Yet again press echoes visions on Brexit: table and chessboard

Had to take a shot of this morning’s The Times on the newstand after seeing opening words to its political Sketch by Oliver Letts:

Recall how Lesia Ebere describes yesterday morning’s vision about the Lord’s starting to cleanse and re-position the United Kingdom:

“During the early hours of the morning I was awakened by the Lord, and He gave me a vision of a large fist coming down from the sky and pounding on a table and when the fist made impact with the table; the table split in half and underneath the broken table I saw a large pile of gold dust which was being dispersed by a mighty wind across the nations.”

Letts begins by describing Theresa May’s exit from a cavernous, packed room 14 in the Palace of Westminister where the Conservative Party’s 1922 committee had heard her promise “to leave this job earlier than I intended in order to do what is right for our country and our party.”

He writes, ‘Having signalled her departure, Theresa May left the foetid committee room at 5:41pm. She was drummed out by a thrum of Tory MP’s hands on desks…’ (‘thrum’ to sound a monotonous hum, or play/tap an instrument in idle, relaxed manner – definitely not what would be expected for a Prime Minister! The complete opposite of resounding, exuberant applause!!)

Yes, ’tis a rather faint shadow of what Lesia saw but there’s a feeble echoing of motion and sound…which is all we can expect of from emasculated, elected representatives of Britain’s citizenry.

Recalling the recent reminder of the chessboard and the Lord’s hand removing a piece (queen?) and thus signalling His intention to remove a leader (Monday’s Newsmix #6), Nick Timothy opens his op-ed (emphases mine);

‘Like the leadership campaign that made her Prime Minister, Theresa May’s premiership has been truncated, suddenly but inevitably, by forces beyond her control.

‘She did not want to announce her departure from Downing Street in this way. She did not really want to say she was going at all. But her resignation, she only reluctantly judged, was the price worth paying to persuade Conservative MPs to back her EU Withdrawal Agreement.’

Time for everybody to realise that the Lord God lives, is in control and is shaking our reprobate, sinful nation – so take note of what He shares with His prophets!

6 thoughts on “Yet again press echoes visions on Brexit: table and chessboard

  1. Domine Deus, qui nationem nostrum creavis, libera nos a diabolo et servatoribus eius, et dona nobis pacem et gubernatores qui leges tuas populumque servabunt, per Christum Dominum nostrum, amen.

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  2. I think actually in the 1922 committee, the banging of desks does represent applause (as described in this article: Perhaps the operative word in the thing you quote is “thrumming”, which is presumably chosen as it sounds lukewarm.

    By the way, my ageing mobile phone has decided it doesn’t know how to log in to WordPress any more, so I can’t “like” your posts as conveniently as I used to – I am still reading and liking! Thank you as ever Richard.

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