President Donald Trump and the “42” (part 2)

This valuable insight offered by Mark Davidson is highly significant in my humble opinion – and could support not only the idea of Britain and America as the prophesied ‘Tarshish’ (and he reinforces my remarks on Obama in another recent post), but also my blogging on the revival of our spiritual and political/commercial bond (here and here).


So Barack Obama, supposedly the forty-second person to be constitutionally elected president of the United States, is now a former president. He has been replaced by the next person to be president, Donald Trump.

In this earlier post I suggested a theory I heard years ago about the Bible’s use of the number forty-two and its seeming application to the leadership of the United Kingdom and the United States. Ancient Israel and Judah had a total of forty-two kings before changing form and losing their independence.

In the case of the United Kingdom, William the Conqueror was the first monarch of Britain in its current form and the current reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, is the forty-second monarch.

And in the case of the United States, President Obama was supposedly the forty-second constitutionally elected person and that was going to be it for the United States in its current form…

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The Drums of War: An Exchange of Insults

Noteworthy that this comes almost exactly a year after a lightning strike on a crane that fell on the Meccan Grand mosque on the 14th anniversary of 9/11 attack and killed/injured hundreds (Why Sept 2015 is Special: Update 2 – Islam refers). It was assumed to be an ‘act of God’!!


The year-long saber-rattling rhetoric between Iran and Saudi Arabia was raised another notch this past week.  This is another thread of activity prior to the Second Signpost  or any war – making enemies out of your neighbors.

I wrote in an earlier post about the Hajj stampede in which 400 Iranians died about a year ago. Iran and Saudi Arabia were always at odds, but the Hajj stampede gave Iran an excuse to make an outright enemy out of Saudi Arabia.  In January 2016 Saudi Arabia executed a number of Shia Muslims and then the Saudi embassy in Tehran was attacked.

And now this past week there was another exchange of rhetoric between Iran and the Saudis. This time the exchange was of outright insults, and not just accusations. Supreme leader Khamenei accused Saudi Arabia yet again of mismanaging the Hajj in Mecca. Then came the following slow-motion exchange between Al-Sheikh

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The Iran Nuclear Deal “Looks Worse and Worse by the Day”

More bad fruit from Obama’s furtive back-channel dealings with Iran, as reported in email 18 May 2009, plus their current harassment of US naval vessels in Persian Gulf. ADD to that leaked intelligence of Iran’s covert war in Syria run from ‘The Glasshouse’ near Damascus (Daily Mail). AND let’s never forget Iran’s 30 years-long ambition to attack Jerusalem, which is what stimulated my interest in End-Times! (See The Invisible Hand re-appears (2013) and again in 2015 for peculiar ‘coincidental’ way this fact pops up!) See Four ‘Signposts’ of the Books of Daniel and The Apocalypse for introduction to Mark Davidson’s thesis.


The quote above was spoken by retired Army General Michael Flynn; this reported by a Reuters story.

According to a report replaced by Washington think tank, the Institute for Science and International Security, the Obama administration and other European governments acted in secret to let Iran keep more of its enriched uranium so that sanctions could be lifted on time. The Obama administration (of course) denies this.

Specifically the report says,

“Among the exemptions outlined in the think tank’s report were two that allowed Iran to exceed the deal’s limits on how much low-enriched uranium (LEU) it can keep in its nuclear facilities, the report said. LEU can be purified into highly enriched, weapons-grade uranium.”

The Reuters article also states,

“It’s now clear President Obama gave away the store to secure a weak agreement that is full of loopholes.”

If the nuclear deal was bad before, how much worse…

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The Coup in Turkey: Turkey at a Crossroads?

The attempted coup was extinguished within 24 hours but Turkey remains one of the most significant chess pieces in the Middle-East. For updates from British perspective visit


It is the biggest story of the evening – elements of the Turkish military are declaring a coup and are trying to take over Ankara, the capital, and Istanbul, the largest city. It was interesting timing that the President of Turkey, and heir apparent to the throne of a new Ottoman Empire, was out of the country when it occurred.

Elements of the Turkish military close down the bridge outside of Istanbul, which connects Europe to Asia. Elements of the Turkish military close down the bridge outside of Istanbul, which connects Europe to Asia.

In this post and in my book, Daniel Revisited Chapter 11, I showed why Erdoğan was the best candidate to be the prominent horn on the goat when it comes charging towards Iran from the west. This is to be the start of the Third Signpost. My readers would know why this news story is potentially large when the Four Signposts are considered.

Is this coup by Turkey’s military, the end of…

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Think Tank: Iran’s preparations confirm Second Signpost

daniel-revisited-cover-smallDevelopments continue unabated of the scenario I first noticed in mid-80’s (which introduced me to the accuracy of biblical End-times prophecy – 2nd link below refers). Thank you Mark Davidson for the Four Signposts theory of prophetic fulfillment and keeping watch…(for summary intro see Four ‘Signposts’ of Books of Daniel and The Apocalypse and US Presidents’ Actions Relate to Daniel’s Visions).


Daniel Revisited chapter 10 gives a detailed account of how Iran is both fulfilling and will fulfill prophetic Scripture in Daniel 7 and 8 regarding the great invasion by Iran of the Middle East. This great invasion is coming. It is next. It is imminent. This is the Second Signpost. It is the great war to stretch across the Middle East.  It will involve troop numbers not seen since Hussein’s war with Iran in the 1980s.  And it will be a global game changer.

Daniel Revisited says of the forces to be used for Iran’s actual ground invasion of the Middle East,

“It will most likely be the IRGC that will use its forces to deal with various strategic targets when the invasion begins. I believe the Basij’s potential to overwhelm with its numbers will be behind the bulk of the invasion.”                 (Daniel Revisited, p. 199, TN edition)

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4 Signposts perspective: Russia’s withdrawal from Syria

Mark Davidson’s analysis of this in the light of Daniel 8 is noteworthy, keeping in mind the ‘Gog-Magog’ alliance of Ezekiel 38. Debkafile claims last month’s rift between Tehran and Moscow is because of the latter’s collaboration with USA to end the conflict whereas Iran wants hostilities to continue. Their report shows Russia wants to keep its paw in the door. Also, in view of Putin’s disingenuous claims to pull troops out of Ukraine, “which later turned out to be merely routine rotation of forces”, UK’s Foreign Secretary is sceptical, saying “Russia is completely un-transparent about its motives and its plans, (so) we can only speculate.” (Brietbart) UPDATE 16/3: Russia keeping its S-400 anti-aircraft missiles (withheld from Iran at Israel’s request) in Syria until Saudi warplane build-up in Turkey is reversed (Debka Exclusive). So keep watching…


The news came out today that Putin is withdrawing the main part of Russian forces from Syria. It will maintain the airbase and naval base, but most of the fighter aircraft used in airstrikes and the support forces for those fighters, are being withdrawn. Putin said that the mission is completed.

Russian fighters sit on the tarmac at Hmeimim Airbase near Latakia. Russian fighters sit on the tarmac at Hmeimim Airbase near Latakia.

For those who still cling to the idea that Russia will have a major role in the Middle East during the end times, this would seem like a reversal of what is “supposed to happen.” But for the Signposts, and particularly the Second Signpost, everything continues on course.

Iran needs Assad to stay in power, so that its Shia militants and IRGC can more easily flow men and materiel between the Mediterranean coast and Iran. Before the Russians arrived, Assad was almost on his way out. The…

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IRAN: Will there be three kings and then a fourth?

Mark Davidson considers Daniel chapter 11 in his latest observations relating to the ‘Four Signposts’. Let’s thank the Lord, however, that He’s using the Iranian ‘king’ to enable millions of Iranian Muslims to question their faith and look to Jesus Christ (Dr Hormoz Shariat/Joel Rosenberg interview). To learn about the Four Signposts click summary.


“Now then, I tell you the truth: Three more kings will appear in Persia, and then a fourth, who will be far richer than the others.”        Daniel 11:2, NIV

As I am writing this new book I keep running across several places where there are foreshadows prior to fulfillments and in other places fulfillments first and then “aftershadows.”

For example, Alexander the Great can be considered a foreshadow of the Turkish leader of the future Sunni Confederacy during the Third Signpost. We know fulfillment of the Daniel 8 goat is here in the end times because of Daniel 8:17, :19 and :26.

And then there are “aftershadows” as in Daniel 11:2. (I didn’t find a word that was to my satisfaction and so I am using “aftershadows.”) Indeed that verse was completely and to the letter fulfilled by the kings of Persia after Cyrus: Cambyses, Bardiya, Darius I, and…

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Four Signposts: Iranian nukes & Greek defaults

In his latest post at The Four Signposts, Mark Davidson notes the coincidental juxta-positioning of this week’s important international news, as well as claims of a possible Greek Antichrist…



Strange, isn’t it?

Sometimes, two events that are seemingly disconnected from each other show one way or another that they are, in fact, connected. We had two international deadlines on June 30. These were deadlines of two on-going international crises. The date came and went, and with both deadlines things did not happen like many were hoping they would. So what do the Iranian nuclear talks and the Greek default and possible Grexit have in common?

The Iranians were supposed to reach a deal with the P5+1 nations (the five permanent UN Security Council members plus Germany) regarding Iran’s nuclear program. An agreement did not happen and has been extended into July; not that it would matter since it is a bad agreement giving Iran carte blanche to start the Second Signpost.

The Greek government was supposed to reach a financial deal with a restructuring of debt with the European Union (EU) and the European Central Bank (ECB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF). That didn’t happen either and now Greek is technically in default. And now the Greeks voted “Yes” overwhelmingly to continue their early retirement ages and largest public pensions, saying in effect to Europe though individually they probably don’t intend it, “I don’t care if you all go broke supporting us.” This is the reason why the German population is now angry. Greece of course is led by Alexis Tsipras (a would-be Antichrist declared by wrong-thinking Roman Antichrist folks), a Marxist who asked for half of Greece’s debt to be forgiven (it seems that one thing Tsipras and Obama share is a lack of a grasp of reality).

Strange how these two on-going crises would share the same date for their deadline. Well, when Iranian military forces run out across the Middle East and the Second Signpost as started in earnest, being able to do all they want to do because they have nuclear weapons, Iran will end the U.S. Petrodollar which would cause a terrible ripple of economic effect fulfilling the Scriptures regarding the second horseman:

“Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth…” (Rev. 6:4a)

With U.S. dollars coming back to American shores via the selling of US debt in the foreign reserves of nations across the world, this will put pressure on the dollar to start hyperinflation. The U.S. government, in the habit of incredible spending for decades now, would raid 401k’s. Derivative bets by the U.S. banks would go the wrong way with the raising of interest rates. The “too big to fail banks” would be allowed to have their own capital controls. Not only will U.S. Dollar woes and oil prices cause havoc in the United States, but it will also ripple to the weakest currencies such as the Euro and the Japanese Yen. Not only will a European nation like Greece that has no energy resources and is saddled in debt find itself in financial chaos, but I believe what we are watching in Greece right now, is a preview of what we may see in the USA and Western Europe.

I believe it is possible that the common deadline with Iran is a signal for us to watch what unfolds in Greece. So watch Greece for a while. Look for clues on how to prepare. Look at how the general population reacts.

One thing that caught my attention was capital controls. People were only allowed to take out the equivalent of $55 US dollars per day, assuming one could get to the ATM due to long lines. Restaurants can’t even feed tourists because there is no money to buy enough food. Have some cash on hand; one should anyway for any given disaster. Some might wonder why have cash if the dollar is going down to oblivion? Well, it probably won’t overnight. Cash would probably be a good thing to have in the first few days and weeks of the crisis. Capital controls would absolutely happen if another crisis were to happen even if only at the level of 2008.

Another thing that caught my eye was the Greek voters said “yes” 61% to 38% to continue their spoiled ways. It reminds me of tens of millions here in the U.S. It is my guess that when things get bad, millions of Americans will be outraged that the world is no longer in their orbit. It also makes me wonder how many in the Church will be outraged because the end times aren’t going the way they thought it would.

Again, watch Greece. Please share your observations.

Thank you Mark and I’m presently writing on the defaults’ significance to Western society from a New Testament perspective.

Note:  a brief synopsis of Mark’s work and a selection of related posts may be found at Four ‘Signposts’ of the Books of Daniel and The Apocalypse and under 4Signposts tag respectively.

Ms. Mogherini prophesies Second Signpost

Detail from Eagle-eyed by John Mark LongHave been lining up a short blog on the EU/Greece crisis with a point about this ‘High Representative’ and Europe’s political war with Israel. Very few know that the number of the document recommending creation of that office at the Western EU summit in Vienna in 1998 was ‘666’! (See this blog’s Not many people know – 2 and the late Herb Peters’ Overview and book Recommendation 666.)


Once in a while, someone in the secular world speaks a prophecy right out of the Signpost interpretation of God’s word.  Iranian president Rouhani did it several months ago.  It happened again today with the breaking of this story.

Ms. Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the European Union, spoke these words while in the thick of the negotiations with Iran for a nuclear deal, about the deal itself:

“…[the] security of the world is at stake.”

How true are those words!  Her university thesis was “Relationship between religion and politics in Islam” according to Wikipedia, so there is a good plausibility she understands who she is dealing with, though she likely could not know the full extent of the current situation.  She likely meant her words to refer to a new nuclear threat from a fundamentalist Islamic nation.  But her words can be taken differently, as a threat…

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The second signpost – Iran – is getting closer

Courtesy of James Mark Long, www.propheticartists.comDramatic events on this front continue and Bloomberg report what’s been known for many months – Israeli & Saudi secret talks to thwart Iran. (Have suspected for personal reasons that next month could be significant.) My quick re-blog of Mark Davidson’s update failed to connect but do read his original post at:

The Second Signpost Is Not Yet…But It Is Getting Closer

Antichrist’s land of origin?

Courtesy of James Mark Long, www.propheticartists.comOnce again Mark Davidson’s observations are noteworthy, and those watching Turkey’s moves over recent years will be interested in the discussion generated. President Erdogan is moving Turkey increasingly toward End-time events, as indicated for example in Turkey & Iran Locked in Struggle (by Chuck Missler’s senior analyst Dr Stewart Elwart) and  in Saudi Arabia, Turkey Discussing Unlikely Alliance to Oust Syria’s Assad, as published in Huff Post Sunday.


It is interesting how sometimes the past, the present and the future conspire to show us a truth.  And so it was when reviewing a series of maps recently the question struck me, “Are we looking at a rather limited stretch of land that could be the homeland of the man to be Antichrist?”  I refer the reader to the map for the following discussion.

Territories of the past, present and future overlap.  Might this be the homeland of the Antichrist? Territories of the past, present and future overlap. Might this be the homeland of the Antichrist?

From the Past: Both my book Daniel Revisited (Chapter 2) and Joel’s book Mideast Beast(Chapter 7) give rationale as to why Daniel 9:26 is telling us the Antichrist will probably be Syrian.  The text of the verse tells us that the Antichrist to come will be of the people who destroyed the Temple in A.D. 70.  The people were of course Roman soldiers, of the main legion, Legio…

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3 of 3: US presidents’ actions relate to Daniel’s visions

Ancient Babylon’s king Nebuchadnezzar had a very disturbing dream and demanded that his ‘wise’ men tell him not only what it meant…but also what it actually was!

An impossible task! And they told him so, but in his fury he called for their executions. Questioning the urgency of this, captive Jew and king’s advisor Daniel sought a stay of execution in order to pray for the answer. With friends, Daniel petitioned the Lord and the secret was revealed in a night vision. So Daniel blessed the God of heaven as follows (as in Daniel 2 per NKJV, emphasis added):

“Blessed be the name of God forever and ever,
For wisdom and might are His.
 And He changes the times and the seasons;
He removes kings and raises up kings;
He gives wisdom to the wise
And knowledge to those who have understanding.
 He reveals deep and secret things;
He knows what is in the darkness,
And light dwells with Him.

I thank You and praise You,
O God of my fathers;
You have given me wisdom and might,
And have now made known to me what we asked of You,
For You have made known to us the king’s demand.”

With this scripture setting the scene we’ll continue (and close) our consideration of the devil’s attempt to pre-empt the Bible’s ‘end-game’. This time we’ll look at how America may have become involved. As previously, it’s helpful for new readers to know why I’m engaged with this particular issue. (Confirmations it’s of the Lord have come and I may share that personal material soon.)

Quick recap

Writing got irregular throughout February and March. Nina’s sudden immobility meant time for blogging was available only as and when I was free to do so – yet I was blessed it didn’t detract from musing upon and insights into specific themes, especially satanic strategy. (Start reading here if you want the full story).

An avalanche of related material (which even allowed for the scheduling of my wife’s operation!) ‘nudged’ me into checking my earliest writings. Amazing to see how history cycles around in events I’d written about!

One month ago

First Monday in March brought synchronous, or ‘God-incidental’, information to my in-tray. And into the week I was deluged with physical and mental material. It began with Lion Bite: Watchmen Arise! and a post from Mark Davidson’s The Four Signposts.

[It’s ‘God-incidental’ that Tony Puccio out in Arizona has today posted a vision from last night about Watchmen on the Wall – please read, noting my associated comments. He certainly had no idea of what I was about to write today.]

What Mark published really caught my attention and set me ‘buzzing’ for the week, as though a ‘door’ or ‘gateway’ had opened up for me. When I started writing there was too much for one post and so it would be a 3-part mini-blog. I considered cycles, looked at specific events and their current equivalent.  I referred to what had set me off in the mid-1980s – that’s what amazed me about Mark’s post of Monday 2nd March.

The Invisible Hand

Invisible HandIn 1 of 3: the ‘End-game’ gets ramped up another level I outlined how this book published in 1984 had ‘hit me between the yes’!  Later its importance got  ‘coincidentally’ reinforced, as in The Invisible Hand re-appears!

Yet again, it’s significance got flagged by Mark’s post going back to Saddam Hussein’s war with Iran and American involvement. Before we look at this there are some interesting points.

First, look at what author Victor Dunstan foresaw. He opens chapter 12, The Mark of the Beast – 666 which covers Daniel 7 and Revelation 12 & 13, as follows:

‘That we are about to witness some of the most traumatic political events the civilised world has seen is clear from the writings of the ancient seers [ie. OT prophets].

‘Within a few years, according to the prophets, the economy of the civilised world will be operable only by the consent of, and on the terms laid down by, an Islamic Empire which will rule a large part of the earth’s surface.

‘The oil producing nations will be swept by a wave of religious fervour such as not been seen since prophet Mohammed himself inspired the great upsurge of religious, political and militant Islam.’ [Emphases RB]

Doubtless, Dunstan had in mind the experience of outrageous hiking up in oil prices by OPEC in 1970s. Even so, he subsequently stresses,

‘Let us make no mistake; Islam is about to become the most powerful empire the world has EVER SEEN.

His chapter summary includes this accurate prophetic point, made 30 years ago:

‘Though we see the first signs of an Islamic revival, that revival has a long way to go but it’s going that ‘long way’ very quickly.’ 

InvHand p198

Early Emails

That Monday 2nd March email alert from Mark opens with claims that President Obama had ordered Israeli aircraft to be shot down if overflying Iraq en-route to Iran. Now that reminded me I’d written something on that matter and dug into my records.

My contemporaneous email covering a likely attack on Iran’s not-yet operational nuclear reactor at Bushehr was entitled Could This Weekend Change the World? And the world did change, but not following an attack!  The reactor’s production of material for nuclear weapons has led to global economic sanctions against Iran and prolonged discussions to allow its restricted operation. Also as my email of August 2010 stated, it eventually led to Saudi Arabia falling out with America.

But what is particularly amusing is what I found last week. It confirms Mark’s points! The next email, Update to…Change the World? closes by asking,

…perhaps the Lord may be using Obama to bring about His purposes?

To flag up the peculiarity of what I’m writing, that remark’s followed by:

Do I sense pieces of the Lord’s biblical ‘jigsaw puzzle’ falling into place? (At this very moment, as I write, my PC radio plays ‘Dies Irae’ (Day of Wrath) from Verdi’s Requiem Mass!! Now is that just coincidence or God-incidence? I’d stopped writing to get a coffee and share my thoughts with Nina before resuming with fresh idea about jigsaw. Had that not happened there’d have been no synchonicity – so I’m awestruck!)

From The Four Signposts

With that in mind, Mark’s illuminating observations on US presidential involvement in Daniel’s visions conclude as follows:

“So what’s next, courtesy the Obama administration?  Engraved invitations to the IRGC to run amok all over the Mideast while being given free transportation by the American military?  I’m joking of course.  But by the time this is all over we might be quite surprised at the total contribution that U.S. leadership made so that God’s word is ultimately carried out.

“It is interesting and surprising to me that God has chosen the mightiest nation that ever existed – and the only nation dedicated as a Christian nation, the United States of America – to unwittingly orchestrate the execution of the Signposts one by one.  The nation responsible for churches planted all over the dark places of the world and bringing the light of the Gospel to millions of the lost, is the same nation most helpful in allowing the Antichrist to emerge.

“How many Christians in the USA even realize that their country is being used by God to bring out the Antichrist?  Who could even imagine such a thing on their own?  The only reason I discovered this is because it is a consequence of the Signpost interpretation of Daniel 7 and 8.  Truth can be definitely stranger than fiction.”

Amused, I commented that his opening quip may actually be what’s happening! Also, I’d add that from the outset of his presidency Obama opened up ‘back channel’ diplomatic communications with Iran and is said to have used them to seek permission to fly US troops to Afghanistan (email May 2009 Today’s Importance in History refers).

Now let’s continue by reading Mark’s account and discussion of how the USA fits into prophetic ‘signposts’ in Daniel’s book, by clicking on this linked-image:


The five living U.S. Presidents gathered at the White House in 2009, with their end-time accomplishments noted, per the Signposts. (Credit and courtesy of Mark Davidson)

Finally, it’s claimed USA is in the middle of ‘Jerusalem’. But that could also mean it’s either closely supportive or else divisive, as in ‘Jer-usa-lem’ ?