Weekend Reading: novella published 2014 prophesies plague in UK (FP #162.3)

This month there’s been more references popping up on items of a prophetical nature from six years ago. (The first related to the media mirroring my ‘bulldozer’ vision – three #45 entries at Fulfilled Prophecies refer.)

One directly connecting the prophetic with the current pandemic is a story penned by Kathy Laity, and which Malcolm Sim of Fire International Ministries kindly drew to my attention

Kathy informs Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival, “In 2014 my book The Watcher’s House came out. It’s a prophetic novella based around heavenly encounters but primarily the four teenagers journey to heaven, each encounter Jesus in a different form of healing before gathering the leaves from the trees for the healing of the nations, to bring back with them to earth because there is a pandemic raging. The parallels with what is happening globally are striking and I’ve sensed there‘s a key within the book. I’ve been pondering it for days, then today Lana Vawser released a word about it’s time to release the leaves for the healing of the nations…[per Rev 22 – RB: that No. again!]

“I’ve been releasing a couple of chapters a day…on my blog because it’s so relevant for what is happening with the covid19. It’s a teenage novella which carries hope and promise. If you’re interested, I’ve just posted the third instalment. The link is below.


The Beginning
The Watcher waits at the world’s edge. In this thin place he is always watching. Eyes closed, visions flit across his inner mind; terrifying videos, throbbing with sound.
          ‘They must come soon,’ He murmurs, ‘The whole world depends on them – the whole world!’
          His eyes snap open. He begins to pace, back and forth, back and forth, his long coat flapping behind him. Periodically, luminous Messengers arrive with news of gathering perils.  He collates the information, studies his charts, paces once more deep in thought.
          At specific moments he climbs to his observatory.  Scanning the night sky he gathers data to confirm his growing knowledge. From there, he ascends to the Library of the Courts, seeking out ancient annals which warn of this coming age.  There his discoveries are confirmed.  As his finger rests pointing to words of an ancient text, he muses, ‘So, it has finally come to this!’  He slaps the book shut, gathers his flowing cloak around him and begins the long but hurried descent back to his observatory. Two glowing Messengers accompany him, fully aware his mind is preoccupied. Their duty is to deliver him back safely.
          Once more he’s found muttering. ‘But who are they? What are their names? When will they be revealed?’  Outside he scans to the furthest horizon: north, south, east, west and spies a Messenger arriving as fast as light itself. It skims the horizon flashing as a bolt of lightning, hidden from all but the experienced eye.
          The approach stills The Watcher.  He recognises the One who comes to deliver this message.  Bowing, light shimmering and sparking off him, the Messenger greets him. ‘They are prepared.  They come even now.  This is their hour.’

An enticing narrative, so I encourage you to read How It All Starts (lower on page).

One of Kathy’s friends just having reread The Watcher’s House comments; “I read it a couple of days ago and loved it again. So apposite for these times. Who could have known or seen into the future six years ahead? Only The Father and the Son!!”

MOREOVER, in view of the whole story’s prophetical nature I was pleasantly surprised to see its content echoed very recently by Chuck Pierce’s prophecy team in this update on his prophecy on the pandemic, The Nations In Turmoil:

Your Time to Climb!

God says, “I am releasing a new level of faith within My people! What you did not see in the last season you will now begin to see. You will now begin to see and ascend in a new way. Reach up and climb the waterfall before you. As you reach up, a stairway will form to where I am taking you.

“Climb what I have set in front of you! Climb what I have set in front of you! Although the enemy has laughed and said you will never get to the top and through the next door, this is your time to climb the stairs I have placed in front of you. I am already behind that door at the top of the stairs and laughing at your enemy.

“In this season of overcoming joy, begin to release your laugh and experience My freedom that will enable you to overcome. Even though you may feel you are at the point of absolute failure and defeat, My angels will help you ascend…step by step…and cause you to keep pressing forward.

“I am opening a new portal in the heavenly realm and assigning new angels to help escort you up into the heavenly places and back onto the earth. I stand in the heavenlies and laugh, and I cause you to stand in the earth and laugh at your enemies. For at this time and this season, I will cause you to laugh at your enemies as an overcoming and victorious spirit rises within you as you have not had in times past.

“There is a new source of wind in the earth. This movement is not just My breath that is going forth, but the wind created by the wings of My angelic hosts. I am releasing a unique host to create winds to blow away occult coverings, and to bring forth winds of refreshing and rain from the atmosphere.

“There are things I am beginning to shake within you that will cause a new breath to come into you. As you ascend, you will be positioned on My new trajectory of advance.” (Prophetic word given by: Brian Kooiman, Sheryl Price, Chuck Pierce, Mistie Lohse, Eleanor Roehl, Lisa Lyons, and Dee Dee Roberts)

Releasing Heaven – CTNTP leader’s personal testimony

Thank you Lord for the encouraging healing following this reporter’s meeting with the author of this book…

Have you a desire to see signs, wonders and miracles, people healed and set free? Well it is much a case of gaining the right perspective of who we are in Christ and responding to His voice! David Gilbey, UK Coordinator of CTNTP, records what happened last week, and what it led to three days […]

Continue at Releasing Heaven – a personal testimony — Call The Nation To Prayer

Personal PS to Miracles in the UK’s item 80

The prime purpose of my personal profile on Facebook is to circulate items on this blog to regular users of that social medium. There’s also a Fb business page that I started soon after launching the blog, but its automatic connection for posting blogs no longer functions. So I have to copy-paste interest addresses from each blog into both my Fb accounts whenever I have time to do so.

Therefore, my WordPress readers may be unaware that Malcolm Sim (Fire Ministries International) commented on my Fb copy of ‘Miracle 80’, “WOW, SO POWERFUL”.

I replied, “Upon attending (and later associating with this church outside Haslemere) its Tuesday ‘Refresh’ mornings we were pleased to learn they know Christopher and his wife Rachel, whom we’ve known for some years and are prophetically very gifted.

“The current Refresh series is on ‘God Speaks In…’ with Christopher speaking on ‘…Signs & Wonders’.  As he drew to a close before inviting folk to respond, he walked over to me and whispered that the Lord is saying my watching is to get “louder”!  Next, Nina went forward at ministry time, got floored by Holy Spirit and surprised to be given a word from Chris that proved to be key to healing a buried issue in her childhood.”

[Readers may recall a connection with him as recounted in ‘Jigsaw Pieces’ Portray 27th June’s Significance in Prophecy.]

80. Member of Fleet Baptist Church prays for lady with 17 year old tumour, next day it falls off

SO very pleased this is on video as we’d heard it when pastor Bird led a mid-week meeting at our church a few weeks ago. Please be sure to watch and learn about what the Lord did for a Hindu mother and her daughter…(note Personal PS).

Miracles In The UK

In the video below, we hear a member of Fleet Baptist Church sharing last year how on a mission trip abroad, he prayed for a woman who had had a tumour on her neck for 17 years, and the next day it fell off. Watch below (The original video was shared by “The Wall of Answered Prayer“):

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Op-ed headline reflects 2004 open vision of rotten Britain (F/P 120)

Drag to enlarge – click for digital version of DIFFERENT header!! (£Telegraph)

This example (24th) of the media mirroring a prophecy took me by surprise as it relates to one that left me deeply stunned 16 years ago – I can still recall and see it!

The above article was at the foot of the left-hand page opposite the editorial column of Daily Telegraph’s Wednesday 4th March edition. Its authors are John Cruddas, Labour MP for Dagenham and Rainham, and Danny Kruger, Conservative MP for Devizes. They begin by stating,

Ilast year’s general election tells us anything, it is that the social fabric of the places we live in matters. The corners of the country we represent could hardly be more different, but the issues that animate our constituents are strikingly similar.  On doorsteps from Dagenham to Devizes and beyond, voters of all parties lamented the slow ebbing of community spirit, the fraying of their neighbourhoods, and the uprootedness that seems to characterise modern life”

Their headline reminds me of what I’d ‘heard’ as describing what I was seeing only feet right in front of me in 2004, as told in my email of 18 August 2011 on Dr Sharon Stone’s prophetic words on riots in the UK and a shop-front notice ‘Due to the imminent collapse of society we are closing at 6pm tonight’.

Here’s my pre-blog email Comments Upon the Collapse of Society with original notes in blue text. Its emphasised text relates to the above headline:

‘Dear Friends,  Further to circulating a word received through Lance Lambert on the eve of the London Riots (see email 9 August) and Dr Sharon’s insights 12 August (original email and link n/a but amended Oct 2016), I was reminded Billy Graham’s grandson is coming to stir the youth of Britain in late September. (HA! Only after having inserted that line to precede my comments written below, have I  just noticed its title, Will Graham Set to Rock the UK, alludes exactly to the climax of the event I’m writing about….)

‘Personally, I’m encouraged that this word (through Revd Dr Stone) confirms the gist of an open vision that came at the opening of worship at the start of a conference in St Albans in October 2004.

‘Before me I ‘saw’ a map of Britain surrounded by the sea, as though painted on rotten sacking – like old, wet coal-sacks I saw in my youth. It seemed the Lord was saying the fabric of our nation (society) is so rotten He could tear it apart so easily. 

This ‘map’ then began to rip apart in the middle, from about the line of Hadian’s Wall down along the line of the Pennine chain to the Midlands, and I sensed the Lord say, “I’m going to put the backbone back in Britain”. (I recalled that the Pennines are known as the spine of England.)

‘But out of the (frayed) tear arose a very long rock, which I understood as meaning the Lord would restore our strong, spiritual backbone when we stand upon Him, The Rock.

‘[Previously I’d noted, ‘Could the Lord be allowing increased persecutions here for the purpose of putting the spine back into Christians and making us stand up strongly?’… And Parliament has since been, and continues to be, thoroughly shaken and ripped open – do it to the media and elsewhere, Lord…Did you know that mounted, body-armoured police in Manchester interrogated a street preacher just because he was inviting people to an Easter service? Next, a hate-crimes unit visited him at home!!!]

‘It wasn’t so much the unexpected and unbidden nature of the event that startled me. It was because I thought I heard the Lord say that He would rip the nation apart as easily as an old sack because of its rotten nature!!  That troubled me for I considered such to be contrary to his loving nature. 

‘But NT scriptures do speak of judgement and He gives many repeated warnings of such impending action (eg. as given this month through Lance Lambert).  Yet, we must plead His remembrance of mercy and of Jesus’ sacrifice, through which comes the fullness of true blessing.  All rather a profound mystery.  Also, let’s not forget that the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD (Isaiah 11.2) were aspects of the Holy Spirit prophesied for the descendant of King David’s father Jesse: Jesus Christ. 

‘NB: the vision was submitted to several church leaders for weighing yet without any response! However, upon our attending a prophecy school the next year at Bath, I submitted it to Dr Stone who immediately agreed its validity.’


If you’ve ever seen rotting jute sacks you’d notice how easily the fibres fray and split apart.

The closing of this upsetting vision of Britain’s prospects beyond 2004 is encouraging in the dramatic re-appearance and restoration of our Christian spiritual spine. Moreover, , many prophets have now been receiving powerful visions and words from the Lord on such a great change in our spiritual destiny.

My paper on The State of the Prophetic in the UK refers to prophecies being known to take a decade or more before they begin to manifest, or even fully come to pass. For many years, however, the fragility of the fabric of our society has been all too apparent, as amply demonstrated in the near demise of our democracy last year.

And now two Members of Parliament from opposing political parties recognise the deep need to repair the many issues at the heart of our communities. Although not referring to the cause of these deep-rooted symptoms as extensive societal and political rebellion against the Lord, they may realise it is the only way and hope for our four nations.

In fact, you may have read this on Danny Kruger’s opinion of the solution > MP Urges Britain to Return to its Christian Heritage.

So, the pendulum is beginning to swing back….

PS to Neil’s Habbakuk-type Oracle

In acknowledging Neil Mackereth for An Oracle, I told my long-time friend one of the prophecy ministries listed in the Directory section of The State of the Prophetic in UK politely asked to be removed rather than appear with some of questionable doctrinal background.

Neil replies and adds PS to his ‘oracle’ as follows:

Interesting to hear (that) comment – something else the Lord has been highlighting to me over the last few days is unity (or rather the lack of unity) – one would expect a common “enemy” to unite those facing the threat.  So far, Global Warming has encouraged more bickering and dissent than unity. Now, a more obvious (immediate) and rapidly evolving threat provides an opportunity to put differences aside, humble ourselves and plead God’s forgiveness. What an opportunity for Christians to set the example in humility, unity and heartfelt intercessory prayer for the nations.

The other point that comes out so clearly in Habakkuk is his conviction (through the insights God gives him) that God is in charge no matter how daunting the challenges may seem. This is abundant faith which banishes fear.

I am still a “work in progress” on that front!

…God Bless, Neil

P.S. I probably should have quoted 2 Chronicles 7:14 in full and included verse 13.

“When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command locusts to devour the land or send a plague among my people if My people who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.“ (2 Chronicles 7:14)

RB’s Footnote: It was that utter lack of unity and back-stabbing between churches 50 years ago that made me deepy contemptuous of clergy and churchgoers. In rejecting their claims and doctrines I unwittingly turned towards and got trapped in the devil’s domain! Therefore, it was the fault of so-called ‘Christians’ disobeying the Lord! (As summarised in False ‘Gospel’ Lured Me To The Devil’s Door.)

‘Pride’ closes UK cities to the Gospel; hence ‘plague’ cancels all events?


(Click/tap photo for newsfeed)

“Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!”

Fridays start our long weekend but I’m interrupting the break to post today’s (28th Feb) headline news in the light of the word received by Leisa Ebere yesterday, and amending the title of a blog scheduled for posting tomorrow.  This afternoon’s news reports “When asked how close the UK was to cancelling big events due to the the virus, Health Minister Jo Churchill said. “We are taking the advice of the Chief Medical Officer and assessing the situation on a day-by-day basis. Any decision to cancel events or mass gatherings have to be assessed at the time, based on clinical guidance and based on risk.” [UPDATE 12 Mar: World Health Organization in Europe declares global pandemic, at phase 6 level.]

The scheduled item and its original title reads: Continue reading

Fulfilled Prophecies catalogue now rebuilt

Introducing the paper on The State of The Prophetic in the UK – 2nd edition I asked my readers a couple of questions:

  1. Do you know that news media headlines and cartoons have mirrored two dozen prophecies by unwittingly quoting their text or imagery…?
  2. Do you know how presidents Trump and Obama unknowingly participated in fulfilling British prophecies?

Then in the next brief blog I claimed to know “150 examples of non-personal prophetic words and visions coming to pass in recent years”.

All this made me mull over the impact of those statements, which is immense because it attests to the frequency, power and validity of accepted prophetic utterances in Britain!!

Therefore, I’ve spent a few days restructuring this site’s catalogue of fulfilled prophecies – which includes updates on developments in those that are moving toward fulfillment. This catalogue has been compiled over several years but was in need of re-organising.

It was an intricate task because half the collection was numbered and linked in order of publication as specific prophecies came to pass. The remainder, being updates or news on progress, had no numbering – and those relating to the EU Referendum result are located elsewhere.

Now, all items are numbered using two different notations yet remaining in consecutive order. The originals retain their ‘#’ prefix in bold font, and newly numbered items show their number in ordinary font without a prefix. (This is explained in the catalogue.)

Also, for ease-of-reference the listing is re-organised with prophecies that have been echoed or mirrored in the media at the beginning. The catalogue closes with a linked listing to all updates relating to the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Therefore, you are most welcome to peruse this site’s Prophecies – Fulfilled page.

NB >> ANSWER to question 2 is found at numbers 106 and #16, which are dated January 2017 and adjacent to one another in the ‘Chronological Validations’ listing.

Status of prophecy in Britain in one sentence

“I’m aware of 150 examples of non-personal prophetic words and visions coming to pass in recent years, two dozen of which their text or images have been unwittingly repeated in the news media.” (Richard Barker)

And that’s only those known to me personally, as reported on this blog. So there must be many more out there of which I’m unaware. That number also includes over two dozen accurate prophecies on the outcome of the 2016 EU Referendum.

For details see Prophecies – Fulfilled, as well as overview in The State of the Prophetic in the UK.

The State of the Prophetic in the United Kingdom – Preface

Courtesy Revd Yinka Oyekan; click image for more photos via Facebook

[Originally published with The State of the Prophetic in the UK – 2nd edition but now posted as a separate preface on the document’s genesis and author’s connection.]

Do you know that news headlines and cartoons have mirrored two dozen prophecies by unwittingly quoting their text or image, even in a Prime Ministerial speech? Also, that their incidence has increased rapidly in the last two years?

Thus, not only actual events but also the way they’ve been reported has validated many modern prophecies, thereby giving prophets credibility. For example, presidents Trump and Obama unknowingly participated in fulfilling British prophecies! (See Appendix C.)

I was honoured to be tasked by Revd Yinka Oyekan of The Gate in Tilehurst, Reading, with writing a briefing paper for guests unfamiliar with prophecy attending the One Voice Prophetic Conference in Reading, on 8th February. The paper gives them an overview of the prophetic in Britain, together with some examples of fulfilled prophecies.

If you were a delegate there you may have seen it as one of two papers in their email’s Dropbox links, and which was done in collaboration with Geoffrey Pick of Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival, and with input from Neil Townsend of Salt and Light, and David Stark of Glasgow Prophetic Centre.

That paper is now published as a second edition augmented with a two-years old prophecy of the conference, a brief summary plus extra material replete with links.

Please be free to quote and copy this unique document, but note that full attribution of author and source is requested as Richard J Barker asserts his right to be identified as the author in accordance with the Copyright, Designs & Patents Acts 1988.


Through a ‘coincidence’ in mid-1980s, as an unbeliever I learned that Bible prophecy connects into modern events. Whilst flipping through a book on geo-politics quoting ancient Hebrew seers as a documentary on Iran-Iraq war was showing on TV, I saw their elite troops rehearsing an attack upon Jerusalem!  1989: a life-saving Visitation from Jesus Christ led to attending Tilehurst Free Church (Baptist), Reading. 2008-9: upon opening my Bible I heard, “This is ALL about to be fulfilled!”, thus started writing on signs of Jesus’ return. 2011: a dream on the Kingdom being set-up in UK prompted the launch of this blog for posting news on Biblically-relevant events plus contemporary prophecy and church. (Read full testimony at I’m Free!)

Formerly Reading Community Church, The Gate was formed in July 2005 when TFC and Groveland’s Christian Fellowship, joined together under Yinka’s leadership. Three years earlier, however, my attendance closed because I married Nina and moved.

Therefore, 17 years later I was totally surprised to be invited out-of-the-blue to join a working group to prepare for a conference Yinka was convening for the purpose of enhancing the standing of the prophetic across as many denominations as possible

Whilst discussing the plans in our first video conference a memory of an interior vision suddenly ‘flashed’ –the operative word! – into mind. So I dug into my files and to find the details, which I shared when first announcing the One Voice Prophetic.

Click/tap to begin reading The State of the Prophetic in the United Kingdom.

The State of the Prophetic in the United Kingdom – 2nd edition

See Preface for details of this document’s genesis and blogger’s personal connection.

Please be free to quote and copy, but take note that full attribution of author and source is requested because Richard J Barker asserts his right to be identified as the author in accordance with the Copyright, Designs & Patents Acts 1988.

May this long-read glorify the Lord and bless every reader:


by Richard J. Barker © 21.2.2020

  1. Summary
  2. What Is Prophecy?
  3. The Bible Prophesies Modern Events
  4. Historical Summary of Modern Prophecy
  5. Prophecy as Jigsaw Pieces and as GPS
  6. Prophecies Come To Pass
  7. The Present & Future of Prophecy
  8. One Voice Prophetic Conference
  9. Directory (not exhaustive)
  10. Appendix A – Selected History of 20th Century Prophecies
  11. Appendix B – Selected History of 21st Century Prophecies
  12. Appendix C – Fulfilled Prophecies and News Reports
  13. Appendix D – 2008 Economic Crash
  14. Appendix E – 2019 Exposure & Big Shake-up
  15. Appendix F – 2019 General Election
  16. Appendix G – Quick-links Research (link to Appendices)

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The State of the Prophetic in the UK – Appendices


by Richard J. Barker © 21.2.2020

Eagle-eyed by John Mark Long: courtesy http://www.propheticartists.com

CONTENTS: (see previous post for sections 1-10)
  1. Summary
  2. What Is Prophecy?
  3. The Bible Prophesies Modern Events
  4. Historical Summary of Modern Prophecy
  5. Prophecy as Jigsaw Pieces and as GPS
  6. Prophecies Come To Pass
  7. The Present & Future of Prophecy
  8. One Voice Prophetic Conference
  9. Directory (not exhaustive)
  10. Appendix A – Selected History of 20th Century Prophecies
  11. Appendix B – Selected History of 21st Century Prophecies
  12. Appendix C – Fulfilled Prophecies and News Reports
  13. Appendix D – 2008 Economic Crash
  14. Appendix E – 2019 Exposure & Big Shake-up
  15. Appendix F – 2019 General Election
  16. Appendix G – Quick-links Research

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