The spiritual significance of the Queen’s Jubilee Bells: part 2

Do you recall, dear reader, the last time you were struck by an unusual and personal coincidence?  My previous post about the Jubilee bells referred to the fortuitous, happy occurrence of such events – serendipity. But on this occasion it all came in like a flood tide of information and understanding from several sources!

It would be interesting to know the mathematical probabilities of these personal events – it was as though it had all been orchestrated. Perhaps the Lord Himself is composer, arranger and conductor of an orchestra – players stand and play their ‘instruments’ at specific moments and a melodious tune can be heard.  Also, singers give thanks and praise to their maker/composer – even angelic choirs may join in and the whole gives glory to God.

So for not-yet-believers and nominal Christians, what follows may seem weird, perhaps ‘inaudible!’ but let it sink in and sink into it. In Part 1 I told about my ‘stumbling’ upon this revelatory information and provided links for readers to check for themselves.  Here’s why it’s exciting.:

As previously recounted, a blog from Kingdom Vision in SW England popped onto my pc screen by ‘mistake’ and which begins:

For 48 hours now I have seen myriads of angels in the heavenlies standing in rows. “Myriads” is not a word I would use, it dropped into my spirit when I saw them. Myriads means “uncountable.” Then I heard the sound of bells pealing, over and over. Sometimes they got REALLY LOUD. (my emboldening)

This was at the close of May and American Kathie Walters goes on to tell about lots of cheering accompanying the bells, like at a wedding, and she realises it’s to do with the UK.  Then she gets an email with news of the imminent Diamond Jubilee celebrations and hears that:

My friend Beni Johnson says God has been telling her things for a year about the bells. God told her, “The bells are going to ring again in England. Bells that have not been rung in years.” Beni said, “The bells are going to ring again and call people to prayer and worship as they did before. The bells will cause a sound in the atmosphere and it will be a sign to the UK. A sign of change (look back at the meaning of “peals”) and bring a shift.”

Following that English site’s link I read Joy Hall’s explanation of the number of Jubilee Bells and its Hebraic meaning, which is exceedingly encouraging for the UK.

But what particularly impacted in my spirit is the recollection of the effect of pealing bells when Nina and I visited Beverley, East Yorkshire, as recounted in Back down to earth.  Strolling around the market we decided to visit the close-by Minster. As we went down the street the heavy Minster bells started to be rung, not as a plain toll but in a most melodious tune.  Nina and her companion were both immediately ‘blasted’ in their spirits and had such difficulty in remaining upright they had to get into the nearest doorway to lean against it.  Any passer by could have thought they were drunks – but at that time of day?  At just gone 11.30 am?

As for me, I was busy taking photos but noted how unusual the bells sounded and surmised angels would enjoy it.  But Nina heard it as a continuous announcement and declaration into the earthly and heavenly realms within the region!!  So, there was a real spiritual dimension to these bells being rung, even though in a humanly organised schedule.

The last link connected into a prophetic well in SE London, which plugs straight into an article I’d commented upon just before going on our holidays, from which we’d recently returned. This new post begins:

There has been a massive amount of prophetic chatter about the sound of bells ringing in the heavenlies – some linked to resistance and spiritual warfare with others linking to the message of hope, a call to worship and a call to the “UK” believers in Jesus to awaken from slumber and take hold of God’s intended purposes for this nation.  (my emphasis)

Now, in the very busy week prior to going away I’d made time to comment upon Gillan Scott’s blog Has the Church fallen asleep on its feet?  You may like to read this short debate wherin my hastily penned contribution summarises where I believe the Church should be heading.  But reading further into the on-screen item I was hit by:

Within our fellowship we have had many words from the Lord about new beginnings, the start of the new things of God, breaking through of glass ceilings, wells of salvation, healing and heritage being opened up again – this past Sunday evening was all about the fire of Godkey is that we have to ensure our lamps are full of oil and that we are to be totally focused on watching and waiting for the groom as we have to have the oil of His Holy Spirit within us to catch the fire! (author’s emphasis)

To understand this impact please note that, whilst I was away, Tony in Arizona had left me his following comment on exactly the same scriptural theme of the wise and foolish virgins (Matthew 25)!

The Hour is Late and the Time is Short

I had a dream early the morning of 04/29/2012. In the dream my wife and I were in bed sleeping and it was very late. Our door bell rang and I remember saying to my wife, “who would be ringing our doorbell at this late hour”. We both got up to see who it was. What was odd was that each of us had an old fashioned hurricane lamp, the kind you fill with oil, as our light . When we opened the front door, we saw an angel standing there with a jug of oil in his hands. He filled our lamps and told us that the time is short.

His comment was to my posting Get Ready.   Later, when I discussed all this with Nina and told her about Tony’s dream she was stunned,  “That’s the topic of my talk at a ladies’ breakfast in mid-June!”   She had written it two months before what I reported upon in my post.  I recall her having said it would be a follow-up to previous addresses; but this time, she said, she’s going to have to sock it to them, no holds barred, because the time to Jesus’ return is getting very short!

In February, the Lord had given her the whole message and title, which is – reader, are you ready for this?…‘Are You Ready?’ !!   Just upon the thought and mentioning the title whilst we spoke, she was hit by the physical reaction of being fired up by Holy Spirit.  (It happened again last night when telling visiting friends about it!)

Two days after all this I attended Sharon Stone’s mentoring class in Windsor on the eve of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.  Upon the suggestion of another prophet, we went discretely to cleanse and bless the River Thames prior to the next day’s Jubilee flotilla.

Beni Johnson’s Prophecy on Breakthrough for the UK:

Intercessor Beni is in charge of Bethel Prayer House, Bethel Church in Redding, Calif. Her words about the bells have been quoted far and wide in part but what validates all the above impressions is this brief reference:

…We ended up in London where Big Ben is, on a river tour when it rang at high noon –  which, for an intercessor, is the time to pray – high noon represents everything exposed, like nothing hiding,..Then we took a train to Paris… and got a taxi to Notre Dame.  The minute we got out at Notre dame it was ringing high noon..then we got it (understood what the Lord is stressing about bells).

Now look at photo displaying the time when Nina was ‘struck’ – 11.35am. The bells were ringing and declaring in preparation for high noon!  If you’re a believer, then listen to the whole 7 minutes of Beni’s greatly encouraging message above.

There’s lots more to all this, perhaps even a mathematical proof of God’s existence?

10 thoughts on “The spiritual significance of the Queen’s Jubilee Bells: part 2

  1. Since you re-posted my dream, some additional thoughts have come to me.

    First, we were asleep and the hour was late.
    Second, the angel rang our door “bell”. He could have knocked and we would have answered just the same.
    Some musings I have had of late that I think that might fit with what your discussion here is in my readings in the book of Revelation. Specifically the last 3 churches mentioned. The church of Sardis has a reputation for being alive but it dead and the Lord tells them to , “wake up”.

    The Church of Philadelphia is the church of brotherly love that the Lord promises to keep from the hour of testing that is about to come upon the whole Earth.

    The Last church, Laodicea, literally means peoples opinions or people’s judgement and I have heard that it is where the word, “democracy comes from is the lukewarm church spit out of the Lord’s mouth.

    Again, here are my musings about this, See what the Lord would say to you.

    Sardis is told to wake up. The Lord has told me and others that the church is asleep and needs to be awoken.

    Philadelphia has no correction given to it because it obeys the commands of the Lord and its very name means, brotherly love. Because of this the Lord promises to keep them out of the testing, which I am seeing as the great tribulation, which is coming to test the inhabitants of the earth, and, I believe that this is a reference to the rapture of the saints who love one another and love the Lord Jesus.

    The last church, Laodicea , makes the Lord sick and it is vomited out into the tribulation.

    Again these are just some musings I have had. But I can’t shake that there is something with these last 3 churches and end time events concerning the church.

    There are 7 churches mentioned in Revelation. Of the7, there are only 2 for which the Lord has no rebuke. Of the 2, there is only 1 that receives the promise to escape the hour of testing that will come upon the whole earth, that being, Philadelphia,

    Any thoughts?


        • Yes, important instruction and warnings, and am aware of various interpretations but these are lessons for all churches today. Here are some initial musings:

          IMHO, Rev3:10 isn’t necessarily about the ‘rapture’ but just being kept safely apart or guarded (Strong’s G5083) – maybe until Jesus return?

          Jesus’ warning to Sardis clearly implies that unrepentant believers will not be in His Book of Life and, thus, lose their salvation – the Gospels have other warnings. Thus it directly rebukes all who do not obey His commands (Matt 28:20), eg. as with the many clergy and laity who’re engaged in or supportive of sexual sin!

          You may like to hear Nathan Morris’ excellent preaching from KJV on this defilement of believers at As it loads click to advance and play at 1hr 56min – Please be aware he’s an exceptionally passionate preacher :-)) (Before that he shows video of what happened in Hull UK)


    • Thank you for that honour Tony.
      You may wish to note (maybe re-post?) I’ve tightened up some wording, linkage and expanded upon Nina’s reaction. Perhaps it’s too coincidental WordPress was giving many users great grief by failing to edit/save properly on the day I was doing that post!


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