Triple prophetic word from Switzerland for Gt Britain

I’m grateful to Lynne Hodder at Father’s House of Prayer for this copy document wherein she’s highlighted the part which reminded her of the ‘No Ebb’ prophecy carried by Arthur Burt. For ease of reference, I’ve emphasised the three visionary words and particularly pertinent parts received by Ueli Sureck.

Geoffrey Pick of UK Prophetic Words introduces the words as follows.:

When discovering prophecy that came more than 12 years ahead of BREXIT … It appears remarkably accurate in predicting what no one really believed would occur. In the elections that followed in 2005 UKIP had only a 2-3% of the vote. The prophecy comes from a source outside the nation – from Switzerland…

December 27, 2004

Ueli Surbeck – Switzerland

(From site – no longer in existence)

‘The Lord showed me Great Britain and he gave me 3 words, which I want to describe as best as I can… I will try to show the difference between the revelation and the interpretation he gave, because my interpretation will maybe not be the most important point like it usually is with prophetic revelations.

‘The first point the Holy Spirit showed me was Genesis 49. The scripture where Jacob was asking his sons to come to his deathbed so that he would bless them. I knew in my spirit, that Jacob represented Britain and the children represented all the colonies Britain ever had in its history. I saw suddenly Britain’s history as very similar to Jacobs’s life. The very early call given to Britain in the early centuries, and then how suddenly Jacob (Britain) was ‘running away’ (1260) and went through some very long and tough times through the Middle Ages. But then the Lord started to bless Great Britain with many children, like he did with Jacob and let him come back to a stable life… it was like the great family time Britain had. And then came the time Jacob returned to his promised land and had to wrestle like he had never done in his life (1904) and got this unique blessing from the Angel of the Lord, but then the children grew up and started to break away and the time of a “wonderful family time” was over.

‘Well, this had to happen because this children were given for a season and for a specific purpose, so they broke away and this was certainly not an easy time in Britain’s history, it was a time when the “arrows” where sent out and this was a tough season for Jacob, a season where the Lord started to work deeply in his heart and started to root out the stones and, little by little, give him a heart of flesh. “I watched till its wings were plucked off; and it was lifted up from the earth and made to stand on two feet like a man, and a man’s heart was given to it.”(Daniel 7, 4b) [RB: compare ‘Direction’ open vision of arrows changing in direction by England, published by Tony Puccio of Tucson 21 July 2016]

‘But then he got suddenly new hope (the renewal) and after getting the news that Joseph was still alive, he went to Egypt and met once again with his beloved Son, but then maybe the most important moment in his life came, when he started to sense that the end of his life was coming. He called his sons, and he started to release all those words he had pondered over in prayers for so many years. He started to release them one after another over each of his children and gave them the specific blessing and purpose for their life. This must have been one of the most important moments in Jacob’s as well as his son’s lives. When I came to this point, the Holy Spirit said to me,“That’s the time which is ahead for Great Britain, it will come into a time like Jacob on his death-bed”. And this will be maybe the most important moment in Britain’s history, because at this moment the Lord will use Britain once again to give each nation who was once as a child/ colony, part of his family, a prophetic/ apostolic Blessing exactly like Jacob had for his sons. This will also be very crucial for all those nations who have been ex-colonies of Britain. They are awaiting a final blessing which will be very, very crucial for them to enter into their final calling. So Britain please get ready. I don’t think that this has happened yet, it might have started, please get ready. There is a visitation coming which is much stronger than anything Britain has ever seen and this is not for you, this is not to be played around with or to be merchandised…this is to be given freely to all those nations you once had responsibility for.

‘One thing, which I felt the Lord showed me, as I was pondering on this word, was the fact that Jacob received this revelation when he understood that his final hour was coming. This means two things: Great Britain, you need to realize, that we are in the end time, you have to realize that the end is approaching which does not mean that this is the end of the world, but the toughest transition time the world ever had seen! Secondly, I believe that you will go through an especially tough, a very tough time, thinking you are lying on a deathbed. And I believe there is a reason for this. You are a nation that is set apart, set aside by the Lord. The Lord used you in a mighty ways during several of these past centuries to be a light of Christ for Europe and for all the World. This calling is not over…but it seems that the British politician and the Church does everything to sell Great Britain to the EU/Egypt…and I want to tell you, you don’t belong to the EU, you don’t belong to Egypt, you have to go back! But because you already sold so much, it will take a very, very tough time to turn this around! One particular point. Because the Church is asleep, they play in the most impossibly stupid way, but certainly not what the Lord is saying…(with some exceptions, thank the Lord.) The turn around is coming soon…so get ready, it will be very tough; but it is worth it, because of the blessing and the Glory which is coming!

‘The second point was: The Holy Spirit reminded me of the Welsh Revival in 1904 and he said, “I’m going to open the Heavens once again, but this time it will not to be closed up like the last time.” Yes, I believe that the heavens will be opened once again… The Lord is actually teaching his Church the keys to help them understand what has closed the ‘open heaven’ and what are the keys to reopen it again. Yes, it is the Lord who does it and all the glory to Him. But we have a very important key to play too! It’s not going to happen without our part…the Lord did not send an angel to be crucified, He came Himself…yes, and it will take a lot a suffering to turn the keys again.

‘What I sense is that this time the start will not be in Wales. This time it will be in Scotland. It will be very similar to when Jesus crossed the Lake of Genezareth and came to the other side. He found a man who was demon possessed and nobody could help him. But for the Lord it was no problem…he turned the tide. There is a visitation coming very similar to this when God does what no man can do, but He will once again cross the ocean and turn on the fire in Scotland and the demons will run, like the Legion who had to leave the ‘hill-billy’ in the cemetery on the other side of the lake. Mark 5; 1-20

‘Yes, it will be a very powerful intervention and exactly like this man after being healed and restored went into 10 City’s (decapolis) to preach the Gospel, the Lord will give you 10 Nations to bring the Gospel/Revival fire…so please get ready, it is coming soon, get ready to bring the fire into 10 and many more nations. One of them will be France, one Switzerland, another will be Scandinavia…(to thank them, for beating you down about a 1200 years ago) and many more countries. Be in Scotland and it will take quite a battle to bring the Light down to England and Wales, very similar to the battle Braveheart had to fight.

‘Centuries ago Jacob was running away from somebody, yes, he had a twin brother and this time he has to meet him… Esau. Esau was born at the same time as Jacob, grown up and had great influence in the Land, basically in most of the Churches. His real Name is Freemasonry. Yes, when this touch is coming you have to confront Esau… but the Body of Christ has to be cleaned first… otherwise you can not meet your brother Esau. First the cleansing has to come to the Body of Christ, but then it will come.

‘The Lord is actually touching the birthplace of Voodoo (Benin), cleansing and turning it around into a very strong Christian Nation (this is a real genuine work orchestrated by the Lord which goes on since about 15 years). He will do the same with Great Britain. Yes, there is some very dark Freemason blood in Great Britain to the point that some believe that Antichrist will come out of Britain…but this is not true, because the Lord has another plan with Great Britain, he will turn it around and it will be a very tough battle. Yes, it is a battle not against flesh and blood, but this spiritual battle will have consequences in the earthly realm. If those bloodlines can not be cleansed by the blood of Jesus, they will be cleansed by the sword… because the Lord is standing up and fighting for Great Britain once again and cleansing it, including its umbilical cord to the Continent which will be severed through…so that He can use Britain once again to manifest His Glory.

‘Esau will be touched by this encounter and many of them will become very strong Christian leaders with the ability to do what many Christians today are unable to do. Yes, there is a call on Esau, which will come forth at the very end. The famous roundtable will be turned around to become the Lord’s roundtable…. for the manifestation of His Glory and Power, Mercy and great Love! There is one thing that He is going to restore, the Scottish bagpipe. It will be one of the key instruments in worship to release the power of the Holy Spirit. It’s like the rediscovery of drums from many places, Shofar and many more….

‘The third point was the most interesting one. I simply heard the word ‘Oliver Cromwell’. Well I don’t know too much about Oliver Cromwell. If I remember right he was very cruel to the Celtic people in Ireland and Scotland. I have the impression that there are still some old wounds which have to be healed. But there is one special point about Oliver Cromwell, which I believe the Holy Spirit wants to point out. Through him the Lord brought a real change to Britain. Why? Because he re-invited the Jews back to Britain (around 1656) after they have been persecuted and expelled around 1260. This brought back great blessings to Great Britain and eventually also the responsibility you received from the Lord in 1917 for the ‘Holy Land’. The sad thing of recent history is, if we only look a bit closer at how Great Britain has treated the Jews and Israel, we can come to the conclusion, that the British government during the 30’s and 40’s wanted to beat the Nazis on planet earth in cruelty and evil against the Jewish people in the ‘Holy Land’ and specially concerning those returning to the ‘Holy Land’.

‘Yes, doesn’t it look like Jacob suddenly receiving the long awaited promised son, just around the time he came back into its promised Land, but then as this son awakens and is getting aware of the prophetic destiny, he is beating him down and trying to sell him to have honor and esteem among the Arab nations.. somehow to try to keep the Family together in selling the troublemaker and dreamer.

‘Yes, I know the Lord has forgiven you totally, but with this grace and forgiveness, your received a responsibility. It’s the task of Great Britain, that if precious Joseph will come again in trouble, to help him and share with him the blessings and grace you received from the Lord. You will have a second chance like Oliver Cromwell to re-invite the Jews. Yes, and before you can do this you have to seriously reconsider history, not to do it again… (not repeat history)! If you miss this point, you will miss Revival as guaranteed as the Amen in the Church! The Lord wants to reconcile you with Israel (Joseph) and give you a second chance, to re-invite them once again, when they will come from the West. Yes, they will come very soon as we are approaching end time and the persecution of the Jews is arising, especially in the west.

‘Yes, you have to get all your ships ready…

”Surely the coastlands shall wait for Me; and the ships of Tarshish will come first, to bring your sons from afar, their silver and their gold with them, to the name of the Lord your God, and to the Holy one of Israel, because He has glorified you.” Isaiah 60; 9

‘You will receive a special word for Joseph. By the way, like Joseph had two sons, out of the promised Land of 1917 two Nations were born; Israel (Ephraim/Jacob) and Jordan (Manasseh/Esau). Yes, and the Lord will have you to bless these two Nations in a special way.

‘The last point which was for me a very interesting point was the date. Feb. 2 2000. Well, Feb 2 is the Birthday of my sister…this really was a very amazing point. Well, my sister has a deep love for the Lord and serves him in an awesome way. She is a very strong-willed leader and manager. Well, what I sense the Holy Spirit wants to say through this is, and I can personally very much reaffirm this, that the Lord has called and anointed many ladies in Great Britain, into a prophetic or a leadership position, very strong-willed and intelligent, very anointed ladies.

‘And there is a call first to the husbands and as much as to the Church to release them… yes, you will need them! They are awesome and they will do an awesome job! But I also want to say to those husbands who are married to such a lady, yes, you have to release them, but you have to know, even if in your couple the one with the main call is your wife, that you have a very strong call too! First as a believer, second as a husband who is the priest, king and prophet of the household and this is a 200% Call too! There is nothing wrong with this situation, but you have to stand, walk and run with the Lord and that’s very, very important, that you together with your wife are going to fulfill the call the Lord has given you! These Ladies need good advice and they will come under some strong attacks, from within and from without the Church! So please pray for them and stand with them, so that you may fulfill the call you have.

‘May the Lord bless you and touch you in an awesome way!’

Shalom Ueli Surbeck Thu, 16 Dec 2004