Who are the Jewish people expecting…?

Did the abrupt closure of a recent posting leave you feeling suspended? It unexpectedly switched from considering Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khameini’s declaration on the expected appearance of their Mahdi, or hidden imam, to that of the equivalent in Judaism – Ha Mashiyach (the consecrated priest-king) – as follows: Continue reading

The Lord’s Prayer

Most uplifting and, in my humble opinion, a fitting addition to what Jesus said about this model prayer – He stressed that we can actually hinder and prevent Father forgiving us  as an individual because of unforgiveness towards those who’ve hurt us! (Matt 6:14-15). How rapidly the decision to forgive can bring even physical healing, as Nina discovered (see testimony).  See also Khamneithang’s moving personal story Journey of Hope.



I cannot say…..

Our” – if I live only for myself.
Father” – if I do not endeavor each day to act like his child.
Who art in heaven” – if I am laying up no treasure there.
Hallowed be thy name” – if I am not striving for holiness.
Thy Kingdom come” – if I am not doing all in my power to hasten that wonderful event.
Thy will be done” – if I am disobedient to his Word.
On earth as it is in heaven” – if I do not serve him here and now.
Give us this day our daily bread” – if I am dishonest or am seeking things by subterfuge.
Forgive us our debts” – if I harbor a grudge against anyone.
Lead us not into temptation” –…

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“Live in the Spirit, Walk in the Spirit, Talk in the Spirit…” – Smith Wigglesworth

Thank you Lisa for this excellent post which is pertinent to the apparently ‘mixed bag’ of my recent AND current posts. I recommend every believer to run off a hardcopy for reference and application.

Life's Little Slices

The active life of the Spirit-filled believer.

Subtitled, “Ministration and operation of the gifts.”
Preached in Bradford, England.
Published in the Latter Rain Evangel, February 1923.

I want to talk from the twelfth chapter of 1st Corinthians.

These are the last days; the days of the falling away. These are days when Satan is having a great deal of power. But we must keep in mind that Satan has no power only as he is allowed. And we must never think that Satan has power over the believer. If I could get only the establishment of that fact in your hearts it would be something living all the time. Satan has no power over the believer. “The wicked one toucheth him not.” So we must understand that all things that fall to our lot are according to the mind and will of God. “All things work together for good…

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The Blood of Jesus Christ

The following transcript is offered for use as a prayer and declaration over our nations:

“…We come that we may seek Your face, Lord. We are not here by accident but You have ordained it…we stand and we wait for You. Come in all Thy Glory – we are bold enough to say, “Show us Oh Lord, show us Your glory! – show us Your glory! God send Your glory”…The nations are joining us because all around the world people are crying out in this hour, “God, send Your glory, we need You Lord…we need You God to save a generation…to get a hold on our sons that are in rebellion…our daughters that are lost”.  [Amen]

“I want to tell you Church” continued Nathan, “That we’ve been silent too long…we’ve been silent too long. While hell is seeking to encamp around America, the Church has been silent too long!

“Send Your glory and The Holy Ghost…AND FIRE…my God, my God…something’s happening right now!  You may not like this, but the Church without fire is impotent. When the fire of God, the fire of the Holy Ghost falls as it did in that upper room…falls upon the Church, then we are a nightmare to the enemy!!Oh God, send the Fire!

“Now, we’re too civilised…we want to put The Holy Ghost in a box!…the glory in a box!!  I want to tell you the glory of my God once dwelt between the cherubim on a box and He isn’t going back there again. NOW, He dwells in the hearts of men who hunger and thirst after Him!… Send the fire, send the fire…

“Jesus, what are you doing right now Lord…I feel the power of God starting to break through…people say I shout, but I’m telling you, for the hour in which we’re living in, somebody needs to shout, to shout it from the rooftops that:

“the blood of Jesus has lost NONE of its power!! Oh the blood…the blood has lost NONE of its power!”

Thus petitoned and proclaimed English evangelist Nathan Morris to thousands assembled 9 miles south of the White House and Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. on Thursday 19th July. And then he goes into usual power-preaching mode.:

“When the fire of God fell on me it wasn’t in a church building but on my own on a living room floor. I shook for three hours under the glory of God [he then speaks about the start of his vocation]…I’m tired of this wishy-washy Gospel that says we can come to God any old how, we can do what we want Monday to Friday and Sunday we put on our ‘best’ and come like we’re a saint.

“My God…I want to tell you, there’s a call to holiness.  The fire of God will NOT dwell in wishy-washy preaching. The Church doesn’t need wishy-washy ministers…

We need to preach the blood, the cross, the Holy Ghost fire, repentance, holiness.  The day that God sees there are men and women that reverence this place is the day that He will return to the pulpit again…”

[Nathan briefly tells how this brought many healings in Africa, even to the dying.]

“But oh, if we would get back to the Gospel Jesus preached, if we would get  back to our knees again…God still heals, He still saves, He still delivers [alleluyah!]

America, nations of the world, there is a God of eternity who rules and reigns with power…of His dominion and of His Kingdom there is no end

“I want to tell you and I say this with all reverence, and it doesn’t matter who is in the White House, let me tell you one thing:

“When the Church of Jesus Christ stand under the glory of God there is no leader, no power, no government, that will shake what God says to a nation – it SHALL come to pass!!

“Do you think Delia Knox coming out of a wheelchair was a problem to God? It didn’t even flinch him! What a mighty God we serve!…” (For her healing, see video clips.)


[It’s interesting that Christen Forster mentioned this kind of preaching during his summary of the listening prayer-time in Westminster  – see here. ALSO, one of a number of thoughtful posts in Life’s Little Slices emphasises this topic.]

Earlier Rev John Kilpatrick was greeted and honoured by a local bishop and leaders at the National Church of God at Fort Washington, MD. Two had previously invited the rivalist team to Silver Spring on the north side of Washington. That was in the days  leading into US’ National Prayer Day on 5th May – AND it goes without saying that first evening of repentance by thousands was very different to politically convened events.

To be stirred and blessed, run this video and listen to Nathan speaking as above at 2hrs into the meeting AND what Bishop Harry Jackson says at 1hr8min about events related to that earlier conference in DC is, in my humble opinion, important for the USA.:

Bay Revival July 19, 2012 from Bay Revival on Vimeo.

Ditch my sermon, let’s celebrate!

Today is the second anniversary of that astonishing day when the living God visited a   two-day conference at a church in Daphne, near Mobile, Alabama, USA. This meeting, called Open The Heavens, was convened by the Rev. John Kilpatrick, to whom in ’95 God had entrusted a revival of repentance in Brownsville, Florida. On Thursday, a few miles from Washington DC, he described what happened on July 23rd 2010:

“(on) the second night miracles broke out and…I’m not a critic…but a sceptical person, and whenever the miracles broke out I saw miracles that were undeniable and I said, “This is God”…But the thing that made it so real for me was when the miracles began to break out – I was sitting in the audience  – I heard coming from behind me that familiar sound of revival…

I heard that roar of the presence of the glory of God come in and I said, “Oh my God – He’s back!” and whenever I heard that I knew beyond any doubt right then, I said, “We’re in for it!”

You may ask, “Is that scriptural, where’s that in the Bible?”  It’s here at Psalm 29:3-4; “The voice of the Lord is over the waters, the glory of God thunders…”

The pastor’s guest was a young English evangelist, Nathan Morris, whose huge Gospel campaigns in India had brought a hundred thousand Muslims and Hindus into salvation with a similar number of miraculous healings, salvations and deliverances in Africa (see Shake the Nations).

Nathan wondered why that doesn’t happen in America and the Western world…but then healings started happening in Mobile too! The first to receive sight to blind eyes was a man who’d had 8 operations to restore his sight, but all failed. Many others received healing for deafness.

Thus began a long, remarkable series of preaching with signs and wonders following. It became known as The Bay of The Holy Spirit Revival, named after the original Spanish name for that bay in the northern Gulf of Mexico.

For a short summary of a selection of notable miracles during The Bay Revival that I’ve summarised in this blog click on video clips of testimonies, or visit the main website for  a  collection of testimonies.

Yesterday, several hundreds were assembled in the convention centre for the usual Sunday morning meeting – but that ‘usual’ is not the same usual as in your average church service.  The regulars at Church of His Presence really know how to worship and praise the Lord.  No ‘hymn sandwiches’ here!  Opening worship by musicians and vocalists lasts about 40 minutes; but yesterday after the band stopped, everyone simply couldn’t stop praising God in their individual ways!

This carried on for 10 minutes and the pastor sensed the Lord was doing something different and he realised that it was to encourage a festive time of celebration for the anniversary the next day of the start of the Revival. As one of very few to honour the  presence of the Holy Spirit and make space for Him to have His way, Pastor Kilpatrick announced he’s putting aside his prepared sermon. (In fact, he’d been away for a few weeks and had some fresh teaching.)

John then encouraged all to continue and even brought all teens-and-twenties to the front to worship – then they were replaced by a few dozen adults – who in turn were replaced by the over 60s!  Next, he invited all the black folk to come and show how to worship. What a fantastic time, and live on-line too – now that’s church!

So seventy five minutes into the service the formal business of taking the offering and blessing the congregation happened later than usual – then the celebratory worship just  continued – wow!

Thank you Lord for being so good – Oh, what our eyes have seen!

Why not join in the festivities of 22nd July yourself by clicking here?

For the first short report soon after the start of the Revival play this video:

Iranian leader’s End-Times declaration

This serves to make my covering introduction to the previous reblogged post easier to read. The normal text format wasn’t available and this will also update the content.:

In that post Joel Rosenberg calls attention to a grave matter which many cannot grasp, especially politicians – the End-Times. Escalating events in the Middle-East are making Judeo-Christian prophetical scriptures increasingly apposite.

William Koenig’s World Watch Daily closely monitors and reports upon such Biblically-significant events according to a profile of key indicators.

His weekly twelve-page report Eye View from the White House (subscribers only) issued on Friday opened with a long list of the latest events being put into perspective by this observation:

We are moving into a time of unprecedented events with all final-day markers in play. (my emphasis)

Those who follow events will recollect President Ahmadinejad’s frequent ranting rhetoric against Israel and USA – but do they appreciate the religious doctrine at the very core of this viewpoint, one that directs Iranian leaders’ irrational political stance??

Iran’s leaders seek to bring about the upheaval of global society to ease the return of the Mahdi, or hidden Twelfth Iman, who will set up a worldwide Islamic caliphate.  Little has been made public until recently of this belief inherent in Shiite Islam.

Nevertheless, it is increasingly recognised that the development of nuclear weapons is instrumental to achieving this theology’s apocalyptic goal.  Israeli intelligence has kept abreast of this game plan, with the USA’s lagging behind. Therefore, it is interesting to learn only last weekend of British MI6’s close and active involvement in delaying Iran’s schemes.

In July 2010 Ayatollah Al Khamenei, according to one senior cleric, was “telling his inner circle that he was visited by the Hidden Iman and that he promised to appear during his tenure as Supreme Leader”.  In supposing that Jesus was merely a prophet, ‘Twelvers’ claim Jesus will return with and be subordinate to this Mahdi!  (See my email of 19 Aug 2010 now published herein together with its rapid update.)

According to Joel’s source, a couple of months ago a newspaper which Al-Khamenei controls boasted that the many changes in US policy towards Israel under the Obama administration are tantamount to rejection of its M-East ally, thus bringing an end to the US-Israel alliance.  According to this report, the Saudi Royal family is the only ‘obstacle’ and, once it falls, then Israel can be ‘destroyed’.

Also, about the same time as publication of that report, billboards were set up in Iranian cities announcing that “Jesus and the Mahdi will come soon” (see here) – but as we know, it is mistaken.

Click here and here to learn how Jesus has already appeared to many Muslims. To learn  about the church in Iran click here.

Meanwhile, about the same time on one of Israel’s largest websites, Ynet, a banner was broadcast proclaiming the coming of the Messiah! (report here)

Very, very interesting on all fronts!

See Joel’s Exclusive; Ahmadinejad’s End-Time speech to the UN, which gives the most detailed explanation of the Twelth Imam to date and wherein UN leaders are told the Mahdi will “soon” reign over the world.

Iranian Leader: We must prepare for the “End Times”

Best-selling author Joel is well known for organising Epicentre Conferences which focus upon the politics in the Middle-East, especially Israel, from a Biblical perspective (more here). In this post he calls attention to an important matter which many cannot yet grasp – the End-Times.

See my subsequent post Iranian leader’s End-Time declaration, and Joel’s Exclusive; Ahmadinejad’s End-Time speech to the UN in which the most detailed explanation of the Twelth Imam to date is given and UN leaders are told the Mahdi will “soon” reign over the world.

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

(Jerusalem, Israel) — My friend Reza Kahlili published this fascinating and sobering article this week and I commend it to your attention. Reza used to be an officer in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. Then he became a double agent for the CIA. Now he is an American citizen who is using his contacts and sources in Iran to gather information to expose the evil regime in Tehran and bring them down before they acquire nuclear weapons and try to usher in the reign of the Twelfth Imam. 


  • Iran’s supreme leader, for the first time, is telling his nation that it must prepare for war and “the end of times” as it continues to develop nuclear weapons. State-owned media outlets, in a coordinated effort, all ran a similar story Friday highlighting Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s message on the coming of the last Islamic messiah. 
  • Until now, the Iranian…

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Ready for His Return

Wise, warm words of warning from a sister on watch. The second letter of Peter was perhaps the last to be accepted into the canon of the New Testament, possibly over a question of authenticity.  As  may be inferred from my comments, I’m personally convinced that it was inspired by the Holy Spirit. So be blessed as you read….

Not Happenin' On My Watch | Blog

As I read through the second epistle of Peter, third chapter, I note that it is full of warnings–what to look for, what will happen, how to live in light of it all.  Warnings come to prepare us, as well as to caution us.  Not only did I note the warnings, however, but I also gained a sense of solace in several of the verses.  In the end, we are compelled to “… grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (II Pet. 3:18).”   There’s much to be said about growing in knowledge, especially in light of the fact that we’re told that in the last days there will be those who mock the Word and the promise of His coming (Christ’s return).  If we are ignorant of  the Word, we will easily be turned away from the very Gospel that we confess…

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Obedience unto righteousness.

This is such a timely, apposite posting in connection with my stressing the relevance of the oft-neglected aspect of the Great Commission that Jesus gave His Apostles.  See Matthew 27:18-20 at foot of this post.

Life's Little Slices

19For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.

The first mans disobedience was Adam in the garden. (Genesis 3) Adam was specifically told to not eat of that tree but through their own will they choose to eat. They were not forced to eat that fruit. Once they ate of that fruit sin entered in to the world.

The obedience of one we were made righteous. When Jesus was on this earth he was all about his Fathers business. (Luke 2:49)  His will was His Fathers will. (John 4:34) He was the final Adam. He reversed the curse from the garden.

Are you righteous? Romans 6:17-18

17But God be thanked, that ye were the servants of sin, but ye have obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine which was delivered you. 18Being…

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Healing in Parliament

In view of developments in Christian activity in Parliament (eg. see Listening to Jesus in the Palace of Westminster), my weekend was blessed upon receipt of news from Paul Skelton of a presentation in Parliament upon the work of Healing On The Streets. He mentions the intriguing fact that Prime Minister’s Question Time had just taken place – thank you Paul for linking to my post for this. (See also reblog of Gillan Scott’s in-depth analysis.)

(Regular readers may recall my recent report of Christen Forster’s comment upon the growth of HOTS being faster than that of the Alpha course – see latest announcement.)

HOTS’ full update is as follows:

HOTS becomes ‘HIP’ – Healings inside Parliament

“Following on from the many opportunities that have opened up as a result of the recent promotion of Hots Bath by the ASA, this week both our Chair (Rev Steve Hughes) and myself had an incredible chance to both give a presentation about the work in Bath and also to release healing within the four walls of Parliament itself.

This God-given invitation had come via Timothy Webb on behalf of Prayer for Parlia-ment and is key in building relationships with Christian MPs and equipping the body at large in an informed way, to help us pray for our leaders and be a voice in our land.

“It is fascinating to me to see how Jesus can take any situation which at first glance may look daunting and to see what He brings out of it.

“So, in a packed parliamentary committee room of around 80 people which included a couple of MPs, we shared on God’s Goodness and told stories of the Healings that we are seeing in our City and beyond, as well as Father’s desire to encounter those on the streets of our nation.

I had written out a few notes that I thought I would use, but in true Luke 12 style, I can now say that He clearly gave the words as He promised He would in these situations, as well as the ability to make prophetic declarations about revival for our Nation and for us to release Healing into the atmosphere.

“As we did so, there were 2 reports immediate (sic) of backs which had been healed when we took Authority and a lady testified to something happening in her knee.

“Due to the shortness of time, it was hard to get feedback to the fullness of what the Holy Spirit was doing in that moment, but it was evident to all in the room that God had just healed people and was continuing to do so.

We were also encouraged that only just 2 hours earlier, when David Cameron was questioned in PM Question Time about the case of the lady sacked because she had worn a cross to work, he had announced – “then we will change the law and make clear that people can wear religious symbols at work.”

“As Beni Jenson would say “Shift happens”. [Intercessor i/c Bethel Prayer House.]

Releasing Healing to the Nations
“This has been a busy year for us internationally with already 3 mission trips undertaken:- one to Africa (by invitation of David and Faith Dalley), India and Slovakia,  as well as a brief explosion of healing while on holiday in Spain recently in the local church there.
We are also training in Switzerland and in Venezuela (by invitation of  In-courage), and are in the process of lining up potential trips to Turkey and Amsterdam.
“It has always been our policy not to fundraise but instead to let Father bring the resources to fulfil what He has called us to. If you feel you would like to be part of this resourcing and become a Benefactor of Hots Bath, please do contact us or simply clickhere.”

Cameron says “people can wear religious emblems at work”, so what’s bugging me?

In this post, my friend Gillan Scott proffers a detailed, well-researched analysis of the issues and governmental confusion. It is well worth reading to gain a fuller consideration of the matter to which I recently drew readers’ attention (here).

God and Politics in the UK

As most people seem to be aware of by now last Wednesday David Cameron was asked by David Davis MP during Prime Minister’s Question time why the Government was not supporting the case of Nadia Eweida at the European Court of Human Rights.  Ms Eweida is appealing to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) for the right to wear a religious symbol at work after being barred by British Airways (BA) from wearing a crucifix while working at Heathrow Airport.  Here’s the video of the question and response:

This case has been going on in various forms since October 2006 when she was put on unpaid leave by BA for refusing to cover up her cross.  It’s been a long, complicated and drawn out affair.  If you want the background details then this entry in Wikipedia gives a blow-by-blow account and as far as I can see is accurate.  After Ms…

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A spiritual slant on the Olympic torch’s route

Further to my earlier posting a very visual log of the Praise Bus’ journey is available on Facebook.  Especial appreciation goes to the exceptional skills of the drivers (see June 17 video on Fbook), whom we met in May in Kingsbridge, Devon (photo).

I was intrigued to learn from a fellow reader of an encouraging encounter with some Welsh Christians during his hike from Newport, Wales to the Lizard in Cornwall . This group been in contact with people involved in new age etc and had been told “such groups were aware something was going on in the spiritual realm”!!

Now if we overlook the media exuberance over what is in essence a pagan festivity and consider that this is being ‘converted’ by being blessed by daily prayers to the Living Lord, then we may appreciate what He could be doing in all this to change the nation’s hearts.

When seen on a map, the torch relay’s route across the UK seems quite haphazard but it actually resembles a vivid flash of forked lightning.  Now if one bears in mind the two-part vision Joan Darnall received, the latter part speaks of bolts of lightning hitting the scattered holy fires (like Queen’s Jubilee beacons??) across Britain.

This week I came across a word from the Lord received last August and which refers to such a combined possibility – The world will see a land where I Am glorified. You may, therefore, wish to read and weigh this and then read and watch the video posting for 7 July on the Praise Bus. (NB. need to open up ‘See more recent stories’ on Facebook’s timeline.)  Allow the music and imagery to set the scene for considering both words!

We’ll meet up with the bus team in Petersfield first thing Monday morning as the relay zigzags towards Guildford.

The Lord bless you and keep you.

Interesting remarks by the PM – “an absolutely vital freedom”

PostScript Friday 20 June: see also reblog of Gillan Scott’s view and commendable interviews by Paul Burgin with the Rt Hon Gary Streeter MP about the group Christians in Parliament (of which he is chairman) and with Danny Webster, Parliamentary Officer with the Evangelical Alliance, mainly about the role of Christians in the media.

In today’s Telegraph Rosa Prince writes that during Prime Minister’s Question Time, David Davis MP asked about the case of Nadia Eweida. She is appealing to the European Court of Human Rights after  having been barred by her employer from wearing a crucifix whilst working at Heathrow Airport.

Mr Davis described British Airways refusal to allow Miss Eweida to wear her cross as a “disgraceful piece of political correctness”.  He asked the PM why the Government was opposing her appeal to complain that there are no protections under UK law for workers who wore religious symbols.

The Telegraph quotes Mr Cameron’s response: Continue reading


This profound posting by Tony, fellow watcher and regular contributor to this blog, draws attention to the urgency of these days as the hands of God’s clock approach midnight. I would add that Tony closes with scripture and a striking dream that connects directly into what the Lord had already given Nina for delivery at a forthcoming ladies’ breakfast – Are You Ready? (recounted here – also see comments).

My Dreams and Visions

In Jewish tradition, the  unmarried friends who attend the bride  provide light for the groom who comes at night.

“Because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will grow cold. “But the one who endures to the end, he will be saved.
(Mat 24:12-13 NASB)

Wickedness is often called darkness. In fact, In John it says the following about light and darkness, “This is the judgment, that the Light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the Light, for their deeds were evil. “For everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come to the Light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. “But he who practices the truth comes to the Light, so that his deeds may be manifested as having been wrought in God.”
(Joh 3:19-21 NASB)

The Father had to approve of the bride and had to approve of…

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What’s up with the weather?

Taken in case of need, this holiday photo is now serving its purpose – to remind me what wall-to-wall, cloud-less sky is like!  And it’s not hard, but not easy, to recall what lies beneath this azure zenith!  But 8.30am today I walked in warm sunshine, yet a bank of cloud soon rolled over like a gray blanket – but at least it’s not raining and occasionally getting a bit brighter as cloud thins now and then.

Regarded as the wettest April to June (see report and video) since full detailed records for temperatures and rainfall across the UK began in 1910 – they’re forecasting over a month’s rain in 24hrs!  (In the night we heard it like never ever before – it fell so heavily and quickly it sounded like one long roar!)  Even now in July it’s unwise to stow away one’s winter wear!  There have been ‘exceptional’ torrential rains, stormforce winds, at least one small tornado and widespread flooding, sadly with loss of life – all as was anticipated in my dream reported in What’s prophetical about weather? )

But there’s a blessing, nationally and personally – although much earlier than usual, our holiday took place during a fine fortnight with cool winds, and only one wet day. Two winters of abnormally low rainfall left reservoirs and underground aquifers very dry but they’ve been replenished. Also, plans to ban the use hose-pipes have been scrapped. So thank you Lord – let the river of Your Holy Spirit flow…

Over the ‘pond’

On this side of the Atlantic we’ve got away with things very lightly!  Over in the States it’s been a very bad month indeed, as I’ve noted from a couple of blogs. My older cousin south of Tucson, Arizona, is hoping for the ‘monsoon’ as it’s hot and dry (temperatures over 100 degrees F daily) with only a trace of rain this year. The extreme heat then headed eastwards, to affect 25 states and 45 million people, for example:

Now, it’s an interesting and pertinent fact that President Obama had declared June as being devoted to ‘gay pride’, as well as having declared shortly beforehand his personal interest in changing the laws to allow ‘marriage’ for such folk. Many black pastors have challenged and registered strong objections to his actions.

Now, it’s been noted that Obama signed off his official declaration as follows,

“IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this first day of June, in the year of our Lord two thousand twelve, and of the Indepen-dence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-sixth.” (emphasis added)

Now, is it not an extraordinarily contrary thing to mix this matter with a reference to the life of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour?  Can we not sense where His heart is in this matter and what His response is?  This president has surely put himself in an invidious position and I would not like to be in his shoes.  After all, isn’t it written that Sodom and Gomorrah suffered from intense fire? (Genesis 19:23)  Jesus indicated that those cities  would, however, have repented had they witnessed His mighty works. Furthermore, His statement implies that there is hope for all who do not reject Him (Matthew 11).

Could this be why the United States has been suffering such stupendously atrocious storms, and continues to reap the whirlwind of darker days? (For fuller discussion see  Dr John MrTernan’s Insights blog with journal of events: Defend & Proclaim the Faith.)

I criticised the content of President Obama’s speech in Cairo Speech and expressed reservations about the nature of his faith. After recent ‘clarifications’ on that issue and  his address during the National Prayer Breakfast, I have reviewed my reservations – especially the claim that he may be ‘born again’.  However, I’ve yet to be convinced.

The fact remains, that whomsoever President Obama is acountable to as his spiritual mentor or pastor seems to have ignored Jesus’ instruction to His Apostles, and hence to all those in spiritual authority, about how to make disciples of believers:

“All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth.  19 Go therefore, and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:18-20)

This is New King James text, but New International Version renders verse 20 as,

 “…teaching them to obey everything I have commanded…”

So just what did Jesus command?


Back to the blue sky…aaahhh.  And what was beneath it?  A favourite beach….


Listening to Jesus in the Palace of Westminster

I thank Christen Forster for this post on his Blog about the initial outcome of the special listening-prayer meeting, to which my previous post referred:

“On June 12th 2012 more than eighty Christian leaders from throughout the UK gathered in St Mary’s Undercroft in the Palace of Westminster alongside Parliamentarians for an hour of listening to God in silence. Anglicans, Baptists, Catholics and Christian leaders from a wide cross-section of ministries were present. Two hours of feedback where then held in Committee Room 16 and written submissions made to the organisers. [For more details click here.]

“Below is the initial summary issued by the Organising group, a coalition of ministries under the banner “Together for the Nation” chaired by Maranatha Prayer Community.  A full transcript will be available on request. [See Christen’s blog for more information, as well as my notes below.]

“Many of those who attended have said it was a very special time for them. Apparently this is the first time a group has gathered in Parliament just to listen to God with no other agenda. The summary contains a very sobering and challenging message. We are told to weigh prophecy, because while we see in part and prophesy in part, the seed of God’s “now” word are too valuable to miss.

“Don’t treat prophecy lightly, test it all; hold on to what is good and hold back from what seems bad.”  1 Thessalonians 5:20-22

“So, please read the summary below and where it seems good let it shape and inform your praying and ignore what doesn’t seem right to you.

“It is probably worth observing that like most prophecies to whole nations, it is quite broad – after all, it needs to frame the prayers of a million and more potential hearers and intercessors. So look for your own guidance within the framework it sets out.
If you accept this message, it demands an urgent response involving practical preparation and action. As one attendee wrote: “God is looking for people of skilful hands and integrity of heart who will listen to Him”.

These five themes and words repeated again and again in the verbal feedback session. Other more specific guidance and thoughts can be found in the full transcript.
  • God’s appointed time to judge the nations of the world is very nearly upon us. Our nation and its church have turned away from God and His standards and we are beginning to see and feel the resulting judgement.
  • A remnant of Britain’s covenant past, its Christian heritage and the good fruit of our worldwide missionary zeal, remains. We should embrace our spiritual sons and daughters from the nations who have returned to help us. It is possible that God may yet act out of mercy to avert the very worst of the judgement that we have brought upon ourselves. The Church is called to be the voice of hope and compassion.
  • The shaking of every part of man’s world-wide economic, social, political and religious systems has begun. It will be a time of great humbling, purification and refining in every aspect of society. Only what is built on the foundations that God requires will be permitted to remain – righteousness, truth and justice.
  • When the judgement has run its course, God has promised to restore us. This restoration must follow God’s revealed strategies and guidelines and not be led astray again by Man’s initiatives and good ideas.
  • Because of His great love for this nation and all of its people, God’s heart is breaking and He longs for us to respond to Him, as individuals, as a church, and as a nation. The time to respond is now.

“A theme only hinted at in the list above (see point 4) that struck a particular resonance with me was the call to the church, for reformers and builders to be released and to step up.  We need to prepare for what is coming down, but Jesus is a builder, he clears the way not for destruction’s sake but to make space for the new.”


My previous post referred to the forum at which Christen presented a detailed summary of the meeting. If you’d like to listen to those sessions their recordings are available free of charge here.  Christen stressed the importance of recalling and honouring our very ancient Christian foundations, which I’d already had occasion to do in my earlier post Landmark Parliamentary Inquiry and provided a link to a fascinating historical item.

Christen also reported that the group had recognised that institutions and people had broken past covenants with the Lord (presumably not just our reneging against the one with Israel) – “A tree doesn’t stand without good roots and severe storms are coming!”

Since 1993 the Marantha Community has been committed to speaking out to challenge the steady and deliberate removal of Christian values from our society. The Community  believes that if the people of God speak with one voice, the voice of God will be heard in the land.  Over recent years they have researched prophetic words given to the wider Church and found that common themes emerged, from which collated messages have been compiled – click for their Prophecy page and One Voice Messages.

[Houses of Parliament by Vichaya Kiatying-Angulsee, courtesy FreeDigitalPhotos.net]