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Most noteworthy in view of what prophetical voices are bringing about the shaking of church and of society. See also Cranmer’s transcript and forthright commentary upon Piers Morgan’s self-righteous inquisition of our brother in Christ, If a bigot cannot become PM, why should one be allowed to become an MP?

Gavin Ashenden

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Update 2: “Nets and Lines” prophecy of online harvest of souls

At the weekend’s conference Awake – Partnering with the Awakening, Emma Stark of Glasgow Prophetic Centre presented the statistics of how many people are actually enquiring over the internet about the Good News of Jesus Christ, as shown below:

Gt Commission 2020

Click image for link to update Great Commission 2020’s statistics

I was reminded of the prophetic word pastor John Kilpatrick received from the Lord that He will powerfully use the internet “without edit” to demonstrate and broadcast miraculous signs and wonders, thereby reaping a massive harvest of souls.

Many are aware of TV satellite stations broadcasting the gospel globally. Also, since 2004 digital technology has been used by IT professionals and businessmen to reach out and teach online, as below (if illegible, click About and scroll to foot of screen):

Gt Comm 2020 story1

Gt Comm 2020 story2

It’s all about the greatest story ever told, and as Jesus said to His first disciples:

“All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go, therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the Age”. (Matthew 28:18-20 NKJV)

And they went out and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them and confirming the word through the accompanying signs. (Mark 16:20 NKJV)

Leading publisher contradicts BBC HARDtalk on Obama, Mid-East & terrorism

An extraordinary interview popped onto our TV screen last night after a dvd closed down. We rarely bother with ‘talking-heads’; however, we stopped in our tracks upon hearing a question on the persecution of Christians. Joining as the first question was asked, we remained ‘glued’ to the dialogue.

Lord Weidenfeld credit Independent

Lord Weidenfeld; credit, Independent

News-makers and personalities around the world are interviewed in-depth on BBC World Services’ and News channel’s HARDtalk by presenter Stephen Sackur. Last night he interviewed British peer Lord Weidenfeld, who  made London his home for the past eight decades after escaping nazi Austria and the Holocaust just before World War II. He became one of Britain’s best known publishers of high quality, prize-winning fiction and non-fiction (see Weidenfeld&Nicolson).

The programme was billed: ‘Now 96 years old, his life says much about the modern history of Britain, Europe and the Jewish people. But as he reflects, is he filled with hope or something darker?’. It reflects Sakur’s stance, quite contrary to that of his guest!  And he didn’t cave in to the presenter’s polite grilling…

The opening question was about why he’d set up Operation Safe Haven, as publicised last July (eg. see Daily Mail article). His answer is that it’s in gratitude for and repayment of his debt to Christians because they’d helped him and his family to escape Austria, as well as when problems arose in pre-war Britain.

As the Operations objective is being purely to assist Iraqi and Syrian Christians, Sackur  objects by referring to USA’s reservations about helping and says such help should be humanitarian only: his work shouldn’t be religiously selective but include Muslims too because they’re also suffering.

Weidenfeld recognises it’s an important point and counters by referring to his inter-faith work in improving relations between Jews, Christians and Muslims. The presenter then pushes for the logical consequence of such cooperation by rescuing those of any faith.

But the guest is candid and forthright in saying Christians in those lands “get a raw deal, they don’t get sufficient support” and because of his personal experience wants to repay them.

“Let me put it bluntly” retorts Sackur and posits a position of his guest refusing to help  those in the migrating masses who are not Christians.

Weidenfeld is forthright about this ‘academic question’, reminds him of the Communist and Nazi persecutions and that nothing is being done by the Western world to help the ancient Christian world. He contradicts Sackur’s typically BBC pro-Palestinian and anti-Christian moronic mind-set,

“A great deal is being done for the Muslims…logistically they’re in the situation and their safe havens are pretty close by and a huge amount of money is available for them – but the Christians get the raw deal: that’s what I’m saying!”

Not content, Sackur pushes his point by referring to Europe and problems here only for his guest to be equally blunt,

“The Western world is in a bad moral shape and, I’m afraid, I blame the leader of the Western world, President, Obama for a lot of what’s happening now”

“You can’t surely blame him for Europe’s failure to lead on this (migrant) crisis…?” blurts the Beeb’s man.

“I blame him for having created situations in the Middle-East and undulating, uncertain, weak foreign policy that has done a great deal to bring about this present situation. I could go into great detail on this…”

As regards Europe and jihadist attacks they discuss the safety of Jews, the call for their return to their original, ancient homeland (now the state of Israel), anti-Semitism and the roots of terrorism. In view of the peer’s connections and experience in Germany a good discussion develops. Regarding anti-Semitism he thinks,

“There are two roots of anti-Semitism: a religious root and an economical root….the first is no longer valid for people don’t say, “You killed the Saviour” – so that root died out in the 18th Century. The economic root is also not so valid because, if you look at the phone directories of most European capitals many (Jewish) bankers, lawyers and dentists no longer exist there because of Auschwitz.

“So it is Jihadism – the hatred of Jews brought about by radical Islam. There’s no question about that! It’s anti the Jewish state, it’s anti-Zionism – that’s what it is really.”

Sackur notices his disquiet over the Obama administration and asks what’s made him so angry. Having spent time in the States, Weidenfeld responds that,

“…he is someone who has no talent or knowledge about foreign affairs. He may be a good orator, possibly quite well equipped to deal with home affairs, but he hasn’t got a feeling for foreign affairs. He is naïve. He builds up Putin into a position of where he’s a mixture of Disraeli and Bismarck as arbiter in the Middle-East; in Syria he made him the man for opening the debate with Iran to his own disadvantage – and I think he has weakened, he has alienated, some of our allies to a point of great bitterness. So I make him responsible for a lot of what’s going on today in the Middle-East.”

The presenter offers, as though speaking for that administration, their objection based upon delivery of democratic mandate, getting out of the M-East and making a deal with Iran, which earns the peer’s gentle but forthright rebuke,

“With Iran it is a very dangerous situation now because – although there may be a way of curbing the atomic ambitions – you’re dealing with a theocratic government of extreme violence – and the present president just has a better table-manner than his predecessor – but I think that by filling their coffers now you make it possible for them to support Hezbollah, to support all kinds of extremists and you’re probably going to have another intifada or full-fledged war before long because the Iranians are again going to be on the warpath.”

Watch this interesting and stimulating interview in full by clicking here.

Further Reading:

Prophetically relevant gov’t news from the UK and USA

Last week, apparently unrelated events involving Prime Minister David Cameron and President Obama could show an out-working of prophecies about accelerating events. Although being mutually exclusive, the effects of these events have global ramifications.

We’ll look at those words first and then the events, then their common denominator and the relevance of those contemporary, as well as of ancient, prophecies to the events.

So first, carefully consider what Neville Johnson brought in August for this new Hebraic year:

The issue of sowing and reaping is becoming critical. Everything is speeding up. The process of sowing and reaping is being shortened over recent times. Scary because we don’t always sow the right things, and it’s coming back quicker!” (See Urgent prophetic words about a cut-off date in God’s timeline, point 3)

Secondly, in March John Kilpatrick brought:

“In the season that we’re entering into the Lord says, “I’m going to cut things short”…listen carefully, we don’t realise how fast God’s going to speed things up and expedite things!” (See A season of ‘suddenlies’ AND a shifting)

Now the events:

1. Cameron v. BBC

Cameron - credit The CommentatorPM Cameron and Chancellor of the Exchequer Osborne took serious objection to the Blatantly Biased Corporation’s lack of objectivity and consequential political interference in reporting the budgetary Autumn Statement. The Telegraph editorial of 5th December opens with the assumption that, given its obligation as national public service broadcaster, the BBC’s obligation is to be balanced. Going into depth and referring to other instances, the editor remarks,

Anyone who retorts that they were irritated by just one report needs to view it in the wider context of BBC bias.

Read How a 3-min dawn broadcast generated a full-blown clash between the Beeb and Number 10, with fuller background at Under siege the ‘biased’ BBC fights for its life – but that’s nothing! There’s also the huge raft of issues monitored by BBC Watch, as in their latest on BBC’s Arab-Israel conflict obsession distorts history.

Regular readers are aware of many instances of pointing out the BBC’s unethical and unprofessional deep-seated prejudice that makes its reporting totally unreliable – even seeming to support terrorism (BBC tag refers)!

Hopefully, the reaction by the government’s Tories will severely shake the BBC and delay the renewal of its Charter, and even scrap the totalitarian levy of its annual licence fee.

2. Obama v. Netanyahu

In its exclusive report on Thursday DebkaFile reported Obama set on obstructing Netanyahu’s re-election. This report begins,

obama-netanyahu4‘President Barack Obama and his White House National Security team headed by Susan Rice have decided to seize on the political crisis besetting the Israeli government and the upcoming general election on March 17 for action to bar Binyamin Netanyahu’s re-election to a fourth term as prime minister…

‘This White House campaign would be accompanied by leaks from Washington for putting Netanyahu and his policies in a derogatory light…some senior sources in the US capital confided to DebkaFile that administration joy over political developments in Israel could quickly prove premature – either in view of another round of violence overtaking the Middle East, or by once again misreading Israel’s political map before stepping in and so failing in its object..’.

In my opinion interference in the internal political process of another nation, especially a democratic ally, is unconscionable. Obama’s well-known disdain for Bibi Netanyahu is poisoning Israeli politics. Clinton did the same during Netanyahu’s first term as PM – and we know the humiliating impeachment he suffered! Therefore, the US may now be in for some surprises in the next few months.

UPDATE 9/12: Washington Beacon – Congress demands Obama explain rumoured sanctions against Israel.

3. Common Denominator

The underlying common denominator in both instances is God’s plans and purposes for His covenantal people, the Jews and the land He designated for their homeland. In their unabashed hostility to them the BBC and President Obama have chosen to go against the One who is not to be mocked.

Also, let’s not overlook an early revelation about the Day of the Lord, as delivered by the prophet Obadiah:

“For the day of the LORD upon all the nations is near; As you have done (to Israel) it shall be done to you; Your reprisal shall be upon your own head”. (Obadiah 15 NKJV, emphasis added)

Perhaps pay-back time for the ‘Beeb’ and ‘Potus’ is rapidly approaching? News of other developments suggests that may not be wishful thinking…


In a more detailed analysis of several developments DebkaFile refers to a meeting of 6 Gulf Cooperation Council rulers scheduled for this week in Doha. It bears the hallmarks of extensive yet quiet cooperation between Israel and key Arab leaders and the report reveals,

‘Its agenda is topped by moves to finally unravel the 2010 Arab Spring policy championed by US President Barack Obama…The Doha summit is designed to crown a historic effort led by Saudi King Abdullah…to undo the effects of the Obama administration’s support for elements dedicated to the removal of conservative Arab rulers, such as (by the Muslim) Brotherhood. They have found a key ally in this drive in Israel’s PM Netanyahu…’

The report also makes claims for the PM’s rare achievement of close coordination with the most important Arab leaders, as follows:

  • allowing Egypt to deploy 13 battalions in demilitarized Sinai to combat terrorists,
  • diplomatic operation instrumental in obstructing US-Iran deal on nuclear weapons,
  • Jordan’s replacement of Islamist security guards on the sensitive Temple Mount,
  • Saudi and Gulf funding to Palestinian areas of Jerusalem defused recent rioting,
  • Egypt and Gulf have influenced PA’s Abbas to reduce his incitement and invective,
  • because these Arab leaders are marginalizing the Palestine issue, Hamas leader Meshaal tried re-igniting violence in Jerusalem but he went unheeded!

So the report concludes,

‘Netanyahu may or may not opt to brandish Israel’s breakthrough to the Arab world as campaign fodder to boost his run for re-election. Whatever he decides, the rulers of Saudi Arabia, the Arab emirates and Egypt have turned out to have acquired an interest in maintaining him in office as head of the Israeli government, in direct opposition to President Obama’s ambition to unseat him.’

The heart of these issues lies in Obama’s Cairo speech and later betrayal of Egypt’s president Mubarak by elevating the Muslim Brotherhood, encouraging its revolution and allowing infiltration into the USA. (Walid Shoebat, ex-Palestinian extremist with many contacts in the Middle East, reports Obama’s half-brother is influential in the MB.) Saudi Arabia took grave exception to Potus’ several actions, as noted in my correspondence on those events.

So maybe it’s time to even the score? What fascinating times we’re living in!

Let’s keep watching…

Further reading:

  1. Debka: Netanyahu’s epic understandings with Egyptian, Saudi and UAE rulers…
  2. Joel Rosenberg: If the Obama team are this hostile to Israel before the elections…
  3. Franklin Graham: America is waging ‘War on Christmas’ and ‘War on Christ’ over the ‘hatred of Christian ‘culture’…
  4. Richard’s Watch 18 May ’09: Today’s Importance in History
  5. Richard’s Watch 10 June ’09: Obama’s Cairo Speech
  6. Richard’s Watch 2 July ’09: Middle-East Update July 2009
  7. Richard’s Watch 10 Feb ’11: Deep US-Saudi Rift Emerges

Exposure of media lies goes viral

In view of my long-standing complaints about the BBC’s abysmal reporting standards you may want to watch Simon Plosker of media-watchdog Honest Reporting. In this video he speaks about European and American media’s deliberate false reporting of news on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

He’s asked, “Are there any consequences to reporting like that? Do you just put it on (your site) and hope they pick it up and that their readership sees it…or…Does someone get fired over something like that?”

He responds,

“One thing we can do is, we have a very, very large reach. We have 140,000 subscribers around the world. We’re active on Facebook, Twitter…all sorts of social media and one thing we noticed yesterday – as soon as we expose these things – they were going viral.

“There was no way the media outlets could ignore what was going on ‘cos they were being told in no uncertain terms they’d got it wrong!

“The BBC are notorious for their choice of headlines…”

In this video Simon analyses media reports from Canada, Ireland, Britain and USA to expose the unprecedented media bias against Israel.


[Read also BBC Watch on BBC smoke-screening the true story the synagogue outrage and His Grace Cranmer on Slaughter in the synagogue is just politics as usual.]

Prophetic Voice TV – now launched

As regular readers will know, I’ve been blessed over many years with attending Rev Dr Sharon Stone’s training and mentoring days, so I can highly recommend this online media facility.

Registration is necessary for watching Prophetic Voice TV. This is straightforward and applicants are required to select facilities required according to payment. Just click on image below.

Free viewing is available for weekly teaching and an informal ‘chat’ from Sharon plus a guest teacher’s message. Training modules in the prophetic and supernatural are pay-per-view, and a 12 month season pass includes conferences and mentoring days.

I’m especially pleased to learn that Bishop Knox and his wife Delia have been long-time personal friends of Sharon, and that the supernatural training module includes Delia’s spectacular healing in 2010 at The Bay Revival (as reviewed here – see also this blog’s Video clips of healing testimonies).

PVTV launched now

Dr Sharon Stone: Prophetic Voice TV

Watch out for Revd. Dr Stone’s new teaching medium PropheticVoice.tv,  due to be launched on 8th September. This is closely connected with her Kingdom Leadership Training course, the main material for which is delivered monthly at Mentoring Days in Windsor.

Propehtic Voice launch-bg_1

A call for clarity on Israel and Gaza

Let’s take a trip in my time machine. Hop in and hold tight, it’s just a short hop to go back 47 years.

All done! We open the door and step into a college library. Being a sunny evening in early June, its tables are packed as everyone’s preparing for end-of-year exams or finals.

June 1967

At one end of the L-shaped upper storey room is a lower level for students to relax with a drink, and maybe watch a back & white screen tv affixed near the ceiling. Here, in my youth, a few would take a break to watch the 10 o’clock news on either BBC or ITV, but not tonight. The room is packed for the latest on the stupendous news of the past few days…

Before we take stock of what’s going on I need to brief you as follows.:

The past 5 years: American troops have been involved in South Vietnam fighting the Vietcong insurgency from the Communist North. (The  got into full swing.)  Students are well aware of the deep effect Second World War tribulations, of not only armed combat but also civilian bombings, and years of subsequent austerity have had upon their parents’ lives. So there’s a real loathing of violent global conflicts, as shown by the frequent, international anti-Vietnam War protests.

The previous two years saw increasing Syrian artillery attacks from the Golan Heights down upon northern Israel, but the United Nations proves to be less than a ‘paper tiger’. The Arab League had established the Palestine Liberation Organization to wage war by terrorism against civilians. Also, like Hitler and Mussolini, Egypt’s president Nasser’s rhetoric has become more bellicose in threatening to eradicate the tiny state of Israel, “Our basic objective will be the destruction of Israel”.

Nasser always challenged Israel to fight. Syria invoked its defence treaty with Egypt and in May Nasser ordered UN peacekeepers out of Sinai and his massive army rolled into place near Israel’s borders. He also blockaded the Straits of Tiran, thereby cutting off Israel’s supply route via the Red Sea in contravention of international maritime treaties.

Only days before our joining the students, Jordan’s King Hussein had signed a defence pact with Egypt on 30th May and announced,

“This act will astound the world. Today they will know that the Arabs are arranged for battle – the critical hour has arrived. We have reached the stage for serious action and not declarations.”

Five days later the president of Iraq joined the military alliance, declaring, “Our goal is clear – to wipe Israel off the map!” These five allies were backed by Lebanon, Algeria, Kuwait, Sudan and ‘the whole Arab nation’.

6daywaraIsrael was surrounded by approximately 465,000 troops and over 2,800 tanks and 800 aircraft. So almost to a man and woman, we students were totally against these bullies’ aggressive actions and concerned for Israel’s fate. It was an utterly reprehensible state of affairs.

Israel took the only course of action open to it – a pre-emptive strike on 5th June 1967 against the grounded Egyptian air force, thus gaining air supremacy, fought fierce tank battles and attacked Jordan after it shelled Israeli West Jerusalem. The next day, the Israelis swept across the Sinai peninsular to the Suez Canal, took Gaza and biblical towns of Bethlehem and Hebron.

post67We had watched all the news coverage in stunned amazement and today, June 7th, we hear about the West Bank and Jerusalem being captured by the Israelis, and Jordan’s acceptance of UN cease-fire. Everyone was euphoric over Israel’s success and survival against all the odds.

The following three days would see the defeat of Egypt and Nasser’s resignation, as well as Israel’s capture of the strategic Golan Heights from Syria. In just six days Israel had thoroughly trashed the bully boys and taken territory many times larger than her own at an estimated overall casualties count over 100,000.

It was a re-run of the biblical account of David versus Goliath, but soon the West turned against David. Why?

To find out let’s get back in my ‘tardis’ and return to…

The Present

Nowadays, nothing is reported of the thousands of rockets that have been bombarding Israel for years (>11,000 since Israel left Gaza in 2005 – see IDF Report on Arsenal). This year alone, 450 rocket attacks and such extremely patient people have turned!

100 years ago we went to war with a crazy emperor who’d sent his army into Belgium to strike at France! Then 35 years later, another raving lunatic careened through Europe killing innumerable people – and tried exterminating the Jews. One of his admirers was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

Would we British have let ‘Jerry’ bomb us without any retaliation?  No!

So why whinge about Israel protecting its citizens? Is it because we’ve been molly-coddled and aren’t intelligent enough to recognise cleverly crafted claptrap? Or is it historical and religious illiteracy? Clearly, too many are unable to tell the difference between right and wrong. In my opinion, that’s a result of rejecting God and worshiping atheism instead. This has made our political leaders clueless because they’re unable to comprehend the real root of this never-ending problem: Satanic strategies.

[See Mark Durie’s analysis of Tony Blair’s comments on the Islamist threat at 3 below.]

That fact begins to dawn upon us when we believe the holy Bible as being true. Having been in Satan’s camp, I realised most Christians rarely function in their inheritance. Thus, his strategy is to keep us divided and prevent us living in Holy Spirit’s power. We can see this happened throughout Church history; and now false doctrines are being introduced to lead believers astray.

His other main strategy to prevent his written and foretold demise is to prevent the Jews remaining in their ancient homeland. Why? Satan knows that we are expecting Jesus to return to Jerusalem at the Mount of Olives (Zecharia 14:4), where the Jews ‘will look on him whom they’ve pierced’ (Zech 12:10).

Therefore, if no Jews are alive in Jerusalem, then Jesus will not be able to defeat him, as foretold.  Hence the lies Muslims are told about Jesus and the Jews – and Islamists’ reason for wiping out Israel.

As Melanie Phillips writes,

This thing ultimately defies rational explanation. As Islamist savagery spreads, the moral depravity of the Western animus against Israel and the Jews can only be described as a metaphysical psychosis.

Why did the West turn against Israel? In answering, Melanie refers to the conventional explanation that, with the post-1967 ‘occupation’, modern David turned into Goliath.

In The West’s Metaphysical Psychosis Melanie provides a solid explanation by referring to Joshua Murvachik’s new book, Making David into Goliath: How the World Turned Against IsraelEg. China’s oppression of Tibet didn’t produce the same reaction. In her review Melanie puts Murvachik’s illuminating analysis of the inexplicable into a nutshell – the Arab and Muslim world set out to bend the Western mind, and succeeded.

[Had our leaders understood Islamic history and doctrines, as shown in its founder’s life of violent warfare, they would have expected deception as being routine and religiously sanctioned for dealing with non-believers.]

Apparently, the PLO learned from Algerian experience to present the enemy as not only Israel but also ‘world imperialism’. So the PLO cause was to be a struggle for liberation. Former Arab collaborators of Hitler and Goebbels were transformed into comrades of much romanticized Ho Chi Minh and Che Guevara. The conflict was redefined from Arabs v Israel to Israel v Palestinians. Annihilatory terrorism became intellectually chic. See Melanie’s review for other contributing factors.

Media Misrepresentation

Kindly bear with this mini-rant about moronic mainstream media (MMM).  My readers will be wise enough to think around what’s really happening in Gaza and not rely on the MMM, such as the Blatently Biased Corporation for accurate, professional reporting and analysis. It gets turned off in our house as soon as its slanted news is aired. Nothing has changed since blogging about media manipulation in 2012 – also see BBC tag.

For better information I’d refer you to BBC Watch for a litany and correction of the many falsehoods promulgated by the BBC. Scroll down their blog – reasonable people will be appalled.

For an insight into the spiritual dimension of this conflict see Palestinian Media Watch, from which The Commentator has selected an item on Hamas TV’s extraordinary broadcast stating that civilians in Gaza should be grateful for having died!. So it appears this diabolical group worships Molech, the Canaanite god of child-sacrifice, does it not?

Lord, open the eyes of everyone around the world to the reality of this dreadful conflict.

UDPATE 31st July: BBC NOW SPEAKS FOR HAMAS: see Why has the ‘impartial’ BBC adopted Hamas terminology?

A Summation

Prime Minister Netanyahu gave the following response to the UN call for a ceasefire. His close friend Mike Evans urges you to read every word and then to share this with your friends—they aren’t likely to hear Israel’s side of the story…the truth…anywhere else (emphases added):

PM Netanyahu

The Security Council Presidential Statement relates to the needs of a murderous terrorist organization that is attacking Israeli civilians and does not address Israel’s security needs, including the demilitarization of the Gaza Strip according to the principle laid down in the interim agreements with the Palestinians. The statement does not refer to attacks on Israeli civilians, or to the fact that Hamas has turned the residents of Gaza into human shields and uses UN facilities to attack Israeli civilians. Israel accepted three UN proposals for humanitarian truces, and Hamas violated them all. Even now they are continuing to fire at Israeli civilians. Israel will continue to deal with the terrorist tunnels, and this is only the first step in the demilitarization. Instead of the funds of the international community serving the construction of terrorist tunnels for perpetrating large-scale attacks against Israeli civilians, the international community needs to act toward the demilitarization of Gaza.

Further reading:

  1. Jewish Virtual Library: The Six-Day War – Myths and Facts
  2. Jewish Virtual Library: The Six-Day War – Background and Overview
  3. Mark Durie, Tony Blair and the Islamist Threat
  4. Tarek S Fatah, Stop Jew-hatred and Build Palestine (he is a founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress)
  5. David Goldman, Hamas Wants to Die
  6. Douglas Murray, London’s Pro-Palestine Rally was a Disgusting Anti-Semitic Spectacle
  7. Douglas Murray, Jon Snow’s View of the Middle-East is Biased, Inaccurate and Dangerous
  8. Melanie Phillips, The West’s Metaphysical Psychosis
  9. Melanie Phillips, What our leaders would say if they really cared about defending Britain’s Jews

Credit: Maps are courtesy of Jewish Virtual Library

Updates: the ex-Culture Secretary – the British Library

Maria Miller – no longer employed

For readers overseas unaware of UK news, Mrs Maria Miller resigned yesterday as Secretary of State in David Cameron’s coalition government. On Tuesday, the date of my posting, mainstream media were in manic-mode. Not taking time to do other than glance at headlines I noted some speculated that senior Tories wanted her out because of her role in redefining marriage.

Most of the anger was from voters over Parliament allowing MP’s to feather their own nest. Also many in government were ‘getting it’, even if Dave couldn’t. Today’s Times reports the Chancellor George Osborn led the revolt against the PM’s insisting that his Secretary of State should not go.

Too many ‘talking-heads’ spouted tosh about the issue but the simple scriptural fact of mocking God remains, as I’d pointed out on Tuesday. I’d already gone into depth at the close of 2012 on the grounds for questioning his poor judgement in deciding to change marriage (here).

Later, in Something good… I expressed concern over the personal responsibility the PM and his Secretary had both assumed in going against the holy foundations of marriage. It is there, at his position, where ‘the buck stops’ for what’s happened on his watch. If you’re interested, Peter Oborn, Telegraph’s chief political commentator offers some constructive points upon the PM’s paying the price for a grievous lapse of judgement, as here.

Will that price mean following in Mrs Miller’s footsteps?

Daniel Pipes – no longer banned

Further to one of his readers finding the British Library had blocked online access to his  websites, Daniel and a number of his subscribers contacted the Library direct.

He is pleased to report that their office admitted their mistake and promptly corrected it. They advised him this situation had occurred as a result of a software blocking facility, but he’s pursuing the matter further because it allows access to terrorist jihadi sites.

For details see No longer banned in The British Library.

Freedom of the Press? Not in the British Library!

Provocative ‘coincidence’ post – done and published.

Next please…my email’s in-tray emits ‘ping’ and I find this has arrived from historian and analytical commentator Daniel Pipes: Banned in the British Library!

In concluding the previous post about Maria Miller’s purported misdemeanours I closed with reference to threats to the freedom of the press. Dan Hodges’ article concludes, with my emphasis:

‘Yet it is still untenable for Maria Miller to continue in her role as Culture Secretary. For the very simple reason that she had legitimate questions to answer about her conduct, and tried to stop those questions being asked. More specifically, she tried to prevent questions being asked by evoking the spectre of the Leveson Report at precisely the moment she had ministerial responsibility for crafting the legislation arising from it. In other words, at the same time as she was exercising her duties as Culture Secretary, she was simultaneously using her ministerial position to try to deflect a legitimate newspaper investigation into her own personal affairs. It’s hard to think of a more blatant conflict of interest. Which is why she has to go

‘When the Leveson Report was published, its supporters challenged the press to point to any legitimate news story that would be threatened by implementation of its recommendations. Maria Miller, unwittingly, has provided the answer.’

So it’s rather peculiar to say the least that the very next item to catch my attention is on a related subject – censorship: the suppression of free information in Britain and in that revered depository of literary and historical knowledge, The British Library.

Daniel PipesReaders will be familiar with my quoting articles by Daniel Pipes because he is a sound analyst and widely recognised authority on the history of the Middle East. His well-balance reports on the Middle East may be discovered by any person of a reasonable mind and intellect upon perusing his Middle East Forum.

Evidently, the British Library believes he is dangerous!!

Read about this suppression of freedom of the Press in his National Review Online article, Banned in the British Library.

UPDATED 10 APR > Ban has been lifted

Further Reading:

  • Leveson Inquiry – a judicial public inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the Press in Britain, with Report published in November 2012

The BBC admits failings in its treatment of Christians

WELCOME news! Thank you Gillan for your hard work producing a commendable summary and for quoting EA’s Dr David Landrum. I won’t hold my breath, however, for BBC to review their Middle-East reporting!

God and Politics in the UK

The BBC has had a problem for some time regarding how it deals with religion.  It has regularly been accused of giving Christianity in particular a tough time.  What gives these accusations substance is that they have not just come from churches and individual Christians complaining about the treatment they receive, but also from within the BBC itself.

Back in 2011 a survey was conducted as part of the BBC’s ‘Diversity Strategy’ involving 4,500 people, including some BBC staff.  The consultation concluded: ‘In terms of religion, there were many who perceived the BBC to be anti-Christian and as such misrepresenting Christianity…  Christians are specifically mentioned as being badly treated, with a suggestion that more minority religions are better represented despite Christianity being the most widely observed religion within Britain.’

Then last year Mark Thompson, the then director-general of the BBC admitted that Christianity gets treated less sensitively than other religions because it is ‘pretty broad…

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