Europe recognised as modern ‘Babylon’ – guess by whom!

A couple of comments submitted this week offer informative insights into the scriptural and contemporary recognition of the European Union as being akin to ancient Babylon, in addition to the EU Parliament in Strasbourg being built like the Tower of Babel. That brought by a Muslim refugee seeking entry into Europe is exceptionally striking:

Graham of Plymouth commented as follows on this blog’s Contact page:

‘Hi all
‘I am new to Richards Watch and have found it very interesting; confirming many things I have felt; and helping me to pray more specifically. I wanted to share something I feel the Lord shared with me. ….

‘Just after the referendum in 2016 I was chatting to the Lord.
I asked him why the result was 51.8% to leave. Why wasn’t it 52%?!
As I pondered this question I looked up a few chapter 51 verse 8s and this is what Jeremiah 51.8 says…

8 But suddenly, Babylon will fall
and be destroyed.
I, the LORD, told the foreigners
who lived there,
“Weep for the city!
Get medicine for its wounds;
perhaps they will heal.”

‘This seems to confirm what many are saying; that the EU is a type of Babylon; that it is sick and corrupt through and through and will fall before long.

‘Verse 9 continues…

9 The foreigners answered,
“We have already tried
to treat Babylon’s wounds,
but they would not heal.
Come on, let’s all go home
to our own countries.
Nothing is left in Babylonia;
everything is destroyed.”

‘On Richards Watch I have read contributors who say the EU can’t be saved or reformed and this seems to confirm this. I also found it interesting how “foreigners” discuss the situation and decide to go home to their own countries!

‘Confirmation if we needed it that the EU is in a mess and it’s time to leave!’

Graham kindly agreed to copy this observation onto the recent post on the exposure of The Spiritual Nature of Brexit vs EU Battle, as well as to the reference page featuring the EU’s Tower of Babel shown at the start of Significant Spiritual Signs.

About that last entry, Margaret now comments at Triple Synchronisation of ‘Jigsaw Pieces’ as follows (emphases mine):

‘I read Graham from Plymouth comment on Significant Spiritual Signs re tower babel last night. The night before I had watched a recording of Simon Reeve’s Middle East tour where he was with refugees hiding near a border in Morocco waiting to try and get into Europe via Spain. One of these was talking to Simon saying, “We need to get to Babylon” – I think Simon asked if he meant Iraq, but he said no – Europe. “You call Europe, Babylon?” “Yes” the refugee casually said, as if Simon should have known that all along!’

On behalf of us all, I thank you Graham and Margaret for such helpful contributions.

Now, what do ordinary Muslims know that Eurocrats, ordinary Europeans, politicians as well as many churchgoers here don’t?  Could that remark explain why Muslims were the religious grouping most in favour (69:31) of Britain staying in the EU (source)?

Is that Muslim’s opinion not a severe indictment upon our spiritual ignorance!

Yet another press reference to EU’s ‘fox’ (ie. prophesied spirit of Herod)

Thank you to Simon Copley for sharing this morning the following press advert. My readers will recall Holy Spirit’s revelation to Veronika West upon seeing a fox slinking across Horse Guards’ Parade just before Trooping the Colour last June. The word was validated with days in Daily Mail’s press scoop and then its descriptor (‘fox’) used in a YouTube video title. As on her Facebook, “It’s a powerful reminder that the SPIRIT OF HEROD SHALL BE DRIVEN OUT!“:

Fulfilled Prophecy #10 cont’d – exposure of rotten politics

Nearly 3 years ago I mused and blogged, Is the Lord exposing rotten politics? and, sure enough, scandalous corruption of all sorts began to be exposed globally, of which the following blogs cover just a few:

The latest fulfilling of that prophetical musing is The Telegraph’s remarkable, exclusive scoop on the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s betrayal of Brexit (oh wotta surprise!):


American’s vision: Brexit must NOT be allowed to fail

Further to his dream last April of the need for Britain to regain its sovereignty, I draw your attention to this very specific dream from Tony Puccio in Tucson, Arizona:

My Dreams and Visions

This is what I read today in the news concerning Brexit. “Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement was voted down 432-202, the largest defeat for a prime minister in the history of the House of Commons” As I was reading this I saw a vision of grappling hooks being shot over from Europe to England to pull the country back into the E.U. . Britain must  be totally free from the E.U, or, I feel, that it will share in the judgement that is coming to Europe. Additionally I saw in this vision Theresa May standing at her podium looking out. As I saw her looking out I saw a very large snake  slithering up and down the rows of the House of Commons. I feel in my spirit that this snake is fear and deception and I do believe that this has to do with the rise of the antichrist and…

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22 biblically-related news headlines in one week!

Within days of New Year’s Day seven years ago I introduced this blog’s first readers to the Watcher in The White House, accredited Christian journalist William Koenig, in Points to Ponder: 2011-12 and Biblical Historical/Financial Cycles. It was the first of occasional sorties into the nature of Time and the Bible, now collated in this hub – Time: a Primer.

In last Friday’s Eye View from the White House Bill opens his weekly report with…

“22 significant new events that happened this week – This has been an amazing week of prophetic significance with continued final-day alignment activities” and briefly reports upon activities and then enumerates the events as follows:

“The following are news articles that are prophetically significant. Below the news is insight and information regarding Secretary Pompeo’s trip and more news.

  1. Turkey and the Kurds turn to Russia to solve problems sparked by U.S. exit from Syria – Washington Post
  2. Putin and Erdogan agree to hold talks soon, but exact date is not determined – Kremlin – Tass
  3. Erdogan calls for joint Turkish-Russian-Iranian control of US pullout from Syria in face of Moscow’s veto – Debka
  4. Bolton says U.S. Withdrawal from Syria is conditional: National security adviser says pullout depends on assurances Turkey will protect America’s Kurdish allies – Wall Street Journal
  5. Turkey’s Erdogan refuses Bolton meeting, slams Syria withdrawal shift – Axios
  6. Bolton warns Syria not to use chemical weapons – Wall Street Journal
  7. Trump prepared to ‘unleash fury’ on Syria, Pompeo says – Jerusalem Post
  8. Pompeo promises ‘every last Iranian boot’ will be expelled from Syria – Times of Israel
  9. Pompeo hopes to establish coalition consisting of GCC states, Egypt and Jordan Al Arabiya
  10. Iran’s supreme leader calls US officials ‘idiots,’ but hints sanctions hurting – Times of Israel
  11. Iran’s Zarif on Pompeo: U.S. brings chaos where it interferes – Reuters
  12. US to convene global summit on Iran February 13-14 – Times of Israel
  13. US Navy Update: 11 carrier strike groups and 9 amphibious ready groups; five groups deployed and 15 in US ports – Strafor Intelligence
  14. Pentagon pushes forward on Syria pullout: USS Kearsarge to back up troops at the vulnerable moment they are leaving Syria – Wall Street Journal
  15. USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) back in the Persian Gulf to continue ISIS fight; a show of force to nearby Iran – CBS News
  16. Amphibious assault ship USS Essex (LHD-2) is in the North Arabian Sea – USNI
  17. Netanyahu wants US recognition of Israel sovereignty over Golan Heights – Middle East Monitor
  18. In Arab world, belief prevails that Trump will recognize Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights – Ynet
  19. Jordanian FM to Pompeo: Israel must eventually withdraw from Golan – Times of Israel
  20. After U.S. prod, ex-envoy to China says Haifa Port deal must be reversed – Jerusalem Post
  21. Israel-China experts downplay impact of Haifa Port decision – Jerusalem Post
  22. Egypt’s El Sisi Builds Middle East’s Largest Church – CBN.”

Bill doesn’t refer to specific bible prophecies because most of his readership, like mine, is familiar with Old and New Testament prophecies. [Those covering current events in the Middle-East are Daniel 7-8 (the vision of four beasts, the goat and ram), Zecharia 12 (Jerusalem and its enemies) and Ezekiel 36-19 (Gog & Magog) in the main.]

Next, he outlines the points Secretary Pompeo made in his speech in Cairo, which was a sensible turnaround of the seriously flawed one addressed to the whole Muslim world by Obama in 2009. [My critiques of Obama’s Cairo Speech followed by Europe and Two Daniels (ie. the EU) were some of my early emails on end-times.]

Subsequently, Debka reports Sunni Arab leaders are very uneasy about America pulling out of their region in the face of Iranian aggression, but they have to learn to look after themselves – in my opinion they will draw more closely alongside Israel, an alignment that started months ago.  Also, it’s a necessary part of shaking off the shackles of the Obama pro-Iranian legacy.

For in-depth consideration of Trump’s new policy see Carolyn Glick:

Game-changing moment: Egyptian President Sisi makes history building largest church in the Mideast…


A most historically noteworthy event reported by Joel Rosenberg. Perhaps we’re heading towards fulfillment of Isaiah 19:23 on a highway being built from Egypt to Assyria and that both nations will form an alliance with Israel…

(Cairo, Egypt) — It’s impossible to overstate how historic this is: a pious Sunni Muslim Arab President builds the largest church in the Middle East and gives it as a Christmas present to the Christians of his country. Can you remember the last time this happened? Neither can I. Yet this is precisely what happened […]

via Game-changing moment: Egyptian President Sisi makes history building largest church in the Mideast. Our Evangelical Delegation was honored to be here for the opening. A few thoughts. — Joel C. Rosenberg’s Blog

‘Atheism is down as UK gets spiritual’

Noteworthy news, in view of not only the Smith Wigglesworth, Darnall and Alec prophecies and numerous later prophetic words/visions and prayer calls, but also the ‘tipping point’ foretold 6 months ago in ‘The Choice’.

Call The Nation To Prayer

Atheism is down as UK gets spiritual – says the headline of an article reporting on a recent survey, appearing in The Times newspaper on Friday 28th December 2018.

Atheism is down - Times article 281218Click here to open article as a PDF document

Pete Greig, founder and Team Leader of 24-7 Prayer, has just published the following remarks about this article on his Instagram account. (Click here to view on Instagram).

‘Just to be clear what we’re seeing here:
– British atheism —> declining (-2-3% p.a. for 3 yrs)
– British church attendance —> growing
– British people who pray —> growing. .
Are these signs of revival in the UK? Not yet. Atheists (and some regular church-goers) are ‘merely’ becoming nominal believers in ‘a greater spiritual power’, not necessarily in Jesus Christ; they are attending church occasionally, but not regularly; they are turning to prayer, but only sporadically.

So, is this everything we…

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PM Theresa May: the way ahead is blocked…the door is locked (GPS#25.3)

Further to the intriguing ‘chess-pieces’ vision Veronika West had on 12th December upon seeing the PM’s car arrival for her visiting German Chancellor Merkel, Mark Maddock emailed me on the 16th from somewhere in the Middle-East as follows:

‘I’m busy over here in…but still enjoying your regular collating of key words from Jesus into the UK scene.

‘During the amazing last week in politics (from Dec 10, 2018) two incidents caught my attention:

1. Theresa May was in Europe for one of her crucial meetings with a European leader.

Her car pulls up… the official goes to open her door. Nothing. The door is locked; frantic twiddling of various knobs and switches follows… nothing. She’s still hemmed in, unable to get out. After an agonising wait, with the cameras still rolling, the lock is released
and out she comes!

2. Back in Westminster a few days later:  She’s survived the vote of confidence. She’s still like a dog with a bone with her ‘best deal, only deal’ approach continuing. Her cavalcade swoops towards Downing Street but, oh dear, the same problem! Someone’s lost the key… they can’t open the gate for her. Rather than staying still, exposed and at risk, off they whoosh. But, sadly for her, the cameras are rolling there as well to record her embarrassment.

‘What is God saying? I sense the following:

“I’m blocking your way, Mrs May. No matter how hard you try to do the ‘right thing’, because you are dealing with people of an opposing spirit they will not give you the slackening that you need. I have locked the gates ahead of you; I have constrained you into a tight place where you have to lead this nation into a No Deal situation. You have tried your best.

“But because of the spirit over the people you are dealing with, your reasonableness will not be enough to change their hearts. They want to be in control of this process. I am in control and it is My plan that will succeed. The gates are barred ahead of you; I will block your efforts. I am calling this nation into a No Deal with Europe.

“When the way ahead is blocked you should do what your driver did…you drive off and find another way. You don’t sit and wait for a European to open the way for you. You make No Deal with the E.U. and you return to Me as a nation and make your deal with Me.

“Britain… return to me; find the joy of repentance… return to your God who you have rejected.  I will discipline you through the pain of No Deal but, as you return to Me, I will raise you up spiritually to finish the task I called you to millennia ago… and blessing will then flow socially, economically and in other ways.”

I asked Mark for the source of item 2 and he replied:

‘Good practice to always go back to sources for evidence. I’m fairly certain I saw it on Sky News 24 on their International Service. I’ve emailed Sky News if that clip is still available and, if not, if they can post a link on their website. I think it was when she returned from Europe after her unfruitful pleas to EU leaders for reassurances and concessions on December 14th.

‘It’s quite common for the news coverage to be filtered in the UK. When I was in Egypt some years ago I was amazed at how much interesting stuff was in the public domain which we just don’t get at home. The news editors and other senior staff are key people… and who is pulling their strings? Let’s pray for a revival amongst the media!’

NB (RB): the PM has since decided to ignore the EU’s intransigence and to steer the UK towards that other option for getting Britain out of the E.U.!

[Game of Chess by Zole4 is courtesy of]

A prophetical banner-headline for Prime Minister May?

Daily Telegraph’s front page headline, Monday 10th December 2018

The Telegraph’s editor presumes Mrs May prayed for divine help in church yesterday!

Well, Jesus did give instruction on how to pray to our heavenly Father, including to ask for ‘deliverance from the evil one’! – “and no (ie reverse) you-may-be-into-carrying us into trial but rescue-you us from the wicked-one…”  [Matthew 6:13, Literal Greek]

It’s an interesting headline in view of not only many words of prophecy but also a couple of contributions to this blog on The Lifeguard and on The ‘Rescue’. And a friend informs me of seeing a financial advisor’s proposal to investors for an ‘Exodus Strategy’!

As the 2016 Referendum vote was an Act of God, one that even challenges churches, we know that the reality of Britain’s leaving and be freed from the shackles of the EU is one gi-normous spiritual battle. Therefore, we know Mrs May’s ‘deliverance’ is not so much from politicians and leaders, whether here or abroad, as from ungodly spirits that use them for satanic strategies and purposes.

Moreover, many were praying for as well as making prophetic declarations over the PM, her government and all MPs yesterday, eg. Catch The Fire Bournemouth (see National Day of Prayer Fb reports), Call The Nation To Prayer etc; as well as daily declarations of Passion For The Nation’s 12-Days to Shape a Nation.

AND today is the 40th day since Chuck Pierce brought a powerful prophetic promise and decree especially for London, during this critical time in our national history:

“Angels are above you, aligning you around this city, to move in ways they’ve not moved…It’s been 13 years since I felt like this about this city – God’s eye is on this city right now. He’s watching you and He’s moving in the city.

“I’m here to announce to you; there will be an alignment of angelic hosts after the next 40 days that will help you…

“Lord, I decree: in the next 40 days there will be a rolling away (of the old season and its reproaches, thus removing whatever the enemy can use to manifest as you move). You are starting anew and afresh!”  [Read full transcript here.]

I recall the astonishing and alarming accuracy of the word he brought in 2005 (as here and here) at the time of Big Ben inexplicably and coincidentally stopping, and the gross outrage committed my maniacal muslims on the 40th day, all of which was followed by an extensive vision for Wendy Alec about Britain breaking free of the EU’s shackles.


‘Brexit Plan B’ leader doesn’t grasp democracy

To follow up on my closure to Truth of EU’s Trap Revealed, the former attorney general, ‘Dominic Grieve, led a successful plot by 25 Tory Remainers to give MPs the right to dictate a “plan B” to Mrs May if she loses the Brexit deal vote’, so writes political editor Gordon Raynor towards the close of content to this morning’s banner headline The day May lost control.

‘The Prime Minister saw 25 of her own MPs, including several former loyalists, join forces with Labour to pass a crucial amendment to her deal by 321 votes to 299, a majority of 22.’

Gordon provides details online in The end of hard Brexit; How rebel Tories won right to force ‘Plan B’, but I want to draw your attention to his quoting what the ‘fox’ thinks:

Mr Grieve suggested that MPs would now be able to force a second referendum.  He said: “Parliament has asserted its sovereignty to ensure that amendments – such as for a People’s Vote – can be made to any motion if or when the Government’s proposed deal for leaving the EU has been defeated.

“Parliament must now take back control and then give the final decision back to the public because, in the end, only the people can sort this out.” (Emphasis added)

We learned this person fulfilled within days Veronika West’s prophetic word on betrayal within government by his public exposure of being in cahoots with EU leaders.

Watchers of political events know that Grieve’s long been working to reverse the results of the 2016 EU referendum by holding a so-called peoples’ vote – which is exactly what that referendum was anyway!

But now he’s abdicating all democratically designed responsibility. He claims we, the people, can sort out the sheer, shambolic mess politicians of all shades and opinions – here in Britain and in Brussels, including himself – have made of the UK’s governing process!  And there’s many with him – it beggars belief! Let’s think about it, clearly.

Even so, perhaps it would be a good thing to get rid of incompetent politicians because ordinary folk – or better still, trained Spirit-led disciples of Christ (not clergy) – could do a much better job.

So it continues to fascinate me how next week’s voting on Mrs May’s Brexit ‘deal’ will turn out. With no pre-arrangement on either party’s part, this takes place on the final day of Chuck Pierce’s powerful word on crucial 40 days for London!  The 40-day prophecy he brought in 2005 proved to be explosive when London suffered a terrorist outrage – so perhaps this year’s prophecy will prove not only politically but also supernaturally explosive!!

Maybe this shaking we’ve been experiencing will ricochet deeply into all organisations comprising the European Union. After all, it’s just been rocked by Spain!

For a short briefing see What the Grieve Amendment means and how MPs voted on it.

Truth of EU’s trap revealed

After reading Neil Mackereth’s theme on ‘Divine Designs’ implicit behind a chain of totally unexpected events, ones that confounded “experts” and suggest the Lord’s hand was in them, this week has extended that list.:

The longer and more twisted became the EU’s negotiations over Brexit, the more has Brussels tyrannical heart become evident to all – that truth is being revealed and confirms what a Ukrainian pastor told David Hathaway, “The EU is a hundred times worse than communism”!

Hopefully, ALL Britons will drop our differences in ‘Brexiteers’ and ‘Remainers’ becoming united in loathing of the contemptuous, disgraceful way Great Britain has been treated over the past two years because of our desire to regain our sovereignty.

The EU’s true colours are now nailed to its mast!

When the British people wake up to see the fully tyrannical nature of the EU, then any fresh referendum should surely show a far greater percentage voting to ‘LEAVE’.

This week’s momentous, historic political events prior to Parliament’s voting upon PM May’s personal deal with Brussels are evidence of a great shaking, thereby proving Christian prognostications of such to be true prophecies.

Before covering today’s latest news, we should continue the ‘Divine Designs‘ listing by looking at just a few of this week’s events (courtesy Telegraph’s live newsfeed):

  1. Former chief whip will vote against PM for first time
  2. How PM suffered one of most bruising days in politics
  3. Theresa May reeling after three humiliating defeats
  4. Government found to be in contempt of Parliament
  5. Parliament seizes the reins of Brexit
  6. Day two of debate on PM’s deal underway in Commons
  7. Critics: Backstop would see UK stuck in ‘Brexit hamster wheel’
  8. DUP: No wonder Government tried to hide legal advice
  9. Northern Ireland would be ‘in the EU’s Customs Union’
  10. Government publishes Brexit legal advice in full
  11. UK will be trapped in backstop even if talks with EU fail.

Early this afternoon the paper’s Brexit and political correspondents write:

Britain will be trapped in the Brexit backstop even if talks with the European Union on a trade deal break down, according to explosive legal advice finally published by the Government…

‘The legal advice is likely to confirm the worst fears of opponents of Theresa May’s Brexit deal because it sets out in stark terms that the UK cannot unilaterally exit the backstop and it will apply “indefinitely”.

‘It states: “In conclusion, the current drafting of the protocol, including Article 19, does not provide for a mechanism that is likely to enable the UK lawfully to exit the UK-wide customs union without a subsequent agreement…

‘Nigel Dodds, the deputy leader of the DUP, described the legal advice as “devastating” and it was “no wonder” the Government had “tried to hide” it.

‘Sir Keir Starmer, the shadow Brexit secretary, said having reviewed the legal advice it was “obvious why this needed to be placed in the public domain”. He said: “All week we have heard from Government ministers that releasing this information could harm the national interest. Nothing of the sort. All this advice reveals is the central weaknesses in the Government’s deal.

“It is unthinkable that the Government tried to keep this information from Parliament – and indeed the public – before next week’s vote.”

AND, there’s another aspect of yesterday’s shenanigans in the House of Commons, one relating to the vision and word Veronika West brought about a treacherous fox! (Fulfilled Prophecy #30 refers) Click to continue reading in the next post >>

Prayer Declaration Alert re. Parliament

In view of Prime Minister Mrs May’s expected statement in the House of Commons at 10:30 this morning and the principled resignation of her Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab, who led negotiations with the EU since David Davis resigned in July, please join with Passion For The Nation’s following declaration over…


Thus, Solomon’s wisdom excelled the wisdom of all the men of the East and all the wisdom of Egypt…And men of all nations, from all the kings of the earth who had heard of his wisdom, came to hear the wisdom of Solomon” 1 Kings 4:30-34

We thank You for every Christian foundation within the United Kingdom, for every Godly model that has been released in the past, and we acknowledge Your call to live according to Your laws and demonstrate Your principles to the nations. We specifically thank You for Parliament, known as the Mother of Parliaments, built upon Your truths, acknowledging Your Sovereignty and standing for the God- given place and freedom of the individual.

We decree and declare, in the days ahead our Parliament will model and release not only a past structure but also the power, wisdom and heart of the Kingdom.

Now, in the Name of Jesus, we continue to praise You and to worship You. We speak Your peace to every minister, Cabinet minister and MP, to hear, to consider and to be strong. We decree and declare every decision made today concerning this nation will shape and align the United Kingdom for the fullness of its God-given future.

We declare over the relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union, that which You would separate will be separated, that which You would connect will be connected, and the boundaries and borders, spiritual, political and economic, will be established according to Heaven’s blueprint.