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Preface: Being politically non-partisan my main motivation is to follow the Lord and assist in bringing His Kingdom on earth. Noting prophetical words issued in Nov-Dec 2015 about the EU and specifically of coming international upheavals, I blogged on this topic as we approached the 2016 Referendum and especially for checking the accuracy of those words. Some subscribers submitted their researches and, together with personal insights, this trickle developed into a full flow of blogs monitoring the situation. It soon warranted creation of this hub (originally entitled ‘EU in God’s Face’) for reference purposes. 

An archive of blog and resource material on the Referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union with incisive journalist’s analysis, PLUS series on post-Referendum musings/briefings – not forgetting articles in this hub’s drop-down sub-menu – AND these:


See ‘Archbishop Cranmer’ religio-political blog for:
  1. previous archbishop Carey on Brexit: “It is the Refrain of Freedom”.
  2. spy-author Frederick Forsyth on the EU’s: “Government by Deception”.
  3. actor Edward Fox urging Britons to leave EU: “Sovereign Power is Absolute”.
  4. June’18 – Why Can’t Welby Distinguish the Council of Europe from the EU?


  1. A Word for HM The Queen & On Prayer for PM May and Britain
  2. The Truth of the Matter by ‘Stay or Leave?’ Author 
  3. Revd Dr Clifford Hill: Is Britain Being Blessed?
  4. Brexit: State-of-Play at Close of Friday, 31st January 2020


Thank you to Dominic Stockford for the following response to my short opening criticism based upon those prophecies, at the foot of Cranmer’s post on Anglican archbishops’ invitation to join 2017 Global Wave of Prayer:

‘The Protestant Truth Society has opposed greater European Union since the 1950’s – way before any EU. That something seriously bad is int(ended) it is demonstrated by the response when we brought out booklets, leaflets, and pamphlets outlining why Christians should vote to leave. We were threatened by the Charity Commission (after ONE complaint, who made that I wonder?), and forced to withdraw all publications on the matter, and take down pages from our website. Such a ferocious reaction can only have been instigated from ‘the wrong place’.’


Reality check - you really want to be controlled by EU?

Campaign for an Independent Britain (founded 1969)

Some facts about EU to aid in Referendum choice

Credit: J Ely, Dept 620, 35 High St, Frimley, Surrey GU16 7JQ

EU Remainer’s Charter (credit Core Politics Today: click for link)

[Publ 27Apr’16; updated 29 Dec’20)