Revd John Kilpatrick: 20 prophecies and words for 2016 & beyond – “The wind has shifted”…

Note: for readers new to or unfamiliar with prophecy this post includes John Kilpatrick’s preface before teaching upon the current wind of God. For the benefit of visitors to the 10th anniversary of Church of His Presence in Daphne, Alabama, on 8th January pastor John briefly explains prophecy. Using powerful John 3:8 (a favorite of mine) and 1 Timothy 1:18 (more insightful in NKJV than NIV) to help us understand the Spirit and personal words of prophetic direction, he says:

JohnK 214_logo“One of the reasons so many people have come from all over to be here is because people need a word from the Lord – some are desperately seeking Him. Now I want to make this clear: I’m nobody’s fool for I understand that the Word of God – the Bible – takes priority. We’re fed by the Word, and the Word has meat and the Word has milk – it nourishes ‘baby’ Christians and it nourishes mature Christians…

“This is the main way we’re fed, it’s the word of God. But there’s also in the Bible the gift of the Holy Spirit, of the word of knowledge, there’s a gift of faith, a gift of healing…there’s nine gifts of the Holy Spirit and one is the word of knowledge where the Holy Spirit gives to someone a word for someone (else) about situations that only the Holy Spirit could have known about. And when that person hears that then they know the Lord’s watching out for them, or maybe God’s confirming something to them, and it really puts wind under their ‘wings’…

“In difficult times people wonder why they’re not hearing from God. They want Him to speak and can find God speaking to them from a sermon where the preacher’s been hearing from God and this nourishes them…But also we need not just a word from the Bible but we need a word from people that are used by the Holy Spirit, where God can speak to us and confirm things or to give some guidance. A prophetic word or word of knowledge is not to control somebody… but brings encouraging words.”

After teaching on the Wind of God, John directs the congregation and those live streaming on the internet to watch the deeply moving worship video “Alpha and Omega”. (Hence, the recent post on this blog.)

Then before he reads the words received from the Lord I was amazed to hear his reason for changing his mind against listeners’ giving, or ‘sowing’, money whilst he preaches. His explanation confirmed the startling vision of what I’d ‘seen’ whirling around Charlie Shamp when he spoke about the same thing last Good Friday!! His host told him people need to have the opportunity to give. So John sought the Lord for doing so at the end of this service and was told,

“I want you to tell the people to sow to the wind… and they’ll reap a whirlwind!”

Then John tells what happened to him after Christmas,

“On December 27, 2015, I was on my back porch, and I casually looked out and saw the wind blowing gently out of the south. A moment later, I looked, and it was blowing out of the northeast. As soon as I saw that, I heard Holy Spirit say to me, “The wind has shifted.” I was immediately filled with such a strong unction that I left the back porch and went inside. My pen literally began to fly across my yellow legal pad. For over 2 hours, I wrote prophetic words and words of knowledge as fast as I could. It was literally a divine download and was a total surprise to me. I continued to receive more words in the days that followed. In total, there are 20 prophetic words and words of knowledge, both personal and for the nations, for 2016 and beyond.

“I believe these words will relate to many people, and I trust they will minister to you. I also believe that they were not given to direct you, but to confirm things for you. I do not believe that all of these are specifically for the year 2016, as I received them with no timeline; although many of these will relate to this year. For some of you, these words may have already begun to come to pass. For others, you may begin to see them activate in the near future. Please feel free to contact our office with any testimonies regarding these words. I am looking forward to what the Lord has for His Church in the days ahead!

“May God’s Best Blessings Rest Upon You.”



“This year will be very unusual on many levels. As a matter of fact, a phrase will be repeated over and over on the lips of people of many nations. You will hear it said, “I have never seen anything like this before.” There will be a great stir among the people of the nations. Seemingly, nothing will remain normal any longer. This will not be just an American phenomenon, but it will touch all the continents.

  • The Lord shall rise up and make Himself known.
  • The forgotten shall shout for great joy.
  • The heathen will see a great light.
  • Unbelievers will take another look.
  • Experts will be stumped.
  • Nations shall be shaken, but kingdoms shall be jolted.
  • Dead, dry bones will experience a fresh prophetic wind.
  • Some will struggle with the question, “Is this God, or is this the devil?” But God will receive all the glory for His mysterious wonders.
  • This will be the year of the winds of God, and those winds are already blowing even as I speak this word.”

John continues delivering the remaining prophetic words and words of knowledge, as in above video, on:

  • Say Goodbye to the Pig-pen
  • In Your Face
  • Heaven Wind
  • From Drought to Drenching Rain (for dry & famished ministers)
  • Deliverance form Womb Wounds
  • Forgive But Run
  • An Impossible Pregnancy
  • Laugh at the Locusts
  • Sudden Change of Plans
  • That Which Was, Is Again
  • Runaway Bride
  • It’s Time To Go Home
  • I’m Coming Out
  • Nets and Lines (re internet: next post)
  • The Downfall of Jezebel
  • The Truth Will Come Out
  • Danger Zone
  • Healing Hands
  • No More Imposters

Read in full by downloading pdf file The Wind of God from John Kilpatrick Ministries.

At the following weekend’s service John recounts receiving a call the next day from a minister somewhere in the northern States saying a number of those words answered prayers made at his church meeting the evening before John divulged their content!

Also, in part 2 of The Wind of God John teaches from Ezekiel 37 upon prophesying to the four winds and how this relates to the seven-fold Spirit of God. (starting at 1:58:00).

Update 12 May 2016: Apolitical prophecy in His Presence

LATEST 4 Nov 2016: The Wind Has Shifted – Update from John Kilpatrick

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