VIDEOs healing surgically implanted materials (SIM)


At a 2011 church leaders seminar in Winchester, England, Southern Baptist minister Randy Clark spoke about a new phenomenon he’d encountered during ministry – the disappearance of, or softening of, surgically implanted metal rods, pins and screws!  People with such implants could feel changes in their bodies, or were now able to do something they’d previously been unable to do (eg. arching their spine backwards), or even regained full physical activity!

That is, not only did the supportive metal implants soften or disappear, but their bodies must also have been miraculously healed in some way to enable such activities. (In fact this had happened to my wife in 2006 when officially registered as permanently disabled – read Nina’s true story here: and was again blessed in 2017, thank you Lord!)

Randy showed a video of a man in Brazil with rods in his spine who could now bend over, plus an interview with a man for whom dozens of metal surgical objects had supported but hampered free movement – but no longer so. His X-ray plates showed they’d been there!

Also see his on-the-road report of several instances of healing with regard to metal parts. Global Awakening’s home page currently (2012) shows a lady reporting that a plate has disappeared from her wrist. (See below for original.)

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The Essential Guide to the Power of the Holy Spirit – God’s Miraculous Gifts at Work Today (publ 2015) lists testimonies at Appendix B featured in Randy’s doctoral thesis at United Theological Seminary. Those reactions and brief interviews may be watched via these links:

Appendices A and C display analytical graphs and tables of data compiled from all continents (except for Africa) for his D.Min. thesis entitled, A Study of the Effects of Christian Prayer on Pain or Mobility Restrictions from Surgically Implanted Materials.

Dr Randy Clark also received a Th.D. from the Phoenix University of Theology. He is the President and Founder of Global Awakening (established 1994), an apostolic ministry aiming to equip the body of Christ through training programs and ministry schools as well as international missions and conferences.

See also a personal account: Another Healing of Surgically Implanted Materials.

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