Who can interpret the times? — Wanda Alger

Thank and praise you Lord for giving my sister such an incisive answer to my concern on this matter…

“You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times.” (Matthew 16:3)

There are those gifted to decipher hidden symbols and profound truths from parables in the night, but how many can accurately interpret the headlines of the day? Where are those with an “excellent spirit”…



President Trump’s National Address on The Election: Full Video and Transcript…

Thank you to whomsoever at The Last Refuge (up in a tree-house!) CLICK TO READ > President Trump National Address on The Election: “The Most Important Speech I Ever Made” – Full Video and Transcript…

VITAL info for ALL CHRISTIANS on BOTH sides of the ‘Pond’ about lies believers and pastors are hearing AND telling about US election! — Mario Murillo (GPS #55.1)

As with politics, we Christians here in Britain tend to disdain American-style church and doctrines – we stay well away and are thus poorly informed. We need facts and removal of inaccuracies in everything. Therefore, I urge readers to consider very carefully Mario’s corrections of widespread falsehoods… (See comparison of policies vs. Bible)

It is truly stunning and disappointing how fast the American Church is rolling over and playing dead. It is impossible to imagine a worse time for them to both believe lies and tell lies. So, I beseech you—if at all possible—to take this somewhere quiet and read it all the way through without stopping. Here […]


Trump says election results going to SCOTUS – as prophesied!

Spotted this on my browser tab of this morning’s Koenig’s World Watch Daily:

Hitting that second link produces:

Clicking image to watch via Facebook

During this deeply divisive time across the ‘Pond’ with myriad correct and false reports (even on this blog, notably Update 13 – but what else was fitting for that number!), in an official speech made last night Donald Trump summarised the situation and its sworn testimonies of widespread irregularities and illegality in the election’s voting.

At 19 minutes into the statement, he says,

“Does that mean we take a president – and we’ve just elected a president – where the votes were fraudulent?  No!

“It means you have to turn over the election, and everybody knows without going much further – and they’ve seen the evidence but they don’t want to talk about it! – what a disaster this election was.  A total catastrophe!  But we’re  going to show it and, hopefully the courts – in particular, the Supreme Court Of The United States – will see it and respectfully, hopefully, they will do what’s right for our country…” (emphasis mine).

Click to read The Daily Signal’s transcript of preceding section of speech.

Prophecies of SCOTUS action:

Major Patriot: military personnel killed in action to obtain Dominion Server! — The Marshall Report

”American Patriots have now paid the ultimate price with their lives to deliver evidence of election fraud to President Trump and @SidneyPowell1!” While it was first told that the Dominion Servers in Frankfurt Germany were seized without the CIA being informed in advance and all was well. The facts behind the seisure were kept private […]

Major Patriot Military Personnel Killed In Action To Obtain Dominion Server! — THE MARSHALL REPORT

Read Lt Gen (Ret’d) Thomas McInerey’s report here.

US Election’s NOT over: 22 – The fight to save America is on, says Giuliani! — The Marshall Report

“We have gathered ample evidence of illegal voting in at least six states…We have many witnesses swearing under oath they saw crimes being committed…As far as we know, not a single one has been interviewed by the DOJ.” JUSTICE IS COMING! @CombatLVL#BeijingBiden “You want to be president of our country? You should check-in to the […]

Giuliani The Fight To Save America Is On! — THE MARSHALL REPORT

UPDATE 17:40 (GMT) .’The Justice Department is reiterating it has not concluded its investigation of possible election fraud and is vowing to pursue all specific and credible allegations of ballot fraud stemming from the presidential contest….’ .Newsmax: DoJ William Barr Fraud Ballots – But see Sidney Cordle’s comment (Christian People’s Alliance UK)

Trumpwatch 40: The Great Reset — JRB Publications

John Barber gives a very helpful summary of this very serious situation…

Donald J Trump has many flaws and has made wrong decisions. Notwithstanding, I hope and expect he will be POTUS 2021-2024 because he won the election for all to see and is our best hope to counter the Great Reset which, while people differ as to what this will be, many world leaders advocate for […]

Trumpwatch 40 – The Great Reset — JRB Publications

FB’s Zuckerberg fed $400,000,000 into 2020 elections and censored patriots! — The Marshall Report

Fact checker/censor specialists of Appen a third party contracter comes forward and blows the whistle on Facebook and Twitter election interference! Election fraud in 2020 is off the charts so much it would be unbelievable in a Hollywood Movie Production! It is off kilter, loaded with unbelievable facts and fired in our faces! Fake news, […]


Today: Dominian IT contract specialist, “I witnessed fraud all night long!” — The Marshall Report

VOTER FRAUD IN YOUR FACE AMERICA! The Michigan State Senate held a hearing on election oversight TODAY, TUESDAY DEC. 1, 2020 – The biggest bombshell was dropped by one IT specialist who was contracted to work for Dominion Voting Systems at the TCF Center in Detroit. “I witnessed fraud all night long,” Melissa Carone claimed. […]


US Election’s NOT over: 21 – treason in the highest places?

Click/tap image for link to WVW-TV presentation

[PS. Transcript now available here]

Here’s just three international, personal responses I’m aware of, plus explanation: Continue reading

‘Epic’ lawsuits, ‘Biblical’ upheaval and ‘Release of the Kraken’ (US cyber-warfare unit)

When lawyers acting against the fraudulent manipulation of the US presidential election announced their intentions to launch litigation, Sidney Powell promised it’s of Biblical proportions, likening it to “the release of the Kraken” (a gigantic monster of the sea in the film Clash of the Titans, as in Greek mythology).

With so much happening behind the scenes of mainstream media’s often false reporting and incomplete by default, it is hard to keep abreast with accurate, well-informed news and discussion.

As an aid for readers, therefore, I offer information on that election’s significant events and the hidden involvement of the ‘Kraken’.

I first read in the Telegraph months ago about an overarching military scheme for protecting and enhancing the cyber-security of ‘5 Eyes’, the mutual intelligence network of Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. It appears plans were put into place to use such an operational facility for monitoring IT  equipment and networks for counting votes in the US Election.

For an in-depth consideration of these historical events here’s a chronological selection of articles beginning 19th November from a Christian, conservative and patriotic stance by Dianne Marshall. Enjoy your weekend long-reads:

  1. Trump Legal Team Exposes Dominion Smartmatic Voter Fraud
  2. Sidney Powell Is Right: Dominion Shows You How To Commit Fraud/
  3. Lin Wood Vows Deep-State Swamp WILL Go To Jail
  4. Antifa-Dominion Voter Fraud – Treason Sponsored In-High Places
  5. Trump Prepared – Spec-Ops Now Report Direct To Secretary-of-Defense
  6. Trump Orders US.EU.COM To Seize SCYTL Servers In Germany
  7. Sidney Powell’s Kraken Is DoD Cyber-warfare Program: We ARE At War
  8. Justice And The Rule of Law vs. Treasonous ‘Reset’ Button Pushers
  9. Trump Strengthens The Guard – Left Screams Like A Plane Hit The Pentagon
  10. Trump Calls To Terminate Big Tech’s Liability Protection Clause 230
  11. The Purge Begins – Trump Removes Kissinger, Albright and more
  12. Trump’s Executive Order on Foreign Election Interference has Serious Penalties

Sidney Powell says ‘The Kraken’ is having Thanksgiving Dinner!

This attorney promised ‘epic’ exposures of ‘Biblical’ proportions, now here’s a ‘taster’…

The Kraken is cracking the case just like Sidney Powell said it would. The American team is pushing hard and fast, with little sleep if any, fighting the front lines of defense to save America from the sedition that has raised its’ wicked head and threatened our nation’s very survival! The tireless efforts of every […]

Sidney Says The Kraken Is Having Thanksgiving Dinner!