RB’s comments post) – but I believe he was a man of God. Just as well God doesn’t need my approval to use people isn’t it?

“But as soon as I heard Denis I thought of the Smith Wigglesworth prophecy, which was very unusual for me and made me think – “What are you saying Lord?”. I went back and I read it again and thought – “There is something stirring in my spirit here.” That prophecy had several stages, some of you will know it, you will find it on the internet – an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the birthing of new churches and then the churches come together in Word and Spirit, and then the decline of churches – and then a fresh move of the Holy Spirit – going out into continental Europe. [Note below has link: RB]

“2017 is 70 years after the prophecy was given. 2017 is also 50 years after Jean Darnall’s prophecy, which was given in 1967, when she saw little fires across the UK ablaze and then a river flowing through the UK and into Europe.

“I don’t talk like this. I’m a Bible expositor, I am a theologian. I don’t talk like this.

“I thought, “Is God saying something with these two things?”. The 50th year after Jean Darnall’s prophecy, a year of jubilee. The 70th year after Smith Wigglesworth prophecy, just like there were 70 years of captivity for Israel – and I don’t want to overstate this because I am trying to stay grounded in all of this – but I feel like Daniel must have felt like when he found Jeremiah’s promise after 70 years and said, after 70 years I am going to do something.

“I lead Spring Harvest and for three years I have been working on an act of unity across the United Kingdom that will see all of the evangelical bible conventions and celebrations declaring that whatever our theological differences are, we are one in Christ Jesus. It is going to involve 130,000 Christians from March through to October next year – perhaps as many as a quarter of a million. It will begin with Spring Harvest and end with the Festival of Life, perhaps the biggest gathering of Christians in Britain in the Excel Centre in October. They are all on board.

“It will be the biggest demonstration of Christian unity that we have seen in the evangelical church in the United Kingdom for almost two hundred years – and they’ve all said “Yes” – there’s the miracle! They’re all on board, and I am sure the Bible says,

“Where the brethren dwell together in unity, the Lord commands a blessing.”

“2017 is also the 500th anniversary of the reformation. Martin Luther’s moment on October 31st 1517, when he nailed 95 theses to the gate at Wittenberg and said, “I have questions about where we are going”.

“I think 2017 is a significant year, and I believe we are going to see a move of God in the United Kingdom in 2017 and I believe God is asking us to get ready. He is asking us to raise our faith and expectation, to raise our commitment to prayer, to raise our eyes off what we are seeing around us, to take our eyes off the feeling and the falling and the decaying and to lift our eyes to him; and I think that move of God is going to have six significant elements to it.:

1. The first is that he will expose the hearts of those in our churches who currently have been ‘churched’ but not converted; Christians but not converted.

2. He will strengthen the hearts of those who love Christ, and I think strategically in that are people like Justin Welby and Pope Francis. I think that God is using these men and that there are some remarkable leaders in the Anglican Church, some remarkable leaders in the established churches, who are discovering new confidence, new passion, new energy for the Gospel and I think the hearts of those who love Christ will be strengthened in 2017 in a particular way.

3. I think God is going to revive and strengthen small local churches, that He is going to give new confidence and hope and purpose and meaning to what you and I would describe as ordinary church. That it is not going to the big central churches with thousands in them that will herald what God wants to do, but it will be a birthing of new hope and energy and expectation and passion in small local congregations. I don’t think it will end in 2017; it will start in 2017.

4. I think that God is going to give us a fresh confidence in the Gospel. I think that God is going to give us a fresh openness to the Holy Spirit, as we delve into His Word.

5. God is going to give the broader Church a deeper yearning for prayer for the nation and the lost.

6. Lastly, God is to birth a passion for the gospel to spread from the United Kingdom across the continent of Europe.

“However He does it, I think there are three keys, the three steps in what I sense God is saying are very simple – these are to:

  • Come before Him in repentance
  • Come before Him in dependence
  • Come before Him in authenticity

“I don’t think it is going to be a signs and wonders movement. I don’t think it is going to be all bells and all whistles. I think this is going to be the birthing of people living authentic lives in God. Lives that will be attractional (sic) to others and I think that God wants to birth something here that will spread across Europe and I think that you are privileged, not to listen to me, but I think you are privileged to be in this room, and I think you need to take that seriously and decide if you will sow in faith and prophetically call a movement of the Holy Spirit into life that He is waiting for us to respond to.”

The WPC requests our studying this word, praying into it to bring it into Father’s presence. Feel free to share it prayerfully with others. Ask the question, “Lord, what are you calling me to do? Show me your heart for my town/neighbourhood/workplace/ community”. We are being called to get ready – and come before God in repentance, dependence and authenticity.

Join WPC in praying, “Come Holy Spirit, in power, grace, and holiness – I open myself to you. Use me, prepare your church and change this nation. Amen”

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I modified the transcript by making ‘seventy’ and ‘fifty’ years numerical to highlight for cross-referencing within 2017, the Significance of 70 years and Wigglesworth  Vision.

[Images by courtesy of World Prayer Centre, Birmingham, England.]