Back to Biblical Basics: timelines of Bible prophecy

Easy-to-read introduction to the significance of Biblical prophecyIn returning to Bible basics I’m grateful to Neil Mackereth, author of Signs and of several items on this blog for permission to publish his latest, as submitted on 1st July. However, it wasn’t possible to acknowledge until Monday 8th – the day before Nina heard about Jesus’ return being sooner than we may think.

In his covering email, Neil mentions a nearby church “everyone calls St John’s, but I have had laid on my heart that it is St John the Baptist Church (its proper name!) and that it is on the Pilgrims’ Way: “I will send my messenger ahead of you who will prepare the way ……. Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for Him”.

“I absolutely believe that we are required to do all we can to convince the world that Jesus will return soon. Your blog is a magnificent and essential part of that process, commission to communicate God’s intentions.”

“I have felt very strongly of late that, whilst it is absolutely right and proper to pray into the tremendous shaking, sifting and repositioning that’s going on (which are in line with expectations for end times), and to seek God’s will and prophetic indicators about Brexit etc. we are not to lose sight of the BIG PICTURE revealed in long-established scripture. ie. Biblical prophecy:


How do we draw people’s attention to the Bible’s astonishing, supernatural and extraordinarily accurate foretelling of events? Studying and seeking to understand biblical prophecies takes on a new urgency in light of recent (last 75 years) and current world events, especially in the Middle-East. Those who are intentional and rigorous in looking to marry historic prophecies with contemporary occurrences will surely recognise that we are witnessing End-Times signs:

  • Egyptian will turn against Egyptian (Isaiah 19:2)
  • Damascus will be in ruins (Isaiah 17:1)
  • Gaza will writhe in agony (Zechariah 9:5)
  • There will be false teachers and prophets who lead people astray (2 Peter 2:1-2)
  • Earthquakes, famines, plague and pestilences will intensify (Luke 21:11)
  • Travel and knowledge will increase greatly (Daniel 12:4)
  • People will prefer fantasy to reality, myth to Christian truths (2 Timothy 4:3-4).

Some other signs, in categories roughly corresponding to past, present and future events:

Fulfilled Prophecies Relating to Jesus’ First Advent (examples of amazing detail and accuracy)

Prophecy Fulfilled Old Testament New Testament
Born of a virgin Is 7:14 Matt 1:22-23
Born in Bethlehem Mic 5:2 Luke 2:4-6
Called out of Egypt Hos 11:1 Matt 2:14-15
Taught in parables Ps 78:1-2 Matt 13:34-35
Healed the sick Is 29:18-19, 35:4-6, 61:1 Matt 11:2-6
Entered Jerusalem on a donkey Zech 9:9 John 12:12-15
Flogged and abused Is 50:5-6 Mark 14:53-15:20
Hands and feet pierced Ps 22:16 Mark 15: 20-26
Clothes divided Ps 22:18 Matt 27:35
Killed and Buried Is 53:8-9 Matt 15:33-47
Raised on the third day Hos 6:2 1 Cor 15:3-4

Happened and Happening

  • Because of their disobedience, the people of Israel were scattered amongst the nations and had no peace in exile – Deuteronomy 28:64-66.
  • The Jews have returned to their Biblical homeland, however, not all of the Jews have returned, and not to all of what was originally the Promised Land. The return is the fulfillment of many prophetic scriptures. Words taken to be metaphorical or allegorical are now seen to be amazingly accurate and absolutely literal.
  • The formerly desolate land of Israel has become fertile and fruitful – Zechariah 7:14.
  • The Gospel will be preached to all nations – Matthew 24:14. The Gospel is being preached in many nations though not yet in all nations. It may be difficult for us to determine when full coverage has been achieved!
  • Things will be as they were in the days of Noah and people will be proud, unforgiving, lovers of self, lovers of money and pleasure, preferring myth to truth (2 Timothy 3:1-5).
  • We can expect that in any communication on end time prophecies the message, and the messenger, will be mocked and ridiculed (2 Peter 3:3-4).

Happening and Yet To Happen

  • Jerusalem will be seen as a problem by the whole world (Zechariah 12:2-3). Zechariah made this prophecy around 520 BC. Jerusalem was in ruins. Today, as foretold, Israel and Jerusalem are the focus of a massive media coverage that is totally disproportionate to the size of nation or city.
  • Christians will be persecuted and martyred (Matthew 24:9).
  • Many will turn away from the Christian faith (Matthew 24:10).

Yet To Happen

  • The governance of Jerusalem will be free of Gentile involvement (Luke 21:24).
  • The “Man of Lawlessness” (the Antichrist) will appear on the world stage. He will be seen as a great and very effective unifying world leader (Revelation 13:3-8). He will establish a seven-year covenant of peace with Israel which, after 31/2 years, he will break when he declares himself as god in the Temple in Jerusalem.
  • A worldwide financial system will be established requiring people to register and show allegiance to the Antichrist as a prerequisite to being able to shop and trade (Revelation 13:16-17). We hear talk today of a “New World Order”, globalisation, the need for a worldwide economic organisation (World Bank) and a world government.
  • A 31/2 year period of desolation and despair, the “Great Tribulation”, will follow the “Abomination of Desolation” by the Antichrist in the Temple.
  • In order for the above prophecy to be fulfilled, assuming it is not allegorical, we can expect to see the Temple rebuilt in Jerusalem.
  • All nations will gather to fight against Jerusalem (Zechariah 14:2).
  • Jesus will return and defeat the attacking nations at Armageddon (Zechariah 14:3-4, Revelation 16:14-16, Revelation 19:11, 19-21).
  • The full and awesome realisation that Jesus is the Messiah will come to the nation of Israel in startling and unmistakable certainty (Zechariah 12:9-10).
  • The nations will be judged according to their treatment of the Jews (Joel 3:1-2).

There is some overlap between these stages. Furthermore, we may feel something has been fulfilled only to find that its first “fulfillment” was a model for something much bigger.


The list of signs at Part 1 helps to highlight an ambiguity, particularly in respect of those signs that are manifestly not yet fulfilled. The apparent contradiction is whether Christ’s return can be imminent (about to happen) when there are prophecies yet to be fulfilled. This can cause tension for believers who are serious about observing the signs of the End-Times. On the one hand, we want to obey the call of Jesus, that we be vigilant and expect his return “at any time”. On the other, we want to honour his command to look for the signs that indicate that the time of his return is near.

Some views on how to resolve this ambiguity:

  1. Some argue that Jesus won’t come at “any time” but at a particular time that can be determined by observing the signs of the End-Times (this undermines those teachings that emphasise the surprise of His return).
  2. The signs have already been fulfilled (the Historicist view).
  3. The signs are simply intended to increase our anticipation (Luke 21:28) and devotion, in the hope that we will not be deceived by false prophets.
  4. The context and emphasis of Jesus’ statements suggests that He never intended the signs to be seen as an excuse for not needing to be ready.
  5. Jesus will return in two stages; first in secret to “rapture” believers (at “any time” and before fulfillment of all the signs) and then, after the 7-year tribulation, there will be an awesome public return.
  6. Similar to e above, but the “rapture” will take place half way through the time of tribulation i.e. at the end of 31/2 years of peace, just before the “Abomination of Desolation” and the start of the 31/2 years of the great tribulation.
  7. Some signs have been fulfilled and those that are still future will happen very quickly.

Only time will tell!  Meanwhile, the certainty is that Jesus gave us pointers for the circumstances that will prevail when he returns, but makes it clear that the specific time of his coming cannot be known.

There is no room for complacency. We should be prepared for the possibility of meeting our Lord and Saviour at any moment, whether by rapture or by our demise!

It seems clear that we are well along the time line of prophetic events. As mentioned above, those signs that await fulfillment could happen very quickly. Reading the Bible, watching what is happening, particularly in Israel and Jerusalem, and seeking to understand the spiritual significance of unusual signs and symbols in the world around us, are all key elements in our being ready for the return of Jesus.

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GPS #35: ‘God-incidental’ messages focus upon the Lord’s Return

Do you get the impression the Lord is turning our faces – as though holding them in His hands – to look specifically at the important matter of His return?

In fact, I submit to you it’s on God’s GPS system, ie. His Global Prophecy Signalling for the following reason:

My offering to a forum what Nina audibly heard on the Second Advent coming sooner than we think or expect, as recounted in Back to Biblical Basics, was met by a wariness on the matter of ‘timing’.

Many will recall claims, mainly by American church leaders, notoriously setting dates for Jesus’ return and which have proven false. Even the Book of Revelation’s penultimate verse says it will happen ‘soon’ – but nearly 2,000 years is not soon!  In my opinion, this timing is in the supra-natural realm where things appointed for the future exist but have yet to manifest upon the earth, rather like faith is the substance and evidence of things not seen (Heb 11:1) – or as Apostle Peter explains definitively,

‘But, beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. (2 Peter 3:8 NKJV)

I’ve blogged elsewhere that prophets don’t set any timing upon fulfillment of words and visions for such an insight is a rarity, and it becomes a measure of being a true or false prophet!  Thus, Chuck Pierce, Dr Sharon Stone and Veronika West put their reputations on the line when prophesying about major changes this month, as summarised herein.

In replying via Messenger to the forum I mentioned having recently received papers on End-times. Two contributors to this blog, unbeknown to the other, prepared them almost simultaneously in the last week of June!  So, I got nudged to close my response with a previously unconsidered remark, ‘It’s as though the Lord’s deliberately turning our faces to look specifically at this important matter’.

What I didn’t know was that, whilst I was writing, the Lord was confirming that final idea by GPS!  Upon sending my message and returning to the top of my email in-tray I found a new email from an overseas intercessor stressing this very issue:

‘I saw today the posts you put up over the weekend. Keep it up dude, that is your calling – “Looking for signs of Jesus’ return.” That is your focus…’

Therefore, much as we appreciate ‘rhema’ words from the Lord, it is very important not to neglect the prime importance of Biblical, End-times, prophecy. It takes precedence as being in the sovereign will of God, within which contemporary prophecy is interwoven.

Next, let’s consider those other two author’s papers…click to read > >

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6th ‘jigsaw piece’: Leisa Ebere on outpouring coming to Hertfordshire

This news of Saturday morning from Leisa corroborates the previous post about last week’s Glory Feast, for she writes (and what I later came to realise is also):

6th Jigsaw Piece:

‘The Lord has given me a most profound vision & prophecy about an Outpouring He is sending to Hertfordshire that I would like to share with the Body of Christ; and I believe it is direct answer to prayer to many who have been praying in that region, Praise God! Here it is:


‘I saw a clock ticking loudly in a large church tower and I heard a loud shout from the heavens saying: “It is time, it is time!

‘Then I saw four angelic riders on white and silver horses holding banners and they were rending heaven with these banners and galloping in a cross-ways formation between Watford and Stevenage; and I heard the Lord declare in a loud voice,

“The time of open heaven is coming upon Hertfordshire, for I shall start in the valleys and cause vermin to flee from the meadows there.  For there are men and women of God in that region who have thirsted for more and I am bringing a mighty ocean to drench the people in that place. The churches shall turn inside-out in that land,” says the Lord, “as they look outwards by My Spirit to the needs of the people round about them.  And momentum by My Spirit shall be birthed,” says the Living God.’

Bless you,

Leisa Ebere, 29th June 2019

Continue to next post for the 7th ‘jigsaw piece’.

GPS #34.4: Vision of lightning and lights across the UK

Further to the preceding ‘Global Prophecy Signals #34‘ on the same theme relating to the 1967 visions of Jean Darnall, I thank you Lord for this vision Angela Samuel posted on the Fb’s Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival and associated UK Prophetic Words.

Angela prefaces the first, “I feel such an urgency with this Vision I was given last night; thank you Jesus.” and concludes “Thank you Lord, We give you All the Glory, honour and Praise; we are broken vessels to be used for Your Glory. Amen.”

From an original painting by James Mark Long


As I was going to sleep last night, praying for my family, friends and my nation the UK, I started sensing I was soaring high above; I was seeing through the eyes of an eagle.

As I watched I was flying over land; I asked the Holy Spirit “Where am I Lord?”

I then saw it was a map the UK. I then started seeing flashes of lightning coming out of the sky, like a pulse, quick.

Then I saw pinpoints on this map, I saw lights being lit, in different parts of the UK.

As I prayed for more clarity I heard, “Lands End, John O’Groats.”

There, I saw a Fire Burning Bright and from there other lights were being lit from this Fire, other places being pinpointed.

I prayed and I was taken back to a Vision I had in 2014 where I saw saints coming over a hill to be witnesses for what God had done in their lives.

As I was taken back into that vision I heard, “CALL FORTH THE WITNESSES!”

I feel in my Spirit a ‘Suddenly’ moment is about to happen, we are in a Time of Suddenlies.

Angela Samuel, 25th June 2019

aurora-uk_2192580k_Image credit Telegraph

Note: as one of the four symbolic ‘icons’ in the Bible, eg. ‘Four Faces of God‘, Ezekiel’s and John’s visions of four living creatures and faces of seraphim, and of the Gospels, the eagle is symbolic of prophecy and the prophetic office, which became evident in my first encounter with spoken prophecy, as recounted in Why Write/Blog?

Leisa Ebere: Urgent prophetic word for churches and government of the UK

At the top of this morning’s deep email in-tray is this from Leisa Ebere:

“Dear Richard, The Lord has a lot to say in regards to what is happening within His Body in this hour; and upon the Earth, and is speaking to me daily about His Will. In fact, He gave me this vision and message last night and I felt a great urgency to get this out to God’s People:”


given to Leisa Ebere on 26 June 2019

I saw many thousands of Lambs being driven to the slaughterhouse; but then the Lord Jesus appeared with a staff and said:

“Wait, I will not allow the defiling of My Sheep any longer, and I am now closing down the abattoirs. For career shepherds with wrong motives and rigid hearts shall no longer be allowed a voice and no longer shall they be allowed to drive My Sheep to scorched and forsaken places. For I am raising up Lions to guard My Sheep, who shall extend sharpened claws and protest with roaring, thunderous voices born of My Spirit, and I say to you, that a changing world shall be the inevitable result.

“Watch My People rise,” saith the Lord, “for even offices of government shall feel the brightness of My Rising and a new man shall be placed in Leadership in the UK, an unexpected man,” says the Lord, “for I shall have My Way.

“Listen, can you hear the hands of time turning?” says the Lord, ‘I declare to you that time shall no longer race ahead without My intervention. For I shall put together the broken pieces of the alabaster jar and anoint My People to be as Sons of Issachar, proclaiming My Will and Glory in the days ahead,” says the Lord of Hosts.

Leisa Ebere, 26th June 2019
Torchlighter International Ministry

HE IS RISEN! – Time and Quantum effects in Jesus’ Resurrection

First published on this blog and repeated annually:

In preparation for the Holy-days’ weekend Nina creates a tableau for contemplating Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection. She’s inspired about what items to collect and arrange, usually including a rock with a central hole eroded by the sea and which we found on a beach. It serves as both the ‘skull’ and garden tomb of Golgotha. For example, the above display has a scarf as a ‘river of life’ flowing out of the empty cave/tomb below the cross. (In 2012 it gave an insight that I’ll share below.)

Maundy Thursday is celebrated as the night when Jesus and the lead-disciples ate an early Passover Seder, or meal (see video explanation). Following the meal, one disciple betrayed Him by leading Temple guards to capture Him at night for trial by a ‘kangaroo’ court of Jewish leaders.  It was a foregone conclusion that they’d demand authorisation of His death from Pontius Pilate, the Roman Prefect, or governor, of Judea.

If you’re unfamiliar with this true story and how it led to Jesus’ gruesome torture, death and burial followed by his amazing bodily resurrection and appearance to His disciples, read doctor Luke’s investigative account and the personal account of Jesus’ closest disciple John. (Later, a Jewish leader violently opposed to them but who encountered Jesus en-route to Damascus would write He was seen simultaneously by over 500 – read 1 Corinthians 15:6)


Jesus Christ died so that each of us may be forgiven for our sins. As a result of this new status, we can have direct personal access to Almighty God when we believe in Jesus Christ. As the Son of God, Jesus suffered on our behalf as our ‘scapegoat’.  That is, Jesus took the place of death that we deserved because of our sinfulness, for the shedding of a sinless one’s blood was the only way our status could be changed for us to gain personal salvation. Apostle Paul put it thus to the Romans:

8But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. 9 Since we have now been justified by His blood, how much more shall we be saved from God’s wrath through Him! 10 For if, while we were God’s enemies, we were reconciled to Him through the death of his Son, how much more, having been reconciled, shall we be saved through His life! 11 Not only is this so, but we also boast in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have now received reconciliation. (Romans 5:8-11, NIV, see whole chapter.)

Now, when I was a new Christian I found that rather hard to understand – but it works! The theological term is ‘atonement’, or ‘substitutionary atonement’.  In bringing forgive-ness to the guilty, however, this can cause deep problems for those who’ve been the victim of crimes. After all, why should a killer find forgiveness by God? And what about the victim’s families, or the victim of abuse? They find it very hard if well-nigh impossible to forgive.

In 2012 I heard a Portsmouth prison chaplain address this issue with a concept taken from the criminal justice system: restorative justice. This involves an active dialogue between victim and offender, plus reparation.  And it has a sound basis in  theology. How?

Jesus was a guiltless victim, directly of those who wanted Him killed, and indirectly of everyone’s ‘fallen state’ of sinfulness, which could only be rectified by His death.

And Almighty God, the Father, is a victim too. How? He’s victim of humanity’s rebellion against Him. For example and especially over the way religious leaders murdered His son – how they seethed with rage when Jesus denounced them! (read Luke 20:9-19).  So, every victim can find an identity and affinity in both God and Jesus Christ in their situation. Hence, they can receive God’s own ability to forgive because He will help them choose to forgive those who’ve harmed them. [Lack of forgiveness may be the only thing that hampers God – see Matt 6:14-15]


During contemplation upon the tableau illustrated above, an insight dropped into mind that the Resurrection created a distinct point in the flow of, or perhaps even a change in, Time itself. That is, the now termed ‘common era’ calendar is the medieval Christian one that counts years from the approximate birth of Christ as ‘anno Domini’. But in fact, a more powerful one would be the point at which things in heaven changed and thus affected our lives on earth and its ultimate role in God’s scheme of creation. This took place at the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, His revival to life from death itself.

That such a concept may be valid can be found in the discoveries about the material of ‘The Shroud of Turin’, the shroud in which Jesus was thought to have been carried and covered during His interment. It is of most astounding significance when examined from the view-point of modern physics.

Apart from the supra-natural or spiritual aspect, that unique, singular event could have naturally happened by means of a ‘singularity’ (a theoretical gravitational effect associated with ‘black holes’, eg. as may have been the starting point of the creation of the universe, or ‘Big Bang’).

Don’t take my word for this but consider that of Dame Isabel Piczek (deceased 2016), famous as a monumental artist and award-winning figurative draughtswoman. Her highly detailed analysis of theories about how the image on the shroud was formed is authoritative, as in the first of several detailed articles here.

Also, as a physicist who may have considered implications from a quantum mechanics standpoint, her conclusions about how the image was formed are most intriguing: it seems that the image of Jesus can only have been created by its hovering equidistantly above and below his reclining bent corpse. Furthermore, this necessitated the body’s levitation – perhaps not an impossible feat during the moment of the Resurrection power-blast?  After all, the disciples had witnessed Jesus walking on water and were yet to see His levitating into the clouds!

Dame Isabel succinctly summarises:

We have a piece of cloth and it leads us to a mysterious gate which opens for us, and it lets us see a completely different world, an extraordinary world with extraordinary laws.

Consider these claims by reading those articles and watching this 19 minute of extracts from the DVD The Fabric of Time (with its own lead-in trailer). There’s also a discussion of her scientific opinion at In Case You Missed Isabel Piczek’s Wonderful Paper.

‘Coincidentally”, just after having read the last link and revised the preceding references to science (post published 5 years ago), I’m alerted to theoretical physicist Mehki’s new post on ‘black holes’ and ‘event horizons’ (see Looking to the Horizon). The discussion thread has a valuable contribution from ‘physicalrealityblog’ that’s pertinent to the Shroud site’s discussion of Dame Isabel’s analysis and indirectly reconnects it back into quantum physics!

2017: ‘Coincidentally’ amusing that bloggers ‘hidden’ on opposite sides of the world (Britain and New Zealand) were preparing items on the fabrics that Jesus Christ was buried with – the full-body shroud and the head linen – in Joseph of Arimathea’s private tomb. My post updated on Wed 12 April 2017 was scheduled on Thurs 13th for auto-publication Sun 16 April. On Good Friday 14 April Joanne Rolston published news of the ‘Sudarium’ in AB-solute Proof – The Blood That Speaks.

Read about bizarre anomalies in scientific instruments placed on the slab of stone in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre said to be have been where Jesus’ body lay: Scientists Who Opened Christ’s Tomb Detect Mysterious Readings That Support Shroud Theory.

2019: Am grateful to unknown source of this image:

Link: The Shroud of Turin website

A Maundy Thursday Musing

The Cross at Ffald-y-Brenin, ‘miraculously’ provided and located as directed by the Lord.

[First published 2016]

Reflections upon the events of Jesus’ betrayal and execution whilst we were on a Quiet Day’s ‘Appointment in Jerusalem’, added to my ongoing meditation upon His personal prayer made, not in the garden of Gethsemane, but earlier in the upper room at the close of their Passover meal (John 17). That ‘celebratory remembrance’ proved to be more than a ground-breaking event. It was truly a heaven-breaking-in pivotal time in human history in which Jesus offered up Himself as the Paschal Lamb, not only for His first disciples but also for everyone who would ever believe in Him – eg. you and me! AND enable everyone to come into the full freedom of salvation from their sins and satan’s consequential authority over their lives – should they so choose.

So my thoughts meandered around Jesus’ praying to Father that He’d “manifested Your Name” and for His disciples to see the glory He had with Him before the Beginning, as in my footnote to the prophetic word on Preparation for Enlargement.

The modern concept of ‘name’ fails to convey the depth of meaning and significance as understood in biblical times. I recalled Hebrew and Semitic studies scholar Dr Michael S Heiser’s (bio) referring at Exodus 23:20-23 to the Angel of the LORD as having what’s noted from Gideon’s encounter with Him (Judges 6:11-26); that is,

‘Yahweh’s “Name” in him…which gives a glimpse of the Hebrew Bible’s ‘Name Theology’ in which reference to “the Name” actually refers to Yahweh Himself…Thus, ‘Yahweh indicates He is in the Angel…yet in other passages, Yahweh and the Angel can be simultaneously – but separately – present [Old Testament Godhead Language].

That’s remarkably similar to the principle of quantum entanglement (see On Engaging Time) – yet is in the Bible!  Jesus goes on to say that the divine “Name” represents His Presence, which is also God’s ‘Essence’.

So over silent lunch, my mind in ‘neutral’, an insight suddenly occurred and I noted it afterwards as an equation in my Bible’s rear fly-leaf.:


Also, the last part is equivalent to:


Now please note: in my mind I was going to write “in and throughout” but actually found myself writing “across”, which doesn’t make as much sense when considering the full continuity of time – BUT this change directly relates it to the Crucifixion.

From my earliest days of being ‘born again’ I’d heard about the Cross being pivotal in, and thus central to, human history. Now, however, I understood it’s existed throughout history from the very Beginning, and connected into the ‘mystery’ of ‘Fathers Own Objective’ that Apostle Paul revealed to the Ephesians, as noted in my intro to God’s Eternal Purpose.

I imagined the Cross’ horizontal beam s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g…r-i- g-h-t…a-c-r-o-s-s…t-i-m-e.

Next, I scribbled a cloud shape with arrows poking out of it to represent different epochs and wrote within its curvy outline, ‘Cloud of Unknowing’ (as in the title of the medieval book of contemplative Christian mysticism on the being and nature of God – see Wikipedia).

THEN right after jotting those notes and awaiting the first session after lunch, this famous Welsh hymn was played and I was transfixed by the chorus line,

“He can never be forgotten throughout heaven’s eternal days.”

Now, as I blog and search on Hebrew name theology I find a very informative article on ‘Ha Shem’ at Hebrew4Christians, to which is added this postscript:

‘The point of all this is to demonstrate that the “Name of the LORD” is none other than Yeshua (or Jesus). Yeshua = YHVH…The idea of “Name” means more than mere phonetics; it has to do with the deeds, acts, power, reputation and glory of God. Those who do not honor the Son do not honor the Father who sent Him (John 5:23). Denigrating Yeshua by even hinting that He is less than God Almighty is to desecrate the Name of God…’ (Divine Names Theology?)

The deep wisdom of that article is worthy of contemplative reflection. Yet it also speaks to me of another aspect of the Lord’s name relating directly to the Crucifixion, about which I mused this time last year and which is republished next… ie. tomorrow, Good Friday.

Big Ben prophecies update

An intriguing juxta-positioning of photo with article under page 4’s ‘Brexit chaos’ banner (front page: May ‘on bended knee’ to EU).  Its publication date is significant: 21st March, the day after the Spring equinox, ie. the astronomical start of Spring – in other words, this photo also indicates IT’S TIME – THE NEW SEASON HAS STARTED!

Daily Telegraph 21 March 2019, credit Peter Mac Diarmid/LNP

Despite the unparalleled political chaos and disintegration of democracy, as prophesied particularly in several dreams reported from Tucson by Tony Puccio of attacks not only beneath Big Ben but also within and by Parliament upon our ‘constitution’, matters are now entering a brand new phase; especially a new spiritual season for Britain.

By Blower, Daily Telegraph 22nd January

On 26th June 2017 Charles Shamp records, ‘As I was praying today I was taken to Big Ben in London, England. I heard the Lord say,

“My eye is upon this land and my hand upon the nation’s time, a kairos moment is about to come! I will cause a sign to come from Big Ben that will mark the moment that I have changed the time and season for the nation of England and the city of London. Everything will stop and people will turn to see and hear. Tell my people to mark the moment when it comes to pass for it will be sign of great change in the land.”

Two months later people did indeed stop to take note of Big Ben falling silent at the start of lengthy maintenance work to the Elizabeth Tower and its clock faces; Big Ben is their famous bell.  (Also see review of Dr Sharon Stone’s earlier prophecy at Significant Timing of Planned Stoppage of Big Ben.)

More recently, Yvonne Coombs was inspired to paint a unique picture of Big Ben. In my Prophetic Painting of Lion and Eagle, with Big Ben she explains its origin in a vision of “Jesus’ blood all over the earth – Yet, the UK was His main focus in this particular painting as I saw Big Ben alone – and He put His finger in it and it rippled out.”  And so it became a process from one painting towards the final piece, and we’re privileged to see below those two different pictures of that process:

By Yvonne Coombs, 12th March 2019

“Trust in Me! I go before you Great Britain and MY WILL BE DONE!” (Yvonne Coombs, 13th March 2019)

Also, watch this ‘revelatory’ report on the unveiling of Big Ben’s north-facing clock on this ITN report of 21st March:

Veronika West notes this event last Saturday, connecting it to a powerful prophetic word she brought in January (A Work of Divine Restoration to Restore the UK’s Foundations):



GPS #30.2: “Stand up!” emerging army of mighty prayer warriors

Rosemary Piercy writes to me about a command she heard and its related vision:

‘I felt that the Lord woke me up early to pray for the UK (Tuesday 12th March); as I started I heard the command “Stand up”! The scriptures came to me – “When you have done all, stand” and “Stand still and you will see the deliverance the Lord will do”.

‘As I watched, I saw thousands of people standing up all over Britain, in a great wave; many people were concentrated in the north-east but also in Manchester and London; they went well up into Scotland and Wales, then down in the south west. I did not see Ireland in the picture. This does not seem to fit in with your picture/words about marching, but it was very clear indeed. I think of the song “Arise, a mighty army, we arise” – maybe this is a preliminary to marching. Have you had any other words along these lines?’

I replied yesterday, and followed up today with a couple of questions,

‘Terrific! This would fit in between what Nina saw of a group of lounging WWII fighter pilots awaiting “Scramble!” and N’s instant reaction to her stressing the importance of the image and date received, which he gave as though an imperative “March forth!” rather than factual figure, fourth of March.  As you say, we need to stand up before we can do either of ‘scramble’ or ‘march’.

‘Also, there’s the difference of them being able to fly, like heavenly warriors of angels, and a ground-based army in that day’s word that I’d read earlier…’

‘Presumably the command and vision of people arising to stand refers to intercessors only? Or, all praying believers?? Or even – those who rise up in reaction to last night’s Parliamentary contempt for the people’s choice for Brexit???’

And so Rosemary responded,

‘Good questions! I feel strongly that it is for ALL praying believers – to stand up and be counted, and that it is not simply a reaction to our leaders’ disregard of the democratic process. I have been re-reading Ephesians 6, and was reminded of the command to stand (up) 3 times in the passage. We need to put our heads above the parapet regardless of the fact that the enemy will see us as well as God! Standing is an action that we need to take as we receive our “inheritance that will never perish, spoil, or fade”.’

As far as I’m aware Rosemary doesn’t use Facebook so may have been unaware of this which Veronika West had posted on Monday 11th; a precursor to what Rosemary heard and saw the next morning:


Early hours of this morning the Spirit of God woke me up from a very deep sleep and He spoke to me saying, “DAUGHTER LOOK AND SEE”, and as I heard those words suddenly a powerful vision opened up before me, where I saw what looked like a desert, a wilderness place, I could see heat waves rising up from the hot sands and then I heard these words, “LOOK AND SEE! WHO ARE THESE BURNING ONES COMING UP FROM THE WILDERNESS LEANING HEAVILY ON THE BELOVED!”, now as I listened and watched in the vision, suddenly I saw on the horizon what looked like a blazing forest fire which was sweeping across the hot sands with great momentum and acceleration, now as the raging fires drew closer and closer to me in the vision, suddenly I saw a large multitude of men, women and children who were SET ABLAZE WITH FIRE and like an army of burning bushes they moved in perfect unison across the land and then I heard these words, “THESE ARE THE BURNING ONES, NO LONGER WILL THEY BE CONTAINED, FOR THESE ARE APPOINTED DAYS OF GREAT AWAKENING, YES! AN AWAKENING TO LOVE, WATCH! FOR MY BURNING ONES ARE NOW ARISING AND ADVANCING ACROSS THE NATIONS OF THE EARTH CARRYING THE FLAME OF REVIVAL AND REFORMATION”!


Then came confirmation for Rosemary in this of Wednesday 13th from Veronika:




I saw a firestorm, four whirlwinds and the four faces of God!

In the early hours, I had a powerful prophetic encounter that I would like to share with you. I ask that you read carefully and prayerfully.

There is a sudden supernatural shift happening in the realms of the Spirit in this hour. Get ready, for there is an emerging Army of Mighty Warriors coming forth from a Firestorm of Glory. Watch, for the manifestation of greater signs, wonders and miracles!

In this encounter, I was taken onto a battlefield. The sky was filled with the colours of deep red and orange, and I heard the words, “The dawning of a New Day.”

The atmosphere was filled with great expectation and anticipation. I could see the mighty warriors of God standing at attention on the battlefield, each one strategically positioned in their respective ranks. I could see these mighty warriors were waiting!
I knew by divine revelation, that these warriors were “Waiting for heaven to touch earth.”
Then suddenly, a strong and mighty wind began to blow upon the battlefield. I watched as four mighty whirlwinds began to form in the distance. Suddenly I could see the Four Faces of God within the four whirlwinds.

I saw the face of the Eagle within the whirlwind, that came from the north. Then I saw the face of the Ox that came in the whirlwind from the west. Then the face of Man that came in the whirlwind from the south. Lastly I could see the face of the Lion that came in the whirlwind from the east.
Now the whirlwinds moved in unison, causing an immense dust storm to rise up from the ground, which filled the atmosphere with an even greater expectation and anticipation among the warriors of God.
Suddenly a bright flash of lightning lite up the horizon and I could see what looked like the rising sun. It was a large ball of fire which moved swiftly across the skies and towards the battlefield of warriors.

I watched closely as the mighty four whirlwinds moved upon the ball of fire, now I could see what looked like the Four Faces of God within the ball of blazing fire. The four whirlwinds seemed to push and propel the fiery ball forward.

I watched as the ball of fire drew nearer and nearer the battlefield. Suddenly, I could feel an intense heat from the ball of fire as it moved upon the battlefield of warriors. I could hear the shouts of great rejoicing.
Suddenly my eyes were illuminated by God’s Word and Truth and I instantly received a new measure and a greater level of ‘seeing’ and ‘understanding.’ Then, like a sharpened arrow, I felt the Fire and Power of God deeply penetrate the deepest parts of my heart.
There was an instant supernatural ignition and exchange that took place deep within me.
My focus became clearer, and now I watched as the fire ball moved upon the mighty warriors of God.

I could clearly see the Four Faces within the Four Whirlwinds within the Fire. I could see the Fire of God in the Whirlwind of the Ox, touching the mighty warrior Evangelists, igniting and empowering them with a greater power, strength and Authority for the end-time harvest.

Then I watched the fire of God within the whirlwind of the Eagle, now touching the mighty warrior Prophets, each one receiving greater insight, deeper revelation, accurate and precise vision. I watched as the fire of His glory touched their lips, and like hot coals they glowed brighter and brighter.

Then I watched as the fire of God within the whirlwind of Man touched the mighty warrior Shepherds. The fire deeply penetrated their hearts giving them a new level of humility, meekness, power and compassion.

Then I saw the fire of God in the whirlwind of the Lion touching the mighty warrior Apostles each one received a new level and a greater measure of divine wisdom, authority, might, humility and revelation.

Then I watched as these fiery, burning and Anointed ones moved together in perfect unity. There were none greater than the other. Shoulder to shoulder, and shield to shield they advanced and moved forward as one mighty army. They moved, marched and advanced forward with one purpose, one vision and one mission.

Their hearts were set ablaze with the Fires of His Glory and Power. I hear, “These are the mighty warriors that are now emerging in greater power and greater authority upon the earth”!



Transcript of prophetic word on the Lord’s plans for Brexit and Ireland

Thank you to Carolyn Stewart for providing this transcript, as published at Glasgow Prophetic Centre and UK Prophetic Words, of this most insightful, encouraging word Emma Stark broadcast in her latest of three videos on Brexit. Footnotes give my brief weighing (1Cor 14:29) of this exceptionally significant prophetic word that Emma received on 27th February whilst with a group of prophets in Belfast:


Where is the solution to Brexit, the Backstop and the Irish Border?

‘I felt that God gave me a really significant word about Brexit in the last handful of days, and a real God intervention and a heads up for what God is going to do in what looks like a chaotic situation. I really want to share this with you, particularly for those of you who are intercessors. I feel like God has given me something that I’m asking you, would you stand with me and would you pray? Would you come into a place of agreement of some of the things God is saying that needs to happen? So I am really asking for your opt-in right now and your anointing to partner with what God is revealing through His prophet.

‘I was standing in Belfast last week. Of course, I am Northern Irish; that’s where I was born and raised. Cut me and I bleed of that land, and I am passionate about Ireland, both north and south of the border.

‘I heard the Lord say this, when I asked him this question: “Where is the solution to Brexit? God, what are You saying about the Backstop and the Irish border?”

‘And the Spirit of the Lord said this to me, “Emma, the solution is in Dublin.” Well, I was shocked. And the Lord said, “There is a tangled ball of wool that is sitting in the Parliament building in Dublin, and the end of that ball of wool is in the hands of Leo Varadkar. Now Leo Varadkar is the Taoiseach, or the leader or the prime minister in Ireland, and they of course meet in Dublin. The Lord said this to me: “I put an anointing on Leo Varadkar, and it has been a dormant anointing.” But the Lord says that He made him one who would challenge the rules. He made him one who would challenge the status quo. He made him different from other leaders that had arisen within Ireland. And the Lord says, “I even put a subversive anointing on him, that he would subvert the status quo.” The Lord says he used that subversive anointing not for good purposes. But the Lord says, “Right now, like I grabbed hold of Cyrus, I am about to grab hold of that man’s hand, and I am anointing his subversion that it may be turned to subvert the kingdom of darkness and even bring about a righteous solution.”

‘And then I said to the Lord, “Well what is he to do?” and the Lord said, “He is to reach out his hand to Arlene Foster,” who as you know is the previous First Minister, the leader of the DUP in Stormont, which is the devolved parliament in Northern Ireland. And the Lord said, “I gave her a spirit and an anointing of determination, but she too didn’t always know how to use that gifting for my glory.” And the Lord says, “I am calling on what I put in her of determination, and I am going to call that out to be used for my Kingdom, and Leo Varadkar’s subversiveness. And the Lord says, “I am going to enable them to turn and to be a man and a woman who face each other.” And the Lord says, “I will put an ability for them to look at each other, see each other, dialogue with each other, communicate with each other.” And the Lord says, “I will strike them with holy lightning that there may be a resolution and a new relationship that has grown between the North and the South on the landmass of Ireland. And the Lord says, “That subversion and that determination will start to work on a plan.” And I heard the Lord say, “They will be in a coalition.” I am not talking politically. I am not talking about divided Ireland. I am not talking about united Ireland. Don’t hear this through any agenda or political mindset. I heard the word “coalition” in terms of a new relationship, a new ability to see and understand each other, a new ability to figure some things out between each other. And I heard the Lord say this – it was so clear – He said, “Brexit is out of Time”. I don’t mean like it’s running out, because we know it’s running out in terms of the end of March – but it is “out of Time” of the order of God. And the Lord says, “Do not fear, even if there is a delay. Do not fear, if that looks like increased chaos.” For the Lord says, “There is an order, and I will start in Ireland,” And they will form such a new understanding, and a new relationship with one another, that the Lord says, “It will be a model for what I want to do in nations and how they will relate to each other, even across the continent of Europe and beyond.” But the Lord says, “I am beginning a work of reconciliation and seeing each other and solution in Ireland.”

‘And the Lord says, “That is going to even have an effect on Brexit.” The Lord says, “Let Ireland be solved first before Brexit can be unpacked and fully realised.” And you can see God working in an order around the nation, from Ireland in the south, up to Northern Ireland and across, down into Westminster. And the Lord is saying in this hour that we are to pray, even for the EU and even for Theresa May and Westminster, to give Ireland space and to not dominate in that place so that the Lord can raise up these leaders to see each other. And the Lord said this: “Oh intercessors, you have prayed about the Irish border, you have gone back and forward along it.” And the Lord says, “You have bound every demon that you knew how to bind, and you have been diligent and faithful.” But the Lord is even saying now, “You did not replace that which you bound with the solution from my throne room.” The Lord says, “It is a time for the intercessors to start to say over the Irish border, ‘God has a solution’, and to release the solution; not just to bind and limit that which is nasty, but to put a higher decree in place, an overarching decree that says, ‘There will be a relational solution’.” And the Lord says, “I need your decrees and your agreement that MY relational order will come even into that landmass”, says the Lord.

‘I want to keep you up to date with some of the things I prophesied over Brexit before (videos 2017 and 2018). The Lord is saying, “Look, there is going to be a disconnect from Europe, so that there can be a reconnection.” And the Lord says that in two to three years we will be in mass revival on the continent of Europe and within the British Isles. And the Lord says, “I am making some situations [to] bring nations to their knees right now, and even a humbleness to come within the British Isles”, says the Lord, “that I may break the spirit of Leviathan off you and your pride.” For the Lord says, “I cannot come near the British Isles while there is pride, because I am held by my word that says I must resist those who are proud.” But the Lord says, “As there is humbleness and as confusion even opens a door to a hands-up that says, ‘I don’t have an answer’” – and as that brings a sense of “Oh God! We need to look to you outside of ourselves” – the Lord says, “Then Leviathan breaks”, and then that revival rushes towards us.

‘The Lord also said this to me, that there had been a robbing of the DNA of the British Isles, and that the British Isles for centuries had been known for leadership in the earth. And yes, sometimes they got that just disgustingly wrong, and sometimes there was weeping for the need for repentance. But the Lord says, “In the middle of all of that, you forgot”, says the Lord to the British Isles, “that in your very core, in your very DNA, there was the ability to make a leadership role in the nations.” And Lord is saying that the nations are crying again for the British Isles to raise themselves up, and to know what leadership is. And the Lord says, “I am healing and restoring leaders, the length and breadth of the British Isles, in this hour.” And the Lord says, “If you want to know how to pray, you pray for Leo Varadkar in Dublin, you pray for Arlene Foster in Belfast.” And the Lord says, “There is going to come such a fresh template of how leaders across borders work with each other that it will heal the backstop, it will heal Ireland, it will propel Brexit to come forth in the right way. It will model a new way of relationship for the landmass of Europe.” And the Lord says, “It will enable even revival to come, as there is a domino effect from Ireland.” And so the Lord is saying, “Take hope. I am on My throne. I know what I am doing, but I need your agreement,” says God.

‘Why? You’ve got to understand why God wants our agreement. You see, in Amos 3 it says, ‘Surely the sovereign Lord does nothing before revealing it to his servants the prophets’. God is saying, “I won’t act until you’ve seen it. I won’t act until you’ve heard it and agreed it.” Well now I am telling you what God is saying, and I want you just to raise your hands where you are and say, “Oh God, we decree a solution of relationship over Ireland. Oh God, we decree that leaders that don’t even acknowledge each other fully are going to start to come together in a new relationship. We agree even that Theresa May and the European Union back off, so that there is a space for a healing in this land.”

‘And let me tell you what else I thought the Lord was asking us to pray. I grew up in Northern Ireland. I grew up in the troubles. I know there’s a spirit of violence. You know there’s a spirit of violence there. But that violent spirit says this: “Defend yourself! Defend your people! Look after your own! Destroy those who come against you!” But when I stood on Northern Ireland last week, I felt that violent spirit had changed and it was now a blood-thirsty spirit, and that is one beyond violence, where the blood-thirsty spirit doesn’t just say, “Defend your own”. It says, “Decimate everywhere. Just have carnage as far as the eye can see.” I heard that spirit in the land, and I want you to agree with me right now that there will be peace in Ireland, north and south. There will be peace in England and Wales and Scotland, and all of the British Isles and all of the islands that that includes, that there will be in this day a striking of the ground with the spirit of the government of God and the increase of his peace. We need to decree together that there will not be a return to violence or blood-thirstiness. For the Lord is saying, “I want to work with you that there may be peace,” and the Lord says, “Now is the time not just to bind the violence, but to say, “Let peace be established for multi-generations in this hour”.’

RB Footnotes:
  • The Personal Prophetic Trail section that follows my previous posting of Emma’s video doesn’t give the finer details of the first ‘coincidental’ confirmation over my musing upon the possibility of this year being spiritually connected to what I’d learned in 2012 (because 7 years have elapsed since we’d started blessing Britain and Ireland). The details show the Lord’s hand pointing me by means of a ‘divine appointment’ to the above UK-Eire-EU issue, as follows:
  • During morning coffee I didn’t mill around in the large foyer with others but returned to my chair in the conference hall to quietly sip the drink. A different person to the woman I’d seen sitting behind me came to sit in that chair to await her friend. I turned and asked if she’d had far to travel to Windsor. This sister in the Lord replied she’d flown from Belfast and I recalled having seen her introduced on the platform a few months ago as a pastor from Dublin.
  • Subsequently, returning to my musing upon 2012+7=2019, I wondered if there may be any relevance in that brief chat. In answer I ‘saw’ on my mental image of the map we pray over daily, a tube-like white line between Dublin and Belfast, as though indicating a connection.
  • The reference to Ireland’s significance in the Lord’s plans for revival reiterates what Dr Sharon Stone brought in her Clarion Call of 2013 to the British Isles, “In speaking into Ireland it doesn’t take a genius to see that’s the western gate of revival for the UK. That means that if God is moving from the west eastwards they’re carrying something that those in England have need of…”
  • Politically, let’s remind ourselves that Leo Varadkar is on record as having seen no problem over Ireland’s border with Northern Ireland and the UK being outside the EU, as in Prophecy Progress Check #1 – Eire, UK & EU.
  • See NI & Eire Prophecy Update #5: Yet Again, No Need for a Hard Border.
  • Eire Bstop

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PS: click for introduction to Emma and her video (and starts personal prophetic trail) and for political developments see Updates #1, #2, #3, #4#5 and #6 (at 28th March).

Triple synchronisation of ‘jigsaw pieces’ on Time!

A week ago today three ‘invisible jigsaw’ pieces fell into place and left me in awestruck wonder. So, allow me to ‘blow your mind’ – or rather to open it up your spiritual senses!
1st Puzzle Piece

Last Monday lunch-time I had opportunity to open up a book Nina recommended a few months ago, and in which she’d left many coloured tabs.

I’d long been wanting to get back into that book dear ol’ Mahesh Chavda had given me when he was in Shoreham, East Sussex, maybe 10 years ago. So a half-hour opportunity over lunch, after taking Nina to an appointment, enabled me to dip into it.

I managed most of the first chapter of Watch Of The Lord (published 1999) but of several significant points in ‘The Birth of the Watch’, I was especially struck by his wife Bonnie’s description of a vision of the Lord:

‘Suddenly, the Lord came as though from behind and stuck His right arm…in front of my face. I was staring at His hand, wrist and forearm as though it was the arm of a man before my eyes…There was a place around His wrist in the distinct shape of a wristwatch, where the skin had not been darkened by the sun. Obviously, He usually wore His watch there and had done so habitually for a long time. But the watch itself was missing. He said, “My watch is being repaired” His tone was not casual – it was crucial!’

You can read all about this by enlarging the following photos of pages 11 & 12:

2nd Puzzle Piece

I returned home and was able to continue working on the 2,000th post, telling about an actual public library and a dream about its symbolical disappearance and replacement by the ‘cyber-library’ on this website. In fact, I was completing the list of ‘sections’ and ‘shelves’ with the extensive library that had been compiled on my ‘Watch’.

However, I noticed a notification of a posting by Tony Puccio over in Tucson, Arizona, had arrived whilst I was away. It reads as follows and you’ll note its exceptionally appropriate title (click title for direct link)

When I think of a gold watch I think of a pocket watch given to a retiree. Or a fancy wrist watch, i.e., a Rolex. In the dream I had last night I was given a gold wrist watch. I remember that there were people who tried to steal it from me and then there were others who wanted to buy it from me.

The following scripture was dropped into my heart following the dream.

Eph 5:15 — Eph 5:16 (NKJV Strong’s)
Walk in Wisdom
See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

Time is a precious commodity that one cannot control and that which is given to is a gift from God. In the dream I mentioned people trying rather forcefully, I might add, to steal the watch from me. These represent people and things, I believe that either steal your attention, I call people like this energy drainers. The watch represented time which they may or may not know is a priceless commodity.Things represent those “things” that can dominate our time and the hours fly by. example, I remember when the internet first came out I would spend hours mindlessly searching it. The watch in my dream was on my wrist where it was both visible to me and others. It was not in my pocket where it would get an occasional glance at most. A portion of time is given to every individual and were are commended as Christians to redeem, make the most of every opportunity, the time because the days are evil.

I had a similar dream 8 years ago that I am reposting below (continue reading here)
3rd Puzzle Piece

Later, in the Monday evening I noticed the following notification arrived in connection with a comment made practically three months earlier to a blog that used the same title I’d got and been listing at the close of the post on my cyber-library in the Time:A Primer section – The Nature of Time:

Click/tap to read Patrick’s posting The Nature of Time

SO we have the arrival of THREE items synchronised within 8 hours of one another that are all connected in one way or another to time, telling time and the passage of time.

Don’t you think the Lord is deliberately pointing out something important’s happening or about to take place?


[Image credit: Puzzle In Sky by Idea Go, courtesy of]

Spiritual nature of Brexit vs. EU battle – prophecies continue to be fulfilled

Continuing the previous post about Donald Tusk’s cursing the UK, in addition to Is the Lord Exposing Rotten Politics? UK, USA – next EU?? and the Fulfilled Prophecies #10 sequence, we now revisit other pertinent prophecies, closing with those on reversal of the curse. (Click titles below to read in full.)  Continue reading