Why Write/blog?

Blogging is like watching a book grow up.

In 2008 we went to a church meeting in Guildford YMCA being run by a South African, William Mitchell, who looked straight at me and said, “There’s a book in you!” – ‘Huh… really?’ thought I.  Well at least it gelled with part of an utterly unexpected prophetical download I’d been presented with in ’96. Here’s what had happened back then.:

I’d planned to attend a local healing prayer group’s conference in Upper Basildon, Berks but got delayed by a phone call (about 3 lots of verses in Joshua chapter 1).  In arriving late I missed announcements and didn’t get a schedule.  I only knew that it was run by a team from the renowned St Andrews Church, Chorleywood.  So, as my friends went to various sessions I just tagged along behind them, only to discover they were going to a ‘workshop’ on prophecy – I felt extremely out of my depth. Help!

Being a relatively young Christian this topic was new to me and I’d not heard anyone teach about the gift of prophecy.  Previously however, at a seminar in Reading, a pastor who didn’t know me had spoken directly into that day’s dire difficulties – even quoting my earlier thoughts!  He gave desperately needed Godly encouragement.

This time at the workshop, after a very brief outline of the subject the lady teaching us directed us to stand in a line. She walked up to each of us in turn and said something. Even now, I see her standing in front of me -her eyes almost popping out of her head as she sees something right over me – an eagle!

Eagle-eyed, detail thereof, by John Mark Long

Eagle-eyed by John Mark Long: courtesy http://www.propheticartists.com

Then out of her flowed a torrent of Holy Spirit information!  Of many ‘words’ delivered, one was about prophecy and another was about writing.

My work and studies involved some writing and, after I was blessed with being able to take early retirement, I then started circulating friends about Biblically relevant news. So eventually (2011) I got around to – more like being ‘nudged’ into! – the kind of writing to which those prophetically gifted people had alluded.

And now, having materials from two sources, emails and blogs, together on a website has created an online kind of book. Chapters get added, an index of categories and tags grows up, links to earlier material and external events and sources develop, all rather like a person’s history and relationships. A blog is just like watching a book take shape; that is, grow up.

It also shows that the young lady and William had heard correctly. Thank you Lord.

May He be with you always and bless you and yours…

UPDATE: In Fundamental Flaw in Western Society I refer to a later prophetic word that not only confirmed my having started writing a few months earlier but also explained my majoring upon ‘God-incidents’ and the Lord’s ‘invisible jigsaw’, otherwise known as the Lord’s tapestry.

Internationally renowned prophecy teacher Isabel Allum discerned, “An impartation like Daniel had is going to come into you and you will start understanding the ‘riddles’ of the Lord in a different way – the gift of interpretation itself as Daniel and Joseph had is going to come to you and God is going to open up your understanding to hear from heaven”. (21 May 2009)

2 thoughts on “Why Write/blog?

  1. Maybe the Lord wants you to literally (no pun intended) write a book. You can do some research and look into some self-publishing companies. Take your top fifty or one hundred posts from your blog and put it in a book. Just a thought.

    You have a great blog. Many people are blessed by your blog.

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    • Hmm maybe – the idea had occurred to me recently, so thanks Tim. I’m self-taught at desk-top publishing & did some self-publishing decades ago, as hinted at in the ‘Welcome & Bio’ page. Interesting that last week I was nudged into pulling out the sub-pages of ‘About’ for display in blog’s main menu. So appreciate your response my friend.

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