Body of Christ being accelerated to sync with heaven’s time

Clock from 4SignpostsWanting to hear recent praise songs whilst drafting the next post I opened up another tab to play my video clip of Lindell singing “Eyes that burn like blazing fire…King of glory”. When it finished I spotted an intriguing one by Gary Beaton on-screen.

Veteran television and film producer Gary shares the amazing story of the accelerated clock in Bob Jones’ hospital room during the last days of his life, and what it means for the Church. This clip was published on 20th August 2014:

In witnessing this extraordinary, miraculous speeding up Gary is led to this insight:

“God can alter kairos time – His own time – and actually alter chronos time in the earth to line up with His time and the Lord was using Bob Jones’ death to signify prophetically to the whole earth that He was bringing the Church from actually being behind ‘five minutes’ on eternal time – kairos time – time, and that He’s moving the hands of time forward to bring us right in sync with eternal time…that the Church would finally be sync’d up with heaven’s plan. We’ve been behind and we’ve known it…but He’s accelerating us now to be sync’d up with heaven’s clock so we can be moving ahead again in a forward position…”

Take ten to listen to and digest this important message about Time and the new season the Church is now in. [Gary Beaton is at Transformation Glory Ministries.]

Note also Dr Stone’s remarks on England being ‘out of sync’ as indicated by Big Ben inexplicably stopping in May 2007, a couple of months before the attacks on London Transport. (See Prophetic words for UK & Ireland for 2014-2016: Part 2)

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