In looking out for signs of Jesus Christ’s return, Richard’s Watch covers:

  • revival-related developments within churches
  • international and national events of Biblical significance
  • current prophetic words received by recognised ministries
  • Godly coincidences (‘God-incidents’) and His invisible jigsaw
  • scientific and spiritual aspects of the nature of time and cycles
  • a possible conjunction between scripture and scientific studies.

One of my aims as a non-denominational, Bible-believing Christian is to encourage all believers in Jesus to become well-informed on events and to stand against the encroaching anti-christ culture.

In that mix of material the essential, specific focus is upon the increasing number of signs indicative of the promised and, thus, prophesied return of Jesus Christ.

He will come again as The King of Kings to reign in power upon and across the earth – hence The Who, Why, When and What of Watching.

Although I’d been watching events for a couple of decades it all took off in 2008-2009 upon consulting my Bible about a divergence of opinion on Jesus’ parable of the wheat and tares. Immediately the metaphorical light bulb went off in my head and excitement exploded within as I heard, “This is ALL about to be fulfilled!”

Therefore, I emailed friends with whom I’d been discussing the outpouring in Lakeland, Florida (2008), and began updating them every few weeks on various Biblically-related events. (Copies of those three years’ correspondence precede the blog’s posts.) A few months later I was blessed to receive confirmation of this ‘calling’ from a well-known teacher on prophecy at Winchester Vineyard Church (see Why Write/blog?).

In view of the accelerating pace of fulfillment of Biblical prophecy it became increasingly important that a wider public audience be made aware of the significance of events. So, over the mid-2011 months I kept getting stronger nudges to start blogging and aimed to do so in time for Advent, in view of its personal life-changing significance.

I welcomed readers to Richard’s Watch on 21st November 2011 and shared the seminal effect of The Invisible Hand. The next post, A False Theology and False History, briefly updated an email on a current discussion over so-called Replacement Theology.

Visit ‘Bio’ Info for personal details and NEW Here? for an intro to this log’s themes.

Why am I sure about Bible prophecy? – see Not Many People Know This…. as well as Prophetic, Historic Days – Part 1.


No, I’m not of that alarmist brigade because, in my humble opinion:

Jesus is coming back for a bride who’s ‘made herself ready’, which I understand to be a church that has been restored to move fully in the ‘greater works’ – one that has arisen with the glory of the Lord appearing over her and piercing the ‘thick darkness covering the peoples (see Revelation 19.7, Acts 3.21, John 14.12 and Isaiah 60.1-2)  There are  clear indications that this preparation is already happening through many ministries.

Jesus said, “I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it (see Matthew 16.18). On how to pray to our Heavenly Father, he said we should ask, “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven…” (Matthew 6.10 NKJV).

The Lord’s Kingdom rule has yet to come in its fullness so, in my opinion, a reworking – even a significant sifting or pruning – may be necessary as the Lord finishes building his Church and believers make themselves ready for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

Whether or not you know him yet, may the Lord be with you, encourage you and open your mind to his words during your visits here.

I invite you to read a brief account of when Jesus broke into my life and, if your interest is aroused, to read the full story of this totally unexpected life-changing event.

Last but not least, let me welcome you personally with a note on my background and the unusual origin of my views.

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    • Thanks Mitch and have run off hardcopy from The Yoke to read later as am just checking emails rather than staying online. And this is 2nd reminder of CSL since listening to Ian Clayton at 5am!! (Might blog on that as it connects into post on Dale Mast’s personal word)


  2. Hi Richard
    Do you have more information on your theology and the scripture verses behind it…

    Here it implies that when Jesus returns he will be setting his kingdom up on this earth rather than a new one under the section ‘Is the end nigh’. I havent actually thought this through completely but do you have more scripture verses on this or a book that spells out your position here.

    This blog seems to be saying that we have to make ourselves ready before Jesus can return so that he can rule down here. Am I understanding your position correctly.

    ..also not sure what I beleive about replacement theology. I’ve not looked at both of the scriptural arguments but just gone on sound bites of different scriptures so keep changing my mind.

    ..what I do know is that the fact that the Jews have got their homeland back and have survived for a nation for 2000 years without a homeland when all the other ‘..ites’ and empires have gone is a miracle so God is up to something. 🙂 Dont know how that fits into scripture though…

    When you reply can you use my julie2stead@virginmedia.com account rather than the gmail account as I never look at it. thanks.

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    • Thank you Julie for your most welcome question and have emailed separately as requested saying will try to answer more fully during my full day online tomorrow.

      As an interim reply pls see this intro to Neil’s excellent book > https://richards-watch.org/2015/07/23/prophetic-historic-days-part-1-signs-and-personal-connections/ Also, perhaps you’ve already found this early blog of mine? > https://richards-watch.org/about/why-eschatology/


    • ‘SIGNS’ by Neil Mackereth is a very easy, reader-friendly, introduction to end-times theology, and I’m pleased you found Nelson Walters’ The Gospel In End-Times. I prefer his blog to video as I find it easier to mull over printed material than having to keep up with speech, which doesn’t allow thinking time. Personally I’m well-disposed towards his ‘pre-Wrath’ opinion on the Rapture – ‘replacement theology’ is demonstrably an incomplete grasp of not only scripture but also actual historical events.

      Most Messianic rabbi’s are very helpful too. Eg Jonathan Berni ‘A Rabbi Looks At The Last Days’ brings ‘Surprising Insights on Israel, the End-Times and Popular Misconceptions’.

      My study bible (New Spirit-Filled Life: Ed. Jack Hayford) has superb section on Book of Revelation as its notes provide points from two main prophecy views, the classical and dispensational. Its summary of the 8 (!) various eschatalogical views is helpful too.

      So my position has developed over the years and I prefer to take what scripture says as the plumb-line. Hence, my thinking that when Jesus returns with His saints from heaven and we’re caught up to be with them, then those who were alive need to be as spiritually advanced as them.

      Hence, my opinion (shared by many) is that Holy Spirit will be powerfully moving to help the Bride prepare ‘ourselves’ (Rev 19:7) for the time when Father (and us?) will ‘restore all things’ (Acts 3:21) – presumably including a new heaven and new earth? – just before Jesus returns.

      Hope this may help to some extent – and welcome to the most exciting, never-ending journey in our Lord Jesus Christ. There’s lots to learn AND we have the blessing of being able to learn direct from the Author of Life, not just our brethren.. So I too haven’t intellectually thought it through completely, but not concerned about the finer details and look to Holy Spirit’s tuition and leading on it all…


  3. Hi Richard, thanks I have book marked these for future reading. I’m just getting into Simon Nelson’s ‘Are we ready for Jesus’. Great to see someone give a literal interpretation of the wise and foolish virgins…. that is the first time I’ve heard that… good to know I’m not the only one who sees it like that.
    Not sure how I change my email address on your site. Since I used my gmail account to log on by clicking on the ‘W’ button its not letting me change it.
    I have separately asked to receive your email updates on my virginmedia account….

    I’ve added a log on using word press with my virginmedia account and julie2stead user name. Dont know how to delete the other log in….


    • Thank you and welcome as my newest subscriber and just in time for getting alerted to special, celebratory post. My Comments admin screen is showing your preferred email address rather than gmail. So all being well you should now be able to see an email notification of this reply.


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