Declarations of the Lord’s glory over Britain on All Hallows’ Eve

Detail from cover of ‘Ladies of Gold’ by James Maloney

First thing this morning we realised the Lord is specifically speaking about today’s holy significance as the ‘Eve of All Hallowed Souls’ (ie. ‘All Saints Day’ tomorrow) through a couple of our regular devotional aides:

First, this from Sanctuary – Moments in His Presence was read out aloud:

‘Today, we reflect on the One who is the Light of the world. He has such zeal to accomplish all things. Speak over your neighbourhood and over your nation today:

“The Holy One, the Lord Reigns!”

‘The LORD will go forth like a warrior, He will arouse His zeal like a man of war. He will utter a shout, yes, He will raise a war cry. He will prevail against His enemies.

“I have kept silent for a long time, I have kept still and restrained Myself. Now like a woman in labor I will groan, I will both gasp and pant. I will lay waste the mountains and hills and wither all their vegetation; I will make the rivers into coastlands and dry up the ponds. I will lead the blind by a way they do not know; in paths they do not know I will guide them. I will make darkness into light before them and rugged places into plains.  These are the things I will do, and I will not leave them undone.” (Isa 42:13-16 NASB)

‘Praise God for Your single-mindedness, Jesus! I pray for You to presence Yourself in our midst. Lead the blind into the Light. Make the way smooth beneath their feet so they may walk forward and entrust themselves to You. How small is our vision of who You are! You are light and power unimaginable! Forgive us. Tune our spirits to the music of heaven and somehow make our obedience count for You this day. Amen.’

Thank you to David Strutt for kind permission to quote and broadcast, hence my editorial amendment from singular to plural in the last sentence and other minor emphases.

Secondly, today is ‘Day 33 (noteworthy; to be explained in upcoming post) Carlisle‘ from Keep Praying & Bless, the decree for which is based upon 1 Chronicles 29:11,  “Yours O Lord is the greatness and the power and the glory and the majesty and the splendour, for everything in heaven and earth is Yours.”


We decree: “There is none like our God. He is all-powerful, and all things are in His hands.”

Aaronic Blessing: The Lord bless you and keep you, The Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you, The Lord lift up His countenance toward you and give you peace. Thus, we put His name upon you and He will bless you (Numbers 6:24-27).

“We bless these isles to know the power and might of our God. We bless the nations to revere and honour Him alone.”

This is followed by a prayer of protection.:

‘Almighty Father, we come to You in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ, and in that mighty Name we break the power of every strategy and assignment sent against the British Isles and Ireland. We pray the mighty covering of the Living Blood of Jesus Christ over our villages, towns and cities; over our coastlands, seaports and airports; over our roadways, railways, waterways and ferries – as well as over ourselves and….

‘We ask that You release the angelic host to protect us from every spiritual and terrorist attack and lift each citizen above every circumstance and crisis. WE AFFIRM THE FINISHED WORK OF CHRIST OVER ALL DEMONIC FORCES and decree: no weapon formed against the plans and purposes for the British Isles and Ireland will prosper. We also decree: no longer will violence be heard in our land, or destruction within or at our borders. We bless the atmosphere to be charged with peace and order. Amen’  (Isaiah 54:17 & 60:18) 

A Vision Fulfilled! John & Pam Yates

Thank and praise you Lord for another piece of your ‘invisible jigsaw’ on the recent ‘ripples’ vision, one from almost 40 years ago !!

Call The Nation To Prayer

We hope to release a write-up of the second part of ‘As One’, our gathering at Meriden during this week, (First part at Coventry – click here). Meanwhile, the day from another perspective:

On 21st April this year, we released a Blog Post, Finding Clues at Meriden. Within this we described how the month before, whilst still working out what The Lord was showing us concerning our ‘As One’ gathering, we unexpectedly received an email from a couple who had been told of us, John and Pam Yates, who now live on the Isle of Wight.

This is an extract from the Finding Clues at Meriden Blog Post, relating to Pam and John – click here to view it in full. :

John & Pam Yates John & Pam Yates

‘…We were amazed to hear that in 1979, John Yates received a vision from God about the centre of England.

This is an extract…

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Prophetic word on “the final battle” for Britain

Thank you to UK Prophetic Words for the following posted 25 Oct 2018:


In our Monday evening prayer & ministry time (called Transformation Sheffield) tonight the Lord led me to stand on the raised platform at the front of church. Visiting preachers have confirmed that this spot has much angelic action, one describing it at an Angelic Portal. Angels come and go across the platform traveling to wherever they are needed. Sometimes we are let in on their missions.

Tonight the activity in and out of the portal is hurried with many angels coming and going so fast that they are more a blur than individuals we often see.

I stood and asked what the reason for the speed of travel was for. The answer I heard was:

“It’s started! The final battle for this nation has started, the future of the nation is being fought over with great ferocity. “

I am a Brexit supporter on spiritual grounds. God has been leading me for years before Brexit was a word. He has shown me that on many occasions in our island’s history where He appears to intervene to keep us separate from a spirit of control that has pervaded European history for centuries. Although I’m not clear yet on the full meaning of this I sense it has been a preparation for the times we walk in now.

My mind went to all those Christians who in good faith and conviction think we are making a very big mistake. There are many reasons on either side of the argument that stack up and much that doesn’t or can’t anymore. However the spiritual reasons to leave seem to be hidden from them.

My prayers for the church in the UK is that God’s Kingdom comes, His will be done. I believe He holds His people responsible for the state of the nation.

Neil Grant
Transformation Sheffield.


Ireland v Germany prophetic dream update

Thank you Jonathan Ely for posting news on Why Leave the EU? that’s directly relevant to Simon Copley’s dream of Irish resistance to the German invasion of Ireland.

According to a contributor to Irish Central, Dan Haverty: “Irexit Freedom – as the party is known officially – still exists in nascent form, but with crucial elections looming in both the EU and (likely) in the Republic in the next year, it might have a unique opportunity to uncover a wealth of untapped political capital.”

Click to read his informative article in full > There is now an official political Irexit party.

Instead of hate crime and thought crime, try Christianity as a way of changing human nature — Gavin Ashenden


The bullet holes in the wall stirred a memory. They had left the building in front of me pock marked and scarred. I was in Croatia last week for a conference of European Anglican bishops and memories of the Serbo-Croatian conflict of 1991-94 littered the towns. It wasn’t clear if they had left the buildings with…

Click to continue reading > Instead of hate crime and thought crime, try Christianity as a way of changing human nature. — Gavin Ashenden

Vision of ‘ripples’ across and radiating from Britain

“He’s coming on the clouds, Kings and kingdoms will bow down,

And every chain will break as broken hearts declare His praise,

Who can stop the Lord Almighty?” (‘Lion and Lamb’, Bethel Music)

With such a thrilling song starting the morning’s high praise on Saturday 6th October I couldn’t help but recall that awesome encounter retold three weeks earlier on this blog.  Alistair, our worship leader, continued drawing a couple of hundred souls into the Lord’s presence as we went on to sing that ‘He’s a good, good Father’ , and then sing ‘Ocean’.

We’d assembled in a hotel opposite Windsor Castle for a mentoring day of teaching and activation in the prophetic gifts led by Rev Dr Sharon Stone with her guest Revd Celia Apeagyei-Collins.

Upon ascending the platform Sharon led in prayer bringing a brief word from the Lord – but was it my just imagination, or something He was dropping into my mind? I got an impression of the British Isles with a target superimposed upon it and our location being the Lord’s bull’s-eye (like on a dart board) and quickly jotted:

‘Pegging out ‘stakes’ then radiating out from Windsor for His fire to fall and become another center to ripple/radiate out from; so we get dozens of ‘ripple centers’ – it’s not just Windsor being of central importance but wherever there’s Holy Spirit-filled worship – thus those places alternatively appear in the spirit realm as pulsating ‘hearts’ or power points which thereby move across Great Britain.’

I sensed the ‘stakes’ are like coloured pins being pegged out at various places, like on a target square and as though radiating from Windsor. Having recently blogged on Jean Darnall, I was reminded of her vision of fires and lights across the UK and their being hit by lightning.

Credit: Google Earth

Whilst scribbling that note, Keith, whom I’ve known since we’d first attended Sharon’s classes in ’05 (at which he gave me an unlikely prophetic picture that later became true), was acting as usher and came beside me to guide someone into my row. So I briefly told him what I’d seen.

Next thing I knew, he’d vanished and returned with a leader to hear and weigh what I’d got. It was Suzanne Ferrett (of Passion For The Nation) and she said ‘ripples’ had also been mentioned the previous weekend at the ‘As One’ prayer gathering in Coventry (reported here), to which I’d been ‘God-incidentally’ connected!  (She was one of those who’d told me about it after I’d blogged about Jean Darnall.) She recommended my telling Sharon, who later told me CIE has been making connections and setting up various centers.

Unusually, the picture wasn’t a quick impression but lingered with me all morning. As I watched and listened to Celia delivering her talk I was also watching an ‘overlay’ of the open vision over this ordinary conference scene. It was like watching a video of green and blue ripples rhythmically flowing out from several points of origin across our land, as though our atmosphere was being affected by Christians’ activities and the Holy Spirit’s response.

This static image cannot convey what was in the ‘video’ because my photo-software’s effects could do only one center, whereas I saw several in action pumping out waves. Fascinated, I watched greens and blues of many hues pulsating across Britain as orchestrated, interference patterns rippled out towards Ireland and Europe; but this image may convey a hint of what’s going on…please weigh with the Lord in prayer…

An account of ‘As One’ – Part 1 – The morning at Coventry

Another notable update for those interested in this blog’s Fulfilled Prophecy #1 Update and Global Prophecy Signals # 23

Call The Nation To Prayer

Read the background leading to ‘As One’  – click here

This is how ‘As One’, our two connected gatherings, on Saturday 29th September, unfolded. This is the account of our morning at the old Coventry Cathedral Ruins

A perfect day

IMG_1005It was a bright, sunny, almost cloudless, a perfect day, as the Team started to gather within the ruins of the old Coventry Cathedral. It had been such a privilege to have been granted permission to use this ancient and significant site, known internationally as a place of peace and reconciliation.

As we had journeyed to this day, our Team had realised that The Lord had led us here; in a sense, to ‘gather-up’ the spirit of reconciliation it carried, and for it’s ‘release’ to the nation later at Meriden – but more about our afternoon at Meriden to follow!

Even before our arrival at the ruins that morning…

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Passion for the Nation: Brexit prayer declaration

Click/tap this header for link to Passion For The Nation’s website:


Father in Heaven, we come into agreement with Your word in Matthew 17: 20 “you can say to this mountain, ‘move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible to you”. (Also: Zechariah 4:7)

We declare You desire that this nation will display Your Kingdom and Your Kingship, moving in agreement with both Your Spirit and Your statutes.

We declare God is the Master Planner of heaven and earth. His plans are for good and not evil, greater than every plan of man or of the enemy to bring confusion, division or hopelessness.

At this critical time in the final Brexit negotiations, we come into agreement with His word in Romans 4:17: He is ‘the God who gives life to the dead and calls into being that which does not exist’  – God over all matters concerning Brexit under discussion; the potential UK-EU Customs partnership; the issues of the Irish Border and all matters relating to trade, so we stand as the Ekklesia and in the Name of Jesus we call forth the strategies of heaven.

We declare over all negotiations and stumbling blocks, nothing is impossible to You and we speak “grace, grace and more grace” to every seeming impossibility, in Jesus Name. (Zechariah 4:7)

We speak Your clarity into the atmosphere of confusion between Europe and UK over the hindrances, diversions and weariness and we declare “the purposes of God will be fulfilled.”

Issued 17th October by Passion For The Nation and published with kind permission.

Prayer and Brexit-related dream of Ireland v Germany

Here’s an interesting ‘coincidence’, or God-incidence, for prayerful consideration:

Editions Graphocarte

With map in hand early in the morning, we ‘Keep Praying & Bless‘ to decree and pray blessing upon the nation, our locality and one of 70 towns and cities across the UK, specifically including our natural and spiritual families, as was done for the 2012 Olympic Games. (Some may recall my post-Referendum daily series on this, beginning here.)

In view of Monday morning’s news on the Prime Minister Theresa May putting the brakes upon an anticipated Brexit deal with the EU, because of its unacceptable demand to treat Northern Ireland as being outside the UK but in the EU, it was highly appropriate that ‘Day 19‘ (Monday) in our prayer cycle was for:

‘BELFAST – Decree: I AM YOUR PEACE’ (‘So Gideon built an altar to the Lord there and called it The Lord is Peace.’ Judges 6:24)

“We decree: great peace and great joy will permeate the atmosphere over the British Isles and Ireland.

After pronouncing the Aaronic Blessing over the nation is this for Ulster’s capital – “We bless the people to seize the day, make the most of opportunities and to be filled with expectation and hope.”

Following that a Prayer of Protection is said for ‘the British Isles and Ireland‘ and, when referring to “roads, railways, waterway and ferries”, I turn the map over to show this routes one >>

Therefore, beyond specific locations within the United Kingdom, we daily include the Republic of Ireland in that prayer as if we’re one entity, as is graphically implicit in this second map.

Moreover, as negotiations with the EU have met their greatest hurdle dealing with customs issues between the EU and UK at the ‘seamless’ border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, it seems to me that maybe the Lord’s heart is for ALL our isles to be as separate economically as we are geographically from the continent. That is, that we should become our own ‘common-wealth’ within greater worldwide trade.

In view of the devious EU’s demands and intransigence maybe the Lord’s put it in their mind to make a nonsensical requirement? That is, an extra ‘backstop’ to a ‘backstop’ clause for customs operations at our Eire/EU border in Northern Ireland!

This tactic has not only confirmed but also made their true purpose as ‘plain as a pike-staff’ for all to see – both ‘Leavers’ and ‘Remainers’ – namely, the break-up of the union of Great Britain! (The goal of major European nations over centuries past – first France, then Spain and then a unified Germanic people.)


Therefore, and in view of my note on the NI-Eire border appended to the Declaration for our Vision & Economy, it’s most interesting to learn of an intriguing dream Rev Simon Copley posted on a prayer group’s Facebook. It’s published with his kind permission:

‘I had a strange dream last night, set in the late 19th Century or early 20th century (pre-Great War). Germany had invaded Ireland and was at war with the Irish government and people. The Irish were resisting furiously. Although Ireland was an integral part of Britain and of vital strategic importance, the British Government were standing by and letting events take their course. I wondered if this was significant to current EU negotiations. Will we see a rupture between Ireland and the EU?’ (Monday 15th October 2018)

I agree Simon’s conclusion and, in my humble opinion, this dream also indicates that – in a surprisingly novel way – the historical perspective on this crucial matter requires serious reconsideration.

A Historico-Futuristic Perspective

Germany is the predominant power within and thus directs the EU (some suspect it’s a ‘Fourth Reich’, or German empire) but the dream’s dating is highly unusual, as is the role-reversal between Germany and Britain in view of our historical involvement with Ireland.

Indeed, in view of its present timing this reversal may connect with the prophecy of the “curse being reversed and overturned” – which itself was brought through a prophetic ministry in Northern Ireland!!  So, maybe Simon’s dream is yet another confirmation of the previous post’s content?

Hopefully therefore, the Irish government will start looking afresh at their situation in the EU and change allegiance to their ancestral foe – the Union of Great Britain!

Exactly 100 years ago Germany had faced a sudden reversal in its military fortunes. In July 1918, Allied French general’s Petain and Foche changed tactics to halt general Ludendorff’s smashing through British troops at Arras and subsequent broad offensive. With tanks breaking the stalemate of trench warfare and backed up by aerial attacks from the new Royal Air Force, and reinforced by Canadian and Australian plus French, Belgian, Portuguese troops and newly arrived American armies, the Allies breached the German lines in September 1918 and reversed the enemy’s advance!

So, with Germany in retreat 100 years ago this month the Central Powers of Austria-Hungary, Turkey and Bulgaria began making peace overtures, and in early November German generals agreed to a cessation of hostilities commencing 11 November 1918 (see ‘The Armistice’).

Will history now repeat itself with the German-led EU going into retreat and giving in to Britain’s demands for a quick, complete separation from the EU’s customs union? Or else, perhaps the EU too will meet with a sudden, great reversal and collapse, as in several contemporary prophecies (eg. this recent urgent word, and on the EU being weighed).

PS: I read this very informative article about the Irish Taoiseach (prime minister) in the day’s newspaper only after having published the above and noted its title uses my term – Friend or Foe? The Changing Moods of EU’s Pivotal Players in Brexit. (NB. digital title differs from this broadsheet title – it’s ‘premium content’ but free access is available.)

Another confirmation of the curse over Britain being reversed!

Text of Vision and Word on UK’s Breaking Away from the EU posted on 7th June gives Veronika West’s oral introduction to a very powerful vision of an immense glacier that the Lord gave her, as well as a copy of her written record entitled:


In watching the vision unfold as a huge piece shears away from the glacier (the EU) to form an iceberg, which then flips over to produce a huge wave and seeing its spreading ripples, she hears the Lord tell her (note my emphasis):

“WATCH! For I AM turning things upside down and inside out, I AM will reverse and overturn the curse over the Nation of Great Britain”!

Then five more pieces shear away and the Lord says,

“WATCH! For a great breaking away of the Nations from the EU will begin to take place in the days ahead as My Spirit moves mightily to dismantle and destroy the Stronghold of Globalism”!

A month later a video and news article brought confirmation that the vision does indeed relate to the EU – see News ‘Signs’ Confirm EU Glacier-Iceberg Prophecy.

Yet more confirmation was to follow at Christian International Europe meeting, as she posted last Sunday on Ignite Ireland Ministry:

Please listen to the video below (listen at 33:30 minutes – click muted loudspeaker icon) that was sent to me the other day of a National Prophetic Prayer Meeting held in Windsor on the 8th September 2018, during the meeting there comes a powerful prophetic decree concerning BREXIT AND “THE CURSE BEING REVERSED OVER THE LAND”; AS A NATION WE ARE GOING FROM BARRENNESS TO FRUITFULNESS.’

After in-depth teaching, activations and team-ministry sessions Revd Dr Sharon Stone’s mentoring days close with a period devoted to spontaneous worship with intercession to change the spiritual atmosphere over our nation. This video of that time comes courtesy of Prophetic Voice TV, as produced by Tomi Arayomi, after whose praying Dr Sharon comes to the platform telling about what she’d heard as he was taking authority over the enemy of our souls,

“Even as he spoke I heard a choir of angels join in singing with us and they were saying,”THE CURSE HAS NOW BEEN REVERSED!”

Those words were then taken up in worship as a declaration “Let the curse now be reversed!” Sharon took this into warfare to return that curse back on the enemy and demand repayment, then asks the Lord, “What is the repayment?” and brings, “And the Spirit of God says this…He says, 

“Instead of fear over trade post-Brexit, I’m going to bring a supernatural feast.”


Teaching from “Chronicles”: how Chiastics brings a breakthrough

Mark Davidson, author of ‘Daniel Revisited’ with its ‘Four Signposts’ perspective of that book’s prophecies (overview here), introduces his new book on a fuller and better way of handling prophetic scriptures.


This is a brief teaching series to point to the breakthroughs shown us in Chronicles. The book itself is much more detailed.

  • Part 1—Introduction: What Is Chiastics and What It Can Do
  • Part 2—How to Read a Chiastic Passage, in Both Its Forms
  • Part 3—What Parallel Form Tells Us
  • Part 4—What Convergent Form Tells Us
  • Part 5—How These Forms Change the Prophecy Landscape

We’ve been taught all our lives to read the words in the Bible (and in all other books), linearly, one after the other, in sentences. This, of course, is logical. We receive knowledge sufficient to allow us to ask Jesus Christ to be our Savior and to commit our lives to Him.

But this is not all the Bible has in store to teach us. Believe it or not, there is more to teach us beyond what is found in linear sentences.

The words have…

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God has heard our Prayers… and it will be established

This updates my reblog of the ‘As One’ prayer gathering for the Smith Wigglesworth and Jean Darnall visions, and confirms the vision of ‘ripples’ seen during 6 Oct’s Mentoring Day about which I’ll blog about shortly.

Call The Nation To Prayer

IMG_5918 The two staffs, symbolically joined with a crimson cord, lifted high ar Meriden

It is a little over two weeks since our ‘As One’ gatherings in the heart of the nation, and with our ‘webmaster’ having just returned from holiday, we can start to release some further reflections from, and feedback received from the day.

There will be further Blog Posts, and the website itself will be gradually updated with more about the event, with links to some more of the prayers and declarations used.

Firstly, here is a reflection from CTNTP founder, Peter Hill, which was initially shared with our Team:

‘To share a thought from the book of Job and from: ‘Releasing the Prophetic Destiny of a Nation’ by Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce (which I am enjoying reading)… we have Job 22:27-28* (plus other scriptures) which underlines the following:

‘He has heard our prayers’ and…

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