Prophecy coming to pass: “Man-made virus” (F/P #162.10-2)

Further to my asking does security intel validate a word on the origin of the covid-19 pandemic, as indicated by US Secretary of State Pompeo, the former head of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove has discussed further details in an exclusive interview, as below.

In that post I covered some ideas on the virus’ origin and possibility of it having been engineered, and reported,‘This generated an interesting flow of information in parallel with dealing with true and false prophets, questions over whether or not the situation is directly from the Lord and how it relates to scripture and End-times – even believers’ confusion over it all…

‘And so I mulled all those matters over in my mind last Monday night…Upon waking Tuesday morning, 24th March, I thus asked the Lord, “Is the pandemic from You?” ~ and then got the immediate answer: “No, it is man-made!!”

Further validation appears in an article published in last week’s Telegraph: Exclusive: Coronavirus began ‘as an accident’ in Chinese lab, says former MI6 boss and, in view of the depth of discussion it is important to read the full article. Alternatively, read the overview in its former editor Charles Moore’s op-ed Was Covid-19 created in a lab?

Here are some extracts: Continue reading

Prophecy coming to pass: ‘viral, virtual church’ (F/P #167.2)

News headlines of Sunday services crashing the internet (and Dr Sharon Stone having prophesied last November: “There is going to be a church-planting movement that is virtual and viral in the earth; not taking the place of the Church at all”) hardly came as a surprise to Dr Pete Philips, Head of Digital Theology at Premier Christianity.

In Coronavirus: What is God up to? (published on 27th May) this researcher explains with the help of a couple of graphs, how the latest surveys and statistics support claims that God is doing something special in the global Church right now. Continue reading

Passion for the Nation: Time to Move Out!

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NB: this arrived whilst I was messaging Abel about posting his latest on Battlegrounds, and is published with Suzanne’s kind permission!


As we stand on the edge of a new move of God’s Spirit, we declare over this land:

‘when you see the ark of the covenant of the Lord your God and the priests carrying it, you are to move out from your positions and follow it, then you will know which way to go.’ Joshua 3: 3

We declare as lockdown eases and transition begins, a spirit of peace (prosperity, safety and well-being) will rest upon the cities, towns and streets of the nation. We speak health instead of sickness, life instead of death, prosperity against all lack in matters concerning finance and the economy, and that in these days of shaking, many will turn to Jesus.

We praise Him for the power of His love, and the power of His grace upon our lives and we choose to worship, to praise and to look upon His Face. We declare the song of the victory of Jesus will rise changing atmospheres and touching lives, that at this crossover moment, the Name of Jesus and the worship of Jesus will overwhelm the power of every other name. We declare as the people of God put their eyes upon Jesus, they will be filled with fresh joy, fresh strength and fresh courage.  (adapted from October 2018)

The Lord is releasing new horizons, new territory and new vision to all those who will hunger and thirst for Him. In the Name of Jesus, we decree and declare in this nation, God’s people will move in accordance with the ‘now’ word of God in their lives, taking hold, crossing over, ready to advance as a new level of sensitivity and obedience to His Spirit comes upon them. We declare His people will grasp the significance of the hour, the power of His love, His gospel, and His purpose within their lives.

Now Lord at this Pentecost weekend, we agree, across this land Your people will be positioned in every way, open and expectant, in heart and in spirit, for what Your Spirit will do and we say, “Lord, Come.”

We continue to declare in this nation: leaders from all political parties, all Government ministers, civil servants, scientists, researchers, economists and all advisors will work as a team with humility and mutual respect and we specifically speak strength to Boris Johnson.

We declare the voice of God’s wisdom will be heard over every other voice concerning all the current decisions, that His strategies and solutions will be recognised and implemented,  rightly dividing between the health and safety of individuals and the economy of the nation.

Suzanne Ferrett

Moving Forward: A Declaration from Passion for the Nation — Call The Nation To Prayer


Moving Forward By Suzanne Ferrett of Passion for the Nation on Monday May 18th, 2020 ‘Of the increase of his government and peace there will be no end’ Isaiah 9:6,7 We speak health instead of sickness, life instead of death, prosperity against all lack in matters concerning finance and the economy, and that in these days of […]

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1 o’clock News-blog: exposure of corruption of ‘bottom dwellers’, as prophesied – F/P #10.12

Thank you to Linda for posting this hot-on-the-heels of my publishing Christie Johnson’s 5-fold vision and prophetic word on Waves of Awakening, wherein she reports seeing the exposure of ‘bottom-dwellers.’ So here’s news of a fulfillment of that aspect of her vision as well as of my prophetical musing in 2016 along these lines:

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David Harsanyi’s article carries ‘strap-line’ and begins:

It also serves as an update on my previous posting on this matter:

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Readers wanting detailed background may wish to consider William Koenig’s book. He is an accredited journalist and Christian based at the White House for nearly 20 years (see About) and editor of Koenig – World Watch Daily (full details):

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Previous Prophecy Updates:

Prophecy of great humbling, then spiritual revival in Great Britain (GPS #47.3 cont’d – F/P #165.1)

A great thank you to Carolyn Stewart for transcribing this vital message (previous post refers). Note it was received last November at a time of unprecedented political upheaval in Parliament and speaks directly into this year’s unprecedented economic situation arising from global covid-19 pandemic. And yesterday came news of Britain’s humiliation internationally, as well as scientifically. Hence inclusion of this prophecy in the catalogue of fulfilled prophecies or those coming to pass (Footnotes refer).

Click on this image to listen:

“I just want to share this prophetic word. I was looking through my phone and I found this. (The current date is..we are in April 2020). And as I was looking through my phone of prophecies I found this one called ‘The Humbling of Great Britain’, which I’d never put out before. I completely forgot about it. So I think in the light of what’s going on at the moment, it is very relevant. It is a warning, but it is also an encouragement of what God is doing in our land. I thought I should release this now.

“As I said, this was given in November 2019. This was just before I died as well, so it is quite a significant prophecy. And as I said, I’d forgotten all about it. I just found it on my phone, but I feel it’s important to release it, so I’ll leave it with you. Please listen, please enjoy, please be blessed, and please spread it around as well.


“I will have the people in this land in derision”, says the Lord. “I will pour out my Spirit on this land, and those people that have called to come together to conspire, to tear down My ways and My precepts and My ordinances from this land – this green and pleasant land. Mark My words: I will have them in derision. I am in the heavens and I laugh at their futility, at the things that they’re attempting to do, to close Me off and shut Me off from My own creation and so close down and shut down My people. For that is their ultimate aim. They want Me and every trace of Me eradicated from the land and from education and from every part of this society.

But mark My words; I have plans to prosper this country, and I will bring to shame the wise. I will shame those who have so loftily held their head up – their stiff-necked heads that have said, ‘We will bring our ways! We will bring in our precepts and ordinances in this land, and we will eradicate God, and we will take Him off his throne. And we shall destroy His church.  But not so!

“Sadly, My own Church has failed to see how impoverished and how weakened she has become. She is literally now a remnant in this country. Yet I will do great things with a remnant. Yet when it was I can take three hundred foot-soldiers with Gideon and I can do a great deliverance, and I will do the same also in this land. I will take this small remnant of a Church that is left – those Christians that genuinely acknowledge Me as their Lord and Saviour – and will not bow the knee to Baal and to all his false practices and customs in respect to the laws that are now passing in this land.

Mark My words, punishment will come for the sins that have covered this land. But the punishment, as I always punished Israel in times past, was so that it may bring them to repentance and may bring healing to their land; that when the people are humbled they would pray to me and I would turn in My mercy, I would forgive them their sins and I would then heal their land. I am going to bring punishment to this nation – a time of humbling – but this punishment is not to destroy this nation. This punishment is to humble her and to chastise her, that she may repent of her wicked ways and turn back to Me.

“There will not be many nations in the days ahead that will be permitted to have what this nation will be permitted. You will have a grace and a favour upon you which many other nations will not be given because I have plans and purposes for this country. And even though My own people have been faithless harlots towards Me, know this; that your faithlessness will only go to prove My faithfulness. I will be faithful to My Covenant and to My Word, and I will bring about My ways and My means for this country, and I will pour out My Spirit. And I will bring Revival, but it will not be like any revival that has been before. It will be uncontainable; it will be uncontrollable; and the world will HATE it because it will be so strong and it will be so powerful that they cannot ignore it.

“In times past they’ve been able to turn a blind eye to the things of My Spirit, but in these days everyone will know about it, everybody will know about it. And the same sun that melts the ice also hardens the clay, and men will just drop into two distinct camps: those that love Me and those that absolutely hate Me. This is why in many respects these days are dangerous days, because it will polarize people, in ways stronger than they are now; but you will know the righteous and you will know the evil.

But mark My words, I will do something wonderful with this country; I will restore law and order to this country. This country has become lawless and it has no more order to it. And your Houses of Parliament are an example of the state of your nation, of the division of your nation, of the complexities of your nation. The wickedness and the hardness of heart and the blindness and arrogance of your nation are all set to display, for all the world to see in your own Houses of Parliament. But I am going to do a new thing. And many men will lay down their crowns and place down their swords before Me and repent and give their lives to me. And many powerful men and women who vehemently hate My name, will come to know Me and love My name.

“And some Christians might go, ‘Why, why Lord did you save them? They’re the ones who brought such depravity to our nation. Why did you allow it?’  Because that’s My grace, that’s My mercy, and the very ones that brought in those laws, I will turn into trophies of grace to make the enemy despised in his own camp, for I will make those who passed those wicked laws be the ones that undo them, for they will reveal the secrets and the dark intent and heart of sinful wicked flesh. And the world or this country at least, will look on in horror at the things that they’ve released and allowed in this country, and they will be rescinded and retracted.

“My people, you need to do this: you need to be spending these hours – because it is only hours – you need to be spending these hours in prayer; you need to be spending these hours on your knees; you need to be spending this time in the Word, learning from Me, learning from My Spirit and I will teach you many wonderful things. But this is the time, because there are many bridesmaids out there that do not have enough oil in their lamp and you need to get it in your lamp. No-one can part-exchange their life of intimacy with Me to those that have no intimacy with Me. This is your chance; now is the time to do it, for in the humbling that’s coming – this wind of change that’s going to blow through this land – it’s going to be a difficult time for this nation. It will not be a long time, but the depth of the punishment that will come will be severe, even though it will only be for a short time. It was like when I said to King David, “You can have three years of this, three months of that, or three days of the other”.

“This will be a short punishment but it will be a deep punishment; a deep chastisement to this nation. And I will humble this nation and I will turn her around. And many who are your enemies in these days will become your friends and neighbours in the days to come.

“So be prepared, be encouraged but be warned; this is not going to be an easy day that is coming, it is going to be a difficult day, a difficult time for this nation. Many Christians will cry out, ‘Why did I allow such things to come to this nation?’ But in part, everyone in this nation is responsible for the punishments that are coming.

“There is much worldliness in My Body, much worldliness in My Church, much worldliness in the mindset of Christians, much worldliness in the teachings of the Church! And the teachings of the Church have lost their anchor. They have apostasised; they have become an apostate church, in that they’ve drifted away from the truth of scripture and have chosen to allow the doctrines of men to infiltrate the teachings of the Church. The sacred scriptures should never be changed, never diluted, never touched, never altered, for they sacred and they are from the throne room of heaven itself. How dare man place his DNA and his ideas over that which is heavenly and beyond?

“So take heart to these words and this warning. Be blessed, be encouraged and get ready, for the time is now when the humbling must begin. And it will be short but long. It will be a short period of time but it will feel like the longest period of time, for it will be very intense. And for a period of three years a time of great humbling will come upon this nation, and it will be a heavy three years, a very difficult three years.

“But then things will change, things will turn, and you will go from Winter to Spring, Spring to Summer, Summer into Harvest time.”

  • Epidemiologist behind highly-cited coronavirus model drastically downgrades projection (26 March 2020)
  • Govt’ scientist resigns after breaking lockdown rules to meet married lover (5 May)
  • Britain criticised around the world for ‘complacent’ and ‘calamitous’ coronavirus response (6 May)
  • Despite Ferguson fiasco No 10 about to make its second major blunder (7 May) viz:

    ‘The biggest political con in modern history has descended into farce. Professor McLockdown, has choked on his own junk science, resigning from Sage after the Telegraph exposed that he flouted the very mass house arrest he advocated for everyone else. But his defence – that he broke the rules because he had already caught the virus and recovered from it – is even more revelatory; turns out Britain’s most influential epidemiologist believes that not only can you gain immunity from Covid-19, but that this should release you from lockdown.

    ‘If No 10’s response to coronavirus was really based on “following the science”, of course, these new details about Prof Ferguson’s view might be a game-changer, prompting, at the very least, Downing Street discussions of how to rapidly loosen the rules for those who have had the virus. Like with all good farces, though, the most absurd is yet to come. Incredibly, Downing Street shows little sign of learning from the Ferguson Chapter. And, astonishingly, once again, “the science” is being compromised by political hysteria – a scandal that continues to be barely scrutinised.

    ‘But before we get to the meat, let us briefly chew over the cautionary tale that can be cleaved from the career of Prof Ferguson. He has a track record of making wildly inaccurate projections, for example that BSE would kill 150,000 people (the real figure was fewer than 200)…’

Fulfilled Prophecy #10.10 cont’d – Trump vs. corrupt WHO (‘God-smacked’ about ‘God-incidence’)

Only after sharing the posting shown below on my personal Facebook with a covering remark, ‘Noteworthy follow-up on yesterday’s posts on Fulfilled Prophecy #10.10′, did I get well and truly ‘God-smacked’ by the ‘coincidence’ between that numbering (of these updates on a prophecy) and the ‘double-ten’ (1010) number Veronika West saw when encountering  an angelic presence at 10 Downing Street – and both being published the same day!!

SO it hit me between the eyes – and confirms what Veronika brought; ie. ‘By the word of two or three witnesses every word shall be established’ (2 Cor 13:1).

This article was published the same date as and providing written support for my blog of on Tomi Araryomi’s video The Biggest Lie You Never Heard and associated material – click the image to read the Daily Signal article:

PS (9/4) Trump is right: rotten WHO should be reformed or abolished, Christopher Snowdon, Institute for Economic Affairs article

Veronika West: another vision on the ‘corona’ virus

This morning Veronika posted this on her Facebook and in His Kingdom Prophecy’s The Key and the Crown Will Break the Code: AND she hears about the cursing of the nations by the ‘prince of the air’ as shown and heard in printed and spoken media…


But in early hours of the morning I got caught up in a vision/dream where I saw a mighty swirling in the realm of the Spirit over the nations and as I looked at the swirling it was like a whirlwind of heavy dark and white light clouds all intermingled and the winds in the dream were very powerful and, as I looked at this swirling and whirling that was taking place, the Spirit of Revelation spoke to me saying,


Friends, I submit the enemy is using the media in a powerful way to COMPLETELY SATURATE THE ATMOSPHERE WITH FEAR AND TERROR. We must continue pray fervently, and continue releasing decrees of LIFE over the airwaves, many Nations have come under a HEAVY DARK CLOUD OF DEMONIC DECLARATIONS AND ITS HAVING A GREAT EFFECT…!


‘The key and the Crown’….the (CROWN) Kingly/Highpriests’ Mantle carries the (KEY OF DAVID; Isaiah 22:22) Power and Governmental Authority to SHIFT, TRANSFORM, HEAL AND REFORM A NATION…!


“The key of the house of David
I will lay on his shoulder;
So he shall open, and no one shall shut;
And he shall shut, and no one shall open,”   Isaiah 22:22.

Fulfilled Prophecies catalogue now rebuilt

Introducing the paper on The State of The Prophetic in the UK – 2nd edition I asked my readers a couple of questions:

  1. Do you know that news media headlines and cartoons have mirrored two dozen prophecies by unwittingly quoting their text or imagery…?
  2. Do you know how presidents Trump and Obama unknowingly participated in fulfilling British prophecies?

Then in the next brief blog I claimed to know “150 examples of non-personal prophetic words and visions coming to pass in recent years”.

All this made me mull over the impact of those statements, which is immense because it attests to the frequency, power and validity of accepted prophetic utterances in Britain!!

Therefore, I’ve spent a few days restructuring this site’s catalogue of fulfilled prophecies – which includes updates on developments in those that are moving toward fulfillment. This catalogue has been compiled over several years but was in need of re-organising.

It was an intricate task because half the collection was numbered and linked in order of publication as specific prophecies came to pass. The remainder, being updates or news on progress, had no numbering – and those relating to the EU Referendum result are located elsewhere.

Now, all items are numbered using two different notations yet remaining in consecutive order. The originals retain their ‘#’ prefix in bold font, and newly numbered items show their number in ordinary font without a prefix. (This is explained in the catalogue.)

Also, for ease-of-reference the listing is re-organised with prophecies that have been echoed or mirrored in the media at the beginning. The catalogue closes with a linked listing to all updates relating to the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Therefore, you are most welcome to peruse this site’s Prophecies – Fulfilled page.

NB >> ANSWER to question 2 is found at numbers 106 and #16, which are dated January 2017 and adjacent to one another in the ‘Chronological Validations’ listing.

Status of prophecy in Britain in one sentence

“I’m aware of 150 examples of non-personal prophetic words and visions coming to pass in recent years, two dozen of which their text or images have been unwittingly repeated in the news media.” (Richard Barker)

And that’s only those known to me personally, as reported on this blog. So there must be many more out there of which I’m unaware. That number also includes over two dozen accurate prophecies on the outcome of the 2016 EU Referendum.

For details see Prophecies – Fulfilled, as well as overview in The State of the Prophetic in the UK.

The State of the Prophetic in the United Kingdom – Preface

Courtesy Revd Yinka Oyekan; click image for more photos via Facebook

[Originally published with The State of the Prophetic in the UK – 2nd edition but now posted as a separate preface on the document’s genesis and author’s connection.]

Do you know that news headlines and cartoons have mirrored two dozen prophecies by unwittingly quoting their text or image, even in a Prime Ministerial speech? Also, that their incidence has increased rapidly in the last two years?

Thus, not only actual events but also the way they’ve been reported has validated many modern prophecies, thereby giving prophets credibility. For example, presidents Trump and Obama unknowingly participated in fulfilling British prophecies! (See Appendix C.)

I was honoured to be tasked by Revd Yinka Oyekan of The Gate in Tilehurst, Reading, with writing a briefing paper for guests unfamiliar with prophecy attending the One Voice Prophetic Conference in Reading, on 8th February. The paper gives them an overview of the prophetic in Britain, together with some examples of fulfilled prophecies.

If you were a delegate there you may have seen it as one of two papers in their email’s Dropbox links, and which was done in collaboration with Geoffrey Pick of Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival, and with input from Neil Townsend of Salt and Light, and David Stark of Glasgow Prophetic Centre.

That paper is now published as a second edition augmented with a two-years old prophecy of the conference, a brief summary plus extra material replete with links.

Please be free to quote and copy this unique document, but note that full attribution of author and source is requested as Richard J Barker asserts his right to be identified as the author in accordance with the Copyright, Designs & Patents Acts 1988.


Through a ‘coincidence’ in mid-1980s, as an unbeliever I learned that Bible prophecy connects into modern events. Whilst flipping through a book on geo-politics quoting ancient Hebrew seers as a documentary on Iran-Iraq war was showing on TV, I saw their elite troops rehearsing an attack upon Jerusalem!  1989: a life-saving Visitation from Jesus Christ led to attending Tilehurst Free Church (Baptist), Reading. 2008-9: upon opening my Bible I heard, “This is ALL about to be fulfilled!”, thus started writing on signs of Jesus’ return. 2011: a dream on the Kingdom being set-up in UK prompted the launch of this blog for posting news on Biblically-relevant events plus contemporary prophecy and church. (Read full testimony at I’m Free!)

Formerly Reading Community Church, The Gate was formed in July 2005 when TFC and Groveland’s Christian Fellowship, joined together under Yinka’s leadership. Three years earlier, however, my attendance closed because I married Nina and moved.

Therefore, 17 years later I was totally surprised to be invited out-of-the-blue to join a working group to prepare for a conference Yinka was convening for the purpose of enhancing the standing of the prophetic across as many denominations as possible

Whilst discussing the plans in our first video conference a memory of an interior vision suddenly ‘flashed’ –the operative word! – into mind. So I dug into my files and to find the details, which I shared when first announcing the One Voice Prophetic.

Click/tap to begin reading The State of the Prophetic in the United Kingdom.

The State of the Prophetic in the United Kingdom – 2nd edition

See Preface for details of this document’s genesis and blogger’s personal connection.

Please be free to quote and copy, but take note that full attribution of author and source is requested because Richard J Barker asserts his right to be identified as the author in accordance with the Copyright, Designs & Patents Acts 1988.

May this long-read glorify the Lord and bless every reader:


by Richard J. Barker © 21.2.2020

  1. Summary
  2. What Is Prophecy?
  3. The Bible Prophesies Modern Events
  4. Historical Summary of Modern Prophecy
  5. Prophecy as Jigsaw Pieces and as GPS
  6. Prophecies Come To Pass
  7. The Present & Future of Prophecy
  8. One Voice Prophetic Conference
  9. Directory (not exhaustive)
  10. Appendix A – Selected History of 20th Century Prophecies
  11. Appendix B – Selected History of 21st Century Prophecies
  12. Appendix C – Fulfilled Prophecies and News Reports
  13. Appendix D – 2008 Economic Crash
  14. Appendix E – 2019 Exposure & Big Shake-up
  15. Appendix F – 2019 General Election
  16. Appendix G – Quick-links Research (link to Appendices)



This paper provides an overview of the history and development of prophecy within the UK. By nature, it cannot be encyclopaedic and is presented from a personal, thirty-year perspective.

Prophecy can be brought from the holy, spiritual realm into that of factual daily life, thereby confirming a prophecy’s validity. This data demonstrates that not only are Bible prophecies coming to pass in our day, but so too are modern prophecies!

That is, today’s prophets have an established track record additional to that for personal prophecies. It is incumbent, therefore, upon leaders to know what the Lord is saying to, and expects from, churches, nations and individuals, as brought through duly weighed and tested prophecy.

In the 20th Century, prophecy was spasmodic but became more noticed and accepted with the expansion of the charismatic movement and wider outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Since the millennium, prophetic words to the nation began to come more often. Then during its second decade, the quantity and sharing of prophetic visions and words accelerated rapidly – and the timescales of their fulfillment got radically shortened.

Moreover, prophets’ predictions about two nationally historic events were diametrically opposite to ‘expert’ opinion, yet proved 100% correct. Moreover, we’ve witnessed a rapid increase in news media-mirroring of prophetical terms and images as prophecies are fulfilled. AND the present and previous US presidents’ have unwittingly participated in British prophecies coming to pass!

By 2020 many prophecies on what the Lord is doing in Britain have come to pass – 150 examples since 2011 – and thus validated by the news media! So we give Him all the glory for this and the way He’s working through this conference.

As indicated in the final sections, ministries and churches in many towns and cities across Britain are now open to prophecy.

Therefore, prophecy is demonstrably relevant to our national life and should be taken seriously by those inside and outside Church.


Prophecy (Greek prophetiea) is the ‘speaking forth the mind and counsel of the Lord God’ and thus a declaration that cannot be known by natural means – ie. a direct revelation from God. It is one of the Holy Spirit’s gifts to Jesus’ disciples

Although prophecy is ‘telling forth’ what the Lord is saying rather than ‘foretelling’ the future, that latter aspect is not excluded. So primarily, prophecies shape our hearts and understanding in order to sharpen or challenge the way we think, act and pray.

Apostle Paul referred to apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers as ministers appointed for equipping and edifying the body of Christ (Eph 4:7-16). Prophecies through such recognised ministry carry more authority than those from disciples moving in Holy Spirit’s gifting

When received in gatherings of believers it is a protocol of accountability to submit prophecy to someone in authority for weighing and checking that it aligns with scripture and reflects God’s character and purposes. Another person may be aware of something similar from the Lord and confirms what is brought. Thus, by the mouth of two or three witnesses the matter shall be established’ (Deut 19:15; reiterated by Paul on authority at 2 Cor 13:1, ‘By the word of two or three witnesses every word shall be established’).

So a word spoken as coming from the Lord finds witness within the hearer’s spirit; eg. In Acts 15:28 “It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us…” for making decisions at the first Church council.

NKJV Amos 3: Authority of the Prophet’s Message, vv 7-8: ‘Surely the Lord God does nothing, unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets. A lion has roared! Who will not fear? The Lord God has spoken! Who can but prophesy?’

As with OT prophets, words brought as from the Lord are uplifting, encouraging insights bringing hope. Yet as ‘covenantal watchmen’, today’s prophets may speak into the state of a nation challenging personal and political preferences and activities, as in the current state of widespread personal and national ungodliness.

A couple of observations:

  • “The Word of the Lord, or prophecy, is not solely prediction-based, it is to give the Church God’s narrative on nations on three levels: insight – oversight – foresight.” (Tomi Arayomi)
  • “When God is using prophets… they repetitively are tasked to tell nations where the nation may not be in covenant with another nation – it is a key function of prophets in Scripture. Prophets need to know which nation aligns with which nation. It’s part of our job description!” (Emma Stark)
Related Scriptures:

Matt 7:15-20 – Jesus’ instruction to be aware of and to test false prophecies
1Cor 14:1 – eagerly desire spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy
1Cor 14:29 – two or three prophets should speak and others weigh carefully
1Cor 14:31 – all can prophesy in turn, so all can be instructed and encouraged.


End-times are here, as foretold – even defined? – by Jesus: “This gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all peoples, and then the end will come!” (Matthew 24:14). According to Barnabus Aid magazine: ‘by 2,000 there were indigenous Christians in every country of the world’ (A History of Christian Persecution, Pt 12 – October 2019).

Other examples of End-times prophecy coming to pass in our day: Jewish people return en-mass to their homeland (Zeph 3:19-20, Jer 23:3-8) – increasing apostasy in church teachings (2 Thess2:3) – the return of ‘the days of Noah/Lot,’ as evident in gay-pride parades! (Luke 17:26-29) – waving a hand to buy goods without cash (Rev 13:17) as in today’s cashless society!!


It is important to acknowledge that fresh seed of the Kingdom was planted in Holy Spirit Revivals in Wales (1904-5) and the Hebrides (1949-52).

Appendices to this paper are linked to the author’s compilation of prophecies delivered over the period 1909-2017, as published in this site’s extensive Prophecy Library, and demonstrate the growth of modern prophecy. The rapidly increasing volume of material necessitated its discontinuance but subsequent prophecies can be found in this site’s monthly archives. All items are to be weighed with the Lord.

  • Appendix A: 20th Century – overview of Holy Spirit moves and major prophets
  • Appendix B: 21st Century – notes on significant prophecies and developments

Appx A’s most well-known prophecies are Smith-Wiggleworth’s 1947 vision of future revivals and Jean Darnall’s 1967 vision of many local fires and lightning strikes. Many of their forecasts have come to pass, as examined in Geoffrey Pick’s Revival Prophecies – Where Are We Now? [The conference’s second paper.]

In the 1990s, his church elders advised the author that prophecies are normally put in a pending tray because they take many years, even decades, to come to pass. Thus, no-one really knew at the time of receipt if they’re accurate and reliable. However, by 2020 that situation no longer pertains because an increasing number have been fulfilled within months – even days!

The overflow of 1990s Holy Spirit outpouring within Britain made prophetic ministry available. Eg, teams visited Thames valley in 1996; author’s vision of spiritual ‘atomic’ bomb’s fireball rolling along the Thames to London gateway towns, confirms assistant pastor’s vision of 10 years earlier.

Geoffrey Pick writes on the situation after the millenium, “Prophecies were rarely shared outside local church meetings in the UK prior to the rise of social media. Even words that were significant remained within a local church or home-group. Individuals seeking to find out what the Holy Spirit was speaking could not easily find more than a few prophetic words for the nation. Many who received such words for the nation, as I did in October 2000, could not find a platform to share with others. It took 3 years before I found a place to share and that was an International prophecy website. In 2004, encouraged by others, I launched a webpage to bring together UK national prophecy, followed by UK Prophetic Words.

In 2001, commissioned by ‘father of prophets’ Dr Bill Hamon, Revd Dr Sharon Stone and husband Greg Black moved to England and started Christian International Europe (CIE). Their teaching and minisitry encouraged the growth of prophecy in British and European churches. Also, by 2005 New Frontiers church movement was operating with a few recognised prophets.

Personal Perspectives:

A startling open vision in 2004 left the author needing advice. Its content was confirmed the next year by Dr Stone at a conference in Bath, one of a small number of places where local prophetic ministry was already established.

July 2005’s terrorist attack upon London was quickly followed by a profound prophetic vision and message on Britain’s End-time destiny brought by Wendy Alec. Having retired early from an EU governmental agency, this author noted her reference to Britain being entangled by the EU and God’s desire for separation. Hence, he began noticing prophecies on this topic over subsequent years. In addition, Geoffrey Pick published a collection of such prophecies on Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival.

In September 2011, Revd Bill Johnson of Redding, California, confirmed this author’s ‘God-incidental’ dream by referring to that date’s possibility as a turning point in the history of the Kingdom in Britain. Subsequently, there’s been a noticeable, increasing acceleration in the prophetic.

Three years later came a clear vision of an enormous bulldozer demolishing ungodly structures, which eventually began to come to pass after another five years.


‘…on the evidence of two or three witnesses a matter shall be confirmed.’ (Deut 19:15)

Bringing prophetic ‘jigsaw pieces’ together

Being active in the prophetic opens one up to Godly coincidences or ‘God-incidents’. The author began noticing an increasing number of prophecies brought by various brethren within days of one another. It can be likened to pieces of an invisible jigsaw falling into place to present a larger prophetical picture – like a team of separated prophets bringing words and visions that fit together to give a bigger picture. [For about 70 examples see ‘Jigsaw’ tag.]

Also, like an aircraft controller at an airport, the author noted over 40 similar prophecies given in various places globally, as though heavenly Father’s got his own GPS system, ie. ‘Global Prophecy Signals’. [For examples visit ‘Gods_GPS’ tag]

One good example, published only days before the conference, tells of two ‘pieces’ that had appeared much earlier than others arriving together via ‘GPS’ – as herein.

Dr Stone describes such serendipity as a Biblical ‘law’ for advancing the Kingdom: “Amazing, accidental discovery! Wow! No matter what we do and what God does, He surprises us with lots moreeg. Pentecost” (see Ephesians 3:14-21).


Monitoring the possibility of Wendy Alec’s 2005 Vision for Great Britain coming to pass and learning later of prophetic insights on the outcome of the 2016 EU Referendum, the author collected that data and discovered their accurate predictions confounded those of all ‘expert’ political pundits and pollsters – and likewise for 2019’s general election!

This led to the logical question: how many other prophecies are coming to pass?

So maybe another set of fulfilled prophecies could be gleaned from this site’s cyber-library, the listed content of which is available via Appendix G?

In view of the size of the undertaking, the author looked at prophecies in the preceding 10 years but time constraints prevented in-depth analysis. A list of fulfilled prophecies was compiled over subsequent years.

Appendix C provides links to 150 instances of prophecies since 2001 that have been, or are in the process of becoming, fulfilled. A noticeable trend relates to the Hebrews 12 shaking/exposure of the ungodly, including many examples on the EU, and increasingly includes national media headlines using terms (‘fox’, ‘lion’, ‘bulldozer’) that had already been given in prophecies!!.

Appendices D, E and F are documented prophecies on the 2008 Economic Crash (with copy news), on ‘Exposure with Big Shake-up’ in 2019 and on the General Election.


“For the first time in history Europe’s prophets have come out of their caves” – Revd Dr Sharon Stone (1.2.2020).

The 1980s saw a major restoration of the prophetic movement, and 15-20 years ago teaching and ministry was focused upon the prophetic gifting and not upon training anointed prophets.

Compared with 30 years ago, there’s now a wider appreciation of the gift of prophecy and office of prophet across churches, and many more local ministries across Britain (see Directory). Moreover, the prophetic anointing in Britain may possibly overtake that of America.

In 2020, “We’re standing in the greatest prophetic move in history…God is building His church on the foundation of apostles and prophets.” Dr Stone reckons a reformation in training prophets is now necessary in order to bring breakthrough and shifts in all areas within churches and the nations. Therefore, Christian International Europe in Windsor and Glasgow Prophetic Centre have started new training courses on equipping the prophets.

For some years the UK Council of Prophetic Elders met under Dr Stone’s leading. This has now been succeeded by the British Isles’ Council of Prophets, with Dr Stone and senior prophets and apostles on its Advisory Council. It forms a network of prophetic voices in Scotland, Wales, England, Northern Ireland, Eire and the Channel Isles.

The vision, aims and core values of the British Isles’ Council of Prophets can be read via the preceding link, where its latest prophecies and membership may also be found.

Suggested Goals:

The following goals for prophetic ministry continue to be of importance:

    • Greater focus upon the spiritual state of the nation
    • Linking up of specific scriptures with prophecies
    • Increasing call for accuracy, especially on timing
    • Improved joining of prophecy with intercession
    • Greater influence across all churches and in society.


Geoffrey Pick advises that a prophecy about such a gathering was brought two years ago to the week by Jeroma Davis (13 Feb 2018):

“Thank You Holy Spirit…I am Seeing in the Spirit ….. A Round Table.. A Circle of Seers/Prophets/Deliverance voices/Pastors/Apostles/Prayer Intercessors and Leaders in Ministry forming a Spiritual Bond/Chain Link Globally that will stand the test of time! The enemy is losing ground as The Body of Christ is emerging with a Holy Fire that will never be extinguished. The Call onto Holy Ground will be deeply rooted from Radical Lovers of Jesus Christ as the Holy Fire burns deeply within their hearts! I see flames of the All-Consuming Fire going up into the high heavens as the Bride returns to Purity/Holiness in God our King.”

The stated purpose of One Voice Prophetic Conference 2020 reads:

‘We believe that God is still speaking into the Nation and the Church is responsible for bringing that prophetic word to the attention of leaders, people in power and those who carry responsibility for the care of the Nation. It is important that the word of the Lord comes out of a united ekklesia and we come together from our different streams to speak as One Voice. This is a space for influential voices from the church, business, education and other spheres of influence.’

Pastor Oyekan invited leaders of the Assemblies of God and, as President-elect 2020 of the Baptist Union, especially encourages Baptist churches to take prophecy seriously.

The conference morning began with extended period of worship for intimacy with the Lord and then groups gathered to wait upon Him for words about specific areas and for a few certain individuals, viz:

  • government
  • business & finance
  • international relations
  • emergency services
  • health & social care
  • church denominations
  • justice system
  • the royal family
  • arts & culture
  • education
  • media

Guest speaker Dr Mark Birch-Machin of Speakers of Life outlined a national prophetic strategy based upon the neurological communication principles of the human body.

Revd Betty King, Emma Stark and Veronika West brought teaching and prophecies. Of these, I particularly noted Betty spoke on the vital importance of dealing with buried personal issues that affect our serving the Lord (my wife had received a very effective personal word upon that in the previous week). Emma stressed we’re not to look for a repeat of the Toronto-style Revival because the Lord is already bringing this in a very different format.

In an unscheduled message Veronika revealed what the Lord told her during the night when He alerted her that we need to:

“Get ready, get ready for the stage is set for a spiritual showdown!”

After explaining, she said He will demolish false altars and build new ones throughout Britain where evangelists will emphasise altar-calls once again. Also, an unusual picture of a horse and ox yoked together shows that apostles and prophets will begin working together as teams for the Kingdom.

Drawing to a close, Veronika also prophesied about Reading being on a spiritual hill and of the Lord’s fire coming down. (Confirms impression I’d brought at the working group’s planning meeting in November and previous visions of decades ago, one of which I’d ‘seen’ like an exploding ‘atomic bomb’ with fireball rolling down Tilehurst hill and along the Thames Valley towards the capital, as told in June’s 2nd of four jigsaw pieces!)

9. DIRECTORY (not exhaustive)

Prophecy Ministries
      • Betty King International Ministries (Wembley – Betty King)
      • Christian International Europe (Windsor – Dr Sharon Stone)
      • Fire Ministries International (Elgin, Moray – Malcolm & Alyson Sim)
      • Glasgow Prophetic Centre (Emma & David Stark)
      • Harvest Ministries (Birmingham – Lori Lawlor)
      • Ignite Ireland Ministries (Facebook – Veronika West)
      • Inter-Prophetic Alliance (Whitstable – Robin Jegede-Brimson)
      • Invictus Prophetic Network (Folkestone – Rebecca King)
      • Love Has A Voice (Bath – Liz Evans)
      • Manchester School of Prophets (Achumba, Amegee, King & Dean)
      • Norfolk School of Prophets (Ray & Ruth Scorey)
      • Prophecy Encounter Groups (Dr Sharon Stone & Tomi Arayomi)
      • School of Prophecy (Winchester/Southampton – Mark Iles)
      • School of the Prophetic (Leicester – Simon Braker)
      • Servant Ministries (Whitstable – Robin Jegede-Brimson)
      • Speakers of Life (Whitley Bay, Northumberland – Mark Birch-Machin)
      • Word & Spirit International Ministry (Colwyn Bay – Mary Carpenter & Joseph Burt)
Churches Teaching/Practising Prophecy
      • Catch the Fire churches – Bournemouth, Manchester, Wembley
      • City Life Church – Portsmouth (Daniel Harman)
      • Fleet Baptist Church – Hants (Christopher Bird)
      • Kings Church – Halifax (Paul McMahon, Paul Clift)
      • Living Word Church Network – Fareham (Christopher Wickland)
      • My Church – Windsor (Revd Dr Sharon Stone)
      • New Frontiers churches (Dr Stone’s YouTube)
      • Revive Church – Hull (Jarrod Cooper)
      • The Harbour Church – Whitstable (Robin Jegede-Brimson)
Prophecy Websites
      • Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival (Facebook Group – Geoffrey Pick)
      • Prophetic Voice TV (YouTube – Dr Sharon Stone)
      • Richard’s Watch (Website-Library & Blog – Richard Barker)
      • R.I.G. Nation (YouTube – Tomi Arayomi)
      • UK Awakening (History website – Michael Marcel)
      • UK Wells (Map website – Michael Marcel)


Appendices A-G – see next post >>

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