Update to…Change The World?

COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’):

Friends – did a prophetic word pop into my previous mailing? (Also with some intriguing ‘synchronicity’, as below!)  Previously, after having written on a scripture, I didn’t know what to put and thought, “You know all about it Lord, so over to you”. Hence my wording below (now in red).

TODAY, scriptural confirmation has come via John McTernan, with full explanation! Please see today’s posting Elam/Iran in The Latter-Days it’s engrossing reading, as is his second item Islam vs The Bible.

My previous was relatively brief to avoid taking up a lot of your time. That meant omitting many details, one of which is the reason for the pundits’ alarm. There had been talk of an imperative strike to take out the nuclear reactor. But that had to be executed before it went live to avoid woeful repercussions, as in the ‘Chernobyl incident’. [Over 600 fires in Russia have resurrected the radioactive perils arising from many nuclear incidents – see report.]

The reactor at Bushehr has become operational. On the previous day, Iran test-fired its latest missile (the words “Ya Mahdi” written on its side!), the US ‘reassured’ (!!) Israel that Iran is still a year away from making an atom bomb, and announced the resumption of Israel-Palestinian peace talks. (Debka, however, reported sources close to President Abbas quoted him as saying direct talks were not in the offering because a “big military surprise awaits the Middle East”!!  It’s known that all four armies in the region are on a full war-footing.) Furthermore, Israel’s hands were tied by a secret US-Russian deal!! [Debka report].

SO, presumably Obama thinks he must do something to earn that fatuous Noble Peace Prize endowed at the start of his office! BUT he’s thus tied USA into the Gog-Magog alliance of Russia, Iran, Turkey & Syria, (Ezekiel 38 refers) thereby fully confirming his own anti-Israel stance. (We can draw our own conclusions about the consequences for USA.)

AND HOW VERY INTERESTING that the question of Obama’s being a Moslem has blown up just in time for all these events! (You may recall my reservations on his professed Christianity in view of his Cairo speech and deliberate championing of ‘gay pride’?) The White House say his Christian belief is obvious – some pastors agree – BUT, whether Christian or Moslem, he ignores God’s holy word and His commands – YET, now his administration is turning America away from God and taking it back to ‘the days of Noah and Lot’, perhaps the Lord may be using Obama to bring about His purposes?

– – – – –

Do I sense pieces of the Lord’s biblical ‘jigsaw puzzle’ falling into place? (At this very moment, as I write, my PC radio plays ‘Dies Irae’ (Day of Wrath) from Verdi’s Requiem Mass!! Now is that just coincidence or God-incidence? I’d stopped writing to get a coffee and share my thoughts with Nina before resuming with fresh idea about jigsaw. Had that not happened there’d have been no synchonicity – so I’m awestruck!)

May He be with you and your dear ones in these most fascinating times.


Previously:…Scripture instructs us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem – and that democracy’s leaders need the wisdom of the Lord.  Yet perhaps He may take alternative means of action to thwart the maniacs…?

Could This Weekend Change The World?

COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’):

Stark events this weekend in the Middle East are very likely to mark a turning point in world history. Consider this from John McTernan:

“The Prophet Daniel said that, just before the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus, the wise would understand what was happening. Notice he also said the wicked would get worse right up until the end. There is no end to the wickedness of man. Homosexual marriage has to be near the top of list of wickedness. The world economy is melting down while war in the Middle East is very close. Those that are anchored in the Bible and believe the prophetic word, understand what is happening. Events seem to be accelerating towards the Day of LORD. Our hope is in the Blessed Hope, the Lord Jesus coming for His church.”
(15 Aug’10 – John McTernan’s Insights)

Also, this from Ryan Mauro

“The Israelis must also consider whether the (Iranian) regime actually wants them to strike their (nuclear) facilities. The regime may believe…such a strike would commence the final days when the Hidden Imam will arise during a final great war to bring victory for Islam. According to one cleric, Ayatollah Khamenei is telling his inner circle that he has met with the Hidden Imam and was promised that he’d appear before his time as Supreme Leader ends.” (17th Aug’10 – Israel’s Crunch Time)

[See links 1, 2 3 below]

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said,

“You don’t want a messianic apocalyptic cult controlling atomic bombs”, he said. “When the wide-eyed believer gets hold of the reins of power and the weapons of mass death, then the world should start worrying, and that’s what is happening in Iran”. (Sept’10 The Atlantic – The Point of No Return, Jeffrey Goldberg) [See links 4,5 below]

Russian President Putin has caught the West off-balance by announcing that Iran’s first nuclear reactor at Bushehr will be loaded with fuel rods this Saturday, way ahead of the proposed schedule that’s part of UN discussions. [Debka report.]

Once that happens the balance of power in the region tilts completely as all Sunni Muslim States in Persian Gulf will have to turn away from a weak USA and kowtow to an extremist Shiite regime – ONE THAT HAS THREATENED TO ANNHILATE ISRAEL and will have the ability to carry out its intentions and achieve Hitler’s goal far more efficiently and effectively. Both Iran’s President and supreme spiritual leader anticipate an apocalyptic war heralding the appearance of their crescent-moon god’s Mahdi (accompanied by Jesus!) and bringing peace to a world that’s come into the ‘house of submission’.

The good thing about this is that all the rational Sunni Arab leaders are wanting America and/or Israel to take out the facilities (as they did with Iraq’s and Syria’s reactors). But Israel would have to go it alone as Obama wouldn’t commit to action. Debka’s sources report an Iranian phantom fighter and unidentified drones crashing nearby and into the reactor buildings.

Scripture instructs us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem – and that democracy’s leaders need the wisdom of the Lord. Yet perhaps He may take alternative means of action to thwart the maniacs…?

Regarding all this, may I bounce the following off you?

I recall a speaker saying satan is attempting to bring forward End-Time events in order to nullify God’s schedule and thereby wrong-foot God. His logic, perhaps, is to avoid his demise in the Lake of Fire? The revelation Jesus received from God and which He gave to John states that will happen after He returns and defeats satan. Prophecy points to this being centred on Jerusalem and the Jews will at last recognise Jesus as their true messiah.

The obvious way out of this scenario is to ensure there are no Jews whatso-ever left alive for Jesus to come back for and, if Jerusalem is still standing, then it’s population should be followers of a false god. Indeed, Hasan Nasrallah, head of Hezbollah (Party of God!), wants all Jews to come to Israel because that makes it so much easier to despatch them in one fell swoop!! [Hezbollah in Lebanon serves as Iran’s proxy terrorists and is a large part of the Lebanese army.]

NOT IF, BUT WHEN, Iran goes nuclear then the world faces a completely different ballgame. AND with America’s leader…having outraged most Americans over a mosque planned close by the war-cemetry of Ground Zero, then Israel is on its own.

It’s so good to be on the winning side! May the Lord of the Harvest help us quickly bring in ‘the full number of gentiles’.


PS. If you’d like to get your ‘mind’s teeth’ into some really excellent commentary, see the attached transcript and these links, especially the Goldberg anaylsis:

1. http://frontpagemag.com/2010/08/17/decision-time-for-israel-on-bombing-iran/print/

2. http://www.newsrealblog.com/2010/07/12/uh-oh-khamenei-telling-advisors-he-met-hidden-imam-will-appear-before-he-dies/print

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