Listening to Jesus in the Palace of Westminster

I thank Christen Forster for this post on his Blog about the initial outcome of the special listening-prayer meeting, to which my previous post referred:

“On June 12th 2012 more than eighty Christian leaders from throughout the UK gathered in St Mary’s Undercroft in the Palace of Westminster alongside Parliamentarians for an hour of listening to God in silence. Anglicans, Baptists, Catholics and Christian leaders from a wide cross-section of ministries were present. Two hours of feedback where then held in Committee Room 16 and written submissions made to the organisers. [For more details click here.]

“Below is the initial summary issued by the Organising group, a coalition of ministries under the banner “Together for the Nation” chaired by Maranatha Prayer Community.  A full transcript will be available on request. [See Christen’s blog for more information, as well as my notes below.]

“Many of those who attended have said it was a very special time for them. Apparently this is the first time a group has gathered in Parliament just to listen to God with no other agenda. The summary contains a very sobering and challenging message. We are told to weigh prophecy, because while we see in part and prophesy in part, the seed of God’s “now” word are too valuable to miss.

“Don’t treat prophecy lightly, test it all; hold on to what is good and hold back from what seems bad.”  1 Thessalonians 5:20-22

“So, please read the summary below and where it seems good let it shape and inform your praying and ignore what doesn’t seem right to you.

“It is probably worth observing that like most prophecies to whole nations, it is quite broad – after all, it needs to frame the prayers of a million and more potential hearers and intercessors. So look for your own guidance within the framework it sets out.
If you accept this message, it demands an urgent response involving practical preparation and action. As one attendee wrote: “God is looking for people of skilful hands and integrity of heart who will listen to Him”.

These five themes and words repeated again and again in the verbal feedback session. Other more specific guidance and thoughts can be found in the full transcript.
  • God’s appointed time to judge the nations of the world is very nearly upon us. Our nation and its church have turned away from God and His standards and we are beginning to see and feel the resulting judgement.
  • A remnant of Britain’s covenant past, its Christian heritage and the good fruit of our worldwide missionary zeal, remains. We should embrace our spiritual sons and daughters from the nations who have returned to help us. It is possible that God may yet act out of mercy to avert the very worst of the judgement that we have brought upon ourselves. The Church is called to be the voice of hope and compassion.
  • The shaking of every part of man’s world-wide economic, social, political and religious systems has begun. It will be a time of great humbling, purification and refining in every aspect of society. Only what is built on the foundations that God requires will be permitted to remain – righteousness, truth and justice.
  • When the judgement has run its course, God has promised to restore us. This restoration must follow God’s revealed strategies and guidelines and not be led astray again by Man’s initiatives and good ideas.
  • Because of His great love for this nation and all of its people, God’s heart is breaking and He longs for us to respond to Him, as individuals, as a church, and as a nation. The time to respond is now.

“A theme only hinted at in the list above (see point 4) that struck a particular resonance with me was the call to the church, for reformers and builders to be released and to step up.  We need to prepare for what is coming down, but Jesus is a builder, he clears the way not for destruction’s sake but to make space for the new.”


My previous post referred to the forum at which Christen presented a detailed summary of the meeting. If you’d like to listen to those sessions their recordings are available free of charge here.  Christen stressed the importance of recalling and honouring our very ancient Christian foundations, which I’d already had occasion to do in my earlier post Landmark Parliamentary Inquiry and provided a link to a fascinating historical item.

Christen also reported that the group had recognised that institutions and people had broken past covenants with the Lord (presumably not just our reneging against the one with Israel) – “A tree doesn’t stand without good roots and severe storms are coming!”

Since 1993 the Marantha Community has been committed to speaking out to challenge the steady and deliberate removal of Christian values from our society. The Community  believes that if the people of God speak with one voice, the voice of God will be heard in the land.  Over recent years they have researched prophetic words given to the wider Church and found that common themes emerged, from which collated messages have been compiled – click for their Prophecy page and One Voice Messages.

[Houses of Parliament by Vichaya Kiatying-Angulsee, courtesy]

4 thoughts on “Listening to Jesus in the Palace of Westminster

  1. The shaking of the nations is so that people will seek the Desired of Narions . Foundations are being tested and that which is built up on the Rock will stand . That which is not built upon the Rock wil crumble and its fall will be great. If you remember , I posted a vision that the Lord showed me and in the vision I saw a huge church and the church had been removed from its foundation so that the church was beside its foundation and the foundation itself was now exposed for all to see.


  2. Thanks for drawing my attention to that one Tony. The Lord’s certainly exposing a lot and much more will come, especially within the Church where, I believe, the rot has set in to such an extent it won’t be a simple pruning of the Vine (John 15) but a radical digging out the rot. Rather like in maintenance of wooden structures, any rot has to be removed and sound wood exposed to fresh air in order to dry out before replacing with new wood. Applied to Church, that may mean those who won’t allow Holy Spirit into assemblies will find themselves put aside and left out/’behind’ so those who want to can then breathe, move and walk in the Spirit.

    I think your vision may signify the difference between the Holy Spirit filled church and the dead apostate church. Exposed foundations are a welcome sign because something new and better can then be built. I had a dream of passing by a public library I frequented as a child and saw it had been removed. In its place was a huge hole in the ground! It’s foundations were being vastly expanded and a new structure with many basement rooms was under construction – a dream replete with revelatory significance!

    Five years ago I stood outside the old parish church of a Midlands town and was suddenly struck by the fact it was little different to its adjacent graveyard – very sad.


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