Healing On The Streets in Bath – 2012 Report

Thanks be to Jesus for the testimonies in this report received from Paul Skelton, which is followed by a note explaining my personal interest for newer readers of this blog:



Here’s just a handful of the many stories resulting from prayer from the HOTS Bath Team over the past year, both out on the streets and as members walk it out as a daily life style. :-

“I’d been feeling really hounded with facial twitching for the previous 16 days…. after
they prayed for me on Tuesday, the twitching stopped.”

“My back was prayed for …and it is 90% better. I have had problems sleeping because of it, but slept really well the last 2 nights.”

“We were chatting away when suddenly she turned and cried out as her back gave her
great pain… her eyes watered with the pain….I told her that our Father wanted to heal her of that and laid my hand on her and prayed and after a while she looked better. Later that day she sent me a text to say that her back was better!”

“I had badly sprained my knee the previous Saturday….. The prayer was an amazing experience and at such an unexpected venue. My knee pain immediately disappeared and I walked 2 miles on Monday, two days after walking around on crutches and three
days after being told by the GP it would take 4-6 weeks to heal!”

“Thank you for your boldness and frankness to demonstrate and proclaim the Kingdom of God out on the streets and for your amiable manner and the naturalness in which you shared with us and the people on the streets. It was a pleasure to experience the anointing for healing and evangelism you brought along.”

A Team Member’s Journey

PICT0921b - HOTS BathI have been a Christian for over 25 years, studied the Bible and have been fully committed to following what the Bible taught, with a limited amount of success.

There was always an underlying frustration that I did not see the transformation in peoples’ lives that the Bible led me to expect, and I saw very little of the signs and wonders that Jesus promised would follow those who believed.

Surely Jesus promised “life in abundance” (John 10 verse 10) NOW, not “pie in the sky when we die”!

During this last year I got involved with a group of Christians who prayed for people on the streets. But first this required talking to people, mostly non-Christians, about Jesus, about God. This was a scary challenge to me since they don’t understand our church jargon.

As I simply told people how much God loved them, a surprising thing started to happen to me. What I was telling others started to hit home in my heart – God really loved ME!  I had known this in my mind and could quote appropriate scriptures, but I now realised that my heart hadn’t fully got the message until now.

I now feel such a joy inside, which had not been there before. The frustrations I had experienced with people have somehow been exchanged for compassion and apprec-iation. So, this is why Psalm 16 verse 11 says “in His presence is fullness of joy”.

This is what some people feel when they first become Christians; the Bible becomes
alive as never before, and they can’t get enough of His presence, whether meeting together with others to pray and worship or by themselves.  (Ed Humphreys)


Here are some of the ways you can connect with us this year:

  • Come and see us, as HOTS Bath is back on the streets every Tuesday and Thursday starting 5th of March.
  • Host a training school equipping you to bring others into an encounter with God and see the sick healed in your Church, Cafe, outreach ?  – download the flyer here.
  • Pray for us as we go out on the streets, for the ongoing Mission trips, and for the equipping we carry out.
  • Support the work financially through monthly giving, you can download a form here.

HOTS Bath is a Reg. Charity No. 1133098

Footnotes by RB

This report is most encouraging because a year ago, within three months of this blog’s debut, a political ruling prohibited prayers for healing in public places. Consequently, my wife and I contacted Paul about including her testimony of healing on the HOTS Bath website. This was because she’d received her healing from permanent disability in that city before the days of HOTS. I’ve since supported and promoted his campaign against the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and which attracted Parliamentary interest. An official review found a substantial flaw in the ruling, as reported here.

Until now I’ve not mentioned the following more personal and related events:

An unexpected outcome to Paul’s publication was that an investigative journalist came to our house – an expert in exposing bogus claimants of the Disability Living Allowance! That is, some fully fit and able people use counterfeit permits and fraudulently receive the state allowance.  He was fully expecting to see a permit on our car but didn’t – he was quite perplexed!

So we invited him in. Over ‘a cuppa’ we told him the full story and Nina showed him the documentation.  Regrettably, the journalist didn’t get back to us. Did his editor squash his story?

More important, however, is this expert’s opinion that the proof of Nina’s healing is not that she is now able-bodied, but that she contacted the Dept of Pensions to cancel the allowance to which she’d been entitled because of her disability! That is, she is out-of-pocket. (The Dept’s computer system had no way of coping with such an about-turn!)

Therefore, I contacted the lady who’d made the original complaint to the ASA and gave her the reporter’s opinion of the incontestable facts. Although supposing herself to be an investigator of the supernatural, she hadn’t the slightest interest in our evidence or pleasure to learn about the healing. She thereby denied its truth and demonstrated her complete lack of integrity – a fraud herself. But what else can an atheist do?

Another outcome of this issue was the inclusion of Nina’s account on this blog within a  library of accounts of healings, some medically inexplicable, with which we’re familiar. All of these may be found under God Heals Today. And whilst in Hull, we chatted with a lady who’d been healed from being fully wheelchair-bound for over 3 years (video)

The posting that set the ball rolling was Muhammed knows more than ASA! and, should you want to read it, the saga may be followed under the ASA tag.  Other posts may be found under the HOTS tag and Healing/Miraculous categories. (Tags & Categories are listed on the Home page.)

To learn about our training day with Mark Marx, the founder of Healing On The Streets, and activity in Trafalgar Square click here.

courtesy Supranatural Life Fbook


3 thoughts on “Healing On The Streets in Bath – 2012 Report

  1. My heart is warmed by your Post this morning. There is no better story than hearing how the Spirit of God is moving through miracles, signs, and wonders!!!! Thank you for the time you put into your post. I know there is a lot of thought and research behind each Post!!!! Take Care and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T

    Now it’s time for a fresh cup of coffee…


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