The Endgame is now in play – 13th Anniversary of first email on End-times

COPY of first pre-blog email (see ‘About‘) sent to friends and certain church leaders. The main points covered therein are.:

wheat and tares parable, “This is ALL about to be fulfilled” – sifting the Church!

> Jesus stressed 7 times “Watch…be alert…on your guard…” Continue reading

Two important prophetic words and explanation re Gog-Magog – Veronika West

These two prophetic words were posted yesterday by Veronika, please read in full at His Kingdom Prophecy by clicking these links:



To the latter Veronika adds a helpful explanatory Postscript in reply to this question:

“What do you think to Ezekiel 38 Gog and Magog? Because that’s what I’m “feeling”.
“Gog” is “the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal”. The proper translation is “The Prince of Rosh. Meshech and Tubal!” In Hebrew, the word for chief is “Rosh”. That is also the ancient name for “Russia”. So GOG is The Prince of Rosh, or the president or ruler of Rosh. Simply put. – the President or ruler of Russia.”

Yes! The timeline of God is unfolding, but we must also recognise that Satan is endeavouring to accelerate the timeline to destroy the Harvest.

This is why we are seeing the great upheavals, as we pray let us seek wisdom understanding and discernment of the times so we rightly align.

It concerns me that some are just taking the back-foot, because they hold onto a false hope narrative that says, “Don’t worry, it’s all just going to be fine and everything we desire will be sitting in front of us after the dust settles!” This is being in denial not walking in true discernment.

Unfortunately many in The Body have an “Escapism Mindset”. The LORD is not as concerned about our comfort than he is about our character. The road to The Cross was one of suffering, not satisfaction and comfort.

To truly understand the times, we must recognise that prophetically, Nations are now being separated and sifted.

This should not bring fear, but rather a greater expectation for the greater outpouring of the glory that is to come.

Take a look at the Word I gave on what Nations will look like as the weight of His Glory falls… The weight of His Glory will dismantle destroy, uproot and tear-down, expose and purify, but it will also build, establish and plant the new.

When The Glory comes, Nations will be brought to their knees.

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Prophetic warning continues to US leaders – Veronika West

The above title is slightly different to that which Veronika brings as I believe it is not only for Joe Biden, who is part-timer in going home to Delaware most weekends, but also for the administration in the White House. On Friday His Kingdom Prophecy published:


A powerful Prophetic Warning to those that are sitting in The White House.

”Those who live in Glass Houses, shouldn’t throw stones!”

While praying fervently in my office this morning, suddenly I felt the tangible presence of The Fear of The LORD come and fill the room and I heard The Spirit say,  “Did I not say, “Those who live in Glass Houses shouldn’t throw stones?”

For this is the season of rock and sand — rock and sand — where the floods shall come and the winds shall blow and the house built on rock shall surely stand firm.

But the house built of sand shall quickly fall and be seen no more.  For I say to you — The Shaking of The Nations has only just begun!”

See also this word Veronika brought  on The Days and Season of Rock and Sand, also featured in:

‘God-incidence’ of prayer and prophecy for nations – The Days of Rock & Sand


Making sense of Canada’s abrupt pivot away from financial terrorism against its own citizens — Leo Hohmann

Don’t be fooled. Canada’s sudden pull back from the brink of dictatorship was not because Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland suddenly developed a sense of democratic remorse or that they became fearful of the growing protest movement.  These two stooges of the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab got a little too big for their britches. They got carried away, perhaps so giddy with the feeling of raw power rushing through their veins, that they raced out ahead of their bosses, and forgot that they really are just pawns and need to check in with their bosses more frequently before taking the next step toward total tyranny. Because if they had had their way, shutting down protesters’ bank accounts willy-nilly, they would have created a panic, a run on the banks. […continue reading..] MAKING SENSE OF CANADA’S ABRUPT PIVOT AWAY FROM FINANCIAL TERRORISM AGAINST ITS OWN CITIZENS — LEOHOHMANN.COM

Leo’s article expands most suitably upon Maxine David’s comment upon this news: “According to information coming out in Canada the revoking of the Emergencies Act lines up with what’s coming next – the attempt to require all Canadians to have a digital passport with the banks in order to do their banking or keep working. Canadians were at the verge of pulling all their assets out of the banks in protest only to have this change in course to protect the banks so they can take over where the injections failed to be made mandatory for all Canadians. Please pray for the hamans to be exposed and hung on their own gallows, whoever they are (figuratively speaking only, not a death threat), and for Canadians to continue succeeding at the hand of God to preserve freedom that comes from Himself, through the Kingdom sons for whom all of creation awaits (Romans 8:19-21).”

Prophesied exposure of corruption now focuses upon USA-Ukraine

Courtesy of Patel Patriot Devolution Series (image links to latest)

In following the long trail of exposures of political rot and corruption hinted at in my prophetical musing six years ago I’d surmised that news reports upon Russia and the Ukraine may have been serving as a distraction away from the climax of the Durham Investigations into the Obama-Clinton administration’s on-going treachery against Donald Trump.

However, the Lord may well be using both matters to not only expose and shake the globalist control over nations but also to bring all its evil boil to a  head and lance it, especially as the deep issues within the Ukraine are not entirely separate from the Biden family’s deeply dubious involvement in that sovereign nation during the Obama administration.

Then yesterday along comes the latest most fascinating of Patel Patriot’s papers, as ever exceptionally erudite, and giving deeper insight into the situation.  Here’s a few extracts after Patel’s opening paragraphs:


“We’re all trying to make sense of the madness in Ukraine right now. It’s nearly impossible to do so without a free and fair press as well as a legitimate administration calling the shots. One thing we do know for certain, is that Ukraine is the epicenter of decades-long political corruption (all emphases RB).

Trump entered office knowing Ukraine would be a major battleground in his war against the Deep State. As he did many times before, he made the proper moves and implemented the executive order necessary to dismantle the corrupt network. In this article, I will give you a clear idea of how Trump defeated all this fraud and corruption.

First, a recap.

Bidens and Burisma

Before I really dig in, let’s get a refresher on Hunter Biden/Burisma situation because it provides crucial context to the story….”

After examining the historical evidence of Biden’s special involvement in the Ukraine as Obama’s Vice President, Patel covers the Clinton Scandals and George Soros.

‘...Trump told us he was going to “drain the swamp”. Part of that would involve cleaning up the corruption in Ukraine as well. That is why he brought up two different scandals in the July 2019 phone call that led to his impeachment...

The first scandal he brought up was Spygate by mentioning Crowdstrike and the DNC server:

The second scandal Trump mentioned was the firing of the prosecutor looking into Bursima:

Now let’s look at this interesting timeline surrounding the Durham investigation:

The day after it’s reported that Durham assumed parts of the Huber investigation into the Clinton Foundation, we get confirmation that Durham is also “exploring the extent to which a number of countries, including Ukraine, played a role in the counterintelligence investigation directed at the Trump campaign.” Given what we know about the Ukrainians and the Clinton Foundation, the timing of these revelations is interesting.

Ukraine is clearly one of the primary battlegrounds in Trump’s war against the Deep State. How does he intend to defeat his enemies?’

On page 24 Patel closes, and I cite in part:


‘What Trump did with executive order 13818 was brilliant. It’s another example of Trump and his team issuing a tool that will be used to dismantle the corrupt political establishment. The sheer scope of this executive order explains exactly why they were so desperate to get Trump out of office by any means necessary….

…We know the mainstream media turns a blind eye to the corruption of the political establishment. We also know they have turned a blind eye to the election theft of 2020. You could easily go as far as to say they are complicit in the cover up of both. That doesn’t mean the corruption doesn’t exist, and it doesn’t mean the election theft didn’t happen. Both are genuine realities.

Here’s another genuine reality: Joe Biden isn’t the one running the country. His handlers are calling the shots. He is just the dementia-laden face of the Deep State. Even so, it makes absolutely zero sense for two of the most impactful executive orders Trump issued to still be in play. Executive orders 13818 & 13848 are all Trump needs to destroy his enemies and get America back on the path of greatness.

And this is the only conclusion I can draw from the re-authorization of these two powerful executive orders: the handlers aren’t running the country, either. How could they be?

To me, this is powerful circumstantial evidence that devolution is happening, and somebody is forcing their hand. Nothing else explains it….


Kim Clement 2014 prophecy validated by White House paper published 2022

WAF = Wot-a-fortnight! I began drafting this on 12th but lots of things cropped up…

Since learning about Devolution Theory as Trump’s Reality, a brief thesis by Texans Jack & Dodie Dennis in August 2021 – and covered herein – it’s often struck me that game-plan is a solid way of understanding how prophecies about Donald Trump may  manifest – whether he’s in or out of ‘office.’

Also, last week Wanda Alger brought perspicacious insights into how he, as a believer in Jesus Christ, has to strategise his activity against evil:

“The reality is that we are right in the middle of a deeply coordinated military intelligence operation, requiring a measure of deception – even from the good guys. We are at war with an enemy both natural and spiritual that is using deceit as its greatest weapon. For many God-fearing patriots who are involved in this massive sting operation, they are using this same tool for godly purposes – as a decoy. When national security is at risk, there are legal contingencies in place that allow for strategic deception in order to protect the Republic.”

Just before Biden’s inauguration I learned about the following prophetic word brought 8 years ago on 22 February 2014 by the late Kim Clement (emphases mine):

“…And then there is a nation He showed me – He took me – itching for a new kind of war with America…

This nation shall come very subtly, but they shall not come in the time of President Obama…they shall come when this new one arrives, as My David, that I have set aside for this nation. A man of prayer – a man of choice words – not a man who is verbose, has verbosity, who speaks too much! They will say ‘This man is not speaking enough!’ BUT God says, “I have set him aside…”  

“And then God says, “HIGHLY embarrassing moment when another ‘Snowden’ arrives!”

I covered that revelatory insight in many postings but NOW we look at how this form of warfare and sabotage became officially recognised by President Trump’s administration, as researched by Patel Patriot and team and published on 22nd January in a 47-page report (emboldened being my personal numbers!). He’s a few snippets with section- heads but open the document by clicking the title to read copied documents therein:

DEVOLUTION – Part 16 : TO Xi OT NOT TO Xi (Trump & China) Continue reading

A Spiritual Showdown – A Shifting of Blame – The Party Games and THE Checkmate! – Veronika West


A crisis. A rising Remnant and Nations coming into perfect alignment with God’s End-time Kingdom Assignment. But Watch! As the Party Games will now begin!

So, in the very early hours of this morning I was woken up a little after 2:00 am with an urgency to pray for The Nations.

As soon as I began to cry out to The LORD, I heard The Spirit speak a very strange and peculiar Word to me, and I heard these Words:

“Watch! For in the midst of this political crisis My righteous Remnant rises, and Nations come into perfect alignment with My End-time Kingdom Assignment.

But Watch and pay close attention! As theParty Games will now begin.

First comesMusical Chairs, where one will be out and one chair will be removed.

But see! For who will be ‘the last man standing’, when the music finally stops?

Look! Like the blind leading the blind, round and round they shall go, as a game ofPin the Tail on the Donkeybegins.

Then comesHide and Seek and a countdown from ten (10) will send them running, like a cat set among the pigeons they will scatter.

To and fro they will run, desperately looking for a place to hide! Ha! But listen!

For the sound of music will be heard once again, and sitting in a circle,Pass the Parcelwill begin.

But Watch! As a divine unraveling and an uncovering of what has been hidden and concealed is fully exposed and revealed, as layer by layer, the party wrapping is removed.

I say look, and look again, for a game ofCharadeswill commence that will leave everyone guessing, as smoke rises and theirmagic mirrorsare strategically set in place.

But Watch! Then comesSnap‘, as the pieces are moved in and out of place and theirJenga Tower begins to wobble.

Suddenly a loud crash will be heard that will Shake! Shake! Shake the parties, as stocks and shares begin to plummet and, likefireworks on the 4th of July‘, sparks will fly.

And with a fullstacked deck of cards‘, ‘Bingo!they will shout!

But nay! Nay I say! For a game ofChess has always been in play, with Kings and Queens, and Pawns in place.

But Watch! As the Bishop will move into place and a Knight in shinning armour, will arise and ride in!

I say, “Checkmate!” I win, and the Party Games are over!”

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Need-to-know News – Canada’s Trudeau climbs down

Late last night we Brits were very pleased to learn about this surprising news:

BUT what about making reparations to the many thousands whose bank accounts were broken into and closed down because they’d donated to the Truckers’ Freedom Convoy – it was a government-inspired criminal act deserving very hefty jail terms!

PERHAPS Trudeau realised he was approaching his farewell ‘Ceausecu moment’ – as hinted below: Continue reading

Gog-Magog Update: The Bear, the Dragon and the Beast from the East – Veronika West

Last night Veronika published what she’d earlier in the day heard from the Lord :

Click image to visit SeekGrowLove’s website


In prayer this afternoon while seeking The LORD concerning The Nations, I heard The Spirit say,  “Watch and Pray, for did I not say that The Bear Nation has emerged from a time of political hibernation with a hunger for War and an appetite for greater territorial occupation and domination among The Nations?

Yes!  And did I not say that the Dragon Spirit would strike, and The Bear Nation would invade to take a rich and fertile land?

I say Beloved, Watch and Pray, and pay close attention, for in the days ahead the right hand of The Bear Nation shall shake hands with the right hand of the nation of Turkey and a powerful alliance will be created, and then the two shall come into agreement to form a threefold cord of allegiance with the Beast of The East with a desire to destroy the land flowing with milk and honey.

But I say, Nay!  Nay, for when their diabolical plan begins to unfold, a great unraveling will take place, and the demonic threefold cord shall surely be broken, and the strength and military power of The Bear Nation shall be brought to nought.

But!  Watch and Pray for surely I tell you, the eye of Leviathan is now upon the fruitful Vineyard, and the tail of The Dragon Spirit is thrashing in the realm of The Spirit, to stir up turmoil and trouble for The Nation of Taiwan.

But I say, keep Watch and Pray, and stay alert, for False Flags and the pointing of fingers will take place to bring a desired distraction from that which is now being fully exposed and uncovered in the realm of darkness.

For I tell you, this is the beginning of birthing pangs as greater and greater shakings and divine disruptions take place as Nation rises against Nation.

For in The Valley of Decision, goat and sheep nations are now being sifted and shifted, scattered and gathered up.

Look and see, for a Demonic Convergence is now taking place over Nations in the midst of birthing, as the spirit of the Antichrist rises to resist the advancement of My Righteous Remnant Army, as they build and establish My Kingdom Government in The Nations of the earth.

And watch!  As the spirits of deception and death masquerade as messengers of light, but come seeking to divide and conquer, dominate and occupy more and more territory, by striking fear and torment in the hearts.

Many who have become woke, weak and willing vessels, have fully submitted and surrendered themselves to an Antichrist Agenda and to a One World Order.

I say again — Watch and Pray.  For The Bear Nation shall bite down hard, and the tail of The Dragon Nation shall suddenly strike without warning in the coming days!”

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West


Gog-Magog Update: Iran, Russia and the ‘new Middle-East’

LATEST: Continue reading

Promise of Prophetic Word on Canada to Veronika West

Late last night our sister Veronika posted on her Ignite Ireland Ministry:

“So this evening I was praying over some of the past Prophetic Words that the Lord has given me concerning Canada,…and this particular Word seemed to come alive in me again,…as it speaks so clearly and powerfully to the hour that we are in,..and for what the Nation is facing in this Season of great Shaking and Shifting, as I read through this word again,..I began to weep at the Goodness and the Faithfulness of our Good Shepherd,…”CANADA,…YOU SHALL BE RESTORED BACK INTO THE SHEEP FOLD”..!

 A WORD CONCERNING CANADA – 20th September 2019

A battle over the nations rage, a battle over destinies rage, a battle over birthrights rage!  But!  Be of good courage for the level of warfare that many are encountering is an indication of the level of victory that will be made manifest.

I prophesy Canada will “know Him” as The Good Shepherd in the days ahead…!

I heard The Spirit say concerning Canada, ”Many have looked at Canada and said Canada has been lost.

But I say to those who have written off this nation as lost, “Did I not say I will leave the 99 and go out to find and save the one”?

Canada indeed has gone astray and wandered off the path, but I say I love this nation and I love this people and I will go out and find the one that has strayed and wandered off and I shall go out and find her and bring her back!

Yes watch, for I shall take My Rod and Staff and I shall reach down and lift her up once again from the place where she has fallen and I shall revive and restore her back into the sheepfold!”

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Is the House of Cards about to fall (2)? — John Barber

Two weeks ago, I posed the question “Is the House of Cards about to fall?” and wondered if this would be the month for this to happen. By “House of Cards”, I was thinking of the world we are now seeing, much of it a product of the often unseen, evil cabal pulling the strings of those we think are the main players (an unholy trinity of politicians, media and elite) who many believe to be the people who are actually controlling events … with so much that is being portrayed an illusion, with the truth often hidden from us.
That was at the beginning of February and we are near the end and, while a lot has happened in the interim, the House of Cards appears still to be standing but only just. It seems, the forces of Hell are doing what it usually does – seeking to retain the ground it has gained, often through subterfuge and deception, with the words of Longfellow ringing loud and our needing to defer to the Almighty. [..continue at..] Is the House of Cards about to fall (2)? — JRB Publications

My reader, have you noticed?  I sense it’s a very important piece in the way the jigsaw puzzle is being laid out > first the bad news (previous posts), next the good news of a prophetic promise, with John’s a ‘filler’ (like a sandwich!) pointing to the eventual fall.

Puzzle In Sky by Idea Go, courtesy

Canada’s House of Commons votes overwhelmingly to approve Trudeau’s transition to a police state in compliance with WEF’s ‘new normal’ — Leo Hohmann

“And just like that, Canada flipped into a full-blown tyrannical regime. It wasn’t just Trudeau who flipped. Parliament’s House of Commons voted 185-151 Monday night to support his actions, basically institutionalizing the destruction of all protests and free speech. The U.S. will soon be receiving refugees seeking asylum from Trudeau and his gang of henchmen.” […]

Canada’s House of Commons votes overwhelmingly to approve Trudeau’s transition to a police state in compliance with WEF’s ‘new normal’ —


Investigative reporter (‘where politics, culture and religion intersect’) Leo Hohmann’s analysis points to the nefarious control of the New World Order, aka. global cabal, aka.  Deep-State, aka. World Economic Forum, aka. ‘The Great Reset!

“This cabal is hidden from public view. It has no face. About the closest thing we have to a face right now is Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum, which is supported with money from billionaires like Gates, Soros, Bloomberg, Blackrock CEO Larry Fink and other oppressors of the people. While Schwab is not the man at the top of the globalist food chain, his WEF is a key organizational facilitator and it has the backing of the world’s wealthiest families…

Canadian Parliament votes to extend Trudeau’s Emergency Powers . . . AFTER the protest has ended — JonathanTurley

By a vote of 185 to 151, the Canadian Parliament voted to approve Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s motion to invoke the Emergencies Act. The vote is chilling given the fact that the protest has ended and the roads have been cleared. Nevertheless, the Trudeau government still wants to wield the excessive and unnecessary powers claimed under the Act. The vote shows how easily many drift into more and more draconian measures against their political opponents.

As we discussed earlier, Trudeau has never explained why he required such emergency powers to clear the roads and end the protest. Cities and provinces already have ample powers to clear roads and end unlawful protests. That raised concerns that Trudeau was using the protest as a pretext as he attacked those opposing his powers as supporting Nazis.

Since almost half of the House of Commons opposed his powers, it is absurd to demonize critics as those who “stand with people who wave swastikas, they can stand with people who wave the Confederate flag.” Canadian civil liberties groups have opposed Trudeau’s use of these powers. Yet, Trudeau has relied on a largely supportive media in using such powers despite the chilling implications for free speech and associational rights…..

continue reading professor Turley by clicking Canadian Parliament Votes To Extend Trudeau’s Emergency Powers . . . After the Protest Has Ended — JONATHAN TURLEY

UK press echoes 2022 prophetic word on tectonic plates shifting!

Click image to read word in full and my personal reaction upon hearing the first point:

Word of the Lord for 2022 of a tectonic shift – Catch The Fire, Christopher Bird

Note final paragraph of this op-ed in today’s Telegraph by columnist Sherelle Jacobs’ The Ukraine crisis is the final nail in the Coffin of the Western liberal order

‘One thing we know for sure: Ukraine is not not an isolated story of Russian aggression or Western impotence. It is merely the first earthquake as the world’s tectonic plates begin to shift.

I love that accurate description of the useless idiots in charge of us, by our own doing (and only to be expected as I blogged after China Joe put in charge of America’s fall, in keeping with Kim Clement’s Two Presidents’ prophecy 14 years ago).

‘A Western elite that was once almost puritanically pro-freedom – and self-confident to the point of hubris – now stands by largely divided, compromised and gormless, as Russia smashes international norms. The Anglo-American story of liberty that inspired the West for much of the 20th century is coming to a feeble end.’

Sherelle’s op-ed closes:

Bible Update: Daniel 7 vision of Bear eating 3 ribs – Veronika West’s vision of Russia/Ukraine

As soon as I saw the following image it reminded me of part of the mind-blowing vision of four beasts and ‘one like a Son of Man coming with the clouds of heaven’ that Old Testament prophet Daniel was given about 2,670 years ago, as recounted in chapter 7 of his book:

Ukraine and two areas claiming ‘independence and Russia’s support look like three ribs, the largest as though being a chunk of meat. Read Daniel’s vision in full here, noting:

5 And suddenly another beast, a second, like a bear. It was raised up on one side, and had three ribs in its mouth between its teeth. And they said thus to it: ‘Arise, devour much flesh!’

This is usually regarded by scholars as relating to the ancient Medo-Persian empire but in view of the plainly eschatalogical interpretation Daniel was given, the direct reference Jesus Christ made to his writings, plus their later connection to the Revelation that God gave to Him and shared with His Apostle John, it is not wholly without merit to consider this beast’s imagery as relating to modern Russia – also symbolically known as a bear.

As, for example, this published four weeks ago yesterday on His Kingdom Prophecy:

“Watch!  For now The Bear Nation arises from a time of political hibernation with a hunger for War and an appetite for greater Territorial Occupation and Domination among The Nations!”

During my time of prayer early this morning (24 January) I was so restless in my spirit.  I could tangibly feel the battle raging in the Realm of The Spirit.  I could literally hear in the natural, the clashing of swords and the sound of fiery arrows flying.

I heard the Words, ”A clashing of The Titans!” and as those Words echoed loudly in the Realm of The Spirit, suddenly I was given sight into The Spirit Realm and I saw that Satan was full of rage and he was pacing to and fro.

I heard these Words, ”He knows his time is short….” and as I heard those Words, suddenly I saw that he was draped in a cloud of darkness and the darkness that surrounded him moved like ripples on the surface of water.

As I was given liberty to see deeper and with greater insight into The Spirit Realm, I saw that the cloud of thick darkness that enveloped him was an army of demons, but as I looked and looked again, I saw that this horde of demonic beings were waiting for their new assignments — waiting for their marching orders — waiting to be given their specific targets

Then suddenly I heard The Spirit say,  “Watch!  For did I not say I will shake, shake, shake the Nations of Europe and that a great shaking would take place in the Nation of Ukraine? 

Yes!  For 2022 will be a year of wars and rumors of wars, for a clashing of The Titans shall now begin to take place for greater power and prominence.

But listen, for The Lion of Judah will roar as the Great Eagles soar!  Watch!  For now The Bear Nation arises from a time of political hibernation with a hunger for war, and an appetite for greater Territorial Occupation and Domination among The Nations!

See!  For The Bear Nation now rises high upon its hinds legs on the boundary lines of The Nations, and puffing out its chest and showing its sharp teeth, it seeks to intimidate and manipulate, for its eyes are firmly fixed upon a rich and fertile land.

But Watch!  For The Dragon spirit is now circling over Nations in the midst of a time of birthing.  Open your eyes and see, for the thrashing tail of the Serpent spirit is now stirring up great turmoil and trouble.

Yes!  I say turmoil and trouble shall be seem in The Nation of Taiwan, for a time of great conflict, confusion and strife shall cause Nations to suddenly awaken in The Valley of Decision, for Sheep and Goat Nations shall now begin to take their place, as the gathering and the scattering Winds of The Whirlwind of My Seven Spirits drive stiff-necked and rebellious nations to their knees.

For the plumb-line of My Justice and Judgement has fallen upon The Nations, the battle-lines have been drawn and boundary lines have been set.

For even as the great Bear Nation invades and The Red Dragon strikes…

My Governing Hand shall move swiftly and severely with great might to bring Nations into perfect alignment with My end-time assignment for the greatest Harvest of souls that the earth has ever seen!”

Take note for Prayer:

While praying over this, The Spirit of Revelation began to show me that when the bear comes out of hibernation, it is extremely hungry having used up all its fat stores.  However, a bear coming out of hibernation is also at its weakest.

I heard so clearly The LORD speak of Russia, now coming out of political hibernation with a hunger for War and an appetite for greater Power and Domination, but that Russia, though it gives the appearance of great strength in order to intimidate its enemies, it is at its weakest, and will only gain greater power and strength as it begins to take ground.

Russia Image © JuliaAlfara

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West


22.02.2022 A Palindrome Shift! – Kaylie Hollins

I thank and praise the Lord for this insight brought by Kaylie Hollins and for Susan Lunsford publishing it on Prophecies, Words & Fulfilment for this Season; also that they refer to tomorrow’s date in British fashion of timing sequence rather than American style. As with many postings my attention was especially caught as it refers to my birthday number 22 in a threefold presentation > 22022022:


On December 4th 2021, the Lord reminded me of the many times He repeatedly showed me the word CENTENNIAL, and He asked me to look up its meaning.

CENTENNIAL MEANING IN OXFORD DICTIONARY: ‘The day, or year that is one hundred years after an important event.’

The Lord revealed to me that around 22.02.2022 will be 100 years since He used Smith Wigglesworth to release His Glory in Australia and New Zealand.

Not only that, but 22.02.2022 will be a palindrome date! A palindrome is when a word, date or phrase reads exactly the same forwards as it does backwards.


What was the major shift that took place around February 2nd 2020? The Nations began to experience chaos in a way it has never experienced before— a NEW ERA door had opened. When a new door opens, the old door is forced to close. And so the world began to experience this wind of change.

The western church started to experience deep purification, and finding themselves in a place of CRYING OUT to the Lord in ways they have never done before — A vulnerable place of realising one’s need for the Lord, and one another: a time of TURNING to the Lord as ministers unto the Lord first, instead of ministers unto man.

From 22/02/2022 we will see an even greater contrast between darkness and the sons of light— sons who are rising and shining out of the darkness. Although their are storms coming that must take place, the Lord will use them as a divine setup for God’s sons to demonstrate what it looks like to walk the earth as sons and priests like Yeshua did— The NEW ERA door that has been opened will open EVEN FURTHER for the INCREASE of supernatural phenomenas. This is for not only the great and final harvest of lost souls to come into the kingdom, but so the son’s of Yahweh will be REVEALED.


As the New Era door continues to open further, we will see the power of Yahweh be released through those who walk in complete UNION with Him— The Bride of Christ is to no longer look to man for their healing and deliverance, but unto the Lord who has given all mankind a portion of Himself.

This is a time to not try and pursue our own glory, our own needs, or even our own earthly dreams but a time of recognising our need and dependency in the Lord, and in one another as the body of Christ.

This will be a time where we realise even more of our RECOGNITION in the Lord. A time of depending on the Lord’s miracles, a time of depending on each other, and a time of sacrificially serving one another because of love.


February 22nd 2022, will be the beginning of the greatest outpouring of God’s Spirit we have all been waiting for! And a huge part of this outpouring will be for the HEALING and deliverance of the nations! (Rev 22:2)

I believe the major shift that is going to take place in His Bride will be the healing of ones heart, soul, and spirit. He is going to turn up the intensity of His presence where His LOVE will be awakened within us like we have never experienced before, where nothing else matters— a love-sick Bride awakened and ready to see the revealing of Yeshua Himself.


From 22/02/22 there will be specific keys the Lord will be handing to His people in the secret place of His dwelling that will open doors of great grace, and blessing that no man can close, and He will also hand out keys that will lock doors that would bring harm or destruction to His people, and no man will be able to open them again.

The Lord will place before the Bride of Christ an OPEN door which no man can close, and bring both body and soul to everlasting glory. And CLOSE the doors of darkness that no one will be able to open again.

“I will give him the key to the house of David—the highest position in the royal court. When he opens doors, no one will be able to close them; when he closes doors, no one will be able to open them.”   Isaiah‬ ‭22:22‬ ‭ (NLT‬‬)

Shammah Warriors arise! Defend your Kingdom inheritance – Veronika West


I hear Father say, “My Beloved Warriors fear not, take courage and stand your ground! Do not retreat! Do not shrink back — for its time to raise your Sword and Shield and dig your heels in deeper!”

Listen, the greater the manifestation of God’s Glory and Power on the earth, the greater the onslaught of darkness and wickedness will become!

I see the Fiery Darts of fear, frustration, discouragement, despair, doubt, unbelief and death flying by day and by night. Satan is waging war over the Testimony and Destiny of many Believers in this hour!

The enemy’s goal and agenda in this season is to distort, derail and destroy the Faith, Hope and Expectation of God’s People.

Satan’s demonic strategy is to divert our attention and indeed distract our affections away from the heart of The Father.

Satan comes to extinguish our passion and our pursuits for Kingdom Advancement in the earth. Satan comes to weaken and weary the warriors, causing many to retreat into the caves of obscurity, isolation and silence.

I hear The Spirit say, Warriors stand still and do not be moved, for I have called and anointed you in this season to guard, to stand and to defend the ground that I have allotted to you as your Kingdom Inheritance!

Watch! For even now, My Spirit of Power, Strength and Might comes to enable, empower and sustain you in the midst of this raging battle for your Birthright and Destiny.

Beloved, trust in My Power to prevail, in My Wisdom to win, and in My Salvation to save you, for now is the time for you to take the land that I have given you.

Do not give in! Do not give up! Do not look back, and do not be afraid! Son/ Daughter, you must stand!

Be still and know that greater are those that are with you than those that come against you in this hour.

Now is the time to raise the Sword and Shield and dig your heels in deeper! Warriors, fear not! But Watch — for My Justice and Judgment shall come quickly and suddenly upon The Nations,” says God.

Declare : It is time for me to dig my heels in deeper and defend the ground of kingdom destiny!

Friends, as I heard The Holy Spirit speak those Words, the story from 2 Samuel 23 was quickened to me”

“And after him was Shammah the son of Agee the Hararite. And the philistines were gathered together into a troop where there was a piece of ground full of lentiles, and the people fled from the Philistines. “But he stood still in the midst of the ground, and defended it, and slew the Philistines and The LORD wrought a great victory!”

I believe The Father is calling us to be like the fearless warrior Shammah, who wouldn’t move, but he stood his ground in the midst of the lentil field and would not give in.

Even though he was greatly outmatched and outnumbered, and though it looked like an impossible situation before him, knowing that God on his side, he dug his heels in deeper and he stood still against a troop of mighty soldiers.

Shammah, being protected and empowered by The Spirit of The Living God, he guarded and he defended the ground he was standing on and a great victory was won.

We don’t need to wonder what would have happened if Shammah had given into the spirit of fear and intimidation and fled the lentil field! The enemy would have come in like a flood and lay siege to the land; his enemies would have surrounded it in order to force the people there to come out ,or give up control of their rightful inheritance.

Shammah was a man that “knew” what it was to stand in The Power and Authority of God.

Shammah did not shrink back, he did not give up, he did not run and hide, he did not look back, but he stood his ground and looked straight into the face of great opposition and demonic intimidation, and The Spirit of The LORD wrought for him a great victory. See 2 Samuel 23:11-12,

”and after him was Shammah the son of Agee the Hararite. And the philistines were gathered together into a troop, where was a piece of ground full of lentiles, and the people fled from the philistines.
… But Shammah took his stand in the middle of the field, defended it, and struck down the Philistines. So The LORD brought about a great victory!”

In this season, Decree:

I will not shrink back or retreat, but I will stand my ground!

I will lift my Sword and Shield and dig my heels in deeper to defend the field of my Destiny!

I am spiritually armed, prepared and rightly positioned for a great victory in this season!

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

RB: Wikipedia gives this highly appropriate meaning of this Hebrew name enabling us to stand in our future reality, as in the prayer Jesus teaches His disciples, ie “May Your Kingdom Come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”:

Prophetic confirmation on the historic ‘Durham Boat’ – Dutch Sheets (GPS #80.3)

Now that I’ve got around to gathering these items, I’m suddenly awe-struck by these God-incidental Global Prophecy Signals of 10th, 14th and 16th February:

Did you check the images of George Washington’s historic crossing of the Delaware river in my post of Monday 14th On cue: a coded clue to Trump’s trump cards. To examine the original of this image click > Was Trump right all along? John Durham doesn’t exist? [Trump Statement]

Thank you once again to Roger in South Africa for alerting me to and providing a full copy this prayer-report of Wednesday from Give Him 15, which follows on from Chris G Bennett’s vision reported on Thursday10th February:

“During the election battle, a team of 20 intercessors went to Coudersport, PA, to pray at the headwaters of the Allegheny River. This location was chosen based on a series of dreams given to different individuals. Pennsylvania was our nation’s birthplace, and we felt Holy Spirit was telling us that a new birth was coming to America. While there, Holy Spirit gave Clay Nash another significant dream in which George Washington was in a boat on the Allegheny River. Washington would, of course, also symbolize the birth of our nation. There were several meaningful details, not the least of which was him holding an Appeal To Heaven flag. But the flag had the added words, “No surrender.”

A lady present in the service that night told Clay that Washington was known to use a Durham boat. (Though disputed by some, many historians believe it is so. Read more about this here.) She then prophesied to Clay, “Watch for the Durham boat to land.” ”  Continue reading

Vision of MASSIVE angel straddling America – Chris G Bennett (GPS #80.2)


All of a sudden, I’m seeing angels, but only in my spirit – I’ve rarely seen them with my eyes. Most of the angels I’m seeing are big burly strong looking guys, very soldier-like. There’s one I’ve seen before and he’s enormous. Last time I saw him, he was straddling the UK, ready to plunge his sword into the heart of the country in order to start a ‘shaking’!

Now, however, this giant angel is straddling America – one foot around Wyoming / Montana; the other in the New York State area. He is holding a huge sword and has a quiver full of arrows on his back! The point of his sword appears to be resting on a point which seems to me to be very close to the Red River Meeting House in Kentucky. I asked the Lord about this with specific emphasis upon the Red River bit. The Lord confirmed that I was seeing correctly.

So I asked what I was looking at, especially since I had heard Dutch Sheets (on Give Him 15) revelation of Greg Hood’s vision, and also my own prophetic word to folk who have visited recently! The Lord revealed this to me – the angel will raise his sword, on command from Holy Spirit, and drive it deep into the ground. Then the angel will strike the ground several times with the arrows. Biblically, similar to the passage where Elisha told the king – “Take the arrows and strike the ground” 2 Kings 13:18

As I watched the angel raised his sword and, indeed, plunged it deep into the ground. Then he took a handful of arrows and beat the ground next to the sword several times and did not stop until apparently ordered to do so. He then laid the arrows on the ground. The effect of his beating the arrows on the ground was instant. The old well at Red River Meeting House began to spout like a geyser. A water spout some 50-odd feet high erupted and the whole area was deluged with living water from the old well of revival. I knew by the Spirit that I was watching the birth of revival this year. It was more than a birthing – it was a releasing of the living floodwaters onto a parched and dry land.

The huge angel, job done, faded from sight. I didn’t see the eagles that Dutch Sheets spoke about – I just didn’t see them. I did see life returning to the land – it was like watching a time-lapse photo sequence as the area around Red River turned green and it was like watching ripples on a pond as the green spread all over America – nowhere missed out! This is really just further confirmation of previous prophetic words!

The only thing I heard was the Lord say to me to, “tell My people what I have just shown to you. Let those who have ears, hear; and those who have eyes, see! This will all happen very soon.”

I have checked and rechecked my vision, and I have had the vision validated by others. I offer it in all humility.

CGB 10 February 2022

Flashpoint: Clinton scandal BIGGER than Watergate

Popped into Veronika’s Ignite Ireland Ministry and saw this heading her timeline:

I comment, “ACE SUMMATION in opening minutes AND has #45’s brief video – VITAL VIEWING! (if not read non-MSM real news and many blogs) and LOL  22 ‘shares’ (my birthdate) so far!!  Well got to make another…”

Here’s a link to watch the video, which includes 1 minute special briefing video at 1:50 mins >