Turkey and Iran – a conflict of interest?

According to Reuter’s report of Wednesday, a mutual concern over the rise of al Qaeda in Syria (and Iraq) spurred hopes for this week’s Turkish-Iranian rapprochement.

But couldn’t that claim be ‘dis-information’? Al Qaeda is Sunni Muslim whereas the mullahs running Iran are Shiite and Turkey is a secular Islamic state, although PM Erdogan favours Islamist extremism.

And let’s not forget that even at the height of the Iran-Iraq war between adherents of those two opposing forms of Islam, elite units stopped fighting one another to rehearse the storming of Jerusalem! (See The Invisible Hand Re-appears.)

I’d humbly suggest, therefore, those facts should be kept in mind when considering today’s news of Al Qaeda bases operating openly in Turkey, as reported by Israel’s military intelligence chief. DebkaFile opens its ‘Special Report’ as follows:

Al Qaeda has set up its first bases in a NATO member-country. Wednesday, Jan. 29, the day Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan sat down in Tehran with President Hassan Rouhani, Israel’s military intelligence chief Maj. Gen. Avivi Kochavi revealed that Al Qaeda adherents fighting in Syria had established their first training facilities in Turkey…

The strong impression gained from Kochavi’s briefing was that Turkey is not just home to three al Qaeda training facilities and bases, but that its borders are left open for them to cross in from neighboring countries…

In reading the Intel Chief’s 5-point summary, it’s interesting to note the first refers to the PM’s agenda for “linking the two non-Arab Muslim nations in a new strategic alliance for regional domination” – emphasis mine. This fits the Gog-Magog coalition prophesied in Ezekiel 38.

Also, he stressed that both nations permit, even provide a springboard for, al Qaeda to conduct terrorist operations. Therefore, “Neither of the two new allies…would have any qualms about using al Qaeda terrorism to promote their agendas.”.

His other points on Palestinians and Iran, fallout from the US-Iran nuclear accord and  vulnerability of Europe from attack via a fellow NATO member, are well worth noting.

It’s no wonder Chuck Missler’s Strategic Trends analysis refers to this modern-day alliance as ”The Treacherous Trio of Ezekiel 38″ !

On the significance of Turkey’s turn-around

Yesterday’s news and announcement on this blog merits a brief explanation. As an ‘alert’, it was dashed off because I was about to close down for dinner but decided to quickly check ‘before-the-media’ news.

In fact, my short window on-line yesterday went in congratulating a friend on his political blog’s news. I mentioned that prophetic material in Ezekiel 38 is increasingly relevant. (As already disclosed, that topic had cropped up in my afternoon meeting.) Hence, my astonishment at reading the news from Debka – I was amazed that what I’d spoken of and referred to in writing had become news on that day!!

Why is this news of Turkey’s prime minster turning against Washington important?

erdogan_iran_visit28_1_14If not the first, Tayyip Erdogan was one of the foreign leaders whom Barack Obama called very soon after taking office. After attending the G20 Summit in London, then with NATO in Strasburg and with the EU in Prague, President Obama went to Istanbul and Ankara on 7th April 2009, “to send a message to the world” (per White House transcript). In making a major speech to the Turkish Parliament on the Middle East, Obama wooed Turkey as “a critical ally”.  [Is it a coincidence that Turkey soon moved from being a military ally of Israel to exhibiting great hostility, doubtless encouraged by POTUS’ own inclinations? – see Rewind re. Turkey.]

Two Arabic stations carried Obama’s speech live and Associated Press reported:

Making his first visit to a Muslim nation as president and calling for a greater partnership with the Islamic world in an address to the Turkish parliament, Obama called the country an important U.S. ally in many areas, including the fight against terrorism. He devoted much of his speech to urging a greater bond between Americans and Muslims, portraying terrorist groups such as al Qaida as extremists who did not represent the vast majority of Muslims.

“Let me say this as clearly as I can,” Obama said. “The United States is not and never will be at war with Islam. In fact, our partnership with the Muslim world is critical … in rolling back a fringe ideology that people of all faiths reject.

[Emphases Koenig’s Eye View From The White House, April 9th 2009]

But Bill Koenig, White House journalist, made this prophetically accurate observation:

This will be an incentive for the enemies of the United States to keep going, believing the U.S. has no fortitude to fight, and that they are winning. [Bang on! Emphasis mine]

It was Obama’s opening salvo in moving the goal-posts and he developed his earlier claims during the tour that the US and Europe must change its attitude to the Muslim world. [From thence he went on to cause consternation in bowing to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.]

Two months later, the broadside fired in his Cairo speech made his lack of historical and political accuracy abundantly clear to informed observers. In encouraging a move towards principles of western democracy and welcoming the Muslim Brotherhood he sent an even clearer signal that American policy was now taking an about-turn.

The rest is history and confirms the bankruptcy of American foreign policy with the  consequential geo-strategic re-alignment of the whole Middle-East. Iran has beaten the US hands down in nuclear negotiations and, after the fiasco over Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf nations can no longer trust Obama. Therefore, Russia is now taking advantage of the political vacuum in that region.

Therefore, after a close relationship with Prime Minister Erdogan from the outset of his presidency, the Turk’s turning away from Washington to Tehran is highly significant. This is especially so when we recall Turkey had major differences with Iran over Syria. [See Reuters’ article below for detailed update.]

OR, could Obama have instructed Erdogan to make it up with Iran? Or even to get in so POTUS could have a personal ‘take’ on the Iranians? I wonder…

As prophesied over 2,500 years ago, these peoples are coming together, not in any loose confederation, but in a political and military alliance under Russian dominance!!

EXCEEDINGLY INTERESTING TIMES!  The words of the Lord given to His prophet Ezekiel accurately forecasted modern political developments in the region around the tiny state of Israel.

How say you, my reader?

UPDATED 31 Jan: Turkey & Iran – conflict of interest?

Further reading:

Update on the ‘Ezekiel alliance’ – Turkey seeks to join Iran

Last week it was the Palestinians, today it’s Turkey wanting to join Iran and Russia, as in the following Exclusive Report from DebkaFile:

“Turkey’s Tayyip Erdogan has snapped his links with Washington and rushed into Iran’s arms for direct action against US interests. He is spiting the Obama administration in the belief of a US plot to replace him with President Abdullah Gul and discredit him by corruption scandals implicating members of his family in sanctions-busting business with Iran through the state-owned Turkish Halkbank.”

Only this afternoon at church house group did I mention it’s only a matter of time for this next developmental phase in establishing the specific coalition of states, as prophesied in Ezekiel 38!!

Continued in On the significance of Turkey’s turn-around >>

Newsmix – on Palestinians – on Anglicans

Seasoned watchers of today’s political fulfilment of Biblical prophecies will appreciate the following that came to my attention over the weekend. In spite of the increasing mayhem and madness, events seem to be progressing in accord with the Lord’s achieving His purposes.  Headlines are mine not the media’s:


So-called ‘peace talks’ being engineered by the US Secretary of State Kerry’s almost manic shuttle-negotiations have always been regarded as doomed to failure by well-informed watchers, especially in the light of America’s abysmal loss of credibility. In Friday’s exclusive report Palestinian leader turns to Putin for Palestinian State etc., DEBKAfile concludes with a most telling insight as follows (emphases mine):

‘…Moscow has already proved it can get away with busting international sanctions by concluding a $1.5 bn contract with Tehran for the purchase of half a million barrels of Iranian oil a day, without incurring a word of complaint from Washington.

‘Two weeks later, Putin and Abbas have acted together to wreck a painstaking US diplomatic initiative actively partnered by Israel for a negotiated peace accord with the Palestinians. They have left John Kerry and Binyamin Netanyahu holding an empty shell. Nabil Shaath, a Palestinian Fatah veteran, could not have put the situation more bluntly when he said Thursday night that it was time to “end the American monopoly on peacemaking, after Washington had proved incapable of imposing agreements on Israel.”

Russian tactics for Syria and Iran had proved effective, he said, and there was no reason why Moscow could not perform the same function on the Israeli-Palestinian track. The Palestinians have clearly opted to follow the examples of other Middle East leaders, ranging from Iran… Syria… Saudi… Egyptian… in making tracks, overtly or covertly, to Moscow. They are opening the door for Russia to fill the void left by American disengagement from region under the Obama administration.’

In the light of rapidly changing geo-strategic influences across the whole Middle-East, who may now dare disbelieve the Word of the Living Lord God to his prophets? For example, consider what he delivered through Ezekiel about that anti-Israel coalition under the words addressed to Gog and Magog (Ezekiel 38 refers), which I write about as The Ezekiel Alliance/Axis. The latter may be the better description and should you desire some background information read Koinonia Institute’s Strategic Tends Update, The Treacherous Trio of Ezekiel 38 – Part 1 (Turkey)Part 2 (Iran)Part 3 (Russia). Although published some years ago, these briefings provide useful insights.

Also, Daniel Pipes has recently written about Iran gaining a foothold on the Arabian Peninsula in National Review Online.


Out of his deep interest and concern for the Church of England Gillan Scott has written a solid consideration upon growth in that denomination.  Its content has generated quite a debate and so I recommend those readers who took an interest in my recent remarks on apostasy within the Anglican church to take time to peruse The Church of England still needs to wake up and smell the coffee over church growth.

Netanyahu calls Israel “epicenter” of innovation at World Economic Forum in Davos. Cites Bible as a reason for Israel’s strength.

Joel’s report is interesting in tandem with Daniel Pipe’s article in Washington Times citing the Middle East as ‘The sick man of the world’.  He writes, “…two examples point to a larger conclusion: maladies run so deep in the Middle East (minus remarkable Israel) that outside powers cannot remedy them” and then provides a quick summary of catastrophic failures of the Muslim Middle East.

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

netanyahu-DavosSo often there are war or rumors of wars to report from the Middle East. But this week Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a fascinating speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. It was chock full of good news.

You can read it here, or watch it here.

Several elements caught my attention.

  • One: Netanyahu said “Israel is the epicenter of world innovation right now.”
  • Two: The Prime Minister cited the Bible as one of the reason’s for the strength of the Jewish people and the Israeli economy.
  • Three: He gave interesting examples of Israeli innovation — including how scarce water resources has inspired Israelis to develop the world’s most advance technologies for re-using water, and how scarce agricultural land has inspired Israelis to learn how to get more milk out of every cow (“Whose cows produce the most milk? Don’t guess: it’s Israel. It’s a computerized cow. Every ‘moo’ is…

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Coming Revival, a Second Vision

My Dreams and Visions

I had a second vision after the one I posted yesterday. In this vision I saw what I will call a miniature battlefield which I believe to be different geographic regions of the world. The battlefield replica  laid flat I am guessing on a table. I also saw a hand with a a bunch of miniature flags in it. These looked like small pennants. As flags were placed on the battlefield replica, I noticed that each one had a number on it. The number on the flag was facing the one putting it there and only He could see it. I am guessing that there was a sequential order to the placement of the flags that was not for humans to know. I am guessing that each flag represented battles and victories. When the hand that held the flag would place the flag on the battlefield replica I would the…

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Rethinking Genesis

T E HannaReaders who love to delve and checked out my recent claims on Genesis will be interested in an email received today about ancient cosmologies. Theologian T.E. Hanna is examining the religio-cultural influences of the ancient ‘cradle’ of civilisation upon the Hebrews and the Bible’s origin. He blogs,

A RECURRING criticism of the creation narratives in Genesis 1 and 2 point to the overwhelming similiarities between them and the surrounding cultural myths of the Ancient Near East.

In Rethinking Genesis, T.E. briefly refers to historians’ claims of Moses appropriating Mesopotamian and Egyptian creation myths for writing Genesis. I agree with his line of reasoning in asking if the purpose of the opening chapters of Genesis is to teach not about earth and humanity, but about God?

This argument is made in a research paper available to readers of his blog. He argues that, rather than adopting the mythologies of the surrounding ancient East, the Hebrew cosmologies were written as a criticism of them. As theological education for an emerging Israelite nation, the purpose of these narratives was to emphasize the nature of the God of Israel in contrast to the surrounding polytheism, while also conveying His superiority over competing religions.

If you love to delve then visit Of Dust and Kings, read what he and his readers say and, if interested, consider downloading the PDF of The Cosmology of Genesis 1.

Also, please read discussion with TE Hanna in Thoughts on ‘Rethinking Genesis’ >>

“I am Gabriel, who stands in the Presence of God…”

The angelic being’s introduction of himself is familiar from Christmas scriptures. Yet I propose to connect his messages with the concept of prophesying into Time, especially regarding the Holy Spirit – and with an intriguing prophecy for Jewish people today.

Angelic Announcements

This post’s title is from Gabriel’s response to an elderly priest’s disbelief, to which I refer below. Several months later Gabriel was sent to a betrothed teenager, as depicted in 1898 by Henry Ossawa Tanner in Annunciation (click image for gallery). Her visitor greeted her,

“Rejoice, highly favored one, the Lord is with you; blessed are you among women!”

It wasn’t so much the surprise of an invisible spirit becoming visible that troubled her, as what he’d said and how it was said. But this messenger then reassured her,

“Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God. And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bring forth a Son, and shall call His name Jesus. He will be great, and will be called the Son of the Highest; and the Lord God will give Him the throne of His father David. And He will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and of His kingdom there will be no end.”

Although not disbelieving what he’d said, the young lady posed a logical question because she was a virgin, “How can this be since I know not any man?” So Gabriel explained,

“The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Highest will overshadow you; therefore, also, that Holy One who is to be born will be called the Son of God. Now indeed, Elizabeth your relative has also conceived a son in her old age; and this is now the sixth month for her who was called barren. For with God nothing will be impossible.”

At this Mary responded laudably, “Behold the maid-servant of the Lord. Let it be according to your word”.

How different was the young maid’s acceptance of this decree about her own future to that of Zacharias when Gabriel had visited him a few months earlier. Apparently, Mary hadn’t heard about what had happened. Otherwise, there would have been no need for Gabriel to have confided the news of that first miraculous conception.

So what went wrong for her cousin’s husband?

Zacharias had the once-in-a-lifetime privilege of burning incense in the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. In view of its performance being in the Holiest of Holies, this duty was done by drawing lots rather than by a rota from many teams of priests.

Whilst Zacharias was officiating, an invisible, supra-natural spirit subtly scintillated at the side of the altar. It proved to be a holy messenger – an archangel, so some believe. He brought news of the future mission of a mightily powerful man of God – the priest’s own son!  But Zacharias and his wife Elizabeth were childless for she was well past child-bearing age!

However, their prayers for a baby were to be answered and the angel prophesied this special one would be filled with God’s Holy Spirit from before his birth!  It isn’t any wonder the priest was in disbelief! When he asked, “How shall I know this? For I am an old man, and my wife is well advanced in years” , the angel’s response was most emphatic,

“I am Gabriel, who stands in the presence of God, and was sent to speak to you and bring you these glad tidings. But behold, you will be mute and not able to speak until these things take place, because you did not believe my words which will be fulfilled in their own time.” (emphasis added) 

If you’re unfamiliar with physician Luke’s investigation into those encounters with Gabriel and what happened when the two cousins met, and to Zacharias too, I’d recommend reading his full account here, by courtesy of BibleGateway.com.

[Perhaps confirmation of my having drafted the above came at yesterday’s house group? We studied Romans 7 and the cousins were mentioned as examples of those who adhere to righteousness rather than living enslaved to sin and death. Thank you Mieke!]

Points to Ponder

Those accounts are particularly interesting in connection with speaking into the future, as summarised in Prophesy TO 2014 and Talking to Time seems to work!

Prophesying is speaking forth the mind and counsel of the Lord God, as communicated to an individual. Therefore, it’s a declaration that cannot be known by natural means – a direct revelation from God. [For more see An Introduction to Prophecy.]

Now let’s examine Gabriel’s announcements in the light of John Kilpatrick’s message, as outlined in my recent posts:

1.  In that last quotation, Gabriel issued a decree that happened immediately but which had a limited duration. That is, he spoke into Time by prophesying, did he not? Right away the priest became dumb until he was released from the decree’s power when the baby came to be named months later.

My underscoring of “my words…will be fulfilled in their own time” indicates New Testament support for ‘talking into Time’. Gabriel’s words brought from God were not only welcome news but also, and far more importantly, announcements on earth of declarations that had been issued in heaven. They’re excellent examples of oral statements of God’s will and are thus prophetic and creative, in we can understand from the Word of the Lord given to prophet Isaiah (Isa 55:11 – emphasis mine):

So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth;
It shall not return to Me void,
But it shall accomplish what I please,
And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.

Thus, what God speaks not only through His holy prophets but also through His angelic spirits who minister to His people, as well as through His Son, is sure to happen sooner or later.

2. From the principles of Genesis 1 the power of divine and human speech is creative, . The presence of Holy Spirit is necessary to bring about a divinely created manifestation. A Hebrew understanding of ‘over’, or ‘hovering’, in Genesis 1:2 is that Holy Spirit was next to or immediately adjoining what was about to be acted upon – all that was required to start the process was a spoken word.

Therefore, when Gabriel spoke to Zacharias the combined action of his words and the Holy Spirit fully rejuvenated his wife’s body. She was no longer barren but could carry and bring a child to birth normally. And even in her womb Holy Spirit was present to make baby John respond to the sound of Jesus’ mother’s voice!! (Luke 1:39-41)

The same happened when Gabriel spoke to Mary. The ‘overshadowing’ power of the Most High that he referred to carries the same meaning as that of ‘hovering’ in Genesis. Being of the Holy Spirit, the same creative power that was ‘In the Beginning’ brought about an ‘immaculate’ conception after the angel’s prophetic announcement. That is, it would not happen until a decree, a spoken announcement, had been delivered and received. Once again Gabriel had spoken into Time – into the next nine months!

3. The creative application of Gabriel’s prophetic description of Jesus’ kingship and its relevance to a possible prophecy given to the late rabbi Kaduri warrants consideration in another post. Read about him meanwhile in Who are the Jewish people expecting?

Continued in > The rabbi’s note, the PM’s death and the angel’s word – Part 1

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Coming Revival

Praise the Lord for blessing you with this my friend. It would confirm what several others have intimated in recent years.

My Dreams and Visions

I had a night vision on 01/22/2014. In this vision I saw people on the streets. I saw people being prayed for and coming up out of wheel chairs. I saw others, with people gathered around them, preaching the gospel. What I did not see and perhaps this was the most significant part of the dream is the fact that the people preaching and healing in the streets had no faces. . In other words, theses were ordinary people without big names and ministries. Celebrities have names and faces we recognize and tend to therefore idolize The second thing in the dream that I found significant is the fact that this was not going on in a building but rather in the streets and in the outdoors. Remember, “the Word became flesh and dwelt(tented) among us. In a building you are sheltered from the elements and can isolate yourself.  One…

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Is the ‘Hand of God’ a Sign for these Times?

One of this morning’s emails brought this new photo from NASA. It’s so right for what I was about to write.

Click on the photo for details and here for a commentary on history.  Early photos of this pulsar nebular showed ‘fingers’ only but this latest  shows a ‘fist’ as well, maybe hinting at the contrast between God’s open and closed, or holy, aspects. Or this  could suggest what He’s previously retained as a ‘mystery’ is now being revealed?

You may think I’m stretching serendipity, or happy coincidence, to absurd lengths in my stating this image fits well into what’s happened after I wrote about prophecy, especially on the need for discernment and risk-talking to catch God’s timing for any situation. (See remark at + in Prophecies for 2014 and subsequent post on Talking to Time…).

All that together with an amazing revelation in connection with helping a new friend and an ancient hymn clearly indicates He’s trying to get my/our attention – as though waving a hand in the sky!  And it even involves the ‘invisible bridge over the Pond’!!

Even if ‘over the top’, it brings an interesting insight into the validity of the prophetical gifting with an excellent example of several individuals moving as the Spirit directs towards one purpose (see John 3:8).

But let me start with this morning’s other thought-provoking instance of serendipity:

The Hymn

God moves in a mysterious way His wonders to perform – the opening lines and tune to William Cowper’s famous hymn have been humming in the back of my mind as a result of a recent communication.  The full lyrics with brief background may be read here, but my memory of what I’d heard in school assemblies many decades ago couldn’t recall its last line. Was it something like ‘the Lord will make the action fine’, or was it ‘plain’?  And does it hint at ‘time’, or could this be to draw my attention to divine intent?

Although then antagonistic of Anglicanism as well as other churches, as the account of my schooldays makes plain, those assemblies were the only way I was introduced to the  great English hymns. Their sentiments were most uplifting but antiquated wording would puzzle me and that ‘action’ reference was one – and it had resurfaced, popping up from the depths of my personal past; which again is to do with time! 

Therefore, let me share the ‘God-incident’ that blessed me in this research. The hymn’s last 4-line verse reads as below but those words about action/time didn’t stop rattling around in the brainbox. So I searched using ‘original’ for any variant of wording – guess what?  The hymn was originally entitled Light Shining Out of Darkness, from which two more lines have been added by contemporary musician Jeremy Riddle to his version of the last verse:

Blind unbelief is sure to err
And scan His work in vain;
God is His own interpreter,
And He will make it plain.

In His own time,
In His own way.

I was astounded at what a persistent inner nudge had kept me digging for and found! Thank you Lord. [The other phrase, ‘action fine’ closes a verse in poet George Herbert’s ‘alchemical’ Teach Me, My God and King, which I’d often muse upon as a child.]

An Anglican Apostasy?

Over this New Year’s first weekend I read about a trial to ‘dumb-down’ the liturgy for Christenings, as reported in the Telegraph and lambasted by ‘His Grace Archbishop Cranmer’ in Is the Church of England ashamed to preach Christ crucified?  This is all because it’s supposed that today people don’t understand what ‘sin’ means or that Satan exists. So namby-pamby clerics wish to pander to the unsaved instead of teaching them or telling them what the Gospel actually means. They need to follow the example of the Baptist Churches wherein the minister teaches briefly about the Gospel and our obedience to Jesus’ instruction to be baptised.

Baptism is to make a personal statement of belief in, and our public identification with, Jesus Christ in His death, burial and resurrection. Also, as at mine and every adult baptism I’ve witnessed, it’s believers opportunity to attest personally to His grace by  testifying to how they came into salvation. (See Romans 6 for incisive scripture.)

Rankled as I was about that news of silly Anglicans tinkering with the heart of Christian belief, I tried not to be distracted away from what I intended to write upon my return to blogging after the holiday season. Upon waking up that Tuesday the thought dropped into mind that many Anglicans are heeding and anointed in the Holy Spirit and trying to move that church forward. Thus admonished, my irritation ceased immediately and the first email of a multitude I later opened was…

A Plea for Help, and a Revelation

NB: to maintain confidentiality the characters are given pseudonyms: ‘Bernard’ (after the founder of a renowned monastic order); ‘Mark’ (after an associate of the Apostles); ‘Paul’ (after the apostle who taught about the gift of prophecy and foretold the future as led by Holy Spirit, as did others).

Bernard’s email asked if I could advise about how to handle a weighty vision about the Church that he’d received as he didn’t know anyone familiar with the prophetic or having more experience than his own. I recalled my feelings after an awesome open vision when it was then hard to find any leader who could help me with it. So I gave a link to my account and, as I felt led, to one from 1993 about a future sifting of the Church.

Later that Tuesday I got an email from Tony in Tucson (over ‘the Pond’) asking if I’d heard about the nonsense over Anglican baptism. I sensed it may be a tangential   connection with Bernard’s material which, I was to learn later, is similar to some of Tony’s dreams of Church. Thus this email was timely and confirmatory!

The next day Bernard provided details of the vision and said he’s recently moved to an Anglican church. It was good to hear its leadership are open to the Holy Spirit and that he’s in training for ordination in ministry. So, I’m pleased he’s in a sound place.

As my Anglican contacts are very few I wondered who Bernard could contact for advice and mentoring and Paul’s name popped into mind right away. I realised I should sound out my Anglican friend Mark in view of his extensive circle of friends in leadership. But I wasn’t able to contact him.

Hassle with an electronic payment on Saturday morning delayed my getting a paper. So I briskly strode into the local supermarket but took an unplanned diversion to get ham. A few people by the deli counter were dispersing as I inserted myself between them – then I heard Mark’s voice as he and his wife walked away!

Neither of us had noticed one another, AND their presence was unusual because they live in another town!!  So we chatted as he enthused about a book he’s reading. It’s on developments in the Church and, in view of his connection with Justin Welby and other leaders, he’ll be recommending God Is Back. No doubt he’d picked it up on his latest sojourn over ‘the pond’.  But I was keen to ask about my new friend’s need.

“Do Anglicans have a recognised office of prophet or someone who can properly handle prophetic material and advise on it?” I asked. Mark replied, “Oh yes – Paul…. He looks at all correspondence personally and considers words and visions carefully.”

Upon my writing about this to Bernard his immediate response was of astonishment,

“My spirit leapt somewhat upon reading that as I have a history with Paul – when I was…he came to me as a stranger rather remarkably and prophesied over me , inviting me into ordination and speaking significantly to me about my future. This seems right to me that he is the contact you had in mind.”

I was stunned to read this – amazed and in praise once again at how wonderfully God moves in the lives of those who love Him and are called according to His purposes. As William Cowper unerringly testified towards the close of his life:

1. God moves in a mysterious way
His wonders to perform;
He plants His footsteps in the sea,
And rides upon the storm.

2. Deep in unfathomable mines
Of never failing skill
He treasures up His bright designs
And works His sovereign will.

3. Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take;
The clouds ye so much dread
Are big with mercy and shall break
In blessings on your head.

4. Judge not the Lord by feeble sense,
But trust Him for His grace;
Behind a frowning providence
He hides a smiling face.

5. His purposes will ripen fast,
Unfolding every hour;
The bud may have a bitter taste,
But sweet will be the flower.

6. Blind unbelief is sure to err
And scan His work in vain;
God is His own interpreter,
And He will make it plain.

Selah – Amen

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[Image credits: NASA and Endless Bridge by Evgeni Denev, Freedigitalphotos.net]


Talking to Time seems to work!

Only upon watching You Are Not a Victim of Fate again with a ‘young’ believer and talking about how that could be applied to her situation, did we realise what we had already addressed for this month has changed for the better!  (One item was the time-critical juxta-positioning of a house/business move which had halted, or was about to fall apart, and an arranged major surgery that would greatly restrict physical ability for moving. So it’s increasingly dicey with passage of time.)

I want to consider the previous post Prophesy TO 2014 further – especially for scriptural stalwarts who may object to Pastor Kilpatrick’s supposition that we can speak into and affect time. As in my reply to Tony’s comment upon that post, the central – even pivotal – point in this claim, as in all prophecy is submission to the Lord’s will and holiness and our speaking with clean lips, not a deceitful tongue, for…

Who may ascend into the hill of the Lord? Or who may stand in His holy place? He who has clean hands and a pure heart, Who has not lifted up his soul to an idol, Nor sworn deceitfully. [Psalm 24: NKJV]

The pastoral letters of Apostles Peter and Paul, especially Jesus’ brother James, warn us to avoid all ungodly speech.

Some objections

Let me answer some possible, albeit valid, objections that critics may raise;

  1. Hebrews 2 doesn’t mean ordinary people for it’s about the ‘Son of Man’ (ie Jesus)
  2. Where’s the scriptural authority for Christians to talk to nature?

1st – Yes, the whole passage is about Jesus but it quotes one of King David’s psalms and as that is recognised as inspired by Holy Spirit then Revd Kilpatrick is quite correct in referring to Psalm 8 alone as the premise of his thesis. Critics may respond that the author of Hebrews makes the meaning of its closing verse quite conditional and, thus, it has not only been omitted but also taken out of context in by the pastor. It reads:

Now when it says “all things,” it means nothing is left out. But we have not yet seen all things put under their authority. What we do see is Jesus, who was given a position “a little lower than the angels”; and because he suffered death for us, he is now “crowned with glory and honor.” [Hebrews 2 NLT – emphasis mine]

But the second chapter of Hebrews goes on to say,

10 For it was fitting for Him, for whom are all things and by whom are all things, in bringing many sons to glory, to make the captain of their salvation perfect through sufferings. 11 For both He who sanctifies and those who are being sanctified are all of one, for which reason He is not ashamed to call them brethren, 12 saying…

This is from New King James Version, which draws attention to these benefits of being one with Christ with a sub-header ‘Bringing many sons to glory’. After several splendid chapters about the identity and mission of the Jewish Messiah, or King of The Jews, we read this explanation in the culminating truths of chapter 10:

11 And every priest stands ministering daily and offering repeatedly the same sacrifices, which can never take away sins. 12 But this Man, after He had offered one sacrifice for sins forever, sat down at the right hand of God, 13 from that time waiting till His enemies are made His footstool. 14 For by one offering He has perfected forever those who are being sanctified.

15 But the Holy Spirit also witnesses to us; for after He had said before….

Therefore, the full passage actually endorses and augments John Kilpatrick’s teaching because, although using the psalm as referring to the ‘Son of Man’ or Messiah, the letter to Jewish believers focuses upon how Jesus has brought them to the fullness of their faith; ‘perfected forever’. In his account of the Good News Jesus’ closest disciple, John writes about believers’ right to become Sons (children) of God’!  (John 1:12)

That must surely mean Christians should be able to do what Jesus did in the power of the Holy Spirit, does it not?

Talking to nature and time

As an ordained minister, John Kilpatrick cited the following examples in support of what he’d heard from the Holy Spirit about speaking to the year:

  • Jesus speaking to the storm at sea and its subsequent calm
  • Elijah’s blessing to conceive and bear through full-term to proper birth upon his Shulamite ‘landlady’ and her husband
  • Ezekiel’s commands to masses of bones to come together as skeletons and to gain all necessary muscles, organs and flesh and to the air for them to breathe.

He prefaced these with,

“Holy Spirit told me to speak into the year. He said sow into the year, not just with finances, but sow into the year with words of faith…and I’ve learned one thing it’s if you don’t speak to things then things will treat you as a victim of fate…Sow what you desire to bring it forth!”

Therefore, he spoke about all these matters from the viewpoint of our needing to know and apply these principles because we are called to be a kings and priests of God. And let us not forget that this pastor has the exceptional privilege of being used by God to host two long visitations of His Presence since 1995.  Consequently, we would be well advised to consider this teaching carefully.

The prime practical passage John used was Genesis 1 which states how God created by means of the combined action of the Holy Spirit and His spoken word. Therefore, we should do likewise and this means we need to be walking with the Holy Spirit in close relationship with our heavenly Father in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus. It was this sound and detailed teaching which led into the closing implementation of these principles. Hence, my recommendation of this exceptional video to my brother and sisters in the Lord. (John’s message starts at 1:37:45 into the service.)

Some evidence

In addition to the above, our local fellowship has already been practising commanding weather and on several occasions recently observed changes, especially in the down-grading of last weekend’s approaching storm systems.  I recall hearing Heidi Baker at the 2012 Revival Alliance conference speak of having diverted a monsoon heading for Mozambique, and this was confirmed by our pastor who had been in Durban at the time. She reported the meteorologists as being unable to explain why their predicted path for the monsoon had not materialised!  Praise the Lord!

So it certainly appears in our experience that there’s empirical support for a Biblical  approach to speaking to nature – including time.

ALSO, see this blog’s On Engaging Time and John Kilpatrick Ministries’ Voice Activated.

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[Scripture quotations are courtesy of BibleGateway.com]

Prophesy TO 2014

Far over ‘the pond’ from Britain and deep in ‘Dixie’, close to the Gulf of Mexico, a man of native American stock lay awake in the early hours of New Year’s Eve. Lying eyes open, hands behind head, he wondered “What’s 2014 gonna bring?” and pondered its possibilities. But the Holy Spirit was tracking this pastor’s  mental meanderings and interrupted them to command:

“You are not a victim of fate. You don’t wonder what the year will bring, you tell it what to bring!”

When the pastor told his large congregation about this last Sunday, 5th January, they erupted enthusiastically. Before going on to implement his teaching on this at the close of service, Holy Spirit summarised it as, “Set your year with your mouth!”.

After reading Bridge over ‘The Pond’ and Prophecies for 2014 you may realise how the entire session amazed us as we watched it ‘live’ on the first Sunday of 2014. My report cannot do justice to this exceptional teaching, which may be an example, or fulfilment, of one part of a bullet-point prophecy heard only 6 hours earlier at our UK church, viz:

  • A new understanding about how to receive and give prophetic understanding.

TJohnK 214_logohis preacher was conveying a new instruction from a revelation he’d received from the Lord about applying prophecy. That is, not the usual way of delivering what’s on His Mind by speaking prophetically straight into the heart of a matter, or revealing truths about a person and thus edifying them, or about the Lord’s action plans.

Pastor had heard from the Lord about how to use prophecy as specific creative words.

To my mind, it’s a logical extension of the power of the spoken word when God created everything, as told at the start of the Bible; And God said. “Let there be light”  (Genesis 1) and amplified in the simplicity of the Gospel according to John; In the beginning was the Word... (John 1). Also, men and women are creative because we’re made in God’s image.

Pastor had opened his teaching not upon either of those scriptures but on one where the psalmist was inspired that mankind was created ‘a little lower than the angels’.:

“What is man that You are mindful of him,
Or the son of man that You take care of him?
You have made him a little lower than the angels;
You have crowned him with glory and honor,
And set him over the works of Your hands.
You have put all things in subjection under his feet.”

In quoting this from the Letter to the Hebrews the pastor stressed that ‘all’ means ALL, which implies it must include time. As better phrased in the Living Bible translation, it means ‘Nothing is left out’, as here:

…And you have put him in complete charge of everything there is. Nothing is left out.”

In view of my interest in time’s non-linear, cyclic nature (more here and cycles tag) I was wrapt in attention.  John’s later explanation of how we can transcend time and cover past, present and future by means of faith brought yet another link with our local church’s morning service!  (Ie. where our minister had spoken about a ‘Year of faith’.)

Pastor John repeated our pastor Lindi’s oft-repeated remarks about acceleration, that everything’s happening so quickly. He believes, “Holy Spirit has took (sic) the knob of time and turned it up!”

He spoke about ordinary matters and events now moving at an increasing pace and that in the Bible there’s still so much to be fulfilled that the sand is running so quickly out of the hourglass. On this he said the Lord’s saying,

“I’m going to do a ‘hurried-up’ work!”

This is similar in intent, if not exactly in meaning, as another point in our bullet-point prophecies:

  • Also since last August, the heavens are opening up faster.

This teaching is so significant for every Christian to grasp about what the Lord is doing at this time that I cannot recommend it highly enough for your study. And you can join in with a practical activation where the audience (local and worldwide) speaks as led by the Holy Spirit into personal situations for 2014.

To follow this exceptionally encouraging session click on above image of John Kilpatrick or on http://churchofhispresence.org/media/player/media/you-are-not-a-victim-of-fate/video/. His message starts at 1:37:45, which may be found by clicking half way along the progress bar and clicking the pause/play button.

After listening to Pastor Kilpatrick for over 3 years this must be his best ever!  For more on this please read:

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Be mightily blessed in Jesus’ name, my friend.

[Image credit: Endless Bridge by Evgeni Denev, Freedigitalphotos.net]

Prophecies for 2014

In gratitude for the Lord’s faithfulness

Make a joyful shout to the Lord, all you lands! Serve the Lord with gladness; Come before His presence with singing. Know that the Lord, He is God; It is He who has made us, and not we ourselves; We are His people and the sheep of His pasture.

Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, And into His courts with praise. Be thankful to Him, and bless His name. For the Lord is good; His mercy is everlasting, And His truth endures to all generations. [Psalm 100 NKJV]

“We need to be thankful for everything because it enables us to enter into the Lord’s presence,” said pastor Lindi after we’d read the above psalm in church last Sunday. In stressing the importance of verse four she reminded us of Ian Clayton’s visit when his friend Joann McFatter led worship. She and others had distinctly sensed ancient gates in our area creaking as they opened wide in response to our high praise (see Heavenly open doors and ladders for brief note and media link).

With reference to the prevalent attitudes across our society and fixations upon ‘doom and gloom’ politics and economics, things will not change for those with mind-sets of unbelief because, as Lindi reminded us,

What we believe, we receive!…

Yet for believers,

God is about to do something supernatural. He wants to pour out something of His goodness and of His glory and He says to forget the old things:

2013 was awesome, but forget about it because 2014 is going to be off the wall!

At Well Church International the emphasis is on worship and the prophetic gifting. So our minister elaborated upon her remark with details of words from several sources about what’s coming and which she’d weighed. Therefore, Lindi taught in detail about this and exhorted us to make ourselves ready to receive:

  • Fresh ‘mysteries’ and new revelations to start flowing from the Lord.
  • Creative ideas and songs that will be birthed from His Throne Room, including books. In the past, a lot have been about God and scripture but now many will come direct from Him.
  • Radical new sounds and styles, or expressions for God is releasing a new sound that many will be quick to judge when they hear – many will not discern it as being from God, but for those who do it will be a breath of fresh air.
  • A new understanding about how to receive and give prophetic understanding. (*)
  • A new freedom of expression.
  • A new move of God’s Holy Spirit with power and healing for all believers.
  • Doug Addison reports having been visited by Jesus last August. “He told me that we are entering into a season of His rest in which we will labour less but produce more”. [Timing/meaning may connect into Jewish New Year 5774, as here – RB]
  • The last point applies to entering into God’s presence during worship.
  • Also since last August, the heavens are opening up faster. (*)
  • Discernment and risk-taking will be needed to catch God’s timing for any given situation. (+)
  • The church is going to move into and see more of the holy supernatural.

A Year of Faith

  • Many reduce faith to belief in outcome instead of faith in God!
  • Having the best year yet depends upon how intimate we are with our Father.
  • Church is called to be family not an organisation or building. (1 John 1:7 ‘koinonia’, a bonding relationship of saints)
  • “The whole world is dealing with ultimate issues now and is in ‘The Valley of Decision’ (Joel 3:14). The foundations of civilisation are being shaken. At the same time governments are failing, the Kingdom of God is growing.” (Rick Joyner)

Note (*) As stated in Bridge over ‘The Pond’ an example of the first followed within hours and which also covered the second asterisked point – and more! >> see next post.

Note (+)

In connection with discernment and new understanding I’d humbly submit that this  includes serendipity, or ‘God-incidence’ as featured often in this blog. Revd Dr Stone gave a scriptural basis for this in teaching about Biblical principles for advancing the Kingdom (see In the right place at the right time).

After publishing this report an aspect of this prophecy has noticeably increased,  as may be inferred from these subsequent posts

  1. Prophesy TO 2014
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[Hands Holding World by Twobee, Freedigitalphotos.net – click image for link]

Bridge over ‘The Pond’

Once or twice in 2013 I blogged that a theme or principle taught on a Sunday morning in our fellowship in Surrey, England, was also covered in depth, or referred to, during  that afternoon’s viewing of the morning service live from Church Of His Presence in Mobile, Alabama. Being 6 hours ahead of US Central Time we ‘attend’ CHP as online members.  Sometimes, the reference in CHP would be the next Sunday but even so, this has happened more times than I can recall. (They too had a failed heating system in the rented hall and thus had to meet in very chilly conditions on the same day.)

These churches are not officially associated and the only connection is ours as ordinary members. (Apostolic cover of our local Well Church International is from South Africa’s  Christ Of The Nations, and we’re also linked with fellowships in Norway and Germany. Our local leaders are well aware, however, of pastor John Kilpatrick’s ministry in the Brownsville aka Pensacola and The Bay Revivals.)

A cynic would consider both pastors to be in ‘cahoots’; ie, colluding over material. But that’s nonsensical because the content of their preaching is always individualistic. Of course the principles and scriptural comprehension are in accord, but the way they’re taught clearly demonstrates integrity and independence of thought. As the pastors in question are 1/4 of the earth away from one another on opposite sides of the Atlantic, and as their notes are confidential, there’s little chance of a very busy leader of a big American church knowing that morning’s unrecorded sermon at a small fellowship in a Surrey school. Unless, that is, they’re hearing the same thing from the Lord!

Therefore, references to a day’s specific teaching topic or principle is more than merely coincidental. Surely it must be Holy Spirit’s leading, connecting believers as though by an invisible bridge spanning the ocean, or ‘pond’!

When I was a new Christian I discovered one way our heavenly Father would often get important points across to me was through reading or hearing a scripture repeated. As this would be in close sequence, often on three consecutive days, it would ‘sink in’.  On the first repeat I’d think, “I read that only a short time ago”.  And when repeated again I’d react, “Hey, that’s funny! What’s going on?” and take note.

After a few such synchronous events I started to learn the Lord’s putting His finger on something for me – like the proverbial hammer hitting a mule’s head to get its attention! In fact, I humbly submit to you that it’s become a kind of spiritual gifting.

Last Sunday, the first of 2014, was one such occasion. Pastor Lindi Masters brought a few prophetic words from various ministries for our edification. Soon, 6 hours later from Alabama, pastor Kilpatrick repeated Lindi’s main point and then proceeded to fulfil one of those words. Intriguing, is it not?

The next couple of posts will reveal details of Sunday’s sessions, starting with Prophecies for 2014

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Miracle Reports #2013

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Every year we have the privilege of hosting the Holy Spirit seminar stream at the 10,000 strong ONE Event in Lincolnshire (Check it out here if you’re interested in joining us!). After our seminar teaching we found ourselves with just 8 minutes to pray for the sick in one of our sessions – But what happened in those 8 minutes is nothing short of amazing!

One man whose foot had been in pain since 1974 was instantly healed! 6 deaf ears opened, tumours left several bodies, spines were realigned, cataracts disappeared and one woman got out of her wheelchair, as our our amazing team of youth prayed for…

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2013 In Review – 2014 Preview

A huge thank you to all readers and new visitors for I’m astounded at the interest in this blog shown over the New Year. Last Saturday had a phenomenal 7-fold increase over the daily average at the time of writing the posts now attracting wide attention!

This year, my focus will open on current prophetic words, their application as well as how to tell the time – and address what it’s ‘bringing’!  Readers unfamiliar with these topics will find the brief introduction in Prophecies and Visions helpful.

WordPress’ statistics ‘helper monkeys’ prepared a brief 2013 annual report for this blog, and I warmly invite you to take a quick dip should you be so inclined..:

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 34,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 13 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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Canon J John

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