Chuck Missler (and RB) on the excitement of eschatology


First published as Not Many People Know This… the day after I’d launched this blog in November 2011, this item was repeated on the home page over subsequent years. It alerts followers and visitors to the acceleration in fulfillment of biblical prophecies, as shown in the closing links to some of those events: Continue reading

GPS#7 – restoration of time lost in achieving God-given visions and destinies

God’s Prophetic Signalling system came into play once again right after publishing the last two posts. This arrived from Queensland and refers to topics covered since blogging recently about 2017 being a year of breakthrough:


The Lord is restoring “lost time” right now especially in the areas of destiny. The Lord is opening many new doors right now for His people which is catapulting them into another realm and step of their destiny, yet many area feeling like their time to sow into the vision is being stolen and hindered.

Many are feeling like momentum is being lost, rather than being gained and it is building a level of hopelessness in many hearts as they continue to contend for breakthrough, provision and time to “put their hands to” the vision and dream God has given them.

I saw in the spirit that the enemy was bringing “road block” after “road block” against many and releasing a significant whirlwind of confusion to attempt to cause God’s people to wonder whether they are “out of season” with putting their hands to the vision the Lord has given them. I watched in the spirit as the enemy was placing a clock before the faces of many of God’s people and spinning the hands, so many felt “out of control” because they cannot seem to gain traction and momentum in moving deeper into the “outworking” of the vision Jesus had given them. I watched as the enemy burst into fits of laughter at his pleasure and delight of seeing God’s people disorientated and disillusioned over the vision Jesus had given them.

Just when the enemy thought he had gained the upper hand, I saw Jesus and He decreed:

“I am redeeming lost time. My people will have the last laugh, the laugh of VICTORY IN THEIR VISION and I am now releasing the winds of change and double portion ACCELERATION to not only see the time they have lost because of this opposition, restored, but they will move into an INCREASE ON THEIR VISION, they will have MORE than they had before.”

“Where there has been such confusion over the vision I have given My people and what’s going on, I am now releasing an increase of wisdom, clarity, creativity, witty inventions and insight into the vision to go further than you would have ever thought you would go in this vision and dream.”

Not only was Jesus restoring time that was lost through the winds of acceleration, the vindication of God was exploding all around, through the double portion increase, recompense and restoration that He was releasing over their vision.

The enemy has been screaming that the breakthrough and momentum for the vision is further away than ever, yet the true reality is, the BREAKTHROUGH for the vision is UPON YOU!

There is a breaker anointing that the Lord is releasing for you to SEE THE VISION THROUGH! It’s not going to be just a “vision” anymore, but a tidal wave of His favour is being released, to catapult you into a slipstream of ease, grace and anointing by His Spirit to see you go even further with His vision than you originally anticipated or dreamed.

I felt the Lord say that what would have taken weeks and months to “set up” and “do” in the natural, now with the winds of acceleration released upon the vision, things will be set up and done SUDDENLY and without striving but by the power and empowerment of His Spirit.

The enemy is attempting to convince many of you that there is a DELAY upon you but the truth is there is a NEW DAY upon you!

God is redeeming lost time. The warfare over the vision, the opposition over the vision, the road blocks over the vision He has given you, as hard as it has been, REJOICE, for it has set you up for greater increase, favour and breakthrough than you could imagine.

I also saw those who were carrying visions and dreams from many years ago and it seemed like the vision/dream was miscarried or aborted, the Lord is breathing resurrection life upon those visions/dreams and they are suddenly coming back to life. They are springing forth SUDDENLY with increase and momentum and moving you into new positions. What the Lord will do in the vision/dream He gave you in this season will make up for all lost time with all the provision, breakthrough and favour He will breathe upon it in this season. The lie will break that you have “come out short”. You will come out with MORE than you have ever had before.

Take heart! Your vision has gained INTEREST in the heavenlies! The Lord is activating the tipping point and SUDDENLY things are going to come together and accelerate taking you to a place of breakthrough that is beyond your wildest imagination.

“Yes indeed, it won’t be long now.” God’s Decree.

“Things are going to happen so fast your head will swim, one thing fast on the heels of the other. You won’t be able to keep up. Everything will be happening at once—and everywhere you look, blessings! Blessings like wine pouring off the mountains and hills. I’ll make everything right again for my people Israel” (Amos 9:13-15 MSG TRANSLATION)

God’s GPS#3 con’td – Prophetic promises of fresh revelation – Part 2

The second email issued in the early hours comes through Lana Vawser in Queensland, and which reiterates a word for 2017 and thereby strongly emphases the Lord’s call:


LanaVawserI keep hearing the words over and over “Don’t forsake the secret place”. It has been weighing SO HEAVY on my heart lately. There has been such a stirring in my heart that the Lord is releasing a greater invitation to His people to COME DEEPER and COME HIGHER!!!

I had an encounter with Jesus many months ago and He spoke to me about a season of radical acceleration, breakthrough momentum and increase. The MANIFESTATION OF LIFE was springing up ALL AROUND!!!

When Jesus spoke to me about this season we are in and moving further into and how exciting it will be. It will be the “FINALLY SEASON”. The season that we have been waiting for. Where we begin to see the first fruits of breakthrough, we begin to see the explosion of Ephesians 3:20 in our lives, and we begin to see the increased momentum of the move of the Holy Spirit amongst the body of Christ bringing the GREATEST AWAKENING that we have EVER seen. The AWAKENING so glorious, it will spill out into the nations, and we will begin to see a great divine turning, returning and restoration within nations.

In this encounter, Jesus grabbed my hands and with such love in His eyes, He said to me “But don’t lose Me in the breakthrough”. In this encounter I began to weep and weep as I felt the weight of the warning, the weight of the invitation to come deeper and the absolute pure truth and reality that He is so jealous for His people. His heart is always longing and crying out for deeper intimacy with His people. His heart so full of love for His people, so longing to dine with His people and share His heart.

This encounter burnt so deeply in me the heart of the Lord for His people to KNOW HIM and I have carried the fear of the Lord concerning this season of acceleration and breakthrough, crying out for wisdom on how to steward this season of breakthrough, increase, acceleration and extension. I believe that as we are entering deeper into this season that is SO GLORIOUS, the Lord out of His love, continues to warn us, to call us deeper, to remind us to remain in the secret place and draw us back when we wander.

Jesus is teaching us right now how to STEWARD THIS SEASON WITH PURITY AND INTEGRITY and it all flows from THE SECRET PLACE.


There is a FRUSTRATION that many are feeling in this season. Things are not happening fast enough, or there’s another delay, or things aren’t opening in the way that has been expected, but I want to encourage you to REST and let Him take care of the REST. I have said many times in this season that He is going to lead you to something better than you could ever imagine or expect, but there is a deeper level of surrender to His WAYS and TIMING in this season that is required. Don’t rush your process, continue to delight in Him. Make MEETING WITH HIM DAILY with NO AGENDA your greatest priority and the LIFE and ABUNDANCE that shall flow from that place will leave you in AWE. The frustration many of you are feeling, the Lord is using, to draw you closer to Him, because He wants to release greater revelations of who He is, His beauty and His love. He hasn’t forgotten your dreams and the promises He has given you, He’s working deep on your foundations to keep you anchored in Him.


In this season of acceleration, where there is a temptation to forsake the secret place, not from ill intention, but getting carried away in the breakthrough and joy of the season, even becoming distracted by manifestations of breakthrough, favour and increase – WORSHIP must be a priority every day. Worship will keep you covered, worship will keep your eyes on Him, worship will keep you aligned, yielded and sensitive to Him.

I had a vision as many were getting carried away in this whirlwind season of acceleration beginning to come up against situations that seemed “locked” and they didn’t know the “way through” or how to “unlock” breakthrough in prayer through intercessory strategies. They were running around in a frenzy and they were panicked saying “Where are my keys? I can’t find my keys, where have my keys gone?

“It was then that I saw Jesus standing before them and with a smile on His face He spoke,


Last year the Lord was emphasising strongly this is the season of the FIRST LOVE, a great returning, and this year, I believe He is emphasising it EVEN MORE, because of the mighty acceleration, breakthrough and increase we are beginning to see.


“Don’t fall asleep and back into complacency. I want a BRIDE THAT BURNS!!!! To COUNTERACT the SLUMBER – WORSHIP and do not forsake the secret place! Be INTENTIONAL to WORSHIP!!!! WORSHIP WILL KEEP YOU AWAKE!!!!”

“In the secret place right now, you are going to encounter My fire and the power of My Spirit as you worship, that is going to set you alight! It’s going to take you into realms of intimacy with Me that will see your heart and soul filled with the greatest, deepest peace and joy you have ever known. It’s not the time to ‘sit back and relax’ as the pressure lifts. It’s the time to press even deeper still into knowing Me. It’s the time to worship like you have never worshipped before. It’s the time to dance with Me and catch My gaze as I look lovingly towards you and let Me lead you. Let Me guide you. Forsake all other things that are pulling at you, and focus on Me. Trust Me, for I am taking you to places that you have never imagined or dreamed. This is the year where I am causing you to THRIVE and ARRIVE but all life and increase and long-lasting fruit will flow from the secret place.”


“It will be EVIDENT in this season who has been in the secret place and who hasn’t.”

“I am highlighting the lamps! I am highlighting the lamps! Look at your lamps! How are your lamps? Are your lamps full? Or are your lamps empty? Do not be found “not ready”. You must be found ready!!!! Come deeper, come deeper My people. Come to Me, not in fear, come to Me in delight, to know Me for who I am. I am working for your good, I am working in your heart, soul and life to set you up for longevity. For what I am doing and about to do in the earth, My people must be rooted and anchored in Me and know the secret place like never before. There must be a new level of sensitivity to see where I am going and what I am doing, and you will only increase in sensitivity as you press into Me and allow Me to teach you and mould you. Your greatest days are upon you, and My heart of love for you, My heart as a good Father is yearning, for you to yield and come deeper in the secret place and allow Me to prepare you for your greatest days upon this earth.”


“There’s a call being released from My heart right now to saturate yourselves in the Word like never before. Feast upon it day and night. Surround yourself with it daily. There’s a temptation to ‘snack’ here and there upon the Word in this season as things as this acceleration increases, but it’s in this place, you need to slow down and FEAST AND CHEW on the Word. It’s CRUCIAL My people are in a place of MEDITATION upon My Word in this season of ELEVATION AND ACCELERATION.”

Mightily encouraging words for my American and British readers

As foretold by many prophetic voices last year, or earlier, there’s been an acceleration in the prophetic, especially in what the Lord is doing to bring about His plans in the nations – ‘Lord, Your Kingdom,  let it come; Your will, let it be done on earth as it is in heaven’.

As with all prophetic words on this blog and elsewhere they are offered for your weighing with the Lord…


This morning in Australia Lana Vawser published “AMERICA, THIS IS THE DAY YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR – THIS IS YOUR DAY OF DESTINY!!!!”, saying ‘This is quite a lengthy word, but I feel it is very important for the United States right now.  I have been hearing the words over and over “America, this is the day you have been waiting for – this is your day of destiny!!!”….’ [Continue reading by clicking here.]



‘Today as I was driving to a prayer meeting singing away to a Worship CD when the Holy Spirit suddenly interrupted me with a very clear picture of Donald Trump..! As I looked at him I saw that he was surrounded by raging waters that were rising very quickly. However to my surprise he looked calm and peaceful, he seemed totally unperturbed, his face was fixed, focused and full of Hope and Expectation. The words, “GODS MAN WITH A PLAN” came to mind in that moment! As I looked again at him the waters continued to rise and rage roundabout him, then I saw something strange, it was as if his legs were being filled with lead and then I heard these words so clearly, “AND MANY WILL SAY OF HIM, ITS LIKE HE HAS LEGS OF LEAD AND NERVES OF STEEL, FOR THE SPIRIT OF GOD HAS MADE HIM UNSHAKABLE AND IMMOVABLE IN THE MIDST OF GREAT TROUBLE AND GREAT TURMOIL, NOW HE WILL LEAD THE NATION FORWARD INTO VICTORY AND WITH A NEW VISION EMPOWERED BY THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD, THE SPIRIT OF WISDOM, THE SPIRIT OF COUNSEL, THE SPIRIT OF MIGHT, THE SPIRIT OF UNDERSTANDING, THE SPIRIT KNOWLEDGE AND THE FEAR OF THE LORD”!

‘Then I saw President ELECT Donald Trump standing high upon a steep mountain side with his hands held high, his eyes fixed upon the heavens and his two feet deeply embedded into the rock-face of the mountain, the waters raged and the winds blew fiercely round about him but NOTHING COULD MOVE HIM!

‘Then I heard these words, “He lifted me out of a pit of confusion, above the rising waters, even out of the quicksand; and He placed my feet on a rock and established my steps”.’


To read the latest and most recent by many contributors who endeavour to hear what the Lord is saying, visit UK Prophetic Words – Holy Spirit Vision for Britain. Choose this Blogspot’s ‘Magazine’ or ‘Timeline’ layouts to obtain an overview of the compilation with a brief intro.

The blog was launched some years ago by Geoff Pick, who is now most ably assisted by Suzanne Payne. They are to be congratulated on their sacrificial service in providing a valuable resource to the Church, and I’m grateful for her contact and advice.

So many of those words resonate strongly in my spirit!

Glasgow 16-17 September – next level adventures

Glasgow Prophetic Centre

Further to the recent posts on building the Kingdom, join Emma Stark and the Glasgow Prophetic Centre team for this gathering of passionate pioneers in the magnificent Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. If you have felt a stirring in your spirit to see the ‘greater things’ – the next level adventures with God – then this important event is for you!

Over the course of a packed evening and full day of worship, teaching, prophecy, fellowship and activation you will:

  • Be radically moved to the next level in a more biblically ‘normal’ Christianity
  • Encounter Father, Son and Holy Spirit in a deeper way
  • Be challenged, stretched and inspired by some of the best prophetic and Bible teachers in the land
  • Receive healing of body and mind as you…
  • Experience new levels of freedom from past limitations
  • Rejoice as Jesus sets you free from the chains of past trauma and repetitive failures
  • Enjoy the Holy Spirit giving you new strength and stamina for the journey
  • Discover Christ’s five-fold strategy for building His church


Special September 1 – in Holy Spirit’s slipstream

A stirring word of strong encouragement published on Bank Holiday Monday by Veronika West on her Ignite Ireland Ministry facebook:


As I began to pray a few days ago about the month of September, I clearly and distinctly heard the Holy Spirit say these words,


Then I saw the Body of Christ like a flock of flying geese, as I looked again I saw the flock flying in a V-shaped formation, immediately I was reminded of a bird study that I did on geese with my son for a school project. Continue reading

Visions of New Britain’s natural and spiritual renewal – #2

This came on Saturday as a subscription item from UK Prophetic Words and was listed in my in-tray very close to Angela Jelf’s email (see previous post). The original is by John Wunderlich and dated the day before her ‘vision’. Angela’s reaction upon my informing her – “Oh wow! I am kind of speechless…Some striking similarities here! What a wonderful word!”  It reads: Continue reading

Visions unfolding – Jean Darnall Vision #2

An invisible jigsaw’s prophetic pieces are coming together

‘God-incidences’ are quickening! After the recent note from Thomas Harry, I’m learning about others being reminded of the visions the Lord gave Smith Wigglesworth and Jean Darnall decades ago about His plans for the Kingdom across Britain.

In the cyber-deluge deposited in Monday’s in-tray was April’s ‘Ezine’ from Hugh and Ginny Cryer (whom I introduced last June in connection with the prophetic words on Unity and on the UK brought by Heidi Baker and Cindy Jacobs). This month’s edition of Culture Changers Connecting You has a couple of pertinent reports, the first of which reads:

Visions Unfolding

Many of us are aware that Asuza Now starts on 9th April.  It is the 100th anniversary of the original Asuza Revival.  It’s theme is ‘Unity’ and it is a good reminder that our Dad doesn’t want us to pick sides but pick Him!  There is obviously only One Church and He will build it.

As well as Asuza Now, next year is also the fiftieth anniversary of Jean Darnall’s famous prophecy. Here is part of it.:

“And what I saw was the British Isles, as in a bird’s eye view. A kind of haze was over the whole, like a green fog.   And then little pinpricks of light began to appear from the top of Scotland to Land’s End. Then the Lord seemed to draw me closer to these lights, and I saw that they were fires that were burning. They were multiplying from the top of Scotland to Land’s End. Then I saw lightening come and strike those fires, the brightest spots particularly, and there was a kind of explosion, and rivers of fire flowed down….

“The Lord impressed it on my Heart that those fires I saw were groups of people whom He would make intensely hungry for New Testament Christianity. They would start reading their Bibles and saying, for instance, as they read the book of Acts, ‘Well, where is this happy church? Where are these people so full of the power of the Holy Spirit? Where are these miracles? Where is this growth, this vitality, this courage, this boldness that these people had? Is that for today – can we have it today? Should the church be this way?’.”

[This ‘Phase One’ is also covered in that recent post. To read the full account of Jean’s three-fold vision click/tap > CrossRythms: Jean Darnells Vision.]

Homefires_130335With the above in mind, I want to share with you something that happened in our home one Spring morning in  2014 – when our wood burner spontaneously caught fire!   We asked the Lord what He was saying to us through this and believe He was confirming to us that the Holy Spirit, himself, will light spiritual fires in homes around the nations. Three weeks later, I woke up to hear the words “Keep the Home Fires Burning!” as we prepared for a gathering later that day.  Significantly Pam Bugden then arrived with the card pictured above.

Our homes can be outposts of heaven –  houses that have the potential to change the world around them.   Homes where we meet together with Him in an interactive way where everyone participates as we share our concerns for one another and our love for Him.  Homes where there is corporate responsibility.   Homes where an official leader is not demoted – but rather everyone else is promoted and Jesus is our Head.  Homes where we hear and obey His voice, regardless of our comfort zones, as we follow Mary’s wise words in John 2:5 when she said, “Whatever He says to you – do it!”   Homes that represent all the generations as we share our strengths and shore up our weaknesses.  Safe Places where the home fires are burning.

Thank you Hugh and Ginny for drawing our attention to what the Lord wants us to prepare for and to go and do…

Click/tap here for Jean Darnall Visions #3 (Watching What’s Happening in the Church)


  • Teamwork Solving a Puzzle by Franky242; courtesy
  • Keep Home Fires Burning; courtesy Culture Changers Ezine.

7th Anniversary of Watching

Courtsey StoonnDedicated to personal and cyber friends and readers who’ve followed my musings over the years – kindly bear with any repetition below.

On the last day of February seven years ago I emailed some friends in various churches about how I’d been stunned upon opening my Bible. Having been in touch about the previous year’s events in Lakeland, Florida, we continued chatting occasionally. However, my attention was suddenly directed to look at Biblical prophecies in much more depth.

We will see how this may be relevant to the previous post but first, in celebrating that date, let me repeat the opening of that two-part email (click title to read in full – and I hope the many links below don’t cause readers any scrolling problems):

The Endgame Is Now In Play

‘Dear Friends – further to Rev’d Bill’s [author William Smith] recent request re Christian Freedom, may I offer some observations upon our times and, in another message, suggest a way forward?

‘Last year, I encountered two conflicting claims about Jesus’ explanation of the parable on the end-time harvest of wheat and tares (Matt 13:36-43). So I went to check scripture but upon opening my Bible a deep excitement exploded within as I heard, “This is ALL about to be fulfilled” – WOW!!

‘Hence, my previous remarks about a sifting of the Church – in preparation for a rapid ‘sHifting’? Jesus urged His disciples to look out for and observe signs of the times. Regarding their questions about His return at the end of this Age, the earliest Gospel account has Jesus stressing 7 times, Watch…be alert…on your guard (Mark 13). Matthew 24 reports Jesus saying 4 times, Watch…and when you see…” followed by the parables of the burglar and of the virgins:> “Don’t be caught napping!” [Is the Church still asleep?] Luke’s account has, “Be always on the watch…” (at 21:36) and chapter 12 has sections on watchfulness and interpreting the times. In each Gospel Jesus commands, Learn the lesson of the fig tree…”. Also, the Apostles went on to give more indicators (Acts 3:20-1, Hebrews 12:26-7, 2 Peter 3, 2 Timothy 3 and the first and second letters to the Thessalonians).

So, let’s watch closely what’s happening here and globally….’

wheat-and-tares[Last Thursday I referred to that parable when I commented upon a contribution at the close of  What is the Gospel of the Kingdom?.  Author Nelson Walters replied that he intends blogging on it soon!  Upon re-reading the above ‘7 times’ repetition of Jesus it’s fascinating that Matthew 13 pops up 7 years later! Now, is it coincidence or ‘God-incidence’? You tell me.]

That email went on to remind readers of the increasing difficulties fellow believers were facing in their workplaces because of political intolerance and surveillance. [This still pertains, eg. the Court appeal of senior NHS therapist Victoria Wasteney outrageously disciplined for giving a Muslim colleague a book!! – but better news on Christian political campaigner Alan Craig being reinstated and all charges dropped against pensioner/street preacher Michael Jones who was imprisoned for exposing ISIS!! – many more cases here. Breaking News – secret policing of Christian student leads to expulsion!]

In the follow-up email I shared an open vision of the rotten state of our society and that Christians need to take a stand upon the Rock that is Christ. I quoted Bible teacher David Pawson’s idea that such ‘persecution’ will strengthen and encourage Christians, and that Muslims are shaming us with our lack of zeal.

Prophet Daniel: Europe’s 666, Obama in Cairo etc 

Occasional emails were to follow focusing upon current events in the Middle East not only from a scriptural perspective, of which my friends were acquainted, but also from little-known facts as well as omissions by mainstream media.

Thus to President Obama’s landmark Cairo Speech to the Muslim world and I torpedoed his claims of being a historian and Christian. Observers will be familiar with those matters and Potus’ great antipathy towards Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu, and hence the consequential collapse of America’s influence in that sphere. (See that link for updates)

However, on two consecutive days 13 months later (12 & 13 May 2010) there came an interesting combination of events: Netanyahu quoted the New Testament against PA chief negotiator’s insults over the Jewish nature of Jerusalem – Obama turned a new leaf on Israel! (Details here.) Interesting that only last week Bibi had occasion to correct David Cameron over Jerusalem, as noted in previous post.

Acceleration and Blogging

From the early days of reporting, my private emails were mainly based upon monitoring developments in what I termed the ‘Ezekiel 38 Alliance’, otherwise known as Gog-Magog, as well as Zecharia 12 re Jerusalem (see Today’s Importance in History‘). Biblically-related and prophesied events were unfolding rapidly and the Lord prompted me to start blogging to a wider readership, which was launched in November 2011. The first blogs’ background and testimony of a near death-revelation of hell served to introduce me. Also, I told Why I’m on the Lookout (including use of a ‘time machine’ operated by literary licence, and our Time Lord’s Key to Foretelling the Future), notified my earliest readers about non-mainstream media sources used (Not the 10 o’clock News) and introduced the theory of cycles of time in 2011-2012 and Biblical Historical/Financial Cycles.  September 2011’s dream of The Kingdom being set up in the UK was also recounted.

It’s again noteworthy that 50 months ago posts on PM Netanyahu setting up Bible study at Home and on PM Cameron ‘Doing God’ featured in the first month of blogging!!

Contemporary Prophecy and Healings

Within months I began blogging about healing in view of a furore over prayers for healing being performed on the streets and covered issues on that as well as The Bay of The Holy Spirit healing revival. So a main menu hub with many sub-pages was established on Jesus & Miracles, which also asks ‘Do You Know Jesus?’ for any visitors to whom He may be unfamiliar.

In view of the blog’s main focus it was essential to set up an instructional hub Prophecies & Visions, which includes a Library of contemporary words of prophecy and prophetical visions

‘Invisible Jigsaw’

Puzzle Globe and Book by ThanunkornThat was the title I first wanted to use for this blog but at that time I wasn’t able to find or to create a suitable graphic. An increasing range of material encouraged me to diversify my blogging and in a way opened me more to what the Lord was doing and communicating. It was rather like His displaying pieces of an invisible jigsaw.

On several occasions other folk would contribute various prophetic words and their timing was more than coincidental. In particular, a lengthy string of personal events cropped up in connection with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Bells and I had to start taking these kind of insights seriously. These and many ‘God-incidents’ were like jigsaw pieces.

These events got so frequent that rather than having to repeat myself for the benefit of new readers it was more helpful to write brief introductions to this material. As the blog’s format may differ on tablets and smartphones to that for desktop screens, maybe some readers are unaware of these outlines buried within the blog’s main menu.

For ease of reference, those outlines are: Cycles & Time > 1 Eternity and Prophecy – 2 The Nature of Time – 3 Cycles and the Bible – 4 The Natural Year – 5 Historic Aprils for USA & Israel : God-incidents & Jigsaws >  6 God-incidents – 7 Invisible Jigsaw.

Therefore, I took particular notice of ‘spooky’ events on two anniversaries of this blog. As told here, Iran ‘coincidentally’ repeated what I’d seen in mid-1980’s – rehearsal of an attack upon Jerusalem. That was my introduction as a non-Christian to Bible prophecy!

Time Comes Around – again

Therefore, I was most amused upon the teaching On Engaging Time turning up recently! Also, 7 represents a cycle of completion and closure for another to begin. So I’ve been mulling over what the Lord may have in store for me next and where my focus should be.

Double-confirmation of what I was sensing came from my trusty friends in Glasgow: time to go ‘deeper and higher’!  Hoping and praying that’s for you too…

Be mightily blessed by and in The Name Above ALL Names…

Thank you so much Lord. Thine be the glory and praise alone!

Update: Nelson Walters has published Wheat and the Tares. When Does It Happen?

Images courtesy of :

  • Hand Giving A Key by Chaiwat,
  • Puzzle Globe and Book by Thanunkorn.

PS. Never would it have crossed my mind when examining opposing opinion on the wheat and tares that 7 years later I’d have scribbled 1020 emails, pages and posts, gained a few hundred regular readers and nearly quarter of a million hits. All-time most popular posts are Dr Sharon Stone’s Prophetic words for 2014-16 for UK & Ireland, the word on a New Move of God for the UK brought by Heidi Baker and then Dr Sharon’s word for 2013, with the Library collection following closely.

Is this my exploding Bible’s 1,000th ‘piece’?

This month is the 7th anniversary of when my Bible exploded upon opening it!

Courtsey StoonnIn connection with a controversy over an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in 2008 in Lakeland, Florida, I’d encountered two conflicting claims about Jesus’ explanation of the parable on the end-time harvest of wheat and tares (Matthew 13:36).

So I went to check that scripture but, upon opening my Bible, I was hit by a deep excitement EXPLODING WITHIN as I heard,

“This is ALL about to be fulfilled!” 

I informed some friends and church leaders by email, reminded them about my earlier remarks on a sifting of the Church – and that Jesus had urged His disciples to look out for signs of the times (see The Endgame is now in play). On their questions about His return at the end of this Age, I noted Jesus stressing 7 times, Watch…be alert…on your guard (Mark 13).

That was the start of my regularly writing about these matters. Just a few months later that decision was confirmed by a visiting prophet, and after a couple of years I went public with this blog in Nov 2011. (Sept 2011 was a turning point in UK according to Bill Johnson – as herein.)

Last Thursday I’d almost finished the previous post and, unusually, was able to dash it off on Saturday and continue with our weekend. But I spotted something! I don’t often look at the list of posts from WordPress’ working area or ‘desktop’ but I clicked from there into the listing and saw that post was the 960th of published posts.  Now I knew the blog’s menu has 60 static pages, and realised this latest makes a COMBINED TOTAL of 1,000.

Is it ‘coincidence’ that The most momentous world-changing events in 2,000 years?  is the ‘1,000th piece’ on this blog?  Or is it a ‘God-incidence’ confirming that the subject is especially significant in the Lord’s plans??

Most extraordinary, but it had to wait ’til I was back at my desk this morning. AND look at today’s Lion Bite “Suddenly I acted”  >

“I have spoken and now I am acting. My word has gone forth and now I am fulfilling”, declares the Lord. 

The detail of that prophetic word mirrors what pastor John Kilpatrick taught yesterday at CHP in USA about the importance and power of retelling testimonials of what the Lord has done, not only in scripture but in our own lives too.

AND more specifically, it reiterates detail of what his son, assistant pastor John Michael, shared about hearing the audible voice of the Lord, “speaking like an Englishman”

“Put Me into the middle of the wilderness you’re in”.

The Lion Bite has it: ‘…the Spirit of the Lord says that this is the day that He begins to manifest into your midst that which He has spoken…’

MOREOVER, along with that daily ‘Bite’ comes news of another prophetic word received yesterday that’s relevant to this post. It also includes an appropriate prayer for us:

“I pray that revelation will just explode in you about this!”  AMEN

LOL! And I was going to wait for the 7th anniversary of that first email on 28th February – good job I didn’t, methinks.

Body of Christ being accelerated to sync with heaven’s time

Clock from 4SignpostsWanting to hear recent praise songs whilst drafting the next post I opened up another tab to play my video clip of Lindell singing “Eyes that burn like blazing fire…King of glory”. When it finished I spotted an intriguing one by Gary Beaton on-screen.

Veteran television and film producer Gary shares the amazing story of the accelerated clock in Bob Jones’ hospital room during the last days of his life, and what it means for the Church. This clip was published on 20th August 2014:

In witnessing this extraordinary, miraculous speeding up Gary is led to this insight:

“God can alter kairos time – His own time – and actually alter chronos time in the earth to line up with His time and the Lord was using Bob Jones’ death to signify prophetically to the whole earth that He was bringing the Church from actually being behind ‘five minutes’ on eternal time – kairos time – time, and that He’s moving the hands of time forward to bring us right in sync with eternal time…that the Church would finally be sync’d up with heaven’s plan. We’ve been behind and we’ve known it…but He’s accelerating us now to be sync’d up with heaven’s clock so we can be moving ahead again in a forward position…”

Take ten to listen to and digest this important message about Time and the new season the Church is now in. [Gary Beaton is at Transformation Glory Ministries.]

Note also Dr Stone’s remarks on England being ‘out of sync’ as indicated by Big Ben inexplicably stopping in May 2007, a couple of months before the attacks on London Transport. (See Prophetic words for UK & Ireland for 2014-2016: Part 2)

Dr Sharon Stone: 2016 Word of the Lord – “The momentum has shifted”

A prophetic word was brought by Dr Sharon Stone at a Christian International Europe conference on 5th December. I pray this transcript conveys the anointing of the spoken word as Sharon prophesies, teaches and points out practical applications, especially on the heavenly court.  

By way of preface Sharon asks those gathered, “Why do you need to have a word of the Lord for this season that you’re in?”, and then answers her question.:

Rev Dr Sharon Stone, courtesy CIEI believe it’s because it helps you to align with God so that you can make a difference in your world.

And that’s what all of our hearts’ desire is, but the problem is then: God’s idea of time often does not agree with our natural understanding of time. But remember this: He’s the One who made time and He made us to be aware of His timely plans.

I love what 1 Chronicles 12:32 speaks of: it says there was a tribe in Israel that knew the times and the seasons of God [‘sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel should do’]. Now Israel was always successful when they were compatible in opinion and action with God; to carry out His will, His way, in His time. Even though there were other nations who had more powerful armies and influential leaders, they could not compete with the edge of knowing what God had planned for the particular times.

Now, God is giving His children the ability of knowing His times and seasons, and not only that but also recognizing the signs of the times and correctly interpreting them. He wants you to have knowledge from Him of the course we need to take, precisely what needs to be done and how to do it.

So, when you and I choose to receive and apply God’s revelation, then we benefit from its counsel. This includes you, the church, government, leaders and those in business can all benefit when they have a timely word of the Lord and revelation to align with.

Now, when revelation is released in the spiritual realm (as today) the atmosphere begins to shift. And what happens there? The atmosphere begins to shift, it has a chain reaction causing changes in the natural realm to come to pass. And then, what seemed to be impossible before that is now possible, because God’s word is a creative word.

So, this 2016 Word of the Lord is about intentionally partnering with God’s will being done on earth as it is in Heaven. (Prays for delegates and herself to hear Him.)

1. The Voice of the Lord is a Force for a New Course! 

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