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2016 Reprise: Is the Lord exposing rotten politics? UK, USA – next EU??

[Published 26 May 2016]

A quick thought dropped into mind whilst out for a short walk this morning. I wanted to blog it upon return 5 hours ago but first needed to finish circulating an intercessory request to various groups – BUT then I got hit by inordinate difficulties using my email. There were conflicts between my email client and ISP’s server data and even resetting didn’t solve it; then it kept refusing to send because of ‘Too many addressees’!!  As my blogging day’s been halved maybe our enemy’s getting rattled? So here goes:

In re-posting a prophetic word on this month’s ‘Domino Effect’ I speculated that there may be more than one trail of ‘prophetical promises’ Patsy Southway saw, and where it has a counterpart elsewhere. To recap: Continue reading

7 years on, exposures gather momentum: 2 – US regime injustice and malfeasance

A number of news items/opinions relevant to prophecies published herein on America, especially on electoral repercussions of Veronika West’s Stadium Race vision of Biden cheating in the 2020 election, may be read on Richard’s Watch Prophecy Validations on Telegram (non-subscribers select pre-view option).  Here’s the latest:

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And on Richard’s Watch Telegram:

Here’s an interesting ‘Q-drop’ forecast relating to the Obama team’s skullduggery:

Professor Turley’s above announced article posted on The Hill brings well-informed insights from experience gained in presidential impeachments: Blinken’s Immaculate-Conception Defense: Why things are likely to get worse for the Secretary of State.

Here’s an extract (emphases mine)

‘We still need more details on the underlying facts, but, if true, the allegations could constitute both criminal and impeachable offenses. Blinken reportedly made these statements as part of the process leading to his confirmation. If he lied, it could constitute making a “materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or representation” to Congress under 18 US 1001.

If Blinken lied or committed perjury, it could also constitute an impeachable offense. One complicating issue is that this did not technically occur while in office but in pursuit of that office. Moreover, there may be other statements since becoming secretary of state.

Of course, during the Clinton impeachment, the question of whether perjury constitutes an impeachable offense was raised. When I testified at the impeachment hearing, I maintained that it clearly does meet the standard of a “high crime and misdemeanor.” In my view, it did not matter the subject matter….’

The fact is that cabinet and high-ranking officers have often been accused of false statements without facing impeachment or even prosecution. Ironically, the letter includes one notable example.

Former National Intelligence Director James Clapper during the Obama administration was accused of perjury before the Senate but was not sanctioned by the Democrat-controlled Senate or the Obama Justice Department.

He later signed the Hunter Biden letter. That history may be reassuring for Blinken….’

For Curiosity: Again it so happens last image input at 16:59 and published 17:00 hrs!

PS. from yesterday:

Antony Blinken and the ‘Made Men’ of the Biden Administration — Jonathan Turley

Below is my column in ”The Hill’ on the recent disclosure that the organizer of the infamous “Russian Disinformation” letter on the Hunter Biden laptop was prompted by then Biden campaign adviser Antony Blinken. He is, of course, now our Secretary of State and he follows a pattern of the “made men” of the Biden Administration .
Here is the column:

Secretary of State Antony Blinken would really, really prefer to talk about grain in Ukraine this week. But many people are less interested in what Blinken is doing as secretary of state than in what he did to become secretary of state.

This week, Blinken was implicated in a political cover-up  that could well have made the difference in the 2020 election. According to the sworn testimony of former acting CIA Director Michael Morrell, Blinken – then a high-ranking Biden campaign official – was “the impetus” of the false claim that the Hunter Biden laptop story was really Russian disinformation. Morrell then organized dozens of ex-national security officials to sign the letter claiming that the Hunter laptop story had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

Morrell further admitted that the Biden campaign “helped to strategize about the public release of the statement.”

Finally, he admitted that one of his goals was not just to warn about Russian influence but “to help then-Vice President Biden in the debate and to assist him in winning the election.”

Help it did. Biden claimed in a presidential debate that the laptop story was “garbage” and part of a “Russian plan.” Biden used the letter to say “nobody believes” that the laptop is real.

In reality, the letter was part of a political plan with the direct involvement of his campaign, but Biden never revealed their involvement […continue at… ] ANTONY BLINKEN AND THE ‘MADE MEN’ OF THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION — JONATHAN TURLEY

In assessing developments in the fulfillment of Veronika West’s dream vision of the rank dishonesty of Biden and the mainstream media in cheating and stealing the November 2020 election, it’s useful to consider the reputable view-point of this renowned professor of law who’s not a supporter of Donald Trump.

For ease of reference over the main points of the exposure I’ve extended the opening of Prof Turley’s paper, emphases are mine.

Exposure prophecies update: investigation of national leaders 2 – USA, EXPLOSIVE! (PPU #59)

EXPLOSIVE overnight news many have been expecting that should lead to Biden’s impeachment…(click image to read, or see below)

Marjorie Taylor Greene Drops Bomb on Biden Crime Family – Oversight Committee Has Evidence of Biden Family Connections to Human Trafficking of Prostitutes from US, Russia, Ukraine

Click for advert-free, full version >  Also, this explains the immensity of investigations >


Oh by the way…(says it all, given his public videos) !!!

Exposure prophecies update: investigation of national leaders 1 – Scotland (PPU #58)

Most of my UK readers may be well aware of Monday’s news and developments:

Prophecy Background – visit Richard’s Watch Prophecy Validations on Telegram for links to a small selection of the first postings on this prophecy of 2016.

The real American crisis according to Allen West — Clever Journeys

The Real American Crisis: Executive Power

“Those who would surrender essential liberty for temporary security, will, in the end deserve neither liberty nor security.” — Benjamin Franklin

“When I hear people — even elected officials — say that America is a democracy, I just cringe,” wrote LTC Allen West (Ret’d) Chairman, Republican Party of Texas, on Monday, February 1, 2021. “This is a real indicator as to why we need to have civics taught, not just in our schools, but to adults. America is a Constitutional Republic, its fundamentals being the rule of law and individual rights.”

“However, what we are witnessing, at warp speed, is a “fundamental transformation” of America into a constitutional monarchy. Now, you may ask what the difference is? Well, it comes back to our lesson in civics.”

[…continue reading at..]  The Real American Crisis According To Allen West — Clever Journeys

Albeit published two years ago, this piece remains poignantly pertinent in examining how the once United Sates of America has been broken apart into a Biden Banana Republic!  Hence, his regime fears the MAGA movement and plots the removal of its leader, whereas the politburo’s downfall is vital for the survival of the American nation!

Veronika West’s reminder of prophecies on Trump

Earlier today:

The Message
Received on September 11, 2021…;

I saw Trump with his hands tied behind his back, I heard The Spirit say, “In the prison of My Will, I have tied his hands, that I may change and transform his heart!”

On the 11th of September 2021, I was suddenly caught up in a powerful Vision, where I saw President Donald J. Trump standing on a high platform and a beautiful Red and Gold Throne was behind him.

A Gold Crown was sitting upon his head, but as looked at him, I saw that his hands were tied behind his back, and he seemed to struggling to get loose from the the cords that bound him.

****Prophetic Note: When seeing President Trump with his hands tied behind his back, unable to defend himself, or to be released to take certain action with regards to what was unfolding in the Nation, it was quickened to me in the Vision,..; where I saw the great Oak Tree standing in the Forest of Nations and I saw what looked like demonic beings running towards the great Oak Tree with axes in their hands…; SEE PROPHETIC WORD;

Their assignment was to cut the tree down,…and so they did, and even though the great Oak Tree was in itself one of the greatest, strongest, tallest and most majestic trees in the Forest of Nations,…the tree was powerless to stop the wielding axes of the demonic assignment.

But fear not! For God is unfolding a greater Plan in the midst of the demonic madness, a Plan of Resurrection Power. The life is in the roots. The Power of Covenant prevails —

…Now as I kept looking at him in the Vision, I could feel a deep frustration and aggravation rising in President Trump as he continued to try to free his hands from behind his back.

Then I saw a large table in front him, and his eyes seemed to be fixed on a pile of important governmental documents which urgently needed his attention.

But as I stayed watching, a deeper and deeper sense of desperation began to take hold of his heart and his mind, and I could feel his inner turmoil to be free and for his hands to be released.

Suddenly, I saw an Archangel of The LORD standing behind the Red and Gold Throne, and I saw that the Angel had been assigned to watch over President Trump, to ensure that his hands remained bound.

(This blew me away!) But as I began to press in deeper, asking for The Holy Spirit to give me a greater Understanding and Revelation of what I was seeing unfold in the Vision, I saw the hand of The Father touch the shoulder of President Trump.

As soon as His Hand touched him, a peace came upon President Trump and he immediately stopped struggling to be free from the cords that bound him.

Then I heard these Words, ”Watch! For I have disabled and demobilised in the natural realm that I may enable and mobilise in the supernatural realm. For I have firmly bound up, that My Fearless Warriors may be loosed to War and Win!

Watch, as My Angel Armies go forth to fight for you, to defend and protect you, and to demonstrate to you what it is to be made fully dependent and reliant upon Me.

Watch and see! For it will not be by the hand of man, nor by the power of the arm of the flesh that you shall be saved and delivered, but it shall be by The Power of My Spirit and the strength of My Might that you shall overcome and overthrow your enemies, for I AM the champion of those who cannot help themselves.

Watch! As My Glory goes forth to War for you, and as My Righteous Right Hand moves to annihilate your adversaries and drive out the devouring spirits in the midst of you. For your enemies, are my enemies!

Therefore, fear not! For this shall not be to your destruction or your demise, but for the purpose of demonstrating and revealing to a rebellious and stiff necked Nation that I AM the Great Redeemer, Restorer and Reformer of Nations.

Is it not I who will cause a Nation that is weak to become strong? A Nation that is poor to become rich? And a Nation that is lost to be found and made great again?

For surely I have made you to be an instrument of My Instruction, My Trumpet set at My Mouth for this moment in time — a kairos time — a time of great turmoil and trouble, a time of the birthing of many Nations.

Is it not My Breath — the Breath of My Spirit — that blows through My Chosen Instrument? For what noise can a Trumpet make without the breath from the mouth of one that blows it?

Behold! The sound of My Trumpet shall be heard as the winds of My Resurrection Power now blows forth across this land.”

As I heard those Words, suddenly I saw what looked like a great Curtain being lifted up before me in the Vision.


A Deut 19:15 witness to ‘coded play’ on Trump? (Plus news)


Further to Saturday’s post on April 1st News with ‘play on words’ of the ‘grand’ jury indictment that fails to adhere to ‘Innocent until proven guilty’ principle of English and American law based upon Magna Carta, you may recall my notion of a ‘coded’ allusion to Donald Trump having intentions other than the obvious regarding this ‘soviet-style trial’.

Well, last night I was surprised to find not only Tim Shey’s affirmative comment but also another’s remarks along similar lines on a Telegram channel, the name of which echoes Barry Wunsch’s vision of a future speech by Trump as in A Great Awakening Is Upon Us:

For Info:
  • I often cite The Gateway Pundit for pictorial headlines, but note interesting ‘coincidence’ in timing of indictment, Passover and Resurrection Sunday:

Upon the start of Donald Trump’s campaign for the presidency in 2016 and news of investigating his financial affairs, for which there was no negative outcome (see Definitive List of Media Mistakes in Trump Era, Sharyl Attkisson), I mused upon the Lord exposing rot and corruption in American, British and European politics. Hence, my keeping tabs upon these matters.

Therefore, I recently note Prof Jonathan Turley as stating:

The scene from the 1931 movie “Frankenstein” came to mind this week as Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg prepared an indictment of former President Donald Trump.

It is the ultimate gravedigger charge, where Bragg unearthed a case from 2016 and, through a series of novel steps, is seeking to bring it back to life.

Of course, like the good doctor, Bragg shows little concern over what he has created in his Frankenstein indictment.’

Thus, I recommend your reading It’s moving, its alive! Alvin Bragg prepares the ultimate Frankenstein indictment.

The Trump Indictment: Making History in the Worst Possible Way — Jonathan Turley

Below is my column in on the Trump indictment. There is a report of 34 counts against former President Donald Trump, which may be count stacking based on individual payments or documents.

We will have to wait to see. In the meantime, the prosecution came about in the most overtly political way from Bragg campaigning on charging Trump to a public pressure campaign to indict from his former lead prosecutor.…

The Trump Indictment: Making History in the Worst Possible Way — JONATHAN TURLEY

Has my equation of national breakdown got a time-stamp?

On 7.7.21 in US election’s NOT over – the numbers don’t add up! I posit:


Ruminating upon the current course of the dis-United States of America, devoid of the Lord’s direct intervention, I figure it can be expressed as an ‘equation’, viz:

4 year’s attempted ‘soft coup’ + sedition + rigged elections + cyber-censorship + crooked law enforcement + unjust judges = civil war OR martial law

AND we could add the murder of many citizens by untested poisonous vaccines and more. So maybe the time’s arrived to ensure civil war doesn’t break out and the only way that can happen is either by direct Hand of God – or imposition of martial law by means of the ongoing arrangements for Continuity of Government, also known as Devolution (no longer a game-theory).

SO please note:

Brief Sit Rep: 2 – Shaking of USA and Israel

Current upheavals and shaking in governments and peoples of two nations special to the Almighty in His plans and purposes for humanity comes as no surprise.

Doubtless, they’re part of satan’s strategies BUT the Lord sits on His Throne and is in complete control and directing events for His purposes, as forewarned in Hebrews 12:26-27 and by contemporary prophets.

Thus, on 21st January 2021 I ask:

‘Two President’ prophecy coming to pass. Can dis-United States of America be trustworthy ally and keep its place as global leader?

Trump and Biden being not only politically but also spiritually diametrically opposed, it was obvious that America’s relations with Israel would nose-dive during this Obama-III regime – eg. chronological sequence of headlines in Koenig’s World Watch Daily:

This isn’t first time the two have come to serious differences for Biden is opposed in principle to the State of Israel. So, it appears others may have taken him in hand.

As I understand, basically the issue lies in Israel’s extreme-left judiciary taking a leaf out of that of USA and its justice departments imposing its unbalanced will upon not only the legislative branch of tripartite governance of democracy but also upon executive – as well as citizens. On Richard’s Watch Telegram I cite Prime MInister Netanyahu’s telling Piers Morgan how our democracies are supposed to work:

PS (16:55) America’s and Dollar’s lost ground:

PPU #51 – Exposures of Biden family’s financial ties to China set to EXPLODE!

It’s been brewing for a while but documentary proof that China pulls the puppet strings to ‘China Joe’ and the Biden family’s purse is about to EMERGE:

The Gateway Pundit home-page.

To my understanding that equates to treason. ALSO, note investigation into the deeply biased House committee on the protest at the US Capitol on 6th January 2021:

And this item clearly hints at the process of Devolution, also known as Continuity of Government, is under way:

MORE at Richard’s Watch Telegram


PPU #49 – 7 years-old Exposure Prophecy fulfilled as UK & US political leaders’ lies in full glare of publicity!

When reading a couple of news items on opposite sides of the ‘Pond’ in May 2016 and thereby musing upon the Lord exposing evil politics in the UK and USA, as a result of a word Britain’s Patsy Southway received on the start of a ‘Domino Effect’, I certainly did NOT anticipate blogging on hundreds of such examples!

It just so happens my writing on Exposures has now gone full circle with my post on Capt Seth Keshel’s update on election fraud being 360th item, I now cover the emerging truth of British and American governments’ acts of totalitarian injustice. And as 49th example of the later raised Prophecy Progress Updates,  it is mathematically 7 times 7 (LOL – is that seven each side of the ‘pond’!)

Previously promoted as exemplars of free societies, I deeply regret that UK and USA have become totalitarian entities and this truth is now in the full glare of publicity for the whole world to witness.

Here, therefore, is the latest on this ‘deep-state’ political evil (fewer UK items as they’re ‘exclusive’ investigations):


And investigative journalist Brain Cates’ notes from across the ‘pond’…

2. US NEWS (HUGE tranche, and you may recall my coverage of Capitol Jan 6th 2021 rally-march in Washington DC – NB. first item’s date re. Exposures Prophecy) Continue reading

PPU #48 – Fact-check on Trump prophecies 2 – CPAC/CoG state-of-play

‘…For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known…’ (1Cor 13:12 NKJV)

This posting of 24 November examines how Devolution Theory is playing out under President Donald Trump’s Continuity Of Government by means of US military laws, as postulated in Derek Johnson’s fact-filled paper Military Occupancy 2016.

His thesis presents a valuable insight into how prophecies on Donald Trump’s two-term presidency, previously presumed false, are being fulfilled in a novel manner, especially that brought by the late Kim Clement in April 2008 of USA having TWO presidents.

We continue examining that fulfillment with extracts from Derek Johnson’s Rattle Trap 1776 Telegram on Trump’s address to the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland on Saturday, and his linking it with the possibility of Continuity Of Government (emphases mine):

Click image for link to watch

(On Facebook at 1776 Nation and Derek Johnson Telegram)

‘Shoutouts to Attorney Generals (those who’ve applied and upheld the Laws)..

“The greatest in our history, most important battle in our lives is taking place right now. (A lot of war terms spoken in this speech; most important battle)

For 7 years you and I have been engaged in an epic struggle to rescue our country from people who hate it… (7 years minus 2023 = 2016; his Presidency didn’t start until Jan 20, 2017, or did it? 7 years is giving a nod to the Law of War Manual updated issue December 2016, the Military Justice Act 2016, the Federal Continuity Directives 1 and 2 both dated January and June 2017… and everything I’ve got in documents from that date to present via Laws and Orders…)

“We’re going to finish what we started… (Finish; nothing he has ever said hasn’t come to fruition) – RB: Revd Franklin Graham: “Trump has a track record of being right!”

“We’re going to complete the mission… (As I say all the time; Laws are revised or revoked; Orders are rescinded or mission accomplished; EVERYTHING he’s ever said has happened)…

Never seen anything like this. (Never; this = Multi-level Operation & COG at same time)…<

“In 2016, we took away the power of this correct political class and we did more in 4 years than the History of our Country… (Took = Action = Completed = Done = You’re watching an Operation and COG; many of us can see the action’s because we know the Laws and Orders; the rest are having to wake up other ways)

Only President in Modern History who did not have any new wars… I finished some old ones… I finished some old ones (Old ones = plural; Finished = Completed Mission; proving Afghanistan pullout was staged and all Optics to fall on “Biden” = how are you going to wake up if you don’t READ Laws and Orders? Americans love = DRAMA; those who won’t read and apply did it, blame them, not me)…

Remember 2016, Democrats and Republican opponents said… “he will lead us to WW3 with his personality”… (NEVER happened and still… people hate this man…

“Very old Law and we found it… one of my legal people… “Sir I don’t know if you want to bring this back, “I do!” (We have a LOT of Laws on paper that have not been applied or upheld)

There’s only one President in History who’s ever taken on the whole corrupt establishment and Washington… (Corrupt Establishment AND Washington)..

“I only came here 17 times… (Here = Washington DC; 17 = 17 Military Related Agencies of the 21 with the Quantum Initiative / [RB: 17th letter alphabet = ‘Q’]

I now know the good ones, the bad ones, the weak ones, the strong ones, I know em all… (He knows ALL people of DC)….

Our enemies are lunatics and maniacs, they cannot stand that they do not own me, I do not need them, I don’t need anything about them, I don’t need their money, they cannot steer me, they cannot shake me and they will never ever control me and they will never ever therefore control you… (Can’t be bought; NONE of us can; those who accuse us are reflecting the very thing they do)

I alone will never retreat… we have to charge, we have to charge full speed ahead… (Retreat and Charge are Revolutionary War terms)


“They tried to stop Trump at the ballot box in 2016, how did that work for them, not too good… (Executive Order 13848 was signed before ANY Election under him; 2018, 2020, 2022 are Operation Elections with Military Intelligence running Elections and seeing what Governors and Attorney Generals apply and uphold Laws and Orders)

We did much better in 2020 than 2016… (“We have it all. We’ve caught them all.” – DJT in 2020… They know. They = Military Intelligence and JAG).

But we have no choice, if we don’t do this, our country will be lost forever… “(No choice.  This = Martial Law based on Laws and Orders plus many other key speeches)

READ IN FULL Rattle Trap 1776 Telegram published March 6.

PS: 8 March


Prophecy Progress Update 45 – lockdown lies of UK Gov’t now exposed


Whoever would have thought it…what did I blog many moons ago?

Exposures gaining momentum..lots more coming through the Lord’s shaking nations. as foretold in Hebrews 12: 27 (NKJV):

‘See to it that you do not refuse him who speaks. If they did not escape when they refused him who warned them on earth, how much less will we, if we turn away from him who warns us from heaven? 26 At that time his voice shook the earth, but now he has promised, “Once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens.” 27 The words “once more” indicate the removing of what can be shaken—that is, created things—so that what cannot be shaken may remain.

28 Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, 29 for our God is a consuming fire.’

Covid Lab-Leak is a Scandal of Media and Government Censorship — Jonathan Turley

Below is my column in the New York Post on the Wall Street Journal revealing that the Department of Energy has concluded that Covid-19 likely originated from a Chinese lab. According to the report, American intelligence has found evidence to support the long-dismissed “lab theory.” This has led to another media “my bad” moment where news outlets are shrugging that the theory may not be a conspiracy or racist theory after all. As usual, there is little attention to the experts who were shredded for raising the theory or the reporters who insisted that this was a debunked conspiracy theory.
The Covid Lab Leak is a Scandal of Media and Government Censorship — JONATHAN TURLEY

A damning indictment of US media and government complicity in controlling news.

Passion For The Nation: Declarations for shaping Britain – 2. The Church

This is the year to see the promises of God begin to manifest, the year to see recovery and restoration. For me, I know God has been speaking about change for some time – so this will be the last “Shaping the Nation’ series for the United Kingdom in the foreseeable future. So read, declare (pray) and enjoy!

I will let you know more in a few weeksBlessings Suzanne


History is made by the people of God, and as we move into this new season, we declare God’s people will walk in divine dominion, ruling over their emotions, thoughts and words. We declare  in every circumstance – they will flourish, under every pressure – they will be courageous, and in every victory – they will honour God.

In the Name of Jesus, in this Kingdom season, God is birthing a people who will move, not by might not by power but by His Spirit – irrespective of age, irrespective of colour, irrespective of ethnicity.  We declare as they reconnect with the covenantal call and promise given to Abraham ‘all the people’s of the earth will be blessed through them,’ and we thank Him for the Kingdom call upon this nation – to preach the gospel in the nations and to influence nations for righteousness and justice. 

We thank You Lord, that as nations shake, You are preparing a people, positioned and equipped to ‘rebuild the ancient ruins and raise up the age-old foundations.’ Isaiah 58:12

We declare, the gospel of Jesus will be spoken with clarity, relevance and the demonstration of the power of the Kingdom of God, that in this movement of God’s Spirit, many will turn to Jesus, experiencing the power of His transforming love and releasing God-given purpose.

We agree as the five-fold ministry comes into place, these men and women will be skilled and equipped in the natural, fired by a passionate love for Jesus, filled with His wisdom – that they will rise as leaders within this nation and the nations.

We decree and declare –as men and women encounter Jesus, new movements will be birthed, movements of righteousness, movements of justice and movements of mercy.

We declare God gives wisdom to those who ask, and we thank Him that as His people come before His throne, we will have eyes to see destiny and understanding of how to move forward, building again with others. 

We declare, in this Kingdom season, across the nations, there will be a harvest of righteousness alongside a harvest of souls.

Suzanne Ferrett

RB News Note:

I’m very pleased to read that Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby reports telling MPs  who threatened him to introduce supposedly ‘equal marriage; in England:

“Obedience to God comes ahead of loyalty to county. That was not popular when I said it, last Monday night, to some Members of Parliament.” (The Telegraph front page 13th February)

Lord, may Your Holy Spirit’s conviction bring The Fear of God into all who are opposed to Your Word and Ways, just like You deeply disturbed me in revealing my post-mortem future in Hell.

Passion For The Nation: Declarations for shaping Britain – 1

To ‘kick-start’ today Suzanne Ferrett at Passion For The Nation emails the second of two Declarations for the United Kingdom at 6am, following the first on 6th February, viz:


Many of God’s people have been fasting and praying for the first few weeks of 2023, Some, fasting for their own breakthroughs, others for the situations facing the nation. From time to time it’s important to remember the big picture, to remember the original purpose of these decrees and declarations –  to see God’s Kingdom call on the United Kingdom rise above any other purpose or agenda and to position the United Kingdom for God’s blessing in the years ahead.

Is that about revival – YES. Is it about raising a generation of Godly leaders who will take their places in the seats of influence in this land – YES. Is it about righteousness and justice? Is it about the miraculous? YES and YES and so much more. Therefore, we are going to begin a new series on “Shaping a Nation’. Wherever you live, these declarations are relevant, for the United Kingdom and for your own land.

Please pray for all those areas affected by the earthquake in Turkey and in Syria, that God’s mercy and wisdom will direct all rescue work, and many lives saved. Pray for aid to reach hospitals and those who have lost homes. That God will comfort those who have lost so much, and in the midst of tragedy, many will be saved.

Be blessed…Suzanne  


‘ His destiny-plan for the earth stands sure. His forever-plan remains in place and will never fail. Blessed and prosperous is that nation who has God as their Lord…’  Psalm 33: 11,12 TPT

We declare in this day, the sound of prayer will be heard across this nation, increasing and rising as a fresh anointing and a fresh mantle for prayer falls upon the United Kingdom – that even as history has so often been shaped by His intercessors, the future will again be shaped by the children of God. We thank Him for the well of prayer, birthed and established through Rees Howells and we thank Him for the battles that were turned as the people of this nation prayed. We thank Him for every intervention of revival and of reformation through the centuries, birthed through the people of God.

We declare a convergence of every long-standing revelation of the power of confession, of thanksgiving, of request and of supplication with the new revelations given by the Spirit for this season – that the power of prayer will be exercised and increased with kingly authority,  spearheading a move of God’s Spirit which will transform individuals, spheres and regions. We agree God’s people in this land will arise, going through the gates; preparing the way, removing the stones, lifting a banner for the people. (Isaiah 62)

Even as Hebrews 11:3 says;  “Faith empowers us to see that the universe was created and beautifully coordinated by the power of God’s words! He spoke and the invisible realm gave birth to all that is seen”.  We declare in this day, God’s people will not pray from the visible alone, or from the place of human understanding, but from the revelation given from heaven.

We declare a new governmental authority has been released upon the Ecclesia. We decree that as the people of God, walking in agreement in heart, vision and purpose under the Lordship of Jesus, they will be ‘as one’ (John 17) and empowered to steward every new thing that God is bringing forth.  We declare these are the days of God’s Kingdom government, order and administration being established in every region and sphere of the nations of the British Isles. (First Posted 02/22)

Suzanne Ferrett

RB: Jesus prays for all believers (John 17:20-26, NKJV)

“I do not pray for these alone, but also for those who will believe in Me through their word;  that they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You; that they also may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me. And the glory which You gave Me I have given them, that they may be one just as We are one:  I in them, and You in Me; that they may be made perfect in one, and that the world may know that You have sent Me, and have loved them as You have loved Me.

24 “Father, I desire that they also whom You gave Me may be with Me where I am, that they may behold My glory which You have given Me; for You loved Me before the foundation of the world.  O righteous Father! The world has not known You, but I have known You; and these have known that You sent Me.  And I have declared to them Your name, and will declare it, that the love with which You loved Me may be in them, and I in them.”

Wanda Alger: review/debriefing on 2022 and the past 10 years


‘I took some time away to go through my dream journal to understand the reasons for my own stance and conviction. What I found was a reminder of what God has been speaking to me for over ten years, and how He has been consistently preparing the Church for this very season of intense warfare. By reviewing these dreams for yourself, I believe you will see a clear picture emerge of the messages God has been sending and their relevance for where we are now. ‘

Continue reading by clicking the above image (overwrites your current screen)

Pundit mirrors prophecies of USA as theatrical production or movie

My fellow watchers, let’s chill-out and watch what’s playing:

PROPHETS’ INSIGHTS: (click image headings for link to read posts)

Two received by Veronika West, Ignite Ireland Ministries, were published January 1st and 6th 2021:

2021: Lights — Camera — Action!

The Curtain Is Being Lifted!

And from an intercessor in Plymouth:

The Curtain is Coming Down – Ben Kay

This dream of an American ministry friend was related by Wanda Alger in April 2022:

Dream about President Trump being revealed…

On the dream about the revealing of President Trump

This morning I received an unusual and unsubscribed email from independent sources by an author not previously known to me but his analysis of how President Trump is acting as the master chess-player mirrors prophecies about his continuing immense influence upon US politics:

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