Transcript of prophetic word on the Lord’s plans for Brexit and Ireland

Thank you to Carolyn Stewart for providing this transcript, as published at Glasgow Prophetic Centre and UK Prophetic Words, of this most insightful, encouraging word Emma Stark broadcast in her latest of three videos on Brexit. Footnotes give my brief weighing (1Cor 14:29) of this exceptionally significant prophetic word that Emma received on 27th February whilst with a group of prophets in Belfast:


Where is the solution to Brexit, the Backstop and the Irish Border?

‘I felt that God gave me a really significant word about Brexit in the last handful of days, and a real God intervention and a heads up for what God is going to do in what looks like a chaotic situation. I really want to share this with you, particularly for those of you who are intercessors. I feel like God has given me something that I’m asking you, would you stand with me and would you pray? Would you come into a place of agreement of some of the things God is saying that needs to happen? So I am really asking for your opt-in right now and your anointing to partner with what God is revealing through His prophet.

‘I was standing in Belfast last week. Of course, I am Northern Irish; that’s where I was born and raised. Cut me and I bleed of that land, and I am passionate about Ireland, both north and south of the border.

‘I heard the Lord say this, when I asked him this question: “Where is the solution to Brexit? God, what are You saying about the Backstop and the Irish border?”

‘And the Spirit of the Lord said this to me, “Emma, the solution is in Dublin.” Well, I was shocked. And the Lord said, “There is a tangled ball of wool that is sitting in the Parliament building in Dublin, and the end of that ball of wool is in the hands of Leo Varadkar. Now Leo Varadkar is the Taoiseach, or the leader or the prime minister in Ireland, and they of course meet in Dublin. The Lord said this to me: “I put an anointing on Leo Varadkar, and it has been a dormant anointing.” But the Lord says that He made him one who would challenge the rules. He made him one who would challenge the status quo. He made him different from other leaders that had arisen within Ireland. And the Lord says, “I even put a subversive anointing on him, that he would subvert the status quo.” The Lord says he used that subversive anointing not for good purposes. But the Lord says, “Right now, like I grabbed hold of Cyrus, I am about to grab hold of that man’s hand, and I am anointing his subversion that it may be turned to subvert the kingdom of darkness and even bring about a righteous solution.”

‘And then I said to the Lord, “Well what is he to do?” and the Lord said, “He is to reach out his hand to Arlene Foster,” who as you know is the previous First Minister, the leader of the DUP in Stormont, which is the devolved parliament in Northern Ireland. And the Lord said, “I gave her a spirit and an anointing of determination, but she too didn’t always know how to use that gifting for my glory.” And the Lord says, “I am calling on what I put in her of determination, and I am going to call that out to be used for my Kingdom, and Leo Varadkar’s subversiveness. And the Lord says, “I am going to enable them to turn and to be a man and a woman who face each other.” And the Lord says, “I will put an ability for them to look at each other, see each other, dialogue with each other, communicate with each other.” And the Lord says, “I will strike them with holy lightning that there may be a resolution and a new relationship that has grown between the North and the South on the landmass of Ireland. And the Lord says, “That subversion and that determination will start to work on a plan.” And I heard the Lord say, “They will be in a coalition.” I am not talking politically. I am not talking about divided Ireland. I am not talking about united Ireland. Don’t hear this through any agenda or political mindset. I heard the word “coalition” in terms of a new relationship, a new ability to see and understand each other, a new ability to figure some things out between each other. And I heard the Lord say this – it was so clear – He said, “Brexit is out of Time”. I don’t mean like it’s running out, because we know it’s running out in terms of the end of March – but it is “out of Time” of the order of God. And the Lord says, “Do not fear, even if there is a delay. Do not fear, if that looks like increased chaos.” For the Lord says, “There is an order, and I will start in Ireland,” And they will form such a new understanding, and a new relationship with one another, that the Lord says, “It will be a model for what I want to do in nations and how they will relate to each other, even across the continent of Europe and beyond.” But the Lord says, “I am beginning a work of reconciliation and seeing each other and solution in Ireland.”

‘And the Lord says, “That is going to even have an effect on Brexit.” The Lord says, “Let Ireland be solved first before Brexit can be unpacked and fully realised.” And you can see God working in an order around the nation, from Ireland in the south, up to Northern Ireland and across, down into Westminster. And the Lord is saying in this hour that we are to pray, even for the EU and even for Theresa May and Westminster, to give Ireland space and to not dominate in that place so that the Lord can raise up these leaders to see each other. And the Lord said this: “Oh intercessors, you have prayed about the Irish border, you have gone back and forward along it.” And the Lord says, “You have bound every demon that you knew how to bind, and you have been diligent and faithful.” But the Lord is even saying now, “You did not replace that which you bound with the solution from my throne room.” The Lord says, “It is a time for the intercessors to start to say over the Irish border, ‘God has a solution’, and to release the solution; not just to bind and limit that which is nasty, but to put a higher decree in place, an overarching decree that says, ‘There will be a relational solution’.” And the Lord says, “I need your decrees and your agreement that MY relational order will come even into that landmass”, says the Lord.

‘I want to keep you up to date with some of the things I prophesied over Brexit before (videos 2017 and 2018). The Lord is saying, “Look, there is going to be a disconnect from Europe, so that there can be a reconnection.” And the Lord says that in two to three years we will be in mass revival on the continent of Europe and within the British Isles. And the Lord says, “I am making some situations [to] bring nations to their knees right now, and even a humbleness to come within the British Isles”, says the Lord, “that I may break the spirit of Leviathan off you and your pride.” For the Lord says, “I cannot come near the British Isles while there is pride, because I am held by my word that says I must resist those who are proud.” But the Lord says, “As there is humbleness and as confusion even opens a door to a hands-up that says, ‘I don’t have an answer’” – and as that brings a sense of “Oh God! We need to look to you outside of ourselves” – the Lord says, “Then Leviathan breaks”, and then that revival rushes towards us.

‘The Lord also said this to me, that there had been a robbing of the DNA of the British Isles, and that the British Isles for centuries had been known for leadership in the earth. And yes, sometimes they got that just disgustingly wrong, and sometimes there was weeping for the need for repentance. But the Lord says, “In the middle of all of that, you forgot”, says the Lord to the British Isles, “that in your very core, in your very DNA, there was the ability to make a leadership role in the nations.” And Lord is saying that the nations are crying again for the British Isles to raise themselves up, and to know what leadership is. And the Lord says, “I am healing and restoring leaders, the length and breadth of the British Isles, in this hour.” And the Lord says, “If you want to know how to pray, you pray for Leo Varadkar in Dublin, you pray for Arlene Foster in Belfast.” And the Lord says, “There is going to come such a fresh template of how leaders across borders work with each other that it will heal the backstop, it will heal Ireland, it will propel Brexit to come forth in the right way. It will model a new way of relationship for the landmass of Europe.” And the Lord says, “It will enable even revival to come, as there is a domino effect from Ireland.” And so the Lord is saying, “Take hope. I am on My throne. I know what I am doing, but I need your agreement,” says God.

‘Why? You’ve got to understand why God wants our agreement. You see, in Amos 3 it says, ‘Surely the sovereign Lord does nothing before revealing it to his servants the prophets’. God is saying, “I won’t act until you’ve seen it. I won’t act until you’ve heard it and agreed it.” Well now I am telling you what God is saying, and I want you just to raise your hands where you are and say, “Oh God, we decree a solution of relationship over Ireland. Oh God, we decree that leaders that don’t even acknowledge each other fully are going to start to come together in a new relationship. We agree even that Theresa May and the European Union back off, so that there is a space for a healing in this land.”

‘And let me tell you what else I thought the Lord was asking us to pray. I grew up in Northern Ireland. I grew up in the troubles. I know there’s a spirit of violence. You know there’s a spirit of violence there. But that violent spirit says this: “Defend yourself! Defend your people! Look after your own! Destroy those who come against you!” But when I stood on Northern Ireland last week, I felt that violent spirit had changed and it was now a blood-thirsty spirit, and that is one beyond violence, where the blood-thirsty spirit doesn’t just say, “Defend your own”. It says, “Decimate everywhere. Just have carnage as far as the eye can see.” I heard that spirit in the land, and I want you to agree with me right now that there will be peace in Ireland, north and south. There will be peace in England and Wales and Scotland, and all of the British Isles and all of the islands that that includes, that there will be in this day a striking of the ground with the spirit of the government of God and the increase of his peace. We need to decree together that there will not be a return to violence or blood-thirstiness. For the Lord is saying, “I want to work with you that there may be peace,” and the Lord says, “Now is the time not just to bind the violence, but to say, “Let peace be established for multi-generations in this hour”.’

RB Footnotes:
  1. The Personal Prophetic Trail section that follows my previous posting of Emma’s video doesn’t give the finer details of the first ‘coincidental’ confirmation over my musing upon the possibility of this year being spiritually connected to what I’d learned in 2012 (because 7 years have elapsed since we’d started blessing Britain AND Ireland). The details show the Lord’s hand pointing me by means of a ‘divine appointment’ to the above UK-Eire-EU issue, as follows:
  2. During morning coffee I didn’t mill around in the large foyer with others but returned to my chair in the conference hall to quietly sip the drink. A different person to the woman I’d seen sitting behind me came to sit in that chair to await her friend. I turned and asked if she’d had far to travel to Windsor. This sister in the Lord replied she’d flown from Belfast and I recalled having seen her introduced on the platform a few months ago as a pastor from Dublin.
  3. Subsequently, returning to my musing upon 2012+7=2019, I wondered if there may be any relevance in that brief chat. In answer I ‘saw’ on my mental image of the map we pray over daily, a tube-like white line between Dublin and Belfast, as though indicating a connection.
  4. The reference to Ireland’s significance in the Lord’s plans for revival reiterates what Dr Sharon Stone brought in her Clarion Call of 2013 to the British Isles, “In speaking into Ireland it doesn’t take a genius to see that’s the western gate of revival for the UK. That means that if God is moving from the west eastwards they’re carrying something that those in England have need of…”
  5. Politically, let’s remind ourselves that Leo Varadkar is on record as having seen no problem over Ireland’s border with Northern Ireland and the UK being outside the EU, as in Prophecy Progress Check #1 – Eire, UK & EU.
  6. See NI & Eire Prophecy Update #5: Yet Again, No Need for a Hard Border.
  7. Eire Bstop

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PS: click for introduction to Emma and her video (and starts personal prophetic trail) and for political developments see Updates #1, #2, #3, #4#5 and #6 (at 28th March).

1 thought on “Transcript of prophetic word on the Lord’s plans for Brexit and Ireland

  1. There is material in here I certainly agree with and I wish I would receive insight and vision from the Lord to help me come into sufficient understanding to give my heart’s full assent to His will for the British Isles, including Ireland.

    Whether this is a coincidence or relevant I leave you to decide: in 2018-2019 I re-read “Gulliver’s Travels” and “A Modest Proposal” and had been reading other works by Jonathan Swift.(I’m not reading his material anymore though). I’m not sure how I got on a Jonathan Swift kick exactly – perhaps it was the avatar of one of the commenters on Cranmer’s blog that put it into my head. It was curious that I was reading about him and reading his works by coincidence at the time “The Favourite” came out in cinemas – which is about Queen Anne, whom Swift met (or at least was in the presence of on several occasions). Perhaps the trailers of “The Favourite” are what prompted me to read Swift.

    Anyway, as you may or may not know, Swift is one of the greatest satirists of the British Isles, excoriating on all topics: law, politics, religion, economics, etc. He served as an Anglican priest in Ireland and grew to love the Irish by compassion, seeing their great poverty and the abuses they suffered under absentee landlords and unfair religious and secular laws that flowed from Westminster. Swift may well be a spirit we should invoke in our prayers over the Irish situation. I am not sure what manner of Christian he really was – I do not believe he was a perfect man – but he perhaps represents a legacy of communion between Irish and Irish and between Irish and English.


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