Is Brexit an ‘Act of God’? Yes, but it challenges churches!

Surely the Lord God does nothing, unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets. (Amos 3:7 NKJV )

Prophetic cloud over Windsor 2011

Cloud seen over Windsor, June 2011. Credit: Alan May

“We now need to recognise the outcome as an act of God – but so much of the future now depends upon the Church’s response”. (Revd Dr Clifford Hill: Deliverance Day!)

A vicar in Liphook, East Hants, spoke about God moving in Reading and said someone who definitely wanted the UK to remain in the EU woke up Thursday morning and heard the Lord tell them to vote ‘Leave’!

Insurance companies class the uninsured perils of that day’s floods as an ‘act of God’. The previous day, Brietbart News predicted a major ‘Act of God’ storm would upset billionaire speculator, hedge-fund player George Soros’ closing play of scaring undecided voters into the ‘Remain’ camp (see Brexit: Soros Defeated by Act of God).

[UPDATE Feb 2018: Soros connivance continues with “secret plot to thwart Brexit” – see Fulfilled Prophecy #26 – Exposed: ‘coup’ threats against Brexit and Trump.]

As you know, that night saw an awesome turnabout. Pollsters were expecting ‘Remain’ to take a lead to victory throughout the night’s results. And so it seemed as the first result was declared and Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independent Party, conceded defeat. But a sudden and against-the-odds unexpected swing in the morning hours led to ‘Leave’ becoming the people’s decision. At over 17 million it was the largest majority ever seen in British electoral history.

As a leading politico-religious blogger remarks in Independence Day UK: Resurgence of Democracy; Restoration of Sovereignty:

‘The whole entrenched elite Establishment – Monarchy, Parliament, Government and Church – has been confronted by an epoch-making movement of ordinary people, including humble, devout and sincere Christians who have been tarnished with the whiff of sin and smeared with racism, all because they believe in democracy, national self-determination, and the ability to sack those who make their laws’.

Credit: Ton Snoei – link to Prophecy Today UK editorial

So what’s a secular, democratic decision got to do with God??  Readers of this blog will know the essential political points as well as spiritual and prophetical case for getting out of the EU, as listed in ‘EU In God’s Face’ (re-titled EU & Brexit).

However, as an intercessor friend witnessed at a weekend event, many churchgoers are very confused over the whole EU-issue and our future!  It begs many questions, the main one: why are church leaders woefully ignorant of the essentials?

Probably the main reason is that most of us are focused upon God’s Kingdom and prefer not to consider – even disdain – earthy politics and its distasteful reputation.

Nevertheless, the turmoil of this deeply divisive referendum presents church leaders not only with an opportunity for ministry and evangelism, but also and especially in the major challenge of why didn’t THEY know the Lord’s heart on this matter!!

For example, Anglican archbishops and theologians stood on and then fell off the wrong side of the fence. Justin Welby is reputed to have said he doesn’t have a direct line to God – why not?  Ordinary believers can and do hear clearly from our Lord, so why doesn’t he? – especially upon such an important issue!

The fact that many gave a clear prophetic direction of proven accuracy for the nation must now provoke leaders and members of all churches to start taking prophetic gifting far more seriously than before. Also, the office of prophet needs to be recognised and re-stored, as well as the extensive teaching, encouraging and manifesting Holy Spirit’s many gifts for the benefit of those not yet saved.

Churches should, therefore, now move powerfully in evangelism by telling how God told His servants a ‘taster’ preview of the EU-Referendum’s outcome – His purpose being to bring millions into the salvation HE purchased for them in His own Son’s blood. That is, it demonstrates God is real and loves them immensely, not wanting any to perish.

Prophetic Words Supportive of ‘Brexit’

So, let’s refresh our minds with a sample of prophetic words supporting ‘Brexit’ as an act of God; that He’s behind, directing and changing our alliance with Europe.:

  • 2005 Vision of Great Britain – Wendy Alec: extensive foliage and deep roots from Brussels overshadow, extract and erode faith and shackle people to ungodliness. The Lord wants us to restore our glorious destiny and awaken the lion’s heart.
  • 2012 Significance of Hurricane Sandy – Dr Sharon Stone: The Lord says,“Parts of these winds that are blowing, part of these winds that are bringing a re-arranging, are blowing away what has confused nations of their identity. We’re not the only nation that has been in an identity crisis. I believe that many of our nations have had skewed identity and the Lord is saying; I will bring you out of what you have designed by your own thinking and by your own hands – listen to that! – that I may redesign it by My thoughts and My plans”. (Emphases added)
  • Nov 2015 Prophetic Warning Urges “Come Out”  David Noakes
  • Dec 2015 Nations Shall Be Shaken, But Kingdoms Jolted – John Kilpatrick: the Lord admonished him not to exclude the latter half, because he “will see” it happen!
  • April 2016 Prophetic word & Picture of Britannia – Ray & Ruth Scorey: “Leave! Why? Because of the advance of the spirit of antichrist in the European union and…
  • June: Prophecies for UK’s Critical Time – ‘This is MY country’, The Lion Free to Roar, ‘Hang Him on It’.
  • June: Vision of Battle for Britain’s Birthright –  Veronika West, with many other prophetic visions and words of encouragements, especially The Violent Take the Kingdom by Force on voting day 23 June.
  • June: ‘Declaration of outcome in heaven’ plus words and visions to the network of Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival and Winchester intercessors; eg. here – here.
  • 21st June – ‘We felt the Lord powerfully upon us as I sensed Him say, “Thursday will be a NEW DAY for Great Britain”…’ – Ginny Cryer, Culture Changers.
  • [See fuller listing Prophecies on Brexit; attendee’s Polling Day observations here.]

In arguing my case for Brexit as ‘an act of God’, I’d also submit on the other hand that the exceptional opposition to the surprising turn of events comes from exposing and unseating of satanic strategies against people. In other words, we always know we’re on-track with the Lord and rattling satan’s cage when we’re met with an intensely severe reaction!

The history of lies and deception and post-Referendum sheer hatred, expose satan’s hand in stirring up deep, irrational and venomous opposition – even from clergymen, as blogger ‘Archbishop Cranmer’ encountered. (‘Never in a decade of blogging has so much bile and vomit been spewed in this direction…’!! – this post refers and even in Jan 2017, as here!)

Therefore, let us praise, exalt and glorify our Father, Son and Holy Spirit as He moves in subtle and open power across our nations here and beyond the English Channel.

Lastly, I didn’t look until now at the startling prophetic word received in 2012 by Dr Stone about an exceptionally violent hurricane. It’s surprisingly apt; especially in revealing not only the Lord’s intimate involvement in today’s upheavals but also His redesigning and remaking our national identity – a New Britain!

Furthermore, you may like to read about two amazing prophecies given 3 years ago which predict the timing, purpose and outcome of Britain’s politico-spiritual battle in 2016!

Further Reading

See Brexit, the Bible and Democracy: the Judgement of God is the Voice of the People for a thought-provoking scriptural perspective by Adrian Hilton.

PS – latest: Anglican Clergy Foment Hate Against Brexit Christians -clearly they reject outright Jesus’ command not to judge and thus not in the Kingdom of God. A fulfillment of Separation of the Bride and the Harlot (1993 prophecy of sifting the church!). 

10 thoughts on “Is Brexit an ‘Act of God’? Yes, but it challenges churches!

  1. The church people that opposed Brexit are definitely not anointed. Too many Christians have head knowledge, but reject Christ (the anointing). I don’t know about the Anglican Church in Britain, but the Episcopal Church and Presbyterian Church here in the United States, for the most part, are horribly apostate.

    Britain leaving EuroBabylon is obviously a great move of God—I think it is one of the most profound things I have seen in my 56 years on this planet. Great Britain is supposed to be a world leader—not a slave of continental European principalities. The same demons that ran Nazi Germany run the EU.

    Thank you, Lord! Glory to God in the Highest!

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  2. Richard, this is a great encouragement. I’ve just written more myself and included a part on this storm. I’ll pass it on in case its a blessing to you also.

    Actually, on the comments asking why do the churches advise as they do I have a point to raise I’ve not yet put forward in writing, but am expressing just a little with those we meet with. It is the sense that this is the moment of shift from pastoral and teaching led to the proper emergence of prophetic and apostolic founded church. As the needs of the hour wont be answered by the pastoral ministries alone, there will be a looking for greater clarity and the ‘word of the Lord’ into the situation. This could be the time from when intercessory/prophetic and apostolic input gains growing acceptance in our land, so that the church begins to be more fully orbed than it has been for the last 40 years or so. We shall see. Dave.

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  3. Please persevere, and read all.

    In 2003 over a twelve month period, I was given a series of prophetic pictures,(12 in all), the basis of which was Gods desire and love for this nation UK and his wish, to no longer bow down to Europe’s Baal, but to take Britain’s King, the Lord Jesus to Europe. Some of these prophetic pictures are already within Richards web site.

    One of the first visions was of an iceberg, this island nation UK being turned upside for God and by Him, so that the destiny of this nation, through renewal, resurrection and revival would purpose it as once again as Gods evangelical vessel , destined for Europe. I simply titled this, The Iceberg – part 2

    One of the latter visions was of the very same iceberg, BEING turned AROUND in dramatic fashion, and the effect this would have on this nation and its near neighbours France and Europe.
    I titled this … The Iceberg … now turning – part 12. The operative word is NOW and I mean now, within the last two weeks.

    What I didn’t realise until the 28th of June 2016, the event which “tipped this into action” was the European Referendum of the 23rd June this year.

    So … read The Iceberg .. part 2, first
    Then read the Iceberg – now turning part 12 next.

    The Iceberg – part 2  ( given 2003 )
    (England UK)
    Imagine if you will an iceberg, its tip appearing above the water. In fact only one seventh of the iceberg is above water. The other six sevenths, is submerged. Consider what this means. There is more of it in the dark than the light, as yet only a small part of the iceberg is exposed or seen. The number 7 is the number of perfection.  
    Consider the state and form of this berg which is underneath the surface of the water. It is in the dark, away from the light. At best it may dwell in an icy grey light, that is neither in day, yet it is neither in night.
    Such is the heart of man. Such is the heart of a nation.
    However, Gods purpose for this cold, hard, grey icy mass is to expose it to the Light of His Son, bringing it out of dark light, twilight, into daylight. The greater (6/7ths), becoming more visible than the lesser (1/7th)……thereby turning the heart of man upside down through the impossible angle. Exposing the darkest parts to the light, that shines from the surface of The Son/Sun above. Turning the heart of man, the heart of a nation, upside down.
    The world has yet to see the full heart of God in man turned loose in the world. He said “The world , this country is yet to see the full geometry that is Me”.
    The Lord desires to melt the ice grey heart, for the iceberg, in its present state, only causes the waters around it to grow cold at its touch. Within the body of man, within its place in its world, touching adversely his closest neighbor. As the sun beams down onto its surface, warming and melting the berg, the berg warms and melts and the waters cool.
    If an ice berg were turned upside down in this manner, it would in fact do the impossible. For it would be defying the laws of gravity, the laws of its physics. In the natural realm by itself, it simply is not possible. However in the spiritual realm it is. Consider.
    2 Kings 6:1-7
    6:1 The Floating Axe Head
    And the sons of the prophets said to Elisha, “See now, the place where we dwell with you is too small for us. 2 Please, let us go to the Jordan, and let every man take a beam from there, and let us make there a place where we may dwell.”
    So he answered, “Go.” 3 Then one said, “Please consent to go with your servants.” And he answered, “I will go.” 4 So he went with them. And when they came to the Jordan, they cut down trees. 5 But as one was cutting down a tree, the iron axe head fell into the water; and he cried out and said, “Alas, master! For it was borrowed.” 6 So the man of God said, “Where did it fall?” And he showed him the place. So he cut off a stick, and threw it in there; and he made the iron float. 7 Therefore he said, “Pick it up for yourself.” So he reached out his hand and took it. NKJV
    The axe head had fallen into the river, it had sunk. It and its purpose were lost. Elisha cut off a stick and threw it there….where it had fallen…and he made the iron float. The application of the stick, a piece of wood, is the application of the cross of God to the waters. There is a return to life, a return to purpose. There is a reversing of the laws of nature. That which was lost is NOW found.
    The greater part of the iceberg is underwater, as a result of the reverse, it’s floating, it’s turning over and through the impossible angle, and a new type of geometry is seen. A new thing. As a result of it turning over the glory of the latter will be greater than the glory of the former. An increase to what was there before.
    As an iceberg turns, particularly one of gigantic size, the momentum would create great undercurrent and suction. As the air and the sea currents meet, warm meeting between cold, moist air is hit by cold fronts. This causes storms. Cold water in  =  warm water out. ( Today turmoil of the referendum)
    An iceberg is a significant lump of ice, broken free from its main land mass. It is a floating, moving mass, deceptively large, yet apparently small. The ice berg is if you like, is an island. Not attached to the land at it sides or the ocean bed at its roots. It mirrors the human heart, itself encased in a pericardial sac, and this in turn, lies amidst the human body, itself, mainly composed of water, over 90%
    The ice berg is the cold, dense, dark heart of man within the water of the body of man. It in turn is an island amid waters…. An iceberg is an island……and so is Great Britain.
    Margaret Thatcher became famous for the quote…”this lady is not for turning”. Father God is making a statement about the heart of this country and its place as a nation… ”this country IS for turning.”  And as it turns it will encounter the clear blue heavens of its Fathers love, the warmth of the rays of His Son and will be touched by the clear air of His Spirit. As the chemistry of love and the physics of heaven, meets with the biology of man, the geography of heaven appears and a new map is formed.
    As this immense berg turns, its heaving waters will rush to its nearest shores, those of Europe, its neighbor, who will experience the change of its heart and warmth in its waters. May He let us welcome the change to our hearts and the nation it’s turning to His purpose. He will finish what He has started, for He is the Mastermind. He wants the mind and the heart of the Master to be within you, and all fear to be mastered.
    It can be done, it can be done in us, it can be done in this nation and it can be done in this continent…why for as the word says…we each have a beam…and so has a nation…v6 says it…”Please, go to the Jordan, and let every man take a beam from there”. We all have access to the cross, to Christ, to Jesus. God knows where we have fallen, where with His work, with ourselves and with this country we have fallen short. But like Elisha and Moses, will we ask v.3 “please consent to come with your servant”. The answer is clear…v.7 “Pick it up for yourself”…He was there with His servant, He is there and here with us now, and he already has cut down His tree, his beam, in Jesus and just as He is ascended, He is ready now to again pick up His cross for us now, will we pick up our cross for Him, for His country and His continent.

    Great Britain is that iceberg, Great Britain is that nation, Great Britain is for turning upside down. If you will believe you will see the glory of God.

    So over the years, off and on, I have applied the cross of Christ to this nations waters, in the hope, the expectation of its turning.

    At the grave of Lazarus, Jesus said … if you will be believe, you will see the glory of God.

    What follows is The iceberg, now turning – part 12 (written 2003), interpretation not given until 28th June 2016

    The Iceberg … now turning … part 12

    Part 12 – The Iceberg, now turning, written 2003 …its turning interpretation being given this June 28th 2016

    At the very beginning, we spoke about the Iceberg. This country Great Britain, this island being turned upside down…and exposed to the air (Holy Spirit), the clear blue sky (the Fathers will) and the sun (the Lord Jesus Christ).

    Air, sky and sun…the Godhead.

    I saw the beginnings of the turning upside down and around of this country… the 6/7ths below, becoming visible…the 1/7th above, becoming invisible. This happened as I saw the Lord place downward very firmly with force with His foot, somewhere in the SE of England, very near London.

    The force of this foot began to turn the iceberg by tilting it.. The extremes of the northern and north western areas of the country began to rise into the air, the south and south eastern part of the country began to get submerged at their coasts.

    The Creator of these laws began to turn this island, this country upside down. He began to turn the berg through an impossible angle. We have yet to see the full geometry of God… we are yet to discover the fuller and more hidden dimensions of Him…yet to witness these incredible works and power of our God… who chooses until this NOW, not to be hidden any more. We have yet to see the heart of our God revealed to us through the new life which is in Jesus… to be seen in this new way.

    His foot comes down tilting the land, the island from one point to another, diagonally across and down through the axis. This causes the waters to churn greatly by the icebergs displacement. As you imagine the natural effects that would move upon the shores of Europe, if physically this would happen? And what effect on this country? This is the way that God choose to show the effect of his power upon the iceberg in a spiritual and, in a real way. Think about that. “SEE IT”

    These waters churned and foamed giving way to His momentum. A shifting and moving of a great weight and mass. This island as it passed underwater through this “impossible angle” and rested upright… the bottom becoming the top… it appeared as a glistening ice diamond droplet in the world’s oceans. I saw it as it were a jewel adorning his crown. Rediscovered and formed through the furnace of renewal, resurrection and revival.

    As the Lord brings down His foot positively and not falteringly, the ice explodes under His Heel. His action in fact crushes a previously unseen serpent, crawling on its belly, within the scope of the area of London. This serpent was seen because it was against the backdrop of this glistening orb of land. With it came the words… “The God of Peace will soon crush Satan under His foot”.

    The Lords aim with His foot was so accurate in bringing his heel down on the serpent’s neck, He pinned its head to the ice, even though the ice was slippery, His foot did not slip… it was fixed on its neck… just as it was fixed in Christ on the cross and how the serpent was fixed to the cross Moses fashioned in the desert.

    The Spirit explained to me… there was to be this outpouring of His vigilante , violent force and applied by Him into a world that lacks the moral order of Gods love and might. He showed me that the neck of the snake was “almost, but not quite” separated from the head and the body. It only left the slimmest, merest sliver of ligament, which tenuously joined its neck from head. The Lord was making the point that Satan’s lifespan is only held together by that which God himself and alone determines it to be and not by that which Satan determines it to be. There is no power or authority except… that God alone gave it… to God it is an incidence in eternal terms, to bring completion for all of the fulfilment of Gods plans.

    Only what He determines to remain, will remain.

    The Lord, The Lord, The Lord God Almighty, the El Shaddai, The Holy One of Israel. He has come and He will continue to make the place of his feet glorious. His foot will not slip; neither will He let ours slip. For His are and have been planted firmly and securely, following the already made footsteps of the Saviour, gone before in suffering and triumph.

    From here, the Lord seemed to take me into another realm… I was in no way out of control, things appeared new and vibrant and alive, beyond ones normal level of understanding and scope.

    Again I heard the Spirit say, He will make the place of his feet glorious and that God has taken this place with man and embarked on this journey on behalf of man His creation. He described the “place of His feet” (heel) as “to make an eternal impression for Him”… and that this would be known as a focal point in the history, not just of Britain, but also Europe… he put it in cosmic terms, in that He showed me the deep recesses of space, like those pictures of the towers of clouds and pillars of cosmic dust… it was shown along side to show the “beauty and majesty and significance” in terms of what he was going to do.

    His work, would outstrip, outweigh and outshine even the farthest known discovered beauties of the cosmos… the creative work of God that forms billowing cosmic dust into scenes of awe inspiring beauty…such is the plan of His handiwork, here on earth. These scenes can only be seen or understood more clearly, “outside the curving plane of the bow of earth’s atmosphere” As it happens Hubble’s telescope is in such a place… outside man’s known atmosphere, where the atmospheres own distortion hides detail and form.

    But he was saying, that which is going on; to be brought about, is of that ilk and kind in its beauty. No eye has seen, no ear heard, no mind conceived what GOD HAS for those that love Him.

    He continued to say that this would be a place of supreme significance in terms of what has already been created and seen. He left me with this statement.

    “In Jesus we saw the fingerprint of God,
    and now
    we shall see the footprint of heaven”

    As I write today … July 28th 2016, it occurs to me now, but only partially back then … that this footstep of the lord, “almost” completely severing the serpents head, took place in London… the focal point of the nations referendum on Europe.

    An “unseen”, a “less than visible Evil” has been delivered the blow and God has used the vote to leave as his means to turn this nation upside down, geographically, economically, politically and spiritually … and we are seeing the rushing waters effects, its boiling turmoil, landing on the shores of our neighbours in Europe … but God is not just a wave, that gently laps the sand in its tide, he is also the mighty tsunami, that invades deep, deep, inland beyond the borders and barricades of man towards him.

    Like the day when god brought out his nation, his peoples from Egypt and the pursuit of their foes ended in the divide, the “separation” of the Red Sea, as the waters receded, the boundaries were never ever the same after that, a new watermark had been established.

    To God be the glory great things he hath done, so loved He the world that he gave us His son ….. praise the lord let the earth hear his voice.

    Dave Hood (UK)

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  4. Hi Richard, I have sent you 2 more Words re BREXIT, one of them calling for Prophets to be taken seriously and not quenched. I believe we really need to pray that leaders/Christians have spiritual discernment of what the Prophets are saying, the Lord wants His church to be founded on the Apostolic and Prophetic, and He will bring this reformation in the church.

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  5. Hello – how interesting and nice to see this. I’ve had a similar experience. Although I’ve been a convinced Leaver for many years, at the beginning of the referendum campaign I didn’t think there was any realistic chance of a “leave” vote, and prayed something or other – probably for God to prevent me from becoming too miserable with the outcome, or some such. To my immense surprise, I felt God say quite clearly that it was indeed going to be a leave vote.
    Now I’ve been very much in favour of leaving since I really started taking an interest in European politics, and my partner is from South Africa, so I didn’t say anything about this “word of knowledge” – I suppose I can call it that – for fear of somehow putting some kind of moral pressure on him to vote a certain way. Imagine my pleasure when after the vote I told him about it, and he said he had had more or less the same experience.
    I agree entirely that the extremity of anger and vitriol being thrown by “remain” people is a sign of Satan’s own anger at the result.
    One moral of the story on my own very small personal level is that, during the campaign, with the opinion polls, I often lost sight of that assurance and started worrying anyway that we would vote to remain. And now when I read the papers and social media and wonder whether we ever will leave – I remind myself that this is God’s work and it will be done! He is God, after all, and, er, thank God for that.


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