God Heals Today!

Nowadays, does God heal? Undeniably, yes!  These pages and video clips provide demonstrable evidence that God really does heal people today – notable miracles aren’t confined to Biblical times only!

For a synopsis of New Testament scripture about this see How to heal the sick.

Update 1 July 2015 > Incredible healings reported in Birmingham, UK.

Although this blog’s main focus is upon Biblical prophecy, a connected interest lies in ‘revival’ and in healing, especially where considered ‘miraculous’.  That is, in healings where normal medical intervention has proved unsuccessful, or a condition regarded as being beyond medical help. This report of a top neurosurgeon’s experience during a coma makes interesting reading.

Such instances are ‘signs’ pointing to the reality and glory of the Almighty God and, thus, show a way to discovering the truth about Him.  Of course, it is one’s personal  prerogative as to whether or not one believes these signs do point to God. But I can assure my reader that it is truly a way well worth travelling, a road to a goal of never-ending delight and discovery.

Of course, very few know with any certainty when and where the Lord in His mercy and grace will heal, for He is sovereign.  Also, the never-ending saga of daily drudge and struggles, trials and despair, even hopelessness, of all who are physically and mentally sick are keenly appreciated and never, ever to be taken lightly. We know all too well of brothers and sisters who’re suffering deeply, but even more sorrowful are those so poor in spirit that they disbelieve in God’s healing power.

Note: If you’re in such a situation please take time to consider what did happen to two dear readers in Unshakable Hope and in Journey of Hope. In the first, Bill Sweeney tells about being ‘trapped in his body’ (also here). In his ‘Journey’, Khamneithang eloquently shares in depth about personal tragedy and I quote his conclusion:

And that leads us to the inevitable question: Does God have a purpose in this? Possibly! I don’t assume a false sense of knowing something which I definitely do not know. But I strongly believe that God does not take pleasure in letting someone suffer for one’s good. We do not seek for answers. We do not ask for reasons. But we believe that God in His infinite goodness has allowed this to happen to us. We must admit that good things have happened to us as a direct result of the situation we are in. It also has been a humbling experience, the best class-room for a life-changing lesson in humility. It teaches you to be more sensitive to others who are suffering. It draws you apart from worldly cares and brings you closer to Him. (See also Why Me?)

The lesson of life God taught us as we continued this journey is not to despair. Circumstances may appear to wreck our lives and our well-laid plans, but deep down in our heart of hearts we are assured that God is not helpless even among the ruins.Circumstances may appear to wreck our lives and our well-laid plans, but deep down in our heart of hearts we are assured that God is not helpless even among the ruins. In the words of another hope-r, “I pray in hope. I’m going to keep hoping to my grave”. Hope is what keeps us going. Not only hope in this life but also in the next! For it is hope that is all that we have and we know Hope will take us through to the end!

The life the Lord has graciously given me has taken this blogger through some of those dark valleys, but He has always been there as an ever present help in times of need to carry one through. Thus, prayers for healing through Jesus Christ cannot be dismissed as only offering false hope, as some people persist in believing.

Therefore, on the above basis this blog offers the following evidence for divine, physical healing:

1. Nina’s testimony with evidence at four Appendices (see this header)

2. video clips of notable miracles in the UK and at The Bay of The Holy Spirit Revival.

Ten healing miracles on Eric Hatfield’s Is there a God? reports upon an experienced doctor and medical researcher who obtained case histories, reviewed evidence, and had his conclusions checked by specialists. The recoveries happened during Kathryn Kuhlman meetings. This medical practitioner claims, “We have our evidence…There is good documented medical evidence of unusual medical recoveries after prayer for healing”. Eric’s latest blog Miracles, evidence and scepticism (19.8.12) is a good place to start reading his well-considered discussion.

In April 2012 the Global Medical Research Institute was launched based upon the long-standing plans of Randy Clark, as mentioned on part 3 of this post. The GMRI website is designed to gather case reports of experiences of Christian spiritual healing and to collect ‘before and after’ medical records, data and diagnoses and which will be given  to independent panels of expert physicians and medical specialists for case evaluation. I’m told a doctor from a church in Winchester, Hampshire, is on one of these panels.

A number of posts cover Healing On The Streets issues with the Advertising Standards Authority.  See official ruling: ASA admits to a substantial flaw in its judgement!  [Later Nina and I went with Mark Marx, founder of HOTS to practise in Trafalgar Square – see HOTS now HITS, parts 1 & 2. Also, HOTS Bath report for 2012 may be read here.]

Documents appended hereto (ie. God Heals Today) were submitted to HOTS Bath for updating their healing stories and medical reports during the campaign against the ASA’s ruling, as initially reported in my post Muhammed knows more than the ASA.

Associated with these topics are posts on political interference in the Church’s mission, and which can be seen in accompanying pages to this menu, or in politics category.

Also see ‘Out of the box and’ at ‘the cutting edge’ for brief consideration of newer forms of ministry.

3 thoughts on “God Heals Today!

  1. Thank you for coming by my blog. Your ‘like’ today brought me to yours at a timely moment as I have been praying hard for a cousin-in-law who is on his deathbed. I was hoping to find your contact details to see whether it would be possible to speak with you, but could not see them. It would be good to know what else you know of experiences of people in this century who have been saved from the brink of death. However, to everything there is a season, and mayhap this is his time now.


    • It was only ‘by accident’ via Jessi Steel’s God’s Waiting Room…but here’s no such thing. Although it’s my full-on blogging day I clicked on my email advice of her ‘like’ and spotted the reblog of yours. And I’d intended putting the intro copy from a post I was editing into the God Heals much later – IF I had time b4 closing down for long weekend!

      At the moment all I can suggest is declaring ‘Life” and associated words over your cousin, whether present or distant. I pray this helps…


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