A media turnaround: part 2

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Bay of The Holy Spirit Revival

The miraculous healing in Mobile I informed everyone about in early November has now appeared in one of our tabloids Daily Mail, as well as being a hit on YouTube.

It’s especially encouraging to hear Nathan Morris preaching on the blood of Jesus and cross of Calvary. And signs and wonders follow. He’s very fired up with the Holy Spirit’s anointing. His in-depth discussion with Delia Knox about her healing after 22 years paralysis was particularly poignant, and reminded us of Nina’s healing from permanent disability.

Also memorable from the dozens of testimonies were those where terminal cancers were radically corrected – the deaf nun who regained hearing and now ministering in the Spirit – the lady with congenital heart defect who amazed doctors by gaining a third, missing aortal valve! – written medical statement that a woman’s surgically segmented bladder should not be functioning normally! – etc, etc.  Choose from the video archives to see people being healed and heal their testimonies.

A Theological Concern

Sadly, some brethren claim the revival is a deception and miracles are false because Jesus Christ warned against false teachers and that we should guard ourselves against deception.  Paul explained that satan masquerades as a angel of light and can perform miracles (2 Corinthians 11.13-15).

Yes, quite so and we should perform a ‘Berean check’ to ensure actual events align with and are scripturally sound.  BUT let’s be sure to look at whole scripture and not single out odd verses! Check out Matthew 24.24, 2 Thessalonians 2.3 and other New testament letters undoubtedly cover the same theme and events, but read their whole context – the events as described have not quite arrived yet!

Furthermore, Paul clearly teaches that all the counterfeits are accepted by those who are perishing ‘because they refused to love the truth and so be saved’ (2Thess 2.10). Then he writes, ’the Lord is faithful and will strengthen and protect you from the evil one’ (2Thess 3.3).

Also, one needs be careful not to serve the accuser of the brethren in condemning what is of God as being of satan, thereby blaspheming the Holy Spirit – the unforgiveable sin!

Under an intense burden Nathan Morris gave a direct word from the Lord about what is coming upon the world and urging his people to turn their gaze upon Him and thus not be deceived. This Englishman preaches salvation and forgiveness of sin through the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ, whom he deeply loves, as does the congregation. According to scriptural definition, therefore, what has been happening in Alabama is not from the evil one – he hates the Blood and the Glorious Presence!!  And how can satan ever preach Christ crucified??

So, let’s keep our eyes upon Jesus…

A media turnaround: part 1

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Dear Friends – could the Lord be stirring British broadcasting, press and public for doing a deep work this Christmas?  A Christmas that soon follows a very rare lunar eclipse on a winter solstice, one when sun, moon and earth were directly lined up with the galaxy’s centre?

The Nativity

Since when did a best-selling newspaper devote an editorial in amazement because the anti-Christian BBC is running a 4-part mini-serial about Jesus’ birth? It concludes:

“…Having started the project as a sceptic, the time has now come to believe that the Nativity is a true and wonderful story. As he says in an interview with this newspaper today: “If you accept that Jesus is Son of God, why would you not believe that Mary was a virgin and that God must have had some hand in the impregnation?” Such an absence of cynicism would be refreshing in a modern bishop; it is a delightful surprise coming from a BBC scriptwriter. His four-part drama, to be shown in peak-time slots in the run-up to Christmas Day, is influenced by a belief that the words of Jesus Christ “are the most truthful thing I have ever read”.

Click as appropriate to read full editorial > to read the interview > to watch episodes on your pc.

Nina and I are pleasantly surprised to find each script follows the gospel fairly closely, even when taking journalistic licence into account. A large slice of the script covers preparations and journey by the magi, thus showing Tony Jordan has taken pains over his work. I liked their expecting a bridge between heaven and earth and explanation of God looking after his Jewish people as would a father – perhaps Jordan’s script will encourage spiritual seekers who’re being called into the Kingdom? Could the magi have had in mind the prophetic visions of their past leader, the prophet Daniel? (Daniel 7.13-14 and 4.9 refer.) For more background see Who Were The Magi? at Koinonia House.