GPS #96.4: God-incidental TWO 5-days cycles in UK and in US – the Lord’s up to something strategic!

On Sunday my mind’s eye was filled with an image of a GINORMOUS BICYCLE, the wheels of which span the Atlantic but as though on a treadmill. The front, leading wheel is standing here in the British Isles and the rear wheel ‘follows’ by standing over the United States – and each bears a particular pattern relating to a period of FIVE days, wherein the final day has two events!!

(I was reminded of Veronika West’s vision of owl’s eyes, hence my featuring on this home-page.)

First, a reminder of the Conclusion to GPS #96.3 How ‘Jigsaw Piece’ on Romans 1 & 2 Plugs into Prophecy-related News:

Thus, we have a double confirmation of the importance of Romans 1 reference to God’s Wrath, as given by Andrew’s prophetic dream and its actual timing which got confirmed 5 days later in Verse of the Day being Romans 11:33 – and we had 5 ‘jigsaw-pieces’!

That proved prescient, if not prophetic.

To recap from GPS#96.1 (Stunned by ‘Invisible Jigsaw’ of Scripture re Prophecies and News) those ‘pieces’ covering a period of 5 days here in the UK, (twice on Wednesday)

  1. Saturday’s (13 May) Men’s Breakfast study was to continue from Romans 1:18, but although we read aloud from there into chapter 2, our leader focused on Romans 2. Note: My NKJV Bible sub-heads these respectively ‘God’s Wrath On Unrighteousness’ and ‘God’s Righteous Judgement’.
  2. Sunday (14 May), I read and reply to comment from Tim Shey in Idaho posted late Friday with a link to Elijah Streams meeting broadcast that day (in USA),
  3. Tim wants me to see a short part and provides a time-mark, but to get a feel for the topic I start watching a few minutes earlier BUT am stunned to hear the guest speaker in USA refer to how the Lord is moving in accordance with His character as described in the scripture studied on Saturday at our group in England – the wrath and justice of God!
  4. I got delayed in sharing this until 3 days later (Wed 17 May) when seeing that day’s verse from Romans 11:33 and relating to events I’ve been blogging on.
  5. Late yesterday afternoon (17 May) Chris Moyler urges his Telegram friends to watch that very video: **PLEASE!!!** DON’T MISS THIS! Andrew makes one important point after another, concerning the purpose and direction of modern-day prophecy.”

As told in the last part (GPS #96.3) 11:33 is not only that verse number but is also the time-point when Andrew Whalen begins speaking about God revealing Himself as Judge and God of Wrath (as discussed here in UK last Saturday week.) …But now this weekend…

YET AGAIN I WAS STUNNED, by this headline regarding FIVE events in FIVE DAYS in USA, viz:

(Click here for to read COMPELLING DETAILS in advert-free, print friendly version.)

This ‘rear wheel’s’ days:
  1. Monday 15th May – release of the Durham Report
  2. Wed 16th May – FBI revoke security clearances of whistle-blowers
  3. Thurs 17th – news of FBI’s retaliation against the whistle-blowers
  4. Fri 18th – TGP learned FBI dropped 4 investigations into Hillary Clinton
  5. Fri – learned FBI improperly used search powers over 1/4 million times following protest rally outside US Capitol on 6 January 2021.

ALSO the connection between the two ‘wheels’ of 5-day is something I hadn’t said previously: that is, the reason for Tim Shey’s drawing my attention to Andrew Whalen’s discussion with Steve Shultz on Elijah Streams is his prophetic reference in 2020 to exposing Clinton.

RELEVANT NEWS (In case you may be unaware):

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(Click here to read Roger Stone’s Substack)

Just finished and published at 17:55 (make of that what you may, but it’s dinner-time !)


Chris Moyler responds on the ‘new prophecy movement’

My dear friend who Telegrams in ‘tandem’ with me and who provided the 5th ‘jigsaw-piece’ replies to me as follows:

Dear Richard

I’m so pleased that you are sharing and commenting on Andrew’s Elijah Streams broadcast.

IMO, we must NOT pass on from this too quickly, because it frames a very precious paradigm for the whole modern prophetic movement.

Bottom line:

The LORD is now confronting evil to a degree not seen since the Creation.

Many have concluded, as I myself once did, that the tide of evil in the world was so great that times would have to move v fast into the Day of the LORD judgements that immediately precede the LORD’S Second Coming.

However, a very different paradigm to this is being framed by the modern prophets!!

Yes, indeed, we are in a time of great collision between Good and Evil. But it is NOT an equal collision!!

We are hearing in many ways that the decree of God, his fallen gavel, is causing the tide to turn.

Yes, we are seeing a veritable TIDE of evil, but this is because the Holy Spirit is exposing it!.

Occult means ‘hidden.’ Satan can only work powerfully when he works in a hidden undercover way to permeate society, and rot our precious institutions from within.

However, the cascade of exposures that we are now seeing is proof that all his carefully laid plans are failing.

This is a v messy, but ultimately wonderful thing, for evil MUST be torn down before good can prosper.

It seems an agonisingly long time that we have had to wait for evildoers to be brought to account. But, as Andrew is at pains to share with us, we have scarcely begun to perceive just how deep and extensive Satan’s kingdom has become.

Such an extensive and worldwide web of evil must be dismantled with great care if the good effect is to be long term.

And, it not enough for evil to be exposed and removed. Good must be put in its place or else evil will reoccupy the resulting vacuum.

Derek Johnson constantly reminds us that a Continuity of Government operation is in full swing. What this means is that a new system is being carefully constructed to replace the old.


“Of the INCREASE of His government and peace there shall be no end.”

Onwards and upwards

Chris xx

How ‘jigsaw piece’ on Romans 1 & 2 plugs into prophecy-related news (GPS #96.3)

The first part of GPS #96 recounts how I was stunned by the timing of invisible jigsaw-pieces of scripture and events, including a video and timing of a prophetic word therein and its connection into another verse. In closing, I mention already putting more pieces  that had fallen into place.

I apologise if thus far has been rather puzzling, but this part will clarify the picture – much like completing a real jigsaw-puzzle. In GPS #96.1 we looked at 5 pieces but maybe not realised how they fit together, and especially into unspecified others.

The third puzzle-piece was Tim Shey’s comment to A ‘Biblical’ Operation, not just national but a global clear-out! about an Elijah Streams interview, to which he gave a link. The title struck me strongly as we’re at the 7th anniversary of my blogging on exposures of political rot as a result of a prophetical prompting on reading about investigations being started into presidential candidate Donald Trump’s finances!

Moreover, that has now come to the boil in Congress over interference in the 2020  presidential election in last week’s posts eg. Overdue Unravelling of Global Cabal’s Conspiracy, followed by this week’s publication of Special Counsel John Durham’s Report into the FBI’s role in the Russia-collusion hoax.

I’m well aware of the preferred practice of bringing prophecy that is encouraging and uplifting, especially so for the church and believers, and Saturday’s group discussion on Paul’s injunction in Romans 2 to avoid judging others who are heavily into sin described in Romans 1.  (Yet his caveat is to those believers who still practise those deep sins.)

Nevertheless, I was considering whether or not my blogging stance is correct and of the Lord. But as well as the confirmatory title of puzzle-piece 3 (as shown below) bringing an endorsement of exposures, it also gave specific confirmation of my being on the right track:

Click here to play video in a new window. This fascinating interview begins at 6:00 mins  but we’re particularly interested in the ‘God-incidental’ start time at 11:33 (ie. matching Wednesday’s Verse of the Day, Romans 11:33, as in GPS #96.1). Here Andrew refers to having asked the Lord on New Years’ Eve 2020 about the upcoming year.

“That night I did have a dream; it was the morning of January 1st (and in which) I stood before a gathering of Christian believers (and) addressed them saying, “I am so thankful that God has heard my prayer (which was the night before) asking for His word on 2020, for the Lord has given me things that we need to know will BEGIN in 2020.”

So notice it wasn’t “will be fulfilled” but “will begin” in 2020. (In the dream) I looked down in my hands and realised I’d been give a piece of paper…and began to read aloud what was written on the paper. I began by saying, “This list was given me by the Lord in a dream”…. 

A brief discussion ensues between Steve and Andrew and at 35:00 he continues, “Then I began to read what was given me on the paper but first I said,

“God will begin to reveal Himself in a manner that modern Christianity is not too familiar or comfortable with, for He will begin to show Himself as Judge and the God of Wrath!

Judgements against the works of darkness and those unyielding from their evil are coming!”

That’s what I said in the dream. At this point in the dream I understood that much more would be unfolded to the Church about the nature of The Judge. I also knew that this manifestation of God’s nature was key – and this is interesting to me – His nature as Judge and God of Wrath is KEY to seeing the fullness of Revival and Awakening come into the earth.

I was reminded that scripture says ‘For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, to destroy the works of the devil’, but in the dream I knew that revelation of God’s nature would be employed to destroy the works of the devil. [RB: 1 John 3:8]

Next, I continued to read what was written on the piece of paper in my hand:

A new prophetic era is upon us and the balance of prophecy is going to shift. Much of the emphasis in the prophetic has been positive…I said, “God is always good, but not always positive!…In this new era general and vague prophecies will give way to specific words of revelation that will carry authority to release life AND death – in this prophetic era prophets will restore the terror and the Fear of God back into the earth!!”

Steve reacts, “Wow, restore the Terror and fear of God – that’s not something you read every day!”


Thus, we have a double confirmation of the importance of Romans 1 reference to God’s Wrath, as given by Andrew’s prophetic dream and its actual timing which got confirmed 5 days later in Verse of the Day being Romans 11:33 – and we had 5 ‘jigsaw-pieces’!

[Puzzle In Sky by Idea Go, courtesy]

Stunned by ‘Invisible Jigsaw’ of Scripture re prophecies and news (GPS #96.1)


Awaking today as dawn was breaking I remain awestruck at having been hit by pieces in The Lord’s Invisible Jigsaw, so I ask Him what’s going on. Inwardly in my mind and spirit I hear and sense,


So, we can rest assured that events ARE all going to plan, HIS plan!

Kindly bear with me in this personal journal. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been in a shower of His jigsaw pieces falling as though the Lord uses a GPS or Global Prophecy Signalling system!  It’s like being hit by huge invisible mind-blowing hailstones

Yesterday, Wednesday, began with sharing this from BibleGateway on Richard’s Watch Telegram.  Little did I know how the Lord’s plans would unwrap within hours! [NO, timing of this post shown below wasn’t pre-arranged, I assure you!]

In its quoting Romans, I was reminded about a ‘coincidence’ last weekend regarding that letter’s first two chapters being discussed in depth at Saturday Men’s Breakfast.

I’d intended telling my brothers in Christ about it via our Whats App group but, having other priorities, had forgotten. However, yesterday’s Verse for Today reminded me but first I needed to check that God-incidence by re-running the relevant section of video.

BUT I got hit between the eyes! My mind got blown by the sheer synchronicity!


The TIME OF DAY on the video MIRRORED THE VERSE OF THE DAY > 11:33!!

The video was streamed last Friday 12th May, whereas the verse was published 5 days later on Wednesday 17th May!


  1. Saturday’s study was to continue from Romans 1:18, but although we read aloud from there into chapter 2, our leader focused on Romans 2. Note: My NKJV Bible sub-heads these respectively ‘God’s Wrath On Unrighteousness’ and ‘God’s Righteous Judgement’.
  2. Sunday, I read and reply to comment from Tim Shey in Idaho posted late Friday with a link to Elijah Streams meeting streamed online that day,
  3. Tim wants me to see a short part and provides a time-mark, but to get a feel for the topic I start watching a few minutes earlier BUT am stunned to hear the guest speaker in USA refer to how the Lord is moving in accordance with His character as described in the scripture studied on Saturday at our group in England – the wrath and justice of God!
  4. I got delayed in sharing this until 3 days later when seeing that day’s verse from Romans and relating to events I’ve been blogging on.
  5. Late yesterday afternoon Chris Moyler urges his Telegram friends to watch that very video: **PLEASE!!!** DON’T MISS THIS! Andrew makes one important point after another, concerning the purpose and direction of modern-day prophecy.”

However, more invisible jigsaw pieces had already fallen and I was putting them into place. As they’re relevant to prophecies that are in process of fulfillment we’ll consider that aspect further in the second part of this GPS signal the Lord has sent…

[Flying Puzzles by Nokhoog Buchachon, courtesy]

ALERT: insight into common factor in 7-year Exposure cycle

Ever so briefly as it’s late and have started our regular long weekend, I was HIT this evening by what I’d NOT planned inserting at the close of part 2 of today’s trilogy – the Telegram screenshot featuring Obama.

Hours later whilst trying to solve a television murder mystery, I was struck by the fact that this 7-years cycle of exposures from May 2016 to this month is now complete and thus a new cycle will soon start,

AND this is confirmed by Barack Obama being featured in NOT only that part 2 BUT also in the very first post on exposures in May 2016!

So please be sure to read its reprise – AND you will note it contains a DOUBLE-CYCLE confirmation in going back ANOTHER 7 years to May 2009, as in Today’s Importance in History!!!

Selah – something to weigh and pray!

7 years on, exposures gather momentum: 2 – US regime injustice and malfeasance

A number of news items/opinions relevant to prophecies published herein on America, especially on electoral repercussions of Veronika West’s Stadium Race vision of Biden cheating in the 2020 election, may be read on Richard’s Watch Prophecy Validations on Telegram (non-subscribers select pre-view option).  Here’s the latest:

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Advert-free, printer-friendly version >

And on Richard’s Watch Telegram:

Here’s an interesting ‘Q-drop’ forecast relating to the Obama team’s skullduggery:

Professor Turley’s above announced article posted on The Hill brings well-informed insights from experience gained in presidential impeachments: Blinken’s Immaculate-Conception Defense: Why things are likely to get worse for the Secretary of State.

Here’s an extract (emphases mine)

‘We still need more details on the underlying facts, but, if true, the allegations could constitute both criminal and impeachable offenses. Blinken reportedly made these statements as part of the process leading to his confirmation. If he lied, it could constitute making a “materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or representation” to Congress under 18 US 1001.

If Blinken lied or committed perjury, it could also constitute an impeachable offense. One complicating issue is that this did not technically occur while in office but in pursuit of that office. Moreover, there may be other statements since becoming secretary of state.

Of course, during the Clinton impeachment, the question of whether perjury constitutes an impeachable offense was raised. When I testified at the impeachment hearing, I maintained that it clearly does meet the standard of a “high crime and misdemeanor.” In my view, it did not matter the subject matter….’

The fact is that cabinet and high-ranking officers have often been accused of false statements without facing impeachment or even prosecution. Ironically, the letter includes one notable example.

Former National Intelligence Director James Clapper during the Obama administration was accused of perjury before the Senate but was not sanctioned by the Democrat-controlled Senate or the Obama Justice Department.

He later signed the Hunter Biden letter. That history may be reassuring for Blinken….’

For Curiosity: Again it so happens last image input at 16:59 and published 17:00 hrs!

PS. from yesterday:

Update on aircraft carrier portent and King Charles’ coronation (PPU #63)

Very sadly further to Monday’s post and two (here and here) of 7th September last on the portentous timing of major problems with aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales:

This morning Chris Moyler posts on his Telegram a helpful summary as below (LOL! An American prophet who brought that word on the ship has also picked up on MSM’s great shaking, as in my post of yesterday re Fox News!):

Julie Green, in yesterday’s broadcast, speaks of a major shaking coming to the Clinton’s and to the British Royal Family.

5:20. Fall of (both of) the Clinton’s.
5:40 A great catastrophe is about to take place, that will get the world’s attention

The Monarchy is about to be exposed for their poisonous background in their history that they wanted to keep hidden.
A whistleblower is about to expose it all. (to 6:00)

(my comment:
It is unclear whether these three things are connected. They are likely all a part of the coming great exposure of all that has been hidden for a long time.)

27:15. Julie repeats these comments and adds that the LORD has been speaking about the Royal Family for some time now.

There is more going on in England than what you presently see. The LORD has spoken about Charles and Princess Diana, and He is going to take care of it.

28:15. A great catastrophe, but Israel was protected in Goshen.

29:20. Fall of BOTH of the Clintons. The Deep State, having covered their crimes many times, will NOT do so this time.
-a treason? will be their end
(to 30:50)

So we’ll keep checking for Julie’s accuracy in prophecy…she is regarding the Bidens!

On cue, ‘coincidence’ over 1990 years may link John 21 ‘catch’ with Atlantic aircraft activity

In response to a sister’s comment on Chris Moyler’s Telegram group that refers to the beginning of the Gospel according to John, I suggested looking at how it ‘sits’ with the first verse in the Bible and gave a link to my blog of almost 5 years ago: Continue reading

Prophecy Fulfilled: Troy Black prophecy “no-one wants to hear” on Trump and bananas! (USA is now BBS – Biden’s Banana State)

Having tight online schedule, especially in Spring-Summer, meant I wasn’t able to blog on this especially pertinent prophecy posted on Facebook group, which was already coming to pass. It generated a good discussion and I’ve now thanked James Baker for introducing it – LOL my September birthdate ’22’ yet again!!!

After a short introduction on prophecy basics (closes similarly), Troy begins revealing two visions about Donald Trump and the 2020 election from 5:20 time mark of his video broadcast on 11 March 2022 (auto-generated transcript follows, so bear with my editing of its formatting):

[5:50] “I was listening to worship music on my iphone i started to see this vision of donald trump sitting at his desk in the oval office so this was prior to the 2020 elections and i could see very clear this is a very vivid vision i could see his face very clear and it looked very tired and and i could tell it was christmas time in the vision because i could see a christmas tree and i could see candy canes and other decorations and there was one other interesting detail in his hand he had a banana and he was eating this banana and i actually looked this up afterwards and realized this was something that was huge on social media that i did not know about ahead of time

This is the second vision that i saw this was from september 22nd of actually 2021 so this was this last year.

I saw a vision of bananas themselves standing up and the peels coming off and then i saw that some of the bananas were coming up out of the peels entirely so i felt led of the lord to share those two visions.”

Troy then breaks it into two parts, the second of which is personal, but the first runs:

[8:00] “The lord said this specifically to me but i wrote it down he said – this may feel random but it’s not – then he said talking about trump specifically,

‘He is my chosen servant but he has become an idol in the hearts of many, including some of my messengers.’

Then he said many people are judging my prophets without knowledge of the prophetic timeline and justice the way i see it and then he said hope in me and you won’t stray you won’t go wrong in my presence because my presence to you is a consuming fire burning up all the dross of public opinion and nasty thoughts that don’t originate from my perfect throne he said perfect strangers can agree on this even when they disagree on the rest that my glory fills the whole earth and my presence is necessary for life who are these people says the lord who hear my voice and decide what is right apart from listening to what has been said they know not what they do they are arrogant and sometimes ignorant who plant seeds apart from my voice my voice at work in their hearts and minds.”

Upon hearing this, I immediately knew the significance of ‘bananas’ because I’d already blogged (without knowing about Troy) well over a year before the group’s discussion:

Only God can stop dis-USA becoming Biden’s banana republic – action is in hand!

MOREOVER, since leaving office President Trump has frequently complained about America becoming a third-world state, or banana republic.

AND as in this national leader’s reaction to yesterday’s court appearance:


Joe Biden Laughs When Asked if Indictment of Trump is “Politically Divisive” (VIDEO)

A Deut 19:15 witness to ‘coded play’ on Trump? (Plus news)


Further to Saturday’s post on April 1st News with ‘play on words’ of the ‘grand’ jury indictment that fails to adhere to ‘Innocent until proven guilty’ principle of English and American law based upon Magna Carta, you may recall my notion of a ‘coded’ allusion to Donald Trump having intentions other than the obvious regarding this ‘soviet-style trial’.

Well, last night I was surprised to find not only Tim Shey’s affirmative comment but also another’s remarks along similar lines on a Telegram channel, the name of which echoes Barry Wunsch’s vision of a future speech by Trump as in A Great Awakening Is Upon Us:

For Info:
  • I often cite The Gateway Pundit for pictorial headlines, but note interesting ‘coincidence’ in timing of indictment, Passover and Resurrection Sunday:

Upon the start of Donald Trump’s campaign for the presidency in 2016 and news of investigating his financial affairs, for which there was no negative outcome (see Definitive List of Media Mistakes in Trump Era, Sharyl Attkisson), I mused upon the Lord exposing rot and corruption in American, British and European politics. Hence, my keeping tabs upon these matters.

Therefore, I recently note Prof Jonathan Turley as stating:

The scene from the 1931 movie “Frankenstein” came to mind this week as Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg prepared an indictment of former President Donald Trump.

It is the ultimate gravedigger charge, where Bragg unearthed a case from 2016 and, through a series of novel steps, is seeking to bring it back to life.

Of course, like the good doctor, Bragg shows little concern over what he has created in his Frankenstein indictment.’

Thus, I recommend your reading It’s moving, its alive! Alvin Bragg prepares the ultimate Frankenstein indictment.

April 1st news, plus coded play on words?

Further to my many recent references to ‘time’ and ‘timing’ relating to Donald Trump’s activities, here’s today’s front page of one of Britain’s renowned newspapers:

Whilst trying to return to sleep in the middle of the night, between 3 and 4 o’clock, I was strongly impressed by these two notions dropping into mind, viz:

Suddenly recalling and having a sense of disquiet over Trump’s derogatory reference to Stormy Daniels as “horseface” I was impressed with the possibility of it’s being his code for ‘race’ and that, allegorically, as a racing horse she is about to cross the finishing line and then it will all be over. So has it been part of his long-term plan against the Deep-State, and has he bet on this ‘horse’ – or legal case – as a winner?

Furthermore, I couldn’t return to sleep until the next aspect of nomenclature opened up another coded possibility:

Trump and his MAGA supporters frequently refer to “The Storm” and this lady with whom it’s claimed he had an affair is known as ‘Stormy’!!!

By the way, he claims to have a letter from her stating it never happened, as cited in one of my recent posts:


‘Coincidence'(?) echoes across the Bridge o’r the ‘Pond’ (GPS #95.2)

Symbolic of Holy Spirit's active power across the Atlantic

For newer readers: ‘Endless Bridge’ by Evgeni Denev (courtesy symbolises the spiritual bridge linking Britain with North America (The USA & Canada).

Never did I expect to get a reactive confirmation, as though an echo from across the ‘Pond’, within an hour of my posting Weekend Newsmix 2 wherein I remark:


This pertains to a wrestling match in USA attended by Donald Trump and BBC News  the Six Nations Rugby Championship, in which a mix-up occurs when a photo of Donald Trump’s November conference is shown, as reported by Derek Johnson.

I published that post at 17:45 yesterday and later that evening I noticed Derek responds as below in his latest item, time-stamped WITHIN AN HOUR (link), making yet another example of what I surmise as being more than a ‘God-incidence’ in the Lord’s use of GPS (Global Prophecy Signals):

Now note especially his attachments about this particular military aircraft’s identity or call-sign ‘Order66’ and its purpose:

Certainly leaves much food for thought, especially regarding his claims of Continuity of Government under President Trump as Commander-in-Chief.

I will cover the another prophetical aspect of that sporting ‘coincidence’ as soon as possible.

God-struck by the double-immediacy of Verse of Day and Tim Sheets video on new Pentecost

“WOWEE – Just listened to first 5 mins and Tim confirms TWO things on my mind before he even begins on angels!!  And it includes Verse for Today and what I’d been recalling on healing!”

Thus I remarked Wednesday morning on Chris Moyler’s Telegram as a quick reply to his encouraging introduction 24 hours earlier to the video shown below. Very rarely do I watch any, especially l-o-n-g videos but hoped to be able somehow to carve out an hour eventually on this occasion….

That was before we went out for Tuesday and it went out of the window until much later – but still not possible…. I recalled a Whats App chat a fortnight ago on the Outpouring in Kentucky and my link to Dutch Sheet’s prophecy encountering an objection about him and the Toronto Blessing. So, I recounted Nina’s wonderful healing 18 years ago and posed this teaser: “So it begs a couple of questions: Do you think I’m mistaken..doesn’t God heal?

Upon awaking Wednesday I momentarily wondered, in all honesty could the other chap be right and we be wrong?

NEXT, I checked Bible Gateway on my phone and up springs this immediate definitely direct answer in its closing line:

Being up earlier than anticipated before our scheduled visits I then recalled Chris’ video and had 10 minutes to dip in and play at very fast speed only to be astonished by Tim’s opening remarks in the first minutes (auto-transcript with tight formatting)::

“I had a dream of while we were in service just worshiping, or while preaching, no-one laying hands on people – they just started getting healed, and even in the archived sermons, as people were listening they were getting healed. I had this dream three times and I wanted to again say this week: even though no-one may be specifically
praying for healing, we’re just worshiping and ministering to the Lord or preaching, you can still be healed – because one of’s like a headline in these three dreams –  these people are healed in the glory, they are healed in the presence of the Lord and this is going to increase services, not just here but in other places there’s going to just be healing spontaneously manifest….”
Next, Tim proceeds to mention Pentecost, which I’d been stressing during our recent breakfast meetings in studying Dr Luke’s Gospel account and the beginning of Acts and knowing in my ‘knower’ there’s a strong revival of a new Pentecost ahead of us…
“…I’m contending for that now today. I want to read the parable of the Prodigal Son again but from a different translation and I’ll do that in just a moment. There’s something in the words Jesus used when he was telling that story that you find in the original language, the original Greek text, and I feel very prompted to talk about that today. It was something that would affect his disciples from Pentecost through the rest of their entire Ministry lives. My heart just leaped inside of me when I saw this. God’s word so alive, just one word can just quicken things. There’s a wind of Holy Spirit on that amazing parable of the prodigal son it’s like it’s being freshly told to us – it’s prophesying I believe into our moment right NOW – it’s prophesying a phase of our Kingdom’s movement right now in THIS era…”

On introducing this recording Chris Moyler writes (14 March):

Beloved Friends,
As the storm clouds of these difficult days continue to swirl around us, and our political leaders disappoint us greatly by their stubborn resistance against truthful dialogue, the LORD is Revealing his carefully laid plans to bring his GLORY to the earth.

Of special note is the revelation concerning the role that the heavenly host, the angel armies of Heaven, are playing, and will increasingly play, in bringing God’s glory and God’s Reign.

Currently we are surrounded by a multitude of voices, that are bringing all kinds of messages. Some are v good, but some are v bad.

Therefore, it is more important than ever that we critically discern who, and who is not, speaking the truth.

Tim Sheets, the brother of Dutch Sheets, is increasingly attracting my attention. He carries a very special revelation about the angels, and about the way in which they are now breaking through the demonic Second Heaven that surrounds the earth, enabling God’s righteous rule to be established.

This recent video is an hour long, but does not disappoint.

16:00. Tim has been carrying this revelation for 20 years now. It came to him during a time of waiting on God, as the congregation that he was leading fell apart!

16:00. But THIS YEAR something is shifting!
What I heard decades ago is NOW LAUNCHING!!!

God bless you all richly!
We are living in amazing and glorious days, as the Kingdom of God unfolds as never before in history- including Acts 2.

That time of the birthing of the church was glorious and vitally important. But what is now coming will FAR outshine those wonderful days!!


Next-day news confirms 3rd piece of Space Force and Trump ‘rocket’ jigsaw!

The previous post of Thursday 9th March features ‘Puzzle In Sky’ by Idea Go (

In reporting two separate matters, both of which use ‘space’ imagery, I posited they could be represented by two conjoined jigsaw pieces.

One is a news report on results of a poll in New Hampshire on voting trends for Republican candidates, the other tells why Joe Biden is not involved with the US military’s Space Force.

At the time of writing I presumed my noticing and blogging upon this ‘coincidence’ could be regarded as the 3rd jigsaw piece…BUT…

‘It just so happens’ that post and picture may itself be prophetic because the very next day, Friday 10th March, a specific reference to ‘skyrocket’ was published in the Press, and repeated on Telegram, thereby making this article by Reed Cooper for DC Enquirer the actual 3rd piece:

Looks like there may be something to my supposition after all. What do you think?

But whatever, thank and praise the LORD!

Intriguing God-incident: do these ‘jigsaw pieces’ signal it’s time to ‘take off’?

There have been numerous hints from President Trump about the urgent need to resolve serious national and international issues and restore peace and sanity – and it would be good to chime in with changes the Lord’s introducing in various places.

So, as I awoke this morning with nothing specific in mind for my blogging day, I gave it expectantly to the Lord. Later, I noticed something connected to a screenshot I hadn’t used because it seemed routine political news over the ‘Pond’…

But I began to join the dots, or see pieces of the Lord’s ‘Invisible jigsaw’ fall into place: “It just so happens”Therefore, take a look and consider for yourself – and weigh with the Lord…

Tip: note spaceship ‘POLL’ symbol – code for pole position in sports car race? – links to next item on history of the US Space Force and Biden and his Press Secretary.

In view of some readers’ recent queries, Derek Johnson expands upon his previous reports in the above posting, which begins:

“It is an interesting question,” she added. “I am happy to check with our Space Force point of contact. I’m not sure who that is. I will find out and see if they have any update on that.”

I’m not sure who that is… 🤦🏽🤷🏽‍♂️🤣

Neither does some of their own “soldiers” ☠️💯

Later that night, Psaki tweeted that the Biden administration would continue working with the Space Force, but did not outright confirm that officials would continue to support the new service.

“We look forward to the continuing work of Space Force and invite the members of the team to come visit us in the briefing room anytime to share an update on their important work,” she tweeted.

The “CIC” inviting members of SF to the fake press room…. YEAHHHH.

Because that’s how Military works on this level… NOT. 🤦🏽

Chief of Space Operations Gen. John “Jay” Raymond told reporters during a Wednesday morning roundtable that he would “welcome the opportunity” to speak to the Biden administration about the ongoing work of the Space Force, which includes tracking debris in space, running the nation’s GPS constellation, and managing satellites that provide communications links and help identify ballistic missiles.

A General “welcoming the opportunity” to talk to his CIC… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

“I’m very proud of the guardians in the Space Force,” he said.” I see the value of this force each and every day, and I’m happy to talk to anybody about the great work [it’s doing].”

The Media during a Wartime scenario are under the control of 47 United States Code 606 titled War Powers of the President… and there’s MORE than enough evidence provided with the Blueprint of Military and Federal Laws and Orders to show this code is being used…

Just because the article says the word “Biden” on it… Where’s the pictures? Where’s the videos? Where’s the Press Conferences? How come “Biden” won’t take questions?

How come “Biden” has never mentioned the words Space Force from his mouth?

How come there’s talk about ‘retaining’ the Space Force?

How come the Army and Navy transferred ALL communications to the Space Force in August and December yet they’re showing you the people talking about ‘retaining’ the 6th Branch?

“Biden” signing the National Defense Authorization Act does not mean he “supports” the Branch… that’s called a Federal Continuity Directive… there’s 2 of those for the public to read, 68 and 41 pages, that CLEARLY outline ALL 3 Branches of Government under a COG…

“Biden” isn’t real. He’s clearly an actor. Another U.S. History move in World War II, a Commonwealth Act 671. Ask the Philippines how that went.

This is what happens when people won’t and don’t read. 💯🇺🇸

Here’s the full news item to which he’s referring:

Next item:

Is Dinesh D’Souza’s or the DC Enquirer’s use of an image of Trump and a firing space rocket and Derek Johnson’s clarification about Space Force, simply too coincidental?

OR, did the two guys get their heads together to release a coded message??

  1. Re. ‘coincidences’, that of the Trump poll ‘rocket’ and Johnson on Space Force sits alongside a direct reference in today’s Telegraph. My PPU #50 quotes its report: ‘In his book, Pandemic Diaries, Mr Hancock also wanted to write that “Global fear of the Chinese must not get in the way of a full investigation into what happened” but this too was watered down…’
    This is taken from Isabel Oakeshott’s fuller piece: ‘During tortuous negotiations between Hancock and the Cabinet Office over what he could and could not say in his Pandemic Diaries, officials let slip something quite extraordinary: that they believe the proximity of the Wuhan lab to the first recorded Covid outbreak is “entirely coincidental.” They seem terrified of anyone saying otherwise…’
    (Upsetting China is the Government’s biggest taboo: I found out the hard way)
  2. Re. Spaceship symbol: Derek Johnson specifically notes (PPU #48) Trump’s CPAC speech and provides his ‘take’ from military-intel perspective: “We did much better in 2020 than 2016… (“We have it all. We’ve caught them all.” – DJT in 2020…”They know.”  They = Military Intelligence and JAG). But we have no choice, if we don’t do this, our country will be lost forever… “(No choice.  This = Martial Law based on Laws and Orders plus many other key speeches)
  3. I alone will never retreat… we have to charge… we have to charge full speed ahead (Retreat and Charge are Revolutionary War terms)
  4. Note below: “…to have World War III IF something doesn’t happen FAST!

“Remember 2016, Democrats and Republican opponents said, “He will lead us to WWIII with his personality.”  LOL!

[Puzzle In Sky by Idea Go, courtesy]

Triple witness over 3 days to John 14:12 “greater things” promise (GPS #94)

Didn’t expect such a gathering momentum of double and triple ‘God-incidents’ since I started blogging upon the Deuteronomy 19:15 principle; ‘by the mouth of two or three witnesses the matter shall be established’.

My introduction to the prophetic word brought by Christopher Wickland about Revival in the UK refers to my troubled conclusion as a pre-teenager over Jesus’ promise to His disciples of their performing miracles, even to a greater extent, no longer applies in our days!

That was drafted on Thursday for publication early Friday morning – but unbeknown to me, that kicked started three days of a daily ‘God-incidence’ – SO the Lord is catching our attention and saying “Take note!”….

  1. FRIDAY, my reference to John 14:12 goes public
  2. SATURDAY morning at an Equip and Ignite conference in Winchester Vineyard, Mark Iles, director of School For Prophecy, begins his teaching and practical prophecy session by citing John 14:12.
  3. SUNDAY morning service at 3Counties Vineyard, Haslemere, and guest speaker Steve Nicholson (senior leader in Vineyard movement from Chicago) cites John 14:12 as the basis for his message on accessing and moving in the Holy Spirit (at 26 mins of linked video).

And so we have yet another example not only of God-incident’s but also of the Lord using His ‘GPS’ system of Global Prophecy Signals.

PS. I well recall John Arnott teaching on that verse at Toronto 20 years ago and how my feet took off on front of me! Thankfully however, my head was invisibly cushioned as my shoulders hit the floor quite a distance behind where I’d just been standing!!!

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My number again – Dutch Sheets, “Two twenty two; Keys to open and close!”

Whilst prepping a reprise of my mini-series on End-times Briefing I was getting nudged about the numerals of today’s date: UK sequence 22.2.23 – US sequence 2.22.23.

Then after blogging I checked emails and find this from Roger J in South Africa:

“Richard, the whole of this post is for you buddy. Sample text in italics, link below. Go gitt’em!

“In 2000, while preparing for a cross-country flight, I happened to notice that my departure time was 2:22. I was then seated in row 22, and the total flight time was 2 hours and 22 minutes. My first thought was what a strange coincidence! Then I remembered that the Lord had been speaking to me regarding Isaiah 22:22. “I will set the key of the house of David on his shoulder, when he opens, no one will shut, when he shuts, no one will open.” I knew that in Scripture, keys symbolized authority, and that shoulders symbolize government (see Isaiah 9:6). Would God do something like this to bring me a confirmation? I wondered.

A couple of days later, I received a phone call from a friend. While in prayer, he felt prompted to call and give me Isaiah 22:22. He said, “Dutch, God is giving you a higher level of authority to pray for our government.”


SO > “Roger, Roger – over and out!”

End-Times Briefing 6: New Ager sees first pieces of God’s ‘jigsaw’

How a New Age follower got hooked into the Bible’s prophecies.

A unique take from die-hard anti-Christian confronted by facts in non-Christian book!

As an ex-unbeliever rescued by Jesus Christ in person and ‘born-again’ by Holy Spirit into life everlasting through His sinless blood, I reiterate Chuck Missler’s concern:

“You may not believe what the Bible says, but what’s utterly astonishing is that so very many claim to believe in Jesus yet have no grasp of the idea Christ is to literally return and rule!”

The aim of these Briefings is to help my readers be better informed and thus grasp that truth. If an ardently anti-church guy deeply involved in New Age teachings, who viewed ‘Bible-bashers’ as bigots, could grasp and keep hold of this mind-blowing stuff, then how much easier is it for believers in Jesus to fully appreciate these things?

So, come on a revelatory journey with me that hints at the relevance of Bible ‘coding’: Continue reading

Scripture & vision double witness command ‘Watch for signs’! (GPS #93)

A matter must be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses. (Deuteronomy 19:15  NKJV)

Upon waking in the night it ‘dawned’ upon me that both independent items I posted  yesterday ‘coincidentally’ command, “Watch!” – for signs of Jesus’ Return!

Mine revisited my first email citing the End-times parable of the wheat and poisonous weeds (darnel) and my hearing “This is All about to be fulfilled” and quoted Jesus’ reiterated instructions to “Watch”.

The other. a vision given to Chris G Bennett (of Jesus returning to Jerusalem) closes, “Watch and see and rejoice as I move!” says The LORD. “Watch and see!”

Note however, that although I’d spotted and captured his header/image on Facebook I didn’t get around to reading it in full until copy-pasting from His Kingdom Prophecy, as this is much easier method for editorial purposes on this blog’s WordPress than Fbk.

So later in the day Chris posted the following (tap/click here to read discussion) and I shared it on mine with comments, some of which are below:

Selah !

(Just finished at 16:17 and publishing)

A God-incidence! Jerusalem Return – Chris G Bennett

WOW WOTTA GOD-INCIDENCE Thank You Lord for this is what I saw first when opening my phone’s Facebook earlier this morning, and CONFIRMS what I believe the Lord told me to revisit my first writing on the End-times, as in previous post:

As published at His Kingdom Prophecy


I’ve shared this before — but it seems particularly relevant this year!

I had this Vision years ago, at least 15, maybe 20 plus and I resurrected it in 2018.  Now The LORD has caused me to focus on it once again.

I just saw Jesus returning from heaven to Jerusalem!

Let me start from the beginning.  I saw Israel begin to build The Third Temple, on Temple Mount, having cleared away everything of Islam from the site.

I saw no mosque, nothing but a large flat tract of land.  I knew immediately that this was Temple Mount.

I saw builders move in and they were just like Nehemiah’s wall builders — they carried tools in one hand and rifles in the other.

Just then I saw War break out.  Missiles rained in from everywhere, but they were exploded high in the air by God, or by Israel using their ‘iron dome’ defence system.

This went on for a while and, while there was damage to the city, most of it remained in place, unscathed.

Then I saw the nuclear fallout cloud.  As it started to settle on Israel a wind blew up from the Mediterranean Sea and carried the cloud off to cover all the lands surrounding and attacking Israel!

Just as this was happening, I saw Him.  I saw a very bright column of light descending through the clouds.

There in the middle stood Jesus — returning to the Mount of Olives.  Looking as described in Revelation, He came down to earth, the returning Messiah King.

I wanted to weep for joy but I couldn’t, and I have to remind myself that, if we are taken in the Rapture, then we we will not be here for the second coming!

All I remember in this Vision was shouting His Name at the top of my voice — along with many who appeared around me.

Oh the peace that fell at that moment!  As Jesus stepped onto earth, simultaneously every knee bowed and every head bowed too.

Then the hosts of heaven started singing their praises to the King of Kings. It will be a glorious cacophony!

Wow, all I can say is WOW and hallelujah \o/

I truly believe we are going to see these things sometime quite soon, maybe within a few years.  I truly believe that first, starting about now, there will be revival sweeping through The United Kingdom, Western Europe, and America particularly.

Asia, Africa, Australia, and South America won’t miss out.

My heart is just full this morning — joy, hope, love, but mostly Jesus.  I believe this has already started in America, but it has yet to start in Europe.

It has certainly started in the East — particularly China, Afghanistan, and Iran.

After Revival comes the Rapture, then Antichrist and Tribulation, then the second Coming followed by the millennial reign.  Oh the joy to come – hallelujah \o/

I feel the heavens rumbling directly overhead as the Army of The LORD positions itself ready.  There is real revival coming to The United Kingdom, and even to Rotherham where I live — another dark and lost place that needs The LORD so badly, so desperately, right now!  This real Revival is spreading all over America too.

Sometimes, The LORD lifts me high above the world to see what He is really showing me.

This morning, I see a map of both sides of the North Atlantic.  As I watch, I see a scythe, an old-fashioned scythe, sweep across The United Kingdom, Europe, across the Atlantic, and through America — starting on the East Coast and moving Westwards like the pioneers of old.

Such power as I have never seen and have not the words to describe.

SWEEPING through Europe and America carrying all before it.  Wave after wave certainly, but that first wave – oh my!  Such power and authority – such signs, wonders, and miracles.

“Watch and see and rejoice as I move! says The LORD. “Watch and see!”

Chris G. Bennett