About Comments

Comments are warmly welcome, especially those which exhibit Kingdom values because this blog’s prime purpose is to convey the glory of God.

Conversations are welcome too, but note this blog is not normally a debating forum; also that one’s proper name rather than a nickname is preferred.

To make approval of comments quick and easy all I ask is that you keep to the caveat below.

I look forward to your valued contributions…


Remarks which condemn or judge others will be redacted or binned (per Matthew 7:1-5 and Deuteronomy 19:15-17), as will anything displaying an anti-Christ spirit (1 John 4:3); eg. anonymous criticism and slander based upon hearsay, as well as broadcasting of contentious opinion across several posts, will be withheld from publication. Arrogant comments immediately get binned and the person blocked from this site – it actually has happened from someone posing as a Christian!!


Your first comment submitted requires approval before publication. As this is registered against each contributor’s email address, any change in your address will need a fresh, initial approval for the next comment.

Your subsequent contributions will appear automatically, unless they contain a link to another site and which needs approval.


WordPress provides site administrators some flexibility in processing contributions. At first my preference was for all comments to appear without the need for approval, thus enabling contributors’ first and subsequent items to appear immediately and free from any need to moderate them.

Once this blog’s presence became noticed, however, a number of unwelcome remarks got deposited.

The first came from a ‘bible basher’ who persisted in correcting and arguing against a particular posting. To close that activity I had to set all comments to be approved before publication. This entailed extra work because every entry from all regular contributors then needed approving too!

To avoid repetition of that problem I changed approvals to new commentators only, and any subsequent comments from them would get automatic approval. (As pertains now.)

The second event came from a chap with whom I had interesting dialogue elsewhere, but after his first comment here he started submitting, off-topic monologues. So, for a while I reverted to the unnecessary, time-consuming task of approving every comment .

In both the above instances, as well as later contentious serial-submissions from a first timer, the tell-tale sign was their hiding behind an alias instead of using true identity.

Such submissions were temporarily trashed until such time as the sender became more amenable to ordinary discourse. However, in late 2019 a few visitors submitted lengthy time-consuming tiatribes, one even in bad mannered tone, so they got not only shredded but also blocked from the blog!