Ukraine, Russia, World War III and MSM Deception – Veronika West

Internet comms still not up to normal and affecting computer’s operation, but further to the last post, here’s confirmation regarding US politicians’ involvement and WW III in what Veronika posted yesterday on Ignite Ireland Ministry Facebook, as published by His Kingdom Prophecy today:


Friends the following post will no doubt cause a stir, but my most sincere hope is that it will cause many to fall to their knees and seek The Face of The LORD like never before.

We are living in a critical moment in the history of The Nations, and this time demands greater levels of Discernment and Wisdom.

In December 2021 I was shown in a powerful Vision, a “Spiritual Showdown would begin to take place, where the spirit of Pharaoh/ Leviathan would rise up in the nations. For a great Spiritual Showdown has begun between the power and authority of The Key of David versus the power and authority of the counterfeit spirits of Leviathan.”

Then I prophesied, ”See! For it will be a showdown between Satan’s smoke and mirrors… versus beholding the power of God’s Glory, made manifest in The Nations of the Earth.…

For ruling counterfeit spirits of light will seek to mimic and masquerade as the real and the genuine in the midst of the undiscerning, and those who have chosen religion over intimate relationship.”

See January 27, 2022 HKP Word: ““Let My People Go!” A Spiritual Showdown!

Now, as we look at the war unfolding between Ukraine and Russia, (which I believe will continue to intensify in the days ahead, and The Bear Nation will take more and more ground) there are many aspects of this Prophetic Word given in December 2021 now coming to the fore.

Therefore, this moment demands much Prayer and Intercession..

Warning:: This Word, I believe, will confront many opinions and maybe even our understanding of many things that are currently taking place (it did mine). But I must be obedient to what I believe is from The LORD.

I say, like all the Prophetic Words that are submitted and shared on this page, I humble myself under His mighty Hand and will stand accountable before The LORD if this Word is proven in the days to come, to be wrong and a misrepresentation of what is on The LORD’s heart.

Let me say for the record, my heart weeps for both nations in this hour. My heart cries for the families of Ukraine that have been torn apart by the destruction that has unfolded in recent days.

”I stand with Ukraine…” but I also fervently pray for the people of Russia. I pray for Putin, and I pray for Zelensky.

I cry in “repentance” for The Nations.

I cry, “Let Your Church arise and take her place, and let the great shaking of Nations bring to birth a new Kingdom era in the earth!”

I cry, “Let Your Kingdom come, let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven!”

And lastly, may I say, that if God can take a Saul and change his heart and reform him into a Paul, then God can use the brutality of War as a catalyst to change and reform the hearts of Putin and Zelensky.

“The king’s heart is in the hand of The LORD, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever He will!” Proverbs 21:1.

So we cry. ”Do it for Your Glory LORD!

Prophetic Riddle

A Prophetic Riddle received on the USA date: 3/6/22…. and the UK date: 6/3/22.

So, just after midnight, in the early hours of Sunday morning, I found myself tossing and turning unable to sleep, so I sat up in bed and began to pray, and as I was just sitting before The LORD, He immediately began to speak.

“Test, Weigh and Pray!

Watch and Listen! Tick, tock, tick, tock, go the hands of the clock.

Look to Me! Look to Me! I say, look to Me, for they shall say, “Surely it’s the beginning of World War 3!”

But I say, open your eyes and see, for the one they call Zelensky, he is no hero and no champion of The Truth.

For he’s nothing more than a political pawn on a globalist chess-board and puppet-on-a-string — a traitor to his country and a Judas to his friends. He thinks he has the world hood-winked to his deceitful and demonic deeds.

But watch! For in the midst of a great shaking, I shall expose and uncover their secret deals and diabolical plans, and I shall strip them naked for the world to see — lights, camera, action — and the curtain will lift and the Puppet Master’s plans will suddenly have to move and shift.

And oh! How they will scatter like cockroaches in the dark. “It’s Putin! It’s Putin!” they all will shout, “He’s to blame for the suffering and the beginning of this Third World War fight!”

But “Nay” I say, “This has been strategically and carefully planned by high-ranking politicians hidden in plain sight, for the hungry Bear has now been provoked, by the corrupt hands of those who dared to prod and to poke.

And so watch, as the political dominoes begin to fall, as one by one, they will come into the light, and like a mad feeding frenzy. the media will shout, “This is surely all truth and not false or fake!”

But watch! For just like the boy who again cried wolf (ref), so gone are the days of believing what they say and walking in blind faith, as the eyes of all Nations finally receive clear sight.

And with a loud roar, they will rise from a very deep sleep, and begin to push back the global elites, and so with World Way Three now knocking on the Door, will NATO Nations open up for more?

And like a wild cat let loose from a sack, once the Door is wide open — there is no going back!

For greater turmoil and trouble will certainly ensue, as Nations rise against Nations with an appetite for murder and more bloodshed.

So, watch and pray and do not say, “That this is that…,” for many things are not as they seem. So, listen and pay attention and you will learn to look and to learn.

For I AM The Answer to all that you need. So, fear not My Beloved when they talk of a World War Three, for there is a place of safe Refuge and Peace, which can only be found by resting in Me!”

See links below for the Words I have submitted about The Great Bear Nation rising from a time of political hibernation:

The Bear, the Dragon and the Beast From the East” February 23, 2022.

Three Times the Bear Shall Bite” March 3, 2022.

The Bear Nation Arises With a Hunger for War!“ January 24, 2022.

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

8 thoughts on “Ukraine, Russia, World War III and MSM Deception – Veronika West

  1. Thank you so much for this Word. I commented to my daughter at the beginning. ‘It is so strange! We have seen how complicit the world’s press has been throughout both Donald Trump’s times and Covid, yet here they are supporting the victim. How can they have suddenley changed their spots?’. Now it makes sense. They haven’t. We are just being fooled, again. I am so sorry that this is the case, but we must pray in truth not just kindness. And truth is kinder in the long run.

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  2. Hello Richard, I was soooo relieved to see this post by Veronika, I was concerned how some of her previous posts put her at odds (or appeared to) with some other prophetic voices that I trust (Hank Kunneman, Johnny Enlow, Robin Bullock). I even commented to my wife yesterday that it is disturbing to see how the Russia Ukraine issue is dividing Christians. It still does seem so but less a problem for me now than yesterday with this post from Veronika. Mark

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  3. “But watch! For in the midst of a great shaking, I shall expose and uncover their secret deals and diabolical plans, and I shall strip them naked for the world to see — lights, camera, action — and the curtain will lift and the Puppet Master’s plans will suddenly have to move and shift.” –Veronica West

    I was listening to an interview with Steve Schultz and Robin Bullock recently and Robin prophesied about Mark 4:22: “For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad.” Robin said that we need to pray Mark 4:22. The interview is similar to what Veronica West said. Here is the interview:

    Intelligence Briefing with Robin and Steve – Episode 38

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