Israeli warplanes reportedly strike targets on Syria-Lebanon border; Israel on high alert over Syrian WMD

On watch... Joel reports developments after a week of escalating tensions on the Israeli-Syrian border, especially the weekend’s explosion in an Iranian-Hezbollah convoy in the Golan Heights. Debka reported this put Israeli, Jordanian and US special forces in the kingdom on high alert. Breaking news Wednesday afternoon:  the airforce attack prevented handover of sophisticated missiles to Hezbollah. Syria’s Assad has since responded in a detailed statement – visit Debka homepage for latest ‘pre-media’ news.  On Monday President Obama was reluctant to prevent Syrian (and ex-Iraqi) chemical weapons falling into the hands of terrorists – hardly surprising in view of the withdrawal of the US naval fleet. So he left matters entirely in the hands of Middle-East regional powers. The next day all Israel’s armed forces went into a higher state of readiness for conflict as a top Air Force commander described Syria as ‘falling apart’. In addition, Egypt’s Defense Minister said about Egypt, “The political strife is pushing the state to the brink of collapse”.  On top of all that, Joel covers reports on a mysterious explosion in Iran’s underground Fordow nuclear facility. Perhaps a number of things are moving into place as regards the Psalm 83 confederacy and the Ezekiel alliance (as here)?

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israel-lineoffighterjets“Israeli warplanes attacked a target on the Lebanese-Syrian border overnight Tuesday, foreign media reported on Wednesday,” according to a report in the Times of Israel. “While some reports said the purported strike was carried out on the Syrian side of the border, according to one source the target was a weapons convoy that had crossed from Syria into Lebanon. The reports come amid rising concern in Israel and the West regarding the sizable chemical weapons stockpile in the hands of an increasingly embattled Syrian regime. Lebanese officials said a dozen Israeli warplanes violated Lebanese airspace on Tuesday and overnight into Wednesday, flying close to the ground in several sorties over southern Lebanon. The Israeli military and the Prime Minister’s Office had no comment. A Lebanese army statement said the last of the sorties was at 2 a.m. Wednesday. It said four warplanes, which flew in over the southernmost coastal…

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