The Importance of Prophecy

Dr Sharon Stone prefaced what she brought from the Lord for 2016 with important teaching. She asked and then answered her own question as follows: 

Rev Dr Sharon Stone, courtesy CIE“Why do you need to have a word of the Lord for this season were in?”

“I believe, because it helps you to align with God so that you can make a difference in your world.

“That’s our heart’s desire, but the problem is this: God’s idea of time often does not agree with our natural understanding of time. But remember this: He’s the One who made time and He made us to be aware of His timely plans.

“I love what 1 Chronicles 12:32 speaks of. It says, ‘men of Issachar, who understood the times and knew what Israel should do’ – of knowing the times and seasons of God. Israel was successful when they were compatible in opinion and action with God, to carry out His will, His way, in His time. Even though there were other nations who had more powerful armies and influential leaders, they could not compete with the edge of knowing what God had planned for the particular time.

“God is still giving His children the ability of knowing His times and seasons, and not only that but also recognizing the signs of the times and correctly interpreting them. He wants us to have knowledge from Him of the course we need to take, precisely what needs to be done and how to do it.

“So, when we choose to receive and apply God’s revelation, then we benefit from its counsel. This includes you, the church, government, leaders and those in business can all benefit when they have a timely word of the Lord and revelation to align with.

“Now, when revelation is released in the spirit realm the atmosphere begins to shift. And what happens? It has a chain reaction, causing changes in the natural realm. And then what seemed impossible is now possible, because God’s word is a creative one.”

“So, this 2016 Word of the Lord is about intentionally partnering with God’s will being done on earth as it is in Heaven…(continue reading).

Personal Prophetic Words

JohnK 214_logoRevd John Kilpatrick introduced his congregation and visitors to the 20 prophecies and prophetic words the Lord had given him after Christmas and on New Years’s Day 2016 as follows:

“One of the reasons so many people have come from all over to be here is because people need a word from the Lord – some are desperately seeking Him. Now I want to make this clear: I’m nobody’s fool for I understand that the Word of God – the Bible – takes priority. We’re fed by the Word, and the Word has meat and the Word has milk – it nourishes ‘baby’ Christians and it nourishes mature Christians…

“This is the main way we’re fed, it’s the word of God. But there’s also in the Bible the gift of the Holy Spirit, of the word of knowledge, there’s a gift of faith, a gift of healing…there’s nine gifts of the Holy Spirit and one is the word of knowledge where the Holy Spirit gives to someone a word for someone (else) about situations that only the Holy Spirit could have known about. And when that person hears that then they know the Lord’s watching out for them, or maybe God’s confirming something to them, and it really puts wind under their ‘wings’…

“In difficult times people wonder why they’re not hearing from God. They want Him to speak and can find God speaking to them from a sermon where the preacher’s been hearing from God and this nourishes them…But also we need not just a word from the Bible but we need a word from people that are used by the Holy Spirit, where God can speak to us and confirm things or to give some guidance. A prophetic word or word of knowledge is not to control somebody… but brings encouraging words.” …(continue reading here).

[Publ: 11 Jan 2016]