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Hello, I’m Richard Barker and am married to Nina. We live in East Hampshire, England.

Welcome to my musings about what’s going on in the world and I trust this blog may help you gain some insights. Indeed, what on earth is going to happen next?  Be warned, you may find some of my ideas challenging, even outlandish!  This page gives a brief outline of the main trends in my writing. First, however, here are some pertinent points from my past – my old-self that’s now well and truly dead:


In 1970-80s my interest in English history was stimulated by the ‘enlightenment’ that’s evident in Elizabethan and Jacobean literature, in metaphysics and the birth of the scientific method, as well as in printing and its use of wordsearch-type ciphers and codes within literature. With working opposite the site of the original Globe theatre in Southwark I was a regular visitor to Guildhall Library across the Thames in the City.

I was intrigued to see my family name on the title-page of the first edition of the famous King James Authorised Bible  (1611- click image to enlarge).  It shows Robert Barker as printer, in continuity of his father Christopher’s patent as royal printer to Queen Elizabeth I.  Christopher Barker had printed the reformers’ Geneva Bible as well as Bishops’ Bible (about 70 editions in total).

This gave me a good grounding for researching the history of Reading, Berkshire, as an inter-church project for spiritual mapping purposes, and as in the appended papers

Moreover, it happened after my government office was relocated to the building adjoining the town library – my office overlooked the remaining window to the ancient Abbey’s bakery!

I was, therefore, inspired me to learn about the art of copywriting, editing and publishing followed by a course in type-setting and the new desktop publishing with Apple Macintosh and its ‘mouse’

A BBC Radio 3 interview arose out of my self-published booklet on the code hidden within Westminster Abbey’s monument to William Shakespeare. Additionally, I was well-informed on the western esoteric tradition, new-age spirituality and prophecies as well as material behind the supposed Da Vinci code. If you’re familiar with those fables about Jesus then you may like to read my post on Mary Magdalene for authentic data on her later life in the Marseilles area with her sister Martha.


As a part-time editor/publisher I was well placed in the mid-1980s for a friend who ran a mail-order book business giving me a new book on geopolitics, The Invisible Hand by Victor Dunstan published by his Megiddo Press (1984).

Invisible HandThis gift claimed the Bible held coded and plain-text details of prophecies relating to the British Mandate in Palestine, as well as giving historical details of the Mandate.

Whilst watching a documentary about the then current Iraq-Iran war I happened to casually flick through the book and noticed many references to the significance of Jerusalem.

So you can imagine my absolute amazement upon hearing the narrator on TV describing footage being shown of “Elite units from opposing forces are rehearsing an attack upon Jerusalem” – ie. despite being at war with one another they’d united to practise ‘liberating’ Jerusalem!!

So I looked and watched purported to be a video of such an attack – my jaw dropped!  Wouldn’t yours?

Definitely a book to be taken seriously; it grabbed and got my full attention!

Consequently, I became more alert to Middle-Eastern and globally related events, which suggest things may not be as they seem at first glance – or as reported in the media, and definitely not the BBC!  I was amazed to learn that many modern events are of Biblical significance.  Bemused, therefore, I began to watch as events unfolded – occasionally and slowly at first, but rapidly and accelerating after we entered the new Millennium, or ‘3rd Day’ since Christ.

Dunstan estimated all the prophecies would come to a climax in 1992 with Russia being the lead villain against Israel. However, he didn’t foresee the collapse of communism in 1989!  Yet that year proved pertinent because the ‘Middle East Peace Process’ had just got under way in October 1991 and led to the Oslo Accords of 1993.

Furthermore, Victor accurately foresaw the resurgence of Islam as a militant force:

‘We are about to witness a mighty and almost unbelievable upsurge in Islam. Though we see the first signs of an Islamic-revival (it) has a long way to to go but it’s going to go that ‘long way’ very quickly.’ [‘The Invisible Hand’, page 198.]

Consequently, his seminal book has received a number of mentions during the course of my blogging and which may be found under the Invisbl_Hand tag.


A few years later (September 1989), I was alarmed to be unexpectedly faced with my own immediate demise – but I was blessed, as though a real invisible hand saved me. The Living God made me an offer I simply couldn’t refuse. I gladly accepted His free gift of everlasting life, ie. Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection was for my personal benefit. Incredible!

I completely turned around through personal repentance and, as the Lord graciously dealt with me, I was forgiven and cleansed of my involvement in yoga and the occult.  Years later, I received training in and practised full gospel prayer ministry, as well as secular person-centred counselling.

[An overview of my background with links to the full account of the encounter may be read in my personal testimony “I’m FREE!”.]


As I got to grips with my new life in God, learned his ways and was introduced to his Best Instructions Before Leaving Earth – scales fell from my eyes!  Scriptures about what’s happening to the world became particularly clear.

At the turn of the Millennium, I discovered that John McTernan and William Koenig had been following prophetical developments since 1986 and the mid-1990’s respectively. In 1996 William published his work as Koenig’s International News (now and became an accredited White House correspondent in 2001, the year they co-authored Israel: The Blessing or the Curse. They’ve written other works and continue to monitor matters separately, as occasionally covered in this blog – see tags Koenig, McTernan.

In February 2009 I checked the parable of the wheat and tares but, upon opening my Bible, excitement exploded upon audibly hearing, “This is ALL about to be fulfilled!”  So I emailed church friends and a few leaders about this under the title The End-Game is Now in Play and began sending occasional updates on current events relevant to Biblical prophecies. 


Some unusual dreams in Autumn 2011 proved to be ‘game-changers’. The first plugged directly into what I learned about Bill Johnson having sensed on or about the same day that it would be recognised as a significant pivotal date for changes in Kingdom activity within the UK.  Thus, I emailed about the Acceleration in Kingdom Activity and it quickly became clear that news of developments needed to be circulated more widely, and that I was being directed towards blogging. [Update: the same action in my dream about the new mandate from heaven about Kingdom purposes was heard in Bob Mazerowski’s exceptional teaching on 15 July 2014 at Church of His Presence.]

By the time of going public in November 2011 my emails included some contemporary prophetic words. Increasing coverage on this generated a growing readership and the words were compiled into a Library. This resource now contains over 100 prophetic words that are often viewed by visitors [PS Nov-2020: over 200 examples of prophecies have come to pass or are moving towards fulfillment; two dozen later echoed in Press headlines and likewise for Brexit in 2016! See Prophecies – Fulfilled and sub-pages.]

Soon afterwards unexpectedly, I challenged politically motivated action against praying in public, as undertaken by Healing On The Streets. Consequently, another collection was created as a hub of healing testimonials, augmented by posts about healings at The Bay of The Holy Spirit Revival. Also in 2012, a trail of ‘God-incidences’ brought me to focus upon the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and prophecies about a ‘New Season’ all enhanced the blog’s content.


Within 5 years of writing there’d been significant developments proving the relevance of the Bible today on the establishment of new Middle-Eastern coalitions, as foreseen by Ezekiel. The term I first used for this was ‘Ezekiel 38 Alliance’, but the Biblical descriptor ‘Gog-Magog’ is now more appropriate. Events related to this are proceeding so rapidly there’s no time for me to keep up with them!  Readers who are particularly interested, however, can keep up to date with the sources quoted in most articles or by using links listed down the Home Page, which has expanded upon their introduction in Not on The 10 o’clock News.

My focus so far (2015) has been on prophecy and time, as may be evident in timings of inspiration and the immense vista beyond the ‘Open Door’ – can we see the invisible becoming tangible?

It’s fascinating that the blog’s originally proposed name Invisible Jigsaw is increasingly coming into play, and that the 500th post is coinciding with the start of an unusual back-to-back sequence of blood moons on the dates of the main Jewish Festivals.

By this blog’s 4th anniversary many were noticing increasing acceleration of Biblically significant events. Furthermore, another repetition of Iran’s end-time ambition resulted in The ‘Invisible Hand’ Re-appears, as reported on 2nd December 2015 .


You, dear reader, may be unaware of the exceptional relevance of a great chunk of the Old and New Testaments to today’s events.  Regrettably, many others are not only poorly uninformed but may also be quite biased against Christianity.  Therefore, I ask you to adopt an open mind as you mull over the themes and ideas expressed in this blog.

As not many people know of this, let’s seek expert advice next…(click to read more).

15 thoughts on “Bio Info

    • Many thanks Geoff. Tried leaving comment on your blog but unsure if it went through, so perhaps you may see this? Although I’ve focussed upon healing, am soon to return to my main focus starting with a list of prophetic visions for UK that I’ve been familar with since ’95.

      My latest post (Paws4thought) refers again to your ‘rider’ because I was most surprised that it was referred to in a dream. So it’s importance is underscored! The other visons that resonated with me are the ‘veil’ and the ‘tap’ – the ‘glory train’ had featured a few years ago at Folly’s End Church in Croydon.

      I’d also forwarded Ten Visions to a recently retired minister who was very blessed with them. She and her husband are launching a new national ministry and said the Lord’s talking to them on the lines of Emily’s ‘radical generation’ dream !!
      The Lord bless you lots more Geoff


  1. Since your family name was placed on the publishing of the King James bibles and you recently posted a prophetic experience detailing about hearing the Zadok Priest theme have you ever entertained the notion that you may have roots to the family of scribes responsible for the ‘word’ used today in existence.
    The reference ‘word’ I use in the framework and a context that the bibles are, have been and are intentinally sealed for a hidden purpose that God required.
    To get the foundation of this notion please refer to Daniel 12:4, Isaiah 29:11-15 and Revelation 5&7………. all aout sealed books and seals to be opened.
    Addionally to understand the special place that the Zadok priesthood has refer to Ezekiel and the patterns laid out for New Jerusalem.


  2. Richard, what a joy to find this page. Bless you.

    I had a vision a year ago concerning the church in the UK which I have been sitting with for a while, testing it in practice and referring to it personally for the purposes of my intercession and personal ministry, only sharing it with a few people as seemed apt.

    It seems time to share with particular people like you because I’d like to do things properly and make sure it has accountability through the church and weighing. Of course eventually through people who know me, but it could be quite weighty and offensive to some so I wanted to bring it to someone who at least accepts the nature of the prophetic, as seems a good place to start.

    Would you be willing for me to send it to you and we could speak about it?


    Benedict Atkins


  3. Hi Richard,
    Following your contribution on the WordPress forum about the recent problems, I have written to the CEO’s Office at TalkTalk asking them to look into the way TT blocks sites after an alert about inappropriate material. I’ll let you know when/if I receive a response! Best wishes, Martin.


    • Many thanks for keeping me posted Martin and trust you’ll receive a sensible and practicable solution to the issue. Look forward to developments. If it happens yet again we WP/TT users could blog about it and generate adverse publicity for our ISPs, as I did a year ago and on its repeat.

      Interested to learn about your ‘new’ career as I’d seriously considered the same after having edited and proof-read books whilst researching history of printing. I went on to attend a course on typesetting and desktop publishing. It was more practical and very useful in my gov’t post for introducing changes, but regrettably not recognised!


  4. Greetings in Him Richard! After your re-blogging my posts and the explosion of readers, and seeing your happy face in my emails announcing you had liked, or re-blogged etc, I feel like I almost know you, or certainly, want to. So I’m starting to read your bio. Before moving onto the second part, I want to respond to a small detail – where you say God forgave you for your past involvement in the occult.

    Like you, I searched for God in New Age teaching. My first experiences of Him were during that time, and in retrospect, I know that the Holy Spirit was reaching out to me with experiences of His glory and even a vision once whereby the head of Jesus was superimposed over the head of the “teacher” I was following at the time. What’s my point?

    My thought on reading that God forgave you for your pre-indwelled state that He had nothing to forgive you for. A father does not have to forgive a son for searching for him. Biblically, the returning prodigal son was rehearsing what religious words he should utter to his father to beg his forgiveness when the father runs to him, throws his arms around his neck. All was forgiven and all was restored. In this parable, the act of returning to the Father is sufficient for His amazing grace to be released. As for cleansing, yes, we all need that – perhaps on a daily basis.

    I’m not presuming to tell you something you didn’t know. Perhaps It was more a sharing the warmth God Himself felt when you found your way back to the one who knitted you so wonderfully in your mother’s womb. It reminded me of how tenderly He thought of me in my pre-cross days when I was litterally bashing my head against the concrete. He is such a loving God, and we all need to caress those stones of remembrance of all He has done in our lives and those of others.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for taking time to read and write Franco. Your comments are appreciated and provide a fuller picture. My reference (from notes at the time) comes from knowing that I was so easily and readily forgiven for I wanted to say I was sorry and turned around (as well as renounced what I’d been involved in).

      Yet we mustn’t forget that Jesus said we can prevent Father from forgiving us unless we first forgive others. That last point may be the operative distinction; ie the importance of all relationships. Also, the significance of Jesus forgiving his crucifixion team was an essential element leading into my baptism in the Holy Spirit – and to my wife’s being healed from permanent disability (as testified in


  5. In May of ’72 the Lord delivered me of demonic depression and filled me with His Spirit of Peace in a circumstance totally unexpected. All I remembered was hearing a friend speak His Name. I had never read the Bible/Scriptures so I understood little of what had truly happened. But I knew I was on the threshold of death, and suddenly I was free and had “Life”.
    Thank you for sharing.


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