PS to Explosive exposures… whistleblower

I’ve now inserted the following about a whistleblower to the previous as technical issue affecting my schedule didn’t enable me to say about the video::

‘Listen from 16.00 minutes to an interview with Mick McCormick, a stenographer for Obama, testifying to criminal activity involving then VP Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden’. Also, he claims the FBI refused to hear him!’

ALSO note well this alarming news;/

Kim Clement “Another Snowden” prophecy fulfilled (PPU #57)

Blog source (click image to read):

Kim Clement prophecies NOW fulfilled: two US presidents, China’s “new kind of subtle war”, impeach, impeach!

Latest news analysis – PS. Highly- informed assessment:

The Arrest of a 21-Year-Old National Guard Member for Leaking Classified Docs Leads to More Questions than Answers

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Washington D.C. storm visions now happening – 1: Biden blew NordStream supply to Europe! (PPU 41)

It looks like most prophecies about America’s consequential upheaval over Democrats’ 7 years of continual, seditious attempts to overthrow their legitimately elected president, and of which I’ve been monitoring as best as possible how they’re coming to pass, are now about to be fully fulfilled.

Without recounting all the few prophecies I know about, especially the dozens our sister Veronika West has delivered, today we recall the visions of hailstorms breaking the glass-built White House and of the stadium race between Trump and Biden as well as Chris G Bennett’s ‘dark cloud’ vision of God’s storm (last Sunday) and Kim Clement’s of China’s subtle war and of two presidents in power.

First, however, I note this Veronika wrote 11 months ago about Prophetic Words now converging in the Spirit Realm about the Ukraine, Germany and even Finland and this warning on my late father’s birthday of shaking of economy government and church in Germany. (My father spent years as a prisoner of war there)

NOW LOOK at last night’s news (my header) >


Last September The Gateway Pundit published an extensive Analysis (advert-free link) and yesterday up popped their citing the Daily Mail (above), along with more material, as in these extracts: Continue reading

Prophecy Progress Update 36 – Press’ pun on Leopards changing spots

There have been doubts over Germany’s official support of Ukraine, but with the latest  news Veronika West was able to post this last night on a prophecy brought last March coming to pass (but note she reports her Facebook may be ‘shadow-banned’). She writes at His Kingdom Prophecy:

“So today, I was sent a link [on Facebook] to a News headline that really got my attention…As I read the headline, The Holy Spirit immediately quickened to me a powerful Prophetic Word I received, where The Spirit spoke to me about the Nation of Germany, Three Times the Bear Shall Bite.

Click titles below to read the following prophecies in full:

3rd March 2022:

Three times the Bear shall bite…the Lion…Dragon…Leopard – Veronika West

17th March 2022:

Are Bible and modern prophecy lining up? 2 – visions of beasts

Prophecy Progress Update 35 – Donkey pinata about to burst! Did Trump set a trap?

Readers may now be well aware of the major eruptions over the ‘Pond’ of which I took an extensive tranche of informed news and reactions since yesterday morning, and overnight, on Richard’s Watch Telegram. Here’s a very brief selection plus latest, following this morning’s scripture pointing to the Lord’s righteousness:

The Gateway Pundit Homepage

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Read in full, advert-free >

The [DS] players are now being cornered, they will have to make a move and Trump is counting on this. Trump is now moving them down a path and the [DS] players are proceeding down the path. Pence has now been thrown into the mix. More docs have been found at Biden’s place. Trump is now bringing in Obama and pushing Obama to make a move. Will Executive Order 13526 come into play? [DS] in trouble, they have committed the crimes of treason, it’s just a matter of time. Posted on January 24, 2023

BACKGROUND > scroll through ‘Donkey’ search for previous postings updating the  prophecy brought by Veronika West.:

Pre-2020 election prophetic dream of Veronika West – US donkey pinata

Sound of war drums in the realm of the Spirit – Veronika West

Further to my 11th Birthday posting and brief coverage of the Breaking Old Wineskins conference in Portsmouth and Veronika’s reference to 11th hour prophets I’d note there are times in worship when I hear a subtle yet distinct rhythm of continual background drumming:

Urgent Prayer Needed

“For the last three weeks, I keep hearing the sound of War Drums in the realm of The Spirit.

We must be fervent and vigilant in prayer.

I believe something is about to take place that will bring NATO Nations to a crossroads that will be critical in whether to enter into a time of War, and the Nations of Europe will come into an unprecedented time of greater shaking.

There is a very heavy and dark momentum I feel in The Spirit Realm. Satan is desperate, and so are those that have chosen to fight for his cause in the earth.

I keep hearing, ”Watch! For Goshens will begin to Rise in the midst of the darkness!”

I can’t go into detail here, as I am being heavily monitored, but I was shown in a powerful vision two things.

There are two Altars rising (I’ve shared this already – RB: see link below)) — but the Altar of Baal is rising in greater power like never before, and the Satanic Powers that sit upon these Satanic Altars need sacrifices in order to carry out their destruction.

Recently, through Visions, I was shown certain people on the earth who have been strategically positioned politically — ”marked ones” — who will be instrumental in achieving the requirements for these “Satanic sacrifices”. (This is partly why War is being orchestrated for this need to be met).

I hope this makes sense.

Again, I can’t share more on that now. The other reason is to prevent a Midterm Red Wave in USA, and to stop DJ Trump from ever returning to Office.

God revealed to me in June 22 that there is an International coordination that’s taking place RIGHT NOW to orchestrate WW3, through Nuclear Tactics.

Zelen-Sky is at the heart of this. God showed me and told me in a dream that just before the Ukraine situation unfolded with Russia, he was promoted to a position of greater power within the WEF and that his main objective is to goad Russia to enter into a Nuclear War. (Can’t share more now.)

Secondly, I was shown a Pale Horse and a Red Horse. I will find link and repost.

We have truly entered into a time of war and yet we have entered into a kairos time of Divine Recovery.”

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

HKP / The Altars of Cain and Abel Rising – NB. relevance to USA

Prophecy Progress Update 27: Donkey pinata vision and cryptocurrency crash

News linking the massive crash of crypto-currency, the Democrats and Ukraine reminds me of the following vision.  There seems to be a similarity between them but we seek the Lord for a fuller of understanding:

Recall previous updates ‘GOP Elephants v. Dem’s Donkey’ as in Pre-2020 Election prophetic insights… wherein Veronika West writes,

“…Suddenly, I saw all seven trunks being lifted high into the air, and like one mighty wrecking-ball of steel, the seven trunks of the seven Elephants came crashing down upon the Donkey, and I watched as the thick ceramic under belly of the Donkey Piñata was smashed wide open!

Change is Coming! Change is Coming! Change is Coming.

Then suddenly, like a mighty rushing river, I saw solid gold coins come gushing forth from within the bulging belly of the Donkey, and as I looked at the torrent of gold coins fall to the ground, I heard these Words, ”Change is coming! Change is coming! Change is coming!”  Three (3) times, I heard those words…”

Read her original posted 7 October 2020 at HKP: America the Curse will be Reversed.

LATEST (chronological sequence):

Source: The Gateway Pundit

Keep watching….

More scripture applies to Russia-Ukraine war – Ezekiel 38-39 Gog-Magog alliance

3rd of 3 news screenshots:

Koenig’s Eye View  By William Koenig

Israel and Russia tensions significantly worsened

The biblical suspense has ratcheted up the past two weeks between Russia, Iran and Israel over the Ukraine.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has become something of a proxy battlefield for drones from Turkey and Iran. Ukrainian defense forces have made spectacular use of Turkey’s Bayraktar drones, which have become one of the hottest military products in the world, while Iran is (not very) secretly believed to be supplying Russia with its Mohajer and Shahed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Iran inks deal with Russia to supply them with ballistic missiles. Ukraine asked Israel for air defense help amid drone assault. Russia warned Israel from intervention after an anonymous senior Ukrainian official said that Israel was providing Ukraine with intel on Iranian drones being deployed by Russia. Israel’s Gantz stated they may provide Ukraine with rocket and drone alert systems. Israel relies on access in Syria to take out Iran weapon shipments. Moreover, Russia is not pleased with Israel discussing supplying much needed natural gas to European countries.

These events certainly bring attention to Gog and Magog alignments of Ezekiel 38 and 39 and whether Russia or Turkey is the lead nation in the Gog and Magog war with Israel.


Iran inks deal to supply Russia with ballistic missiles, more drones

Ukraine to formally ask Israel for air defense assistance amid Iran drone assault

Former Russian president warns Israel against arms deliveries to Ukraine

Israel Arming Ukraine Would ‘Destroy’ Relations With Russia, Ex-president Medvedev Warns

Ukraine officially asks Israel for Iron Dome, Iron Beam, other defense tech

Gantz: Israel may supply Ukraine with rocket and drone alert system, but not weapons

‘Whole world in danger’: Lapid warns of Russia-Iran arms ties in call with Kyiv’s FM

Ukraine Becomes Proxy Battlefield for Turkish and Iranian Drones


Read also my blog of 22.2.2022:

Bible Update: Daniel 7 vision of Bear eating 3 ribs – Veronika West’s vision of Russia/Ukraine

Dr Walsh answers a critic of his claim about the Ukraine

After re-blogging Dr Patrick Walsh’s paper Putin: The Reluctant Annexationist I found The Gateway Pundit ‘coincidentally’ published a report on media lies early the next day, a week ago today.

It was yet another welcome instance of how the Lord quickly confirms what I’ve written  when someone responds with an ad-hominem criticism questioning my integrity as an impartial observer-reporter. This time the ‘coincidental confirmation’ is from someone who’d “worked first hand on the CIA’s Afghanistan propaganda campaign in 1985-86”  and in my follow-up I cited that comment.

Later, I sent Dr Walsh the critic’s contradiction of his statement that president Zelensky had urged Western nations to conduct a pre-emptive nuclear strike against Russia before Putin’s forces began their Special Military Operation (SMO).

So for your information, Dr Patrick replies at the foot of his posting as follows:

‘Hi, the context of Zelensky’s speech was a reply to the Russian “nuclear threat”. That is very important in understanding what he was saying. He was quite obviously talking about military measures as there were already substantial Western sanctions on Russia. It would not make sense to call for something already in place. There is nowhere in the speech suggesting an increase in sanctions. Pre-emptive and preventative are practically the same. Putin launched in his terms a preventative/pre-emptive strike on Ukraine in the SMO. Would Kiev see any difference in the form of words. Zelensky made a mistake by admitting he was calling for military action by the West prior to the SMO and he had to row back. But his explanation is weak. It is hard to find Western translations of Zelensky’s speech on the media. I wonder why? Russian and Ukrainian Telegram channels were clear about the meaning as were Indian and other reports from the Global South.’

Also, I recalled having read an Australian reporter’s account of being with a Ukrainian unit being trained by the CIA well before the SMO began.

Furthermore, on 17 March I copied this item onto this blog’s Telegram – click thereupon to listen to 3 minutes video to learn from an authoritative source what’s really going on – Commander Bosi confirms the principal thrust of the other items I re-published.

Despite our previous chats, my Farcebuk ‘friend’ continues to maintain a closed mind.

God-incidental action continues over historian validating prophecies…

Can The Flood of Lies About Ukraine and Russia Be Stopped?

Click above image to read a most suitable follow-on to my previous post. It’s yet another ‘God-incidence’ that adds further insight into this crisis and may help with a couple of comments raised on my ‘heads-up’ posting in Facebook of a direct link to Dr Walsh’s Putin: The Reluctant Annexationist.

My introduction quoted his claim of president Zelensky wanting pre-emptive nuclear strikes on Russia!  (I know, it’s perhaps rather off-beam but, as I’d previously read his extensive scholarly papers, it’s a stance warranting consideration.)

A ‘friend’ comments that he’s incorrect because “The Ukrainian president didn’t say pre-emptive strikes. He said preventative strikes. He took great pains to qualify his statement later. That he was talking about financial measures and sanctions (strikes as they are known as) to prevent nuclear war, not precipitate it.”

Therefore, I asked him to supply a link to whatever source he’s referring to, as well as enquired of Dr Pat for his source.  In my humble opinion, his may be supported by the eye-opening content of the final pages 7-8 of his paper, viz: Continue reading

God-incidental action over historian validating prophecies on Ukraine vs Russia, urgent prayer warning and Facebook pruning followers!

Just before going offline to cook our omelette supper I decided to check out Dr Patrick Walsh’s site, a historian and political analyst with special interests in Ireland, Ottoman Turkey and the Caucasus, and a few of whose articles I’ve re-blogged. I find he’d  only just published his latest – Putin: The Reluctant Annexationist – and so I printed its 8 pages (including full background history) to read at leisure.  IT’S A MUST READ!!

Now should I have dipped into it just as I retired at bedtime, because I only got to daub his first two pages with yellow high-lighter and had to stop there!  Being Irish one could assume Dr Pat is biased – BUT I follow the Almighty God who is Truth, Righteousness and Justice and, therefore, I’m interested in factual evidence as free as possible from political persuasion and prejudice. He continues from above:

Tom Stevenson, in reviewing a recent book written by one of the chief Ukraine analysts for the BBC, Lawrence Freedman, for the London Review of Books, 6 October 2022, described the people and networks who lie behind the construction of the British State narrative that the BBC presents to its public:...’

What stopped me in my tracks was this on its consequence and latest, of which we Brits are entirely unaware.  SO TAKE NOTE (emphases added):

‘It is, therefore, highly unlikely that what we hear about Ukraine is objective, realistic or informative. Another important element of news management and control, along with misinformation and disinformation, is that of deliberate omission and suppression of information.

On 6 October, President Zelensky dropped a bombshell when he told the Australian Lowy Institute that NATO must carry out preemptive strikes against Russia so that it “knows what to expect” if it ever uses its nuclear arsenal. He claimed that such action would “eliminate the possibility of Russia using nuclear weapons,” before he recalled how he urged other nations to preemptively punish Russia before it launched its military action against Ukraine. Zelensky stated: “I once again appeal to the international community, as it was before February 24: Preemptive strikes so that [the Russians] know what will happen to them if they use it, and not the other way around.”

This was a clear acknowledgement that Kiev had been agitating for a pre-emptive strike on Russia by Western Powers prior to the Russian invasion of February 24. Lavrov immediately pounced on this admission by Zelensky, saying that the plea by the Ukrainian President for NATO members to deploy nuclear weapons against Russia was a reminder why Moscow had launched military action against Ukraine: “Yesterday, Zelensky called on his Western masters to deliver a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Russia” and “showed to the entire world the latest proof of the threats that come from the Kiev regime.” Lavrov reminded the West that Russia’s Special Military Operation had been launched after Zelensky had “declared in January Ukraine’s intention to acquire nuclear weapons and to neutralize such potential threats.

Zelensky’s reckless statement (perhaps under the influence of too much cocaine) was a bombshell in the West. The Western media largely suppressed it in news coverage. It was covered in the non-aligned global South, however. Afterwards, it is clear that Zelensky’s sponsors got concerned about how this would play out amongst their populations…’

THEN EARLY THIS MORNING I notice this issued late last night by Veronika West about a prophetic warning she’d just issued over Ukraine:

Journal Entry — 22 June 2022
Urgent Warning: A Threat of Nuclear Weapons, A Snare and a Trap Set for the Bear
So, today while busy in my office, I was suddenly alerted by a powerful Vision that stopped me in my tracks.
I saw what looked like a massive Fireball and then a reddish brown mushroom cloud began rising on the horizon.
As I looked at this bubble like structure filling the skyline, suddenly I could feel in real time a wave of searing hot air hit my face.
Now, as I stayed watching in the vision, I saw people running in the streets holding their mouths, and trying desperately to find cover underground, and then there came a sudden stillness and a deathly silence that filled the land I was being shown.
But then it was like I moved fast forward in time, and I saw men, women and children emerging from what looked like holes in the ground. Many were wearing what looked like military style breathing apparatuses on their faces, the air was filled with a thick residue of smoke and dust, and buildings that had once stood in the towns and cities were completely decimated.
Small fires burned across the landscape, and not even one sign of a tree or shrub was left standing, and where green grass once grew on the ground, the soil was scorched black and even the stones were turned to dust.
Now, as quickly and as suddenly as the Vision came, so it went, and I felt a strong urgency in my spirit to begin to Pray against the use of nuclear weapons in the days ahead.
As I began to Pray in The Spirit, I heard this strange type of Riddle, ”Watch and Pray! For I tell you the Puppet Masters of The World Economic Forum [WEF] have many dogs in this fight, yes!
And like ravenous wolves, they have a taste for bloodshed and warring appetite. See! For behind the red velvet curtain there are many strings being pulled, and the puppet Zelensky has had you all fooled, and with great political precision and international coordination, they have come together to set forth a trap and a snare, by relentlessly prodding and poking The Bear, and with great determination, they seek to push The Bear into a corner, so they can fully achieve their Global Reset and Political Agenda.
But Watch and Pray, for The Bear Nation will look frantically to find another way, to lay claim to the land that it believes by inheritance is rightfully his, and with having already shown much self control and measured restraint, if faced with military failure, he will not think twice — nor hesitate — to use a Nuclear Weapon that will totally destroy and annihilate!
So, do not be deceived by the fake news media, that says Zelensky is a hero and a champion of Ukraine, when he has sold his soul to the highest Chinese bidder for diamonds, oil fields and gold.
I say, look and look again, at what lurks under the black rock — a nest of venomous Vipers and poisonous Adders that belong to Soros, The Rothchilds and The Rockefellers!”
“The Bear” = Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, President of Russia, and Russia.

“The Bear Nation” = Russia.

For Veronika’s first link above click image below:

CALL to Watchers, Prophetic Warning: Nations Now in Midst of Birthing – Veronika West


It appears, as mentioned by Wanda Alger on her Telegram that Farcebuk has been clearing out false accounts and bots, and as both prophets have high visibility they may have attracted such attention.

POSTSCRIPT (informative report)

There is No Single War In Ukraine and NATO Is In Trouble

PPSclick to read next post as ‘God-incidence continues….

The Ukraine War; The Truth War; The War on Souls — JRB Publications, John Barber

This is going to be an odd post, combining the part of me to do with preaching the Gospel and that as a Watchman on the Wall, although the two are irrevocably linked, for the more I watch, the more I see (and don’t see), […continued at…] 

The Ukraine War; The Truth War; The War on Souls — JRB Publications



Note that the next posting can be shared without any issue! SO, FBk CENSORSHIP!

CALL to Watchers, Prophetic Warning: Nations Now in Midst of Birthing – Veronika West


Prophetic Warning….

So, I was in prayer this morning (15 Sept) and suddenly I saw a dark cloud rising on the horizon, and as I watched it rise, I felt the ground beneath my feet tremble violently, and a great sense of urgency came over me.

I felt a shift in my prayer language, and I began to War for The Nations, not sure of what I was specifically warring against, but as I continued to press in, I felt what was like a deep and painful contraction taking place deep within The Spirit Realm, which then seemed to very quickly radiate like a mighty wave after wave, that suddenly hit the earthly realm.

Then I saw a great shaking taking place in the natural. (Earthquakes and Tsunamis suddenly took place over regions and Nations given over to Idol Worship.)

”Watch! Asia and the Middle East!

Watch! As something very significant will take place over Russia and Ukraine that will suddenly shift the Nations of Europe!

Watch! The Nation of America — a Mega-Shift will begin to take place over specific States that will bring Nations to a divine tipping point. A time of sifting and greater separation is now happening.

Watch! London, for “Time is Up” — tick-tock, tick-tock, go the hands of the Big Clock. A Nation in Transition will see an even greater shaking.

Only Prayer, will build a Bridge over its troubled waters.”

And then I heard these Words”Call the Watchmen to the walls, and The Guardians of The Gateways to be alert and take their place, for Nations are now in the midst of birthing.

Watch! For now the seven-headed serpent spirit is circling and seeks to bring forth swift and severe destruction just before a time of long-awaited delivery.”

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West


I’m reminded of when this scripture was inexplicably dropped onto me about 25 years ago from Hebrews 12:

25 See to it that you do not refuse him who speaks. If they did not escape when they refused him who warned them on earth, how much less will we, if we turn away from him who warns us from heaven? 26 At that time his voice shook the earth, but now he has promised, “Once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens.”  27 The words “once more” indicate the removing of what can be shaken—that is, created things—so that what cannot be shaken may remain.

28 Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, 29 for our “God is a consuming fire.”

[Image Credit: Spiral Clock – Bigstock]

Prophecy Progress Update 15: Ukraine – Zelensky countdown

With reference to this word published Monday we have news of its coming to pass

Monday morning misc 2: the Lord’s ‘countdown’ on Ukraine – Veronika West

Thank you Jon Davis for commenting upon Veronika’s Fbk with a link to this news at

Monday morning misc 2: the Lord’s ‘countdown’ on Ukraine – Veronika West

FOR SERIOUS WEIGHING WITH THE LORD…(posted yesterday afternoon)


Also, note this full chapter of BibleGateway’s Verse Of The Day (v:4):

Ukraine: the path of destruction – Dr Patrick Walsh

Whilst considering today’s news and on the Gog-Magog alliance, as foretold in the Book of Ezekiel, here’s another update on Ukraine from expert analyst in that nation’s history and politics, Dr Pat Walsh

Pat Walsh

On 6 July President Putin made a significant speech intheKremlin’s St Catherine Hall. Putin was meeting with theleaders oftheState Duma andtheheads ofparty factions oftheFederal Assembly oftheRussian Federation. Here are the important sections of the Russian President’s speech:

“Theso-called collective West led bytheUnited States has been extremely aggressive towards Russia fordecades. Our proposals tocreate asystem ofequal security inEurope have been rejected. Initiatives forcooperation ontheissue ofmissile defence were rejected. Warnings about theunacceptability ofNATO expansion, especially attheexpense oftheformer republics oftheSoviet Union, were ignored. Even theidea ofRussia’s possible integration into this North Atlantic alliance, and good relations with NATO, apparently, seemed absurd toits members…

We are being told that we started thewar inDonbass, inUkraine. No, thewar was unleashed bythecollective West, which organised andsupported theunconstitutional armed coup inUkraine in2014, andthen encouraged andjustified genocide against thepeople ofDonbass. Thecollective West is thedirect instigator andtheculprit ofwhat is happening today.

If theWest wanted toprovoke aconflict inorder tomove ontoanew stage…

View original post 2,937 more words

They’re pretending they don’t know about the 46 bio-weapons labs that Putin annihilated — The Radio Patriot

BioClandestine reports: Quietly released at midnight, CNN admits the Biden admin are doubting if Ukraine can take back the land they lost to Russia. 

“Advisors to President Joe Biden have begun debating internally how and whether Ukrainian President Zelensky should shift his definition of a Ukrainian “victory” — adjusting for the possibility that his country has shrunk irreversibly.”

…Continue reading at… They’re pretending they don’t know about the 46 bioweapons labs that Putin annihilated — The Radio Patriot

Thank you to Tim Shey for providing this WordPress link in his comment upon the previous post:

‘Richard: I think this is very interesting. Look at what Veronika said:

“I say, look for the writing is on the wall — MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN — for I have numbered the days of the kingdom of Belshazzar and brought it to an end.

“Ha! The self-appointed kings of The Nations have been weighed and found wanting.

“Watch, for a Nation once united, shall be separated and divided!

“Watch, as Nations are now under Divine Reconstruction, for even as the plumb-line has fallen, so the Sword of The LORD has fallen upon The Nations.

“My Hand of Justice and Righteousness shall Divide and Conquer — Divide and Conquer!”

Now look at what BioClandestine wrote..’.(as in above link)

RB Note – this prophetic word may well apply to the dis-United States of America too!

The clash of civilisations in Ukraine – Dr Patrick Walsh

Samuel P. Huntington’s ‘The Clash of Civilisations and the Making of the World Order’ originally appeared in article form in the illustrious Foreign Affairs periodical in 1993. The initial article generated more discussion in the United States than anything written since World War Two and it was expanded into a famous book by the author, to explain himself more fully. The book, which appeared in 1996 became a classic text of international affairs and US foreign policy. It is still as famous 30 years on than it was at the time of its original publication. And what it said about Ukraine and the West’s relations with Russia should now be of great interest. […continued at…]  The Clash of Civilisations in Ukraine

In view of a political friend’s objection to my recent post on US bio-labs in the Ukraine I’d urge ALL my readers to take time this weekend to learn about the modern history of Eastern Europe and our Western role in sabotaging its well-being. Dr Pat presents an easy-to-read scholarly paper but I’m amused at the inaccurate reasons ascribed to President Trump for his stepping back from the serious situation. This author’s secular perspective is at a clear disadvantage to well-informed Christian prophetical insights into Donald Trump and his calling.