US Election’s NOT over: 6 – Mon-Tues news, Philadelphia recount!

Thank you Jane B for alerting me to this news around midnight UK time (click/tap first and last images to play videos):

Koenig’s site with last night’s headlines, first of which opens to video shown below:

PS. Thank you Phil V in New Zealand for attaching this to your comment on previous post, note reference to Breaking News, as copied below (click image to read in full):

‘BREAKING NEWS: likely as a consequence of the suits filed in Federal Court in Pennsylvania today by the Trump campaign, Real Clear Politics, the respected news and poll aggregation site, has WITHDRAWN its call for Pennsylvania in favour of Biden and placed it back into the Undecided category. This drops Biden below the 270 mark needed to claim victory. [EDIT] Since writing, CNN has withdrawn Arizona and Georgia from Biden into Undecided so now he has only 279 ECVs – they are keeping their call for Pennsylvania. The Trump campaign allege widespread voter fraud in six key states: Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona and Nevada and they are challenging the preliminary results in various courts and Trump himself is refusing to concede. It needs to be pointed out that network projections of a winner is not in any way an official result. These are certified by key officials in each state and usually not until some time in December.

3 thoughts on “US Election’s NOT over: 6 – Mon-Tues news, Philadelphia recount!

  1. Not sure if you’ve seen this

    From Trump legal team fresh this morning. Ties into the Glasgow word. Blessing and thanking God for each of you in your geographic locations as you raise the standard in heaven and act in your spheres. 🔥🎯🙌🏼

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