N.Ireland-Eire Updates


A) Note Revd Dr Sharon Stone’s Clarion Call for 2014-16 for the UK & Ireland (part 1) and a report on its coming to pass in Fulfilled Prophecy #21.

B) Developments logged in monitoring Emma Stark’s prophecy of 29 February 2019 on The Lord’s plans for Brexit and Ireland (ie. solution to the ‘backstop’ lies in Dublin):

  1. Northern & Southern Irish Leaders Meet In Washington
  2. Northern & Southern Irish Leaders Meet Trump and Pence
  3. EU Grasps Ireland At Its Own Peril (ie. as EU’s puppet)
  4. DUP MP Would Like To See Ireland Join The Commonwealth
  5. Yet Again, NO Need For A Hard Border!
  6. DUP Prefers Brexit Delay To ‘Prison’ of May’s Withdrawal Agreement
  7. The Taoiseach and the E.U.
  8. Eire’s Relationship with Ulster & USA
  9. Irexit – (Eire leaving the EU)
  10. News Roundup – Is S.Africa and Object Lesson?
  11. Ireland to follow Britain out of the EU?
  12. Progress of N. Ireland – Republic power-sharing talks
  13. Ireland will be ‘second biggest losers’ if UK Leaves EU
  14. Irish Gov’t’s Brexit policy ‘is in tatters’, it’s bluff ‘being called’
  15. Eire’s PM and the Orange Order
  16. Ulster-only ‘Backstop’?
  17. Boris, Leo, Donald and Brussels
  18. Boris Bins the ‘Backstop’
  19. ‘Bulldozer’ Boris sees Brussels’ ‘boss’ blink over the Backstop
  20. Lord Trimble Corrects Barnier’s ‘Backstop’ Blunders!
  21. The Ball is in Leo’s Court
  22. Two ‘Lions’ meet and find a ‘pathway’
  23. EU Nightmare: Irexit threat, plan to leave EU ‘bullies’ 
  24. EU threatens UK/Eire over CV-19 vaccine – UK gives Ireland priority

C) Sequence of pieces on Veronika West’s vision of 4 February 2020:

Published Oct 2020 : Updated 1 Feb 2021