3. Cycles & the Bible

Then God said, “Let there be light” and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from darkness. God called the light Day and the darkness He called Night. So the evening and the morning were the first day.  (Genesis 1:3-5)

BillKoenig_hdrIn New Year 2012, a few weeks after launching this blog, I introduced Christian journalist William Koenig’s four-year investigation into the work of Eric Hadik, a leading financial markets technical analyst . (Bios: About William Koenig – Who is Eric Hadik?).

[This was simultaneous with publication of Jonathan Cahn’s bestseller The Harbinger!]

Hadik built his knowledge upon W.D. Gann’s work on market cycle theories, based on his discoveries in the Bible, and applied to mathematical and geometrical principles!

After four years of closely following Hadik’s application of theories of cycles to natural and human events, Bill attested to having “found his calculations extremely accurate”.

Anyone wishing to check out this fascinating topic should read Eric’s trading bulletin Inside Track and his more recent website 40-Year Cycles. They contain informative articles on many types of cycles and check back on the accuracy of ‘cycle predictions’, eg. geological (earthquakes and volcanoes), scientific (including nuclear), financial markets, political, diplomatic or military matters!

Its January 2015 edition contains 40-Year Cycle: Euro 2015, which reports upon a 40-year cycle analysis and checked the accuracy of predictions made mid-2011. In view of recent, subsequent events (as here and here) it makes interesting reading!

Eric’s report Crash Cycles covers the effect of the 40-year Cycle upon the US economy.

After stating what cycles categorically are not, from a financial technician’s viewpoint, Eric defines them as follows:

What cycles ARE… is a measuring and projection of time assuming (as has been proven time and time again) that “history repeats itself”.   However, do not expect history to repeat itself  in the same fashion, at the same place, and in the same degree, as it did originally. (Cycles Intro)


Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit in the wilderness for 40 days. After His resurrection Jesus appeared over a period of forty days to His first 120 disciples and taught them more about the Kingdom of God (Acts 1:3)!

Seven days after Noah entered the Ark it rained for 40 days and 40 nights. Moses sent leaders of each of the 12 tribes to spy out the Promised Land for 40 days. However, all except Joshua and Caleb rebelled against God’s directive to go into that land of milk and honey because giants were there. Consequently, God imposed a 40-year penalty of life in the desert for the generation of Moses’ compatriots (Numbers 14:28-35).

That episode clues as to the period defining a ‘generation’. It may be assumed 20 years of growth and adulthood in parenting children could be a definitive number. Numbers 14: 29 states only those aged 20 years or more, expect for Caleb and Joshua, will not enter the Promised Land but die in the desert. Only their children, that is all under 20 years of age, would enter and enjoy the new land. However, the later reiteration of the Lord’s anger against those rebels actually provides a fuller definition of ‘generation’ as being 40 years for,

He made them wander in the wilderness forty years, until all the generation of those who had done evil in His sight were gone. (Numbers 32:13 NIV)

In my opinion, we could therefore consider 40 year periods as being directly related to human activity rather than Godly activity. (Also see The Bible Study for more.)

An example of this application may be found in Eric Hadik’s introduction to the theory of cyclic activity throughout history, as summarised in this hub’s The Natural Year.

Also read 2016 Prophetic Word and 11-Year Cycles.

The latest posts on this topic may be found heading up the Cycles tag.

17 YEARS CYCLE (Update April 2018)

Upon revisiting Erik’s main site I notice one relating to a number that’s recently cropped up in my blogging on the numerical mystery of Jesus’ post-Resurrection catch of 153 fish – the number 17. Eric’s site is on the 17-Year Cycle.

[Photo of William Koenig courtesy of World Watch Daily]

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