Paws-4-thought: a special town in the Thames Valley?

Yet again – right place, right time.  Some may think it ‘spooky’ – but please, it’s definitely not some sort of boast.  Maybe, it’s just that I’m alert to these kind of things, or perhaps it’s a  gift of discernment.  Whatever it is, it’s far too frequent to be my imagination, especially as actual physical events are involved.  My last few postings considered a strange series of serendipity which ended up being validated by yet another ‘coincidence’!  So, would you bear with me once again?

Last Saturday I attended a day’s teaching led by Christen Forster, senior leader of River Church in Maidenhead, at The Emmanuel Centre, Marsham  Street, Westminster.  He spoke about authority, power and control in the Church and in the world.

I was particularly interested to learn the outcome of a recent gathering of about 90 senior leaders from church, commerce, culture and politics who met in St Mary’s Undercroft directly beneath the House of Commons. They’d listened to Jesus in silence for an hour and then fedback what they felt He was saying to the nation.

As Christen reports in his blog:

This was a historic event and at the same time a single step in a flow of developments putting the Word and Presence of God back into the Foundation of the United Kingdom. On the floor in the middle of the corridor that divides the House of Commons from the House of Lords there is a Latin inscription. In translation it read…

“Lest the Lord builds the house, those who labour do so in vain…”

Words that remind us that despite the Godless direction of so much policy conceived and enacted at Westminster today, the roots of authority in the UK are in the word and presence of God.

(click on Listening to Jesus in the Palace of Westminster.)

He said that the listening-prayer time under Parliament was unique and it had started and closed with the ringing of a bell – where’ve we heard about that before? (here and here).  Yet even more remarkable was the consistency of the spirit and themes. There was weight and authority in what God is saying yet, being nationally-relevant, it is quite broad. Even so, some points could be applied to us as individuals.

Of the many points I was impressed with the recognition that the nation is reaping the consequences of our moral collapse.  Also, divisions and death in the nation have reflected those between/within the body of Christ. The church must, therefore, be changed, improved and rebuilt and not hold back in proclaiming the Gospel. As a nation we should recall and build upon the former solid foundations of Christianity.  The whole report will verified, signed and published in due course. (Initial overview now available here.)

Next week, there will be a follow-up evening of prophetic prayer for Parliament and government at The Emmanuel Centre (see Kingdom Come).

NOW, I was surprised that Christen briefly referred to two other matters for they are relevant to this blog’s recent posts.:

  1. Healing On The Streets is taking off faster than did the Alpha course!
  2. “Windsor and Westminster” are important in what the Lord is doing!
  3. Jesus is moving evangelists into focussing upon proclaiming the Cross.

[This last from my notes was reserved but is added for cross-referencing here! – 25/7.]

Where did we last encounter a Godly reference to Windsor? – the previous post.  And the next day at a church we’d been invited to, this royal town on the river Thames  cropped up in the pastor’s conversation about the vision for starting that church! So, serendipity strikes yet again!!  Therefore, it really must be of God.

But there’s much more. Here’s what I talked about with Dr Sharon Stone during a conference in February:

After talking about her class in Windsor an image of its Castle’s famous round tower came to mind. This was followed by the notion that its crenellated battlements looked like the teeth of a giant cogwheel which could fit into some sort of invisible socket where earth could get plugged into heaven. 

It’s a little hard to explain but then the thought dropped into mind that such engagement would enable the heavenly kingdom to ‘wind up’ our earthly kingdom – or ‘queen-dom’ – for the Lord’s purposes (eg. revival) – rather like putting a key into and winding up a clockwork toy.

Windsor Castle, courtesy CopyrightFreePhotos

Combine all that with this unique photo Alan May took (original link removed as demand crashed website but see copy here) during Garter Day on Monday 13 June 2011 at the Castle..:


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