Do You Know Jesus?

Haven’t you wondered about God, whether he really exists and what he’s got to do with you?  Maybe the notion of something invisible and immaterial yet intelligent is just plain nonsense? And what’s to be done in times of deep personal pain??

I can personally say it is possible to be able to contact and have a personal connection with such an almighty being – one full of ultra-human love as well as intensely holy. Now love, we know about and often feel, but holiness? That means purity, and none of us are anywhere near that!  And God’s utter purity cannot tolerate anything unholy – yet it is possible for such a ‘miracle’ to happen!

How?  Only because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ in laying down His life unto death for each of us to get close to the almighty, living God. In being completely free from human uncleanness, or sinfulness, Jesus took all ours upon Himself so that we could take on His own righteousness – a divine exchange. In shedding His holy blood for us, Jesus paid the price of buying us back (redeemed) from slavery under Satan as well as making us right with the Holy God. Thus, God can regard us as being ‘justified’, as though Jesus’ own holiness covers us, and we can go straight into His presence. This awesome truth is a free gift that we could never, ever earn!  Utterly astounding!

For a brief explanation of the above claims see How can a person be righteous? by Dr John Pappas. For more within this blog about the Resurrection, click on that link.

Many have unclear, even mistaken, notions about Christianity; eg. on the primacy of the Holy Bible and the necessity of being ‘born again’. This is true of nominal believers as well as unbelievers!

Also, there are times in our lives when thoughts of the after-life need to be answered or when the weight of sinful living overwhelms our soul. These thoughts and emotions are the goodness of God, who created you, drawing you to the place where you can seek Him and find Him. God loves you and has designed an awesome plan for your life now and throughout eternity. His plan is for you to live a hope filled, overcoming life now and a blessed life in eternity. Learn how all this can make sense through knowing God.

If you’d like a clear, definite introduction to following Jesus Christ then please visit all sources linked on this page for more information. In particular, I recommend starting with an excellent yet succinct outline based upon a fellow blogger’s discussions with atheists, Answers About Christianity.

If you don’t know Jesus yet, I trust that something you may read or hear herein enables you to accept and want to get to know personally the author of our salvation, the Lord of Lords – Jesus Christ. It’s all about Him!  Do you know Him yet?

IF you don’t, and want to discover who Jesus really is then run this 3 minute clip.:

But you may ask, Is there a God?  Click on that link for a site that helps you think about whether or not God exists. Eric Hatfield challenges with questions and information upon which firm answers can be based. For example, his blog’s post of 19 Aug ’12 introduces an in-depth consideration of claims for miraculous healings.

To find out how to become a Christian click on that link and browse the site. Or, for a graphical short video of this see Four Spiritual Laws.

This brief book review tells of a child’s encounter with Jesus and a follow-up confirms that boy’s visual memory and indicates what He looks like.

Finally, or firstly, listen once again to Dr Shadrach Meshach’s Lockridge’s wonderful way with words as he describes where God came from and asks “Do you know Him?” – then tells us about Him.:

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