US 2020 Election Updates

  1. Koenig’s Weekly Eye View – 8th November
  2. Monday’s Newsmix – 9th November
  3. Facebook Corrects Team Trump! (9 Nov)
  4. Newsmix: US Attorney General Now Involved (9 Nov)
  5. Prophetic Insights From Veronika West (9 Nov)
  6. Mon-Tues News Philadelphia Recount/ (10 Nov)
  7. Tues-Wed News Evidence of Voting Fraud Surfaces (11 Nov)
  8. Friday 13th Update On Investigations  (14 Nov)
  9. Dreams Prophecies Start Coming To Pass (17 Nov)
  10. Exposure of Fraud About To Explode (17 Nov)
  11. Facebook Blocks Info On Fraud (18 Nov)
  12. Media Panics On Rumours Of Big Win For Trump (18 Nov)
  13. George Soros Arrested In Philadelphia For Election Interference (24 Nov)
  14. Statistics Prove Ballot Stuffing (24 Nov)
  15. Judges Block PA Certification And Allow GA Appeal (26 Nov)
  16. CIA Cyber-crime Expert Says 100,000s Votes Flipped Trump To Biden (28 Nov)
  17. Off To Supreme Court, As Prophesied (28 Nov)
  18. More Headlines About Fraudulent Voting (28 Nov)
  19. Photo-proof of IIlegal Electoral Activity (30 Nov)
  20. BOOM National Guard Got Everything In Real Time Nowhere To Run (30 Nov)
  21. Treason In The Highest Places (30 Nov)
  22. The Fight To Save America Is On Says Giuliani (2 Dec)
  23. Watch Votes Switch Live On TV (3 Dec)
  24. Georgia’s Busted Give Up And Do The Audit (4 Dec)
  25. Federal Arizona Supreme Court’s Activity (8 Dec)
  26. TEN States Likely To File Against Fraud In SCOTUS (9 Dec)
  27. 100% Certainty It Was Rigged – Why Texas Has Taken The Lead (9 Dec)
  28. IT IS NOT OVER – Mario Murillo (16 Dec)
  29. Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Mass Mail-in Ballots Not Legal (16 Dec)
  30. Senate Hearing Today on Election Irregularities – live (16 Dec)
  31. Intelligence Director’s Deadline Extended But…(17 Dec)
  32. Newsmix: The Navarro Report & Constitutional Fight to SCOTUS (21 Dec)
  33. Franklin Graham: Trump Has Track Record Of Being Right (21 Dec)
  34. Electoral College Count to be Challenged in Congress/ (22 Dec)
  35. Trump Urges Americans to Stop The Theft of The Presidential Election (23 Dec)
  36. Christmas Week Summary/ (31 Dec)
  37. New Year’s Day State-of-Play (2 Jan)
  38. Q-more: Trump Team Astonishes Election Fraud Hearing and Hacks Dominion Vote Machine in Real-Time During Georgia Election Run-off (5 Jan)
  39. Q-more: CIA & US Navy Data Analyst Testifies: There was Fraud In Georgia’s Election, We Can Prove It (5 Jan)
  40. The Art Of The Steal – Volume 2 of The Navarro Report (6 Jan)

NB: read about what I then discovered:

Q-100: creation-completion of 100-piece jigsaw on US Election

US election’s NOT over – 1st DOMINO about to FALL in Arizona!

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