5 thoughts on “Prophetic Warning re PM Truss’ resignation – Christopher Wickland

  1. How could it not be about the birthing of Kingdom sons for whom all of creation awaits (Romans 8:19-21)? They come out of the Spirit-led Church to begin reigning with Christ on earth as He is in heaven. They are the wheat, in the parable of the wheat and weeds (Matthew 13). They take a posture of humility before the Creator while the weeds stand tall and erect, as if lording themselves over the harvest, because they’ve come up empty and produced nothing but seeds for more weeds. Pray for the Kingdom sons to arise in the fullness of the Kingdom so they displace all that is not of God, like the great mountain of the Lord that fills the whole earth.


  2. All this is interesting, but somewhat disconcerting with what appears such differing prophecies. It wasn’t so long ago people were prophesying over Liz Truss and how she had a Margaret Thatcher mantel, and even just a few days again someone reported that the Lord would keep her in the job till she had finished her commission. Even Veronika in her prophecies gave that inference although should go back and re-read since it is very easy to make our own predictions on what is given. It will be interesting to see what happens with what Chris has said since can seen the opposition trying to do things especially if Boris is re-elected as leader again.

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