Weekend TMR Update 3: “OOPS” The Biden Show is in Take 5! Lights, camera, action, roll’em!

Election Thieves patting themselves on the back for now stealing $1.9 trillion “American Rescue Plan”, brought to you from the… green room? The staged setting? The Liars den? The fake news site? President Biden promised oversight of the implementation of the legislation to prevent fraud… brought to you from inside the fake south lawn or whatever it’s called.  This entire administration is fraud. Are we supposed to believe this stuff? Who is still buying into this?  […]  “OOPS” THE BIDEN SHOW IS IN TAKE 5! LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION, ROLL’EM! — THE MARSHALL REPORT

IN CASE YOU MISSED extra sourced material of yesterday to previous Update:

Watch brief video at https://rumble.com/venfbj-richard-citizen-journalist-exposes-fake-live-event-at-the-white-house.html?mref=2oodx&mc=8wf7a

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