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Prophetic urgent ‘kairos’ warning from Dr Sharon Stone re. Hebrews 12 shaking

Dear friends and family,

I have an URGENT PROPHETIC WARNING and it’s now released and available to watch by clicking this YouTube image:

You are also invited to join me this Sunday, 4th Octoberfor our Prophetic Encounter meeting.

Join us at 6pm for live worship followed by prophetic ministry at 6:30pm. This will be live-streamed on the following platform:

Invite all those who need an encounter with the Lord!  This meeting will be interactive, so be sure to message and let us know that you are with us, on the livestream.  This will enable me to know you are online and I will be listening for what the Lord wants to speak over you! 

You are also welcome to join us on Facebook for the following:

Tuesdays – 6am – Prayer
Thursdays – 7pm – Prayer (this week’s prayer is replaced with my special prophetic warning on Thursday, 1st October 2020)
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All our prayer sessions are interactive and live through Facebook My Church Windsor, so make sure you log on and let us know you are with us!  It is a joy for us to pray on a live platform with you, with all of us together, using our authority in corporate prayer over your current prayer requests for breakthrough.

We look forward to having you with us tomorrow and this Sunday!

Dr. Sharon Stone 
Christian International Europe


PS (RB): as with regular events this prophecy may also be screened on Dr Sharon’s Facebook and on Prophetic Voice YouTube too. 

Psalm 2 holy laughter and great shaking of USA and the nations – Veronika West

REPRISE: pre-US election prophetic word posted 30 SEPT 2020:


Published on her Ignite Ireland Ministry Facebook around 3pm this afternoon 30th Sept 2020 Veronika writes,

‘While trying to catch up with some of the latest highlights this morning from the Presidential Debate, something amazing happened….,as I was watching suddenly, I heard what I can only describe as A RUMBLE OF HOLY LAUGHTER THAT FILLED THE ATMOSPHERE, IT WAS LAUGHTER THAT SOUNDED LIKE THE THUNDERINGS OF A THOUSAND RUSHING RIVERS….and as I heard this deep penetrating laughter fill the heavenlies, I saw in the realm of the Spirit the Nations of the Earth begin to shake and tremble and I saw the spiritual boundary lines of many Nations begin to radically shift and change…I saw the Great Mountain of the Lord shaking violently and all of creation on the Earth was awakened to the sound of His Holy laughter….!

Then I heard the Spirit say, Continue reading



I’m thankful to every follower for being a blessing in encouraging me to continue blogging, particularly those who’ve travelled along with me over many years.

When I emailed a few friends 12 years ago about what I heard when my Bible ‘exploded’ upon opening it, as told in The Endgame Is Now In Play, I could never imagine that by adding occasional updates – and being nudged to go public with a blog – there’d be sufficient material and interest to build a veritable library of over 2,650 rolling posts and almost 90 reference pages since 21.11.2011!

I was surprised to find the outcome of breaking my long weekend routine with urgent posts relating to Saturday’s news over ‘The Pond’ was to generate a statistical spike!

If you did hit the ‘follow’ button this weekend, please know you’re warmly welcomed.

IF you’d like to and have time to ‘catch up’, I’d suggest reading a few recent postings as this will give you a flavour of this blog’s focus at present. In particular, I’d mention my gifting is that of connecting prophetical dots, but please note that doesn’t mean I’m widely read and aware of all prophetical material.

Digital Globe by Cooldesign, courtesy

I frequently blog on the prophetic as being God-incidences that turn up like pieces of an invisible jigsaw, or as though part of Gods’ GPS or Global Prophecy Signalling system.

Therefore, I’d encourage you to peruse a couple of the latest important postings:

I monitor whenever possible any prophecies that are coming to pass, or are in process of becoming fulfilled. I’ve logged nearly 200 of these, of which over two dozen relate to Brexit and similarly for press and media mirroring earlier prophetic words and visions (see Prophecies – Fulfilled). There’s also a reference Library of Prophecies from the early 20th Century up to 2017, when activity became too prolific to monitor.

Also, see my report written upon request of the President-elect of the Baptist Union on The State of the Prophetic in UK (published February 2020).

My personal testimony features in Jesus Freed Me!

I trust that our Lord will bless your sojourn here…

Replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg with Amy Coney Barrett: an EPIC battle brewing? – Real Christianity

Readers wanting some background to Veronika West’s 2 years-old scripture prophecy on Trump and SCOTUS may wish to read RJ Dawson’s attached briefing of 22 January 2019. As ever, RJ is incisive and forthright in his godly analysis and opinion…

Originally posted on Real Christianity:  The President’s enemies know they have no chance of removing Donald Trump from office. They will possibly impeach him anyway.  This ongoing war is moving toward a nuclear showdown.   Their survival is at stake. They have never faced such…
(Continue reading by clicking this link…)


Trump, SCOTUS and the giants – Veronika West

Following the previous Veronika republished around midday this brief word posted on HKP on 8th October 2018: 


“He chose for himself 5 smooth stones from the brook.

“See, I AM giving President Trump 5 Supreme Court Justices and just like David did, they will be like the 5 stones he put in his shepherd’s bag to take down the giants in the land,” says The Spirit of God.

“Then he took his staff in his hand; and he chose for himself five smooth stones from the brook, and put them in a shepherd’s bag, in a pouch which he had, and his sling was in his hand. And he drew near to the Philistine,”   1 Samuel 17:40.

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Great shaking, separation and sifting now taking place in USA and Israel – Veronika West



….Now As I knelt upon the ground, with my eyes still fixed upon the Great Eagle….,suddenly I saw that in the midst of the great shaking that was taking place, the heavy laden fruit on the branches of the Olive Tree were being shaken off the tree and the fruit was falling to the ground….and then I heard these words, “WATCH! FOR A TIME OF GREATER SHAKING WILL NOW BRING FORTH THE GREATEST HARVEST THE EARTH HAS EVER SEEN”…,and as I heard those words, suddenly the vision shifted and day turned to night and deep darkness surrounded the Olive Tree…and as I watched the Olive Tree continuing to shake violently,…suddenly I saw two large, bright yellow eyes appear in the night sky…and as I looked a little closer in the vision….the face of AN OWL came up before me……and as I looked at the bright yellow eyes of the Owl…I heard these words, “THE EYES OF THE GREAT OWL WILL SEE WHAT PROWLS, FOR EVEN DARKNESS IS LIGHT TO HIM”,…and as I heard those words…suddenly I saw SNAKES….BIG BLACK SNAKES BEGINNING TO FALL OUT OF THE BRANCHES OF THE OLIVE TREE…and I watched as both the….RIPE FRUIT OF THE OLIVE TREE AND THE BIG BLACK SNAKES FELL SIMULTANEOUSLY TO THE GROUND IN THE MIDST OF THE GREAT SHAKING THAT WAS TAKING PLACE….,and then I saw the Great Owl begin to swoop down upon the big black snakes that were falling to the ground and the Owl began to pick up and devour the black snakes….and then I heard these words, “WATCH! FOR IN THE MIDST OF A GREATER SHAKING….A GREAT HARVEST SHALL COME FORTH AND EVERY HIDDEN AND EVIL THING SHALL BE EXPOSED AND DESTROYED” …!

As those words went forth in the realm of the Spirit…I watched as the Olive Tree continued to be shaken violently….every big black snake was shaken from its hiding place and the beautiful ripe fruit on the branches of the tree were shaken to the ground, and as I watched, I kept hearing these words, “IT’S HARVEST TIME, THE TIME OF HARVEST IS NOW AT HAND AND EVERY HIDDEN THING SHALL BE EXPOSED AND DESTROYED”…,then suddenly the vision shifted once again, and I saw a multitude of people beginning to appear around the Olive Tree that was still being violently shaken…but then I heard the sound of many voices, as the multitude that were gathering around the Olive Tree began to sing with one loud voice…and they sang, “HOLY, HOLY, HOLY IS THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY”...and as the sound of their voices filled the atmosphere….,so I watched as their feet began to move in time and in rhythm with the sound of the great shaking that was taking place…..and then I heard these words, “WATCH! FOR A NEW MOVEMENT OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, HOLINESS AND JUSTICE IS RISING IN THE EARTH”…and as I heard those words, I saw the feet of the multitude moving together as one and they began to march around and around the Olive Tree, and as they marched in Unity,….I heard these words, “A GREAT AWAKENING HAS BEGUN, AS THE ARMY OF THE LORD RISES IN THE MIDST OF A GREAT SHAKING, WATCH! FOR RIVERS OF REVIVAL AND RESTORATION SHALL RISE AND FLOW FORTH UPON THE LAND”….

….And as I heard those words my eyes were drawn back again to the marching feet of the Army of the Lord and I saw that as they marched….many of the large black snakes that were still falling to the ground and the ripe Olives that were still falling from the branches of the Tree were BEING CRUSHED BENEATH THEIR FEET…AND I WATCHED AS OIL….THICK OIL FROM THE RIPE OLIVES BEGAN TO COVER ALL THEIR FEET….and as they continued to march round and round the Olive Tree so the THICK OIL FROM THE CRUSHED OLIVES CONTINUED TO COME FORTH…AND I WATCHED AS THE THICK OIL BEGAN TO RISE LIKE A MIGHTY RIVER….at first only their feet were covered with oil….but as the River of Oil rose quickly, the oil came up to their ankles, higher and higher the River rose until I saw the Army of the Lord begin to swim waist deep in the River of Oil…I watched in utter amazement at the acceleration of rising River which then began to flow forth across the whole land, and then I heard these words, “RIVERS OF REVIVAL AND RESTORATION SHALL RISE IN THE MIDST OF GREAT SHAKING AND A GREAT HARVEST SHALL BE GATHERED UP AND THE HEAD OF THE SERPENT SHALL BE CRUSHED UNDER THEIR HEELS”….!

As I heard the Spirit say those words, suddenly the vision shifted once again and I saw that the Great Owl that had devoured many of the big black snakes had now gone….but as I looked up again to the top of the Olive Tree, I saw the Great Eagle stretch forth his mighty Wings over the River of Oil….and then I watched as the Great Eagle flew down from the Olive Tree towards the River which was now flowing with great power….and I saw the tips of his mighty Wings touching the top of the River of Oil and as I watched the River flow forth upon the land it brought resurrection life and supernatural healing to everything the River touched….!

…But then suddenly….,A PURE WHITE DOVE APPEARED BEFORE ME IN THE VISION….and I saw the White Dove fly straight towards the Olive Tree and I watched as it came to rest on the same place where the Great Eagle had been sitting and as the feet of the White Dove touched the branches of the Olive Tree suddenly the VIOLENT SHAKING CEASED….and A GREAT PEACE AND STILLNESS CAME UPON THE OLIVE TREE….and then I heard the sound of a soft “coo-oo”, followed by another two or three louder coos as the Pure White Dove sat high upon the branches of the Olive Tree….,and as the atmosphere was filled with the coo-ooing sound of the White Dove suddenly the darkness of the night turned to the brightness of a NEW DAY….and then I heard these words, “WATCH AND PRAY! FOR A GREAT SHAKING COMES ON THE WINGS OF THE GREAT EAGLE…AND A GREAT SEPARATION COMES ON THE WINGS OF THE GREAT OWL…AND A GREAT SHIFTING COMES ON THE WINGS OF A DOVE”…,as those words deeply penetrated my heart, I saw the Pure White Dove BREAK OFF AN OLIVE BRANCH FROM THE TOP OF THE OLIVE TREE and I watched as the White Dove flew down towards the River of Oil that was flowing forth upon the land and I watched as the Olive Branch was dipped into the River of Oil….and thick oil covered the Olive Branch and its leaves….and then I saw the Dove fly up once again with the Olive Branch in its beak….

….When suddenly a second beautiful Olive Tree appeared in the Vision and as I looked at the Olive Tree immediately the Spirit of Revelation spoke to me saying, “BEHOLD, THE NATION OF ISRAEL”….now as I looked at the Nation of Israel (the Olive Tree) my eyes were drawn to the DEEP ROOTS OF THE OLIVE TREE AND I WAS SHOWN (3) THREE ROOTS OF THE OLIVE TREE, and as I looked at the roots beneath the ground….I heard these words “FOR I AM THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC AND JACOB”…and then I saw the Beautiful White Dove with the Olive Branch in its mouth fly towards the Olive Tree (The Nation of Israel) and it came to rest upon the branches of the Tree and then I heard these words, “THE OLIVE BRANCH OF PEACE AND VICTORY WILL BE GIVEN AND THE COVENANT OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC AND JACOB SHALL BE RESTORED, FOR EVERYONE WHO CALLS ON MY NAME SHALL BE SAVED”...then I saw the ROOTS OF THE TWO OLIVE TREES (The Nation of America and the Nation of Israel) BECOMING INTERTWINED. (The Vision suddenly lifted)

Note; I submit the Above Vision for prayerful consideration, currently I am writing some of the interpretation that the Lord has given me concerning the significance of a number of things within the Vision.

The Great Eagle, the Great Owl and the White Dove are highly symbolic of how the Spirit of the Lord is moving in this hour in the Nation of America. I believe the Vision speaks powerfully to a SUPERNATURAL AND SIMULTANEOUS MOVE OF GOD THAT WILL TAKE PLACE IN THE MIDST OF THIS GREAT SHAKING….A Time of Great Harvest and yet it will be a Time of Divine Exposures as a Sifting and Separation of the Goats and the Sheep take place within the Nation of America…there is Battle between LIFE AND DEATH THAT WILL UNFOLD….In this hour we will see Gods Governmental hand of Righteousness and Justice moving swiftly to EXPOSE THE WORKS OF DARKNESS AND REVEAL EVERY HIDDEN OF WORK OF WITCHCRAFT…, DEMONIC STRONGHOLDS OF SATAN WILL BE TORN DOWN AND UPROOTED IN THE MIDST OF THE GREAT SHAKING…!



  1. America: Further Confirmation of Trump and 2016-2024
  2. America & Trump: Prophetic Interpretation

PS: I am hoping to do a LIVE FACEBOOK in the next few days to discuss this powerful encounter further with yet more interpretation of what I believe the Lord is revealing through this Vision.


This morning (26th September) I would like submit for prayerful consideration further interpretation of the Vision I shared yesterday, I truly honour Apostle Abel Praise for his faithfulness to pray and intercede and indeed wait upon the Lord for revelation and understanding concerning many things that are being released to His Prophets at this very strategic time in the History of the Nations…!


The LORD is extremely gracious in granting HIS people timely insights and revelation as the Nation of USA navigates through significant seasons in the spirit. The vision is extremely profound; and in all of it’s depth speaks to this – The Call for the Restoration of The Covenant Of Fatherhood; The Fatherhood of The Patriarch Nation over The Nation Of USA.

The Blessing upon Abraham as him by whom all nations shall be blessed is crystallized in the Nation of Israel. This is why The Scriptures admonish us to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem; and the resultant benefit being a blessing. We also see how great and significant The Patriarchal Blessing upon Joseph manifested, that it kept the nation of Egypt blessed for the sustenance of the world.

However, as prophetic dreams reveal; The LORD expects HIS Children to seek HIS wisdom in partnering for righteous fulfillment. After Pharaoh’s dream of the fat and lean cows; it needed prophetic wisdom to drive the implementation of the season of the fat cows and also to cushion the effect of the lean cows. The vision reveals a significant Olive Tree as The American Nation; however; it took the combined ministry of The Eagle [Intercessory Prophets], The Owl [The Watchmen], The Army Stomping The Serpents with their heels [Intercessors, Warriors, Footmen] to effect The WORD of that shaking, that will drive away and crush the serpents from the tree that symbolizes The American Nation. This, as the vision reveals then created the atmosphere for the Dove to descend and tabernacle on the tree; leading to the remarkable scene of the restoration of the covenant of The Fatherhood of The Patriarch Nation [Israel] over USA – the intertwining of the roots and the branches of the Tree representing The USA, and the Tree representing Israel.

Identifying the prophetic posture dreams, revelations, and visions instruct us to take is the key to working out that prophetic word of promise to its manifestation.

The significance of The Covenant of The Fatherhood Of The Patriarch Nation [Israel] to America; from it’s origin to it’s present status in the world of nations cannot be overstated. The LORD is calling for the eradication of all that has stood in the way and eaten deep into the spiritual fabric of this profound covenant relationship; and this will be as The Saints Of The LORD rise in response to this prophetic leading from The LORD to cry out to The LORD; in repentance in ways the covenant has been breached, in rebuke of every thing that has stood present in national institutions, family and personal life that has breached the covenant, and also in declaration of their heart to stand in righteous alignment with the Nation of Israel as The LORD has called America to stand in this Hour.

This may be the key that unlocks the next phase for The Nation of America in accessing the wealth of inheritance available to her as a covenant nation of destiny.

In all these, we submit that the purest intentions and understanding in The Heart Of The LORD be seen and we rise up, marching in alignment for the fulfillment of The Will Of The LORD JESUS CHRIST and to The GLORY OF THE NAME OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.


Prophecies mirrored in the media and by politicians

Recent years have seen headlines and cartoons in the media mirror many prophecies known to this author. In so doing, these news reports validate prophecies’ main points and indicate they are coming to pass, or moving towards fulfilment.

For ease-of reference this list is taken from Validations (# and non-# numbers) and Prophecy Updates (u numbers) in this blog’s library of Prophecies – Fulfilled, of which there’s almost 200 examples!


The dominant trend is an increasing exposure of ungodly things hidden in darkness together with intensification of the prophesied shaking of all things (which accords with my hearing Hebrews 12:18-29 in late-1990s and seeing a vision of Britain in 2004).

Prime Minister and media mirror “a stitch in time” prophecy – Veronika West (F/P #127)

Whilst Nina and I were enjoying a ‘mid-week weekend’ for birthday-cum-anniversary, Veronika West was busy writing about a prophetic word moving into fulfillment and I’m blessed to have been alerted to its publication. After my replying today she responds by way of introduction:

“The Stitch in Time word was incredibly timely and dare I say I have been waiting a long time to see it manifest in the newspapers. The timing of BJ report and his use of the phrase has come at such a strategic time. I believe both the date of the report (22) which matches the same date of the Needle and Thread/ Word and Spirit coming together and the fact that we are in the 9th/Month and at the head of the Year [ie. Hebrew year]… There is much happening and at an accelerated pace.”

Veronika writes on Facebook (Ignite Ireland Ministry) as follows with my editorial inserts and I’m humbled my birthday number ’22’ is of significance:

‘SEE; Two Links listed below of Prophetic Words I gave on a “STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE”…and “A NATIONS FLAG TORN IN TWO; A SILVER NEEDLE AND GOLDEN THREAD”..!

‘Well Prime Minister Boris Johnson refers to the ongoing challenges with the virus using this phrase…“(We are acting on the principle) A Stitch in time Saves Nine”. It was both a powerful sign and confirmation that the battle that is still unfolding CANNOT AND WILL NOT be won in the physical but rather in the spiritual and that the only answer and solution can only be found in a “NATION TURNING AND RETURNING TO ITS FIRST LOVE”…!

‘Furthermore, what’s also interesting is the dates of all these words, and how they connect, yesterday was the 22/09….both the day (22) and the month being the (9th) month, which I believe speaks to and confirms the significance of these words. The first word I received (SILVER NEEDLE AND GOLDEN THREAD) was also on the (22)….and the month that Boris Johnson makes reference to ‘A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE’, comes on the (22) and in the 9TH MONTH….as we know the Number 22 speaks to the HIDDEN MYSTERIES BEING REVEALED AND THE KEY OF DAVID…and the Number 9 speaks to both A TIMING OF BIRTHING AND JUDGEMENT WITHIN THE NATION..!’

Here’s the Fb message I received from Veronika on Wednesday (click image to read press article in full): Continue reading

Freed at last from satan – my chains fall off!

To celebrate our wedding anniversary today and my birthday yesterday

Months after that night of destiny in 1989 I trashed my occult and New Age books, yet I kept some items that were very significant to membership in those occult brotherhoods. But very soon, troubles brewed up within my relationships. And they got worse, and worse. So I asked for prayer help and gathered all those remaining things, such as ritualistic items and pictures. Right at the peak of my trouble I heard an almost audible voice instruct me,

Burn what you’ve collected – NOW!”

Never, ever, would I have believed what was to happen next:

Out in the backyard I piled those membership items onto an area of gravel and, putting a match to them, I sincerely repented.

Fanning the flames, I apologised deeply to God for all my past rebellious, sinful activity and specifically renounced satan and all evil connected with those occult associations.

As I asked God to forgive me, heavy invisible shackles suddenly dropped off my wrists!

I felt, and was, free, completely free – exactly as is jubilantly sung in Charles Wesley’s great hymn And Can It Be? 

WOW, from despair to jubilation within a split second!  What utter freedom!  Praise Him!

That hymn’s lyrics present the simple yet sublime salvation found in our Father’s good news about Jesus.

How aptly the third verse describes my personal situation and what had just happened – my wonderful liberation from invisible bondage to satan.:

1. And can it be that I should gain
An int’rest in the Saviour’s blood?
Died He for me, who caused His pain?
For me, who Him to death pursued?

Amazing love! how can it be
That Thou, my God shouldst die for me?

2. He left His Father’s throne above,
So free, so infinite His grace!
Emptied Himself of all but love,
And bled for Adam’s helpless race!

‘Tis mercy all, immense and free,
For, O my God, it found out me.

3. Long my imprisoned spirit lay
Fast bound in sin and nature’s night.
Thine eye diffused a quick’ning ray:
I woke the dungeon flamed with light!

My chains fell off, my heart was free,
I rose, went forth, and followed Thee.

4. No condemnation now I dread:
Jesus, and all in Him, is mine!
Alive in Him, my living Head,
And clothed in righteousness divine,

Bold I approach th’ eternal throne,
And claim the crown, through Christ my own.

If you’re unfamiliar with Charles Wesley brother of the renowned evangelical founder of Methodism, John Wesley, read here about his equally famous influence as author of many well-known hymns; eg. Love Divine, all love’s excelling, Hark the herald angels…

Listen to one of the greatest hymns as broadcast some years ago in Songs of Praise,   thanks to Fabio Ramsay.:

I will rejoice in the Lord, I will exult in the victorious God of my salvation! (Hab 3:1)

To read my testimony in full go to Jesus Freed Me!  There, you’ll find an overview of my background, two life-changing divine appointments and how the Lord began to instruct me…all to HIS glory. May you be mightily blessed upon following the links therein…

I remain, your brother in Christ


Bible’s Author shows me ex-New Agers’ testimonies

The Father has delivered and drawn us to Himself out of the control and dominion of darkness and has transferred us into the kingdom of the Son of His love, in Whom we have our redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins. [St Paul’s letter to the Colossians 1:13-14, Amplified Bible.]

[Continuing my personal testimony]

As well as checking out Christians’ claims of hearing God direct and getting astounding personal evidence for that, I wanted to know lots more not only about Him, but also and especially to follow-up on the personally revelatory scriptures about false teachers.

In my great wariness of religious folk I’d assumed none would be able to comprehend my story because they’d be ignorant about those things. Doubtless, none would have been through my kind of bad, meditative ‘trips’ – or so I thought! Continue reading

Checking up on falsehoods about Covid-19

Click image to read DOCS4 Open Letter in full

As mentioned mid-June when introducing Wanda Alger’s We’re Being Lied To! Are You Watching the Spirit or the Screen?, I don’t have time for checking conspiracy theories in any depth – some of which do make valid arguments. However, since seeking the Lord about the origin of Covid-19 (He replied: “It is man-made”), I’m aware of the increase in diabolical schemes to prevent what the Lord’s doing prior to His Return. (Wanda’s stark warning wisely points to the course church leaders should now be taking to enable the Bride of Christ prepare for ruling and reigning with Him.)

On 2nd April in Fulfilled Prophecy #10.10 Exposure of Lies and Corruption Includes China, Iran I covered prophet Tomi Arayomi on “The Biggest Lie You Never Heard”, in which he separated the facts from conjecture.

Therefore, and especially in view of what I heard by way of its 5th and most absolute validation from one of the top Chinese virologists at the top coronavirus lab in the world, and who was “deeply investigating in secret from the early beginning of this outbreak”, it is important to draw my readers’ attention to issues of great public concern.

In view of its gravity, I don’t hesitate to reiterate Dr Li-Meng Yan’s interview in which she confirms Covid-19 is NOT from nature but created in the lab to target humans, and intentionally spread globally to create damage.

Those who’ve been reading this blog since the EU Referendum may recall my strong recommendation to visit Jonathan Ely’s Why Leave The EU? (Facebook) where he maintains a journal of relevant news on Brexit.

Similarly, he’s assiduously logged news data on Spirit Body Soul (Facebook), and its  website has a highly informative reference page, all about Coronavirus.   

It is from the first that I noticed the above, opening DOCS4 item which reads as follows:

‘We, Belgian doctors and health professionals, wish to express our serious concern about the evolution of the situation in the recent months surrounding the outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. We call on politicians to be independently and critically informed in the decision-making process and in the compulsory implementation of corona-measures. We ask for an open debate, where all experts are represented without any form of censorship. After the initial panic surrounding covid-19, the objective facts now show a completely different picture – there is no medical justification for any emergency policy anymore.
The current crisis management has become totally disproportionate and causes more damage than it does any good.
We call for an end to all measures and ask for an immediate restoration of our normal democratic governance and legal structures and of all our civil liberties.’

As the Belgians, our erstwhile EU protagonists, are making a serious petition to their leaders then shouldn’t we Brits challenge government decision?

I could quote many other sources, but here’s Fraser Nelson on Anchorless Boris…:

‘So how to find a plan? This takes us to the biggest missing ingredient in the Covid debate: evidence. Most of those around Whitty are firm believers in lockdown. If it is so effective, it ought not to be hard to publish evidence proving this point. There have been no end of Covid experiments world over, so we should by now know far more about what works and what does not. But the reports that are being used by the Covid response team are still a closely guarded secret. I’m told, for example, that the Government is sitting on a study that will prove, beyond all reasonable doubt, that local lockdowns work.’

Centre-page today but you first read about it here in July! Top Chinese virologist blows whistle on Covid-19 (F/P #121.10.6)

Guess who’s photo was smiling at me upon opening today’s Daily Telegraph whilst I bit into a ham-and-cheese croissant? After the front-page cartoon, I next go to Readers’ Letters (alongside the centre-page editorial) but found a different-style centre-spread and was astonished to recognise, close by its footer, someone I’d again blogged about only on Thursday (as did Jonathan Ely here) – Chinese virologist Dr Li-Meng Yan:

Regular readers may recall my blog on her escape to the USA, as in the headline links within Fulfilled Prophecy #10.13 – more exposure of Covid-19 culpability published on 16 July.

In case Juliet Samuel’s text in the photo is not legible, here’s the section from her cynical article In these sobering times, don’t lecture us on booze:

Also, in case you may not be aware, here are related previous postings:

New Church launched this weekend for Hants-Surrey and beyond

You’ve read about this new church and its pastor many times on this blog (as herein) – now watch and join in…”


We are so excited to announce the official launch of the new Catch The Fire Farnborough Church! The launch event is happening THIS Saturday (September 19th) at 3:00pm (UK time) and we would love for you to join us at this online event using the links below. Duncan Smith, Co-President of Catch The Fire World, will be preaching and worship will be led by our own Worship Pastor, Jonny Bower. We are so excited for all that God is going to do, and we are asking as many people as possible to join us to hear the vision for this new church and to pray God’s blessing over the region. Please join us on Saturday and feel free to share this post with everyone you know!

Facebook Link (home)YouTube Link (videos)

Video will be recorded for viewing on both sites.

Exposure of lies continues with 5th validation of Covid-19 being man-made and “intentionally” released! (F/P #121.10-5 & #10.13 cont’d)

Discussions and prophecies of 6-months ago on the pandemic have been at the back of my mind for the past week or so. Maybe that prompted me after waking today to wonder if there’s been any news of Dr Li-Meng Yan’s revelations, as in my blog of mid-July on Fulfilled Prophecy #10.13 – more exposure of Covid-19 culpability, viz:

Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised (but perhaps shouldn’t be by now!) after arriving at my desk for this pre-weekend blogging day. On checking one of the pc’s browser tabs I noticed the third item in this news from USA:

Click on article’s headline to read in full and watch interview where Dr Yan stresses virus is NOT from nature but created to target humans – a bio-weapon!

On Tuesday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson specifically asked Dr. Li-Meng Yan,

‘whether she believed the Chinese Communist Party released the virus “on purpose.” “Yes, of course, it’s intentionally,” she responded on Tucker Carlson Tonight. Yan said more evidence would be released but pointed to her own high-ranking position at a World Health Organization reference lab as a reason to trust her allegation…

I work[ed] in the WHO reference lab, which is the top coronavirus lab in the world, in the University of Hong Kong. And the thing is, I get deeply into such investigation in secret from the early beginning of this outbreak. I had my intelligence because I also get my own unit network in China, involved [in] the hospital … also I work with the top corona[virus] virologist in the world,” she said…

“So, together with my experience, I can tell you this is created in the lab… and also, spread to the world to create damage..

‘Yan said she was one of the first scientists in the world to study the novel coronavirus, fled China and currently fears retaliation. She was allegedly asked by her supervisor at the University/WHO reference lab, Dr. Leo Poon, in 2019 to look into the odd cluster of SARS-like cases coming out of mainland China at the end of December 2019…’

This makes the 5th occasion I’ve seen news headlines validating the answer I believe the Lord gave me when, on retiring to bed on 23rd March, I wanted to know Covid-19’s origin and whether He’d sent this global pestilence. He answered upon my awaking; “It’s man-made!”

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Numbers are item’s sequence within catalogue of Prophecies – Fulfilled.

Latest example of prophecy of EU’s fall coming to pass (F/P #13.23)

It’s most encouraging and exciting to find I need to change my plans completely for the day online – it’s how the Lord may lead. My intention was to challenge a debate about a flaky prophecy on the pandemic, BUT as well as preparing an announcement on launch of a new church, my browser’s two news tabs brought details relating to two important, globally relevant prophetic words. 

This captured by Jonathan Ely spells it out clearly: click image for his site, here for Daily Express. (Belgian Guy Verhofstadt is the most outspoken anti-UK MEP)

Click to read the prophetic word brought by David Noakes on 17th November 2015.

Click for catalogue of fulfilled prophecies.

Jesus says, “Watch With Me” – Neil Mackereth (GPS #51.7)

The main message of prophetical ‘signals’ #51 received globally earlier this month is of the Lord Jesus keeping His focus on our heavenly Father’s purposes (Footnote refers). Then on Tuesday, 8th September, I learned what Neil Mackereth has been hearing from Him, as revealed in this email:

‘The Lord has been speaking to me about prayer, over the last few days: the difference between watching with Him and watching for Him! (See below)

‘We are blessed to be witnesses to the unfolding of Bible meaning. The Lord has made it clear to me that we should do our utmost to attune our soul, mind and spirit to see what is happening around us with HIS eyes and understanding. (Emphases RB)

‘There is a real danger that those who are not watching with Him will forsake Him and flee, when the going gets tough. The Holy Spirit imparts the power to watch with Jesus and I pray for a renewed infilling for all of us for that purpose.’ Continue reading

A humbling confirmation of my encounter with Jesus

Please carefully note this morning’s confirming comment from the antipodean ‘ends of the earth’ (New Zealand) to my Triple Validation of Jesus’ Night-time Visitation.:

I have only ever shared this with one person and though she was a religious person was not particularly interested.
I have actually seen the living Jesus with my own eyes.
I won’t go into detail but I’m telling you this because of the picture of Jesus in the clouds with face obscured that you have shared.
When Jesus comes back he will look modern and young. He was around 33 when he died.
People will be amazed by this attractive Jesus. There will be gnashing of teeth but they have missed their opportunity. Jesus is concerned about this. He does not want any to perish.
I hope anyone reading this will take it to heart.
Time is running out.
Praise the I AM.
Alex Alexander

The Bible’s Author opens it to answer my ‘newbie’ questions

Apostle Paul wrote to the church in Ephesus,For I always pray to the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, that He may grant you a spirit of wisdom and revelation [of insight into mysteries and secrets] in the [deep and intimate] knowledge of Him by having the eyes of your heart flooded with light, so that you can know and understand the hope to which He has called you, and how rich is His glorious inheritance in the saints (His set-apart ones), and [so that you can know and understand] what is the immeasurable and unlimited and surpassing greatness of His power in and for us who believe, as demonstrated in the working of His mighty strength, which He exerted in Christ when raising Him from the dead and seated Him at His [own] right hand in the heavenly [places], far above all rule and authority and power dominion and every name that is named [above every title that can be conferred], not only in this age and in this world, but also in the age and the world which are to come…. [Eph1:17-21, Amplified Bible – v17 is today’s Keep Praying & Bless decree: ‘I Am the Giver of All Revelation’. We decree that the blindness be removed from the eyes of all the peoples of this land so they may see Jesus Christ is Lord.]

Awesome as my ‘rescue’ was, the dream-visitation of 31 years ago yesterday did not make me want to rush off to church. Its effect and the ramifications upon my philosophy of life needed careful consideration. For example, I needed to check out widespread claims of the Bible having been compiled and modified by Church councils in the 4th Century after Christ, as well as learn about its history from authoritative sources. [Prof F.F. Bruce’s The Books and The Parchments (1991) was very helpful, especially about the ‘Muratorian Fragment’. Drawn up in late 2nd Century in the church at Rome, it lists practically all the canonical New Testament literature.]

So not only did I need to assess those personal implications, but also as possibly a new believer in Jesus Christ I wanted to find well-informed believers who take Him seriously. I soon did so, but then needed to put their claims of hearing direct from God to the test. After all, they believe we have a relationship with Him and so we have but to ask… Continue reading

Triple validation of Jesus’ night-time visitation

‘…but mercy (full of glad confidence) exults victoriously over judgement’ – James 2:13 (The Amplified Bible)

A little time was needed to gain a full understanding of that awesome visitation over 13-14th September ’89, when I got confronted by the absolute holiness of the Lord Jesus Christ in contrast to my personal sinful nature. No wonder I was intensely convicted and suddenly knew personal judgement definitely IS TRUE! So I fully expected to take my last breath there and then as an invisible trapdoor would open up in the floor and drop me down into Hell.

It was a few years until I heard that “mercy triumphs over judgement” – yes indeed it does and thank you for being so gracious to me my Lord. May it be similarly so for the multitudes who don’t yet know You.

That life-changing encounter used two personally intimate aspects of my life, unknown to any living soul, to grab my attention and thereby validate the experience as being real, not imaginaryEven more amazingly, both validations are directly related to the 1st and 2nd Advents!  Thus, they could not but enhance my interest in End-Times that had begun only a few years earlier when reading The Invisible Hand (as described herein).

Continue reading

Jesus ‘arrested’ me to stop me dropping into Hell…

Upon awaking 31 years ago tomorrow (14th September 1989), I was so happy to find I’m still alive after having had a close call with death in the night!

The previous evening in Pangbourne, Berkshire, I’d firmly shut the door to hearing any more about God’s Good News! But that night had been spent at my childhood home at 212 E___ Rd, Stockport, Cheshire, to undergo a life-changing event.

In a most unusual dream I went back in time and place. A dream so lucid that even three decades later it remains vividly etched within me. Here’s what had happened (copied from original, explanatory comments in italics).: Continue reading

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