7th April: The Four Faces of God and Unity

Flying puzzles - Nokhoog Buchachon

A week ago today things happened that have since made me think, “Could Jesus’ prayer for all believers, as in John 17, at last be answered in our day?” Perhaps Father is already releasing indicators on this by scattering pieces of a puzzle for us to complete. As with most jigsaws it’s best to find and lay corner pieces and edges before tackling the larger picture, especially when the full picture isn’t as clear as we’d like it to be. But we can at least make a start on this ‘invisible jigsaw’…

After days of enquiring about overseas deliveries and as told in my footnote to this post, I was informed on 7th April that a copy of the out-of-print book ‘The Four Faces of God’ had been dispatched. It so happens – definitely not a coincidence – last Thursday, the 7th day of the 4th month of 2016, brought a quadruple focus upon a very specific theme.

First, two sisters in the Lord published related prophetic words from the Lord on 7th April.:

1 > Veronika West on the ‘Emerald Isle’ had a vision of ‘A Firestorm, Four Whirlwinds and Four Faces of God’ and in which she describes how it progressed:

“…I watched as these FIERY, BURNING AND ANOINTED ONES MOVED TOGETHER IN PERFECT UNITY, there were none greater than the other, shoulder to shoulder, and shield to shield they advanced and moved forward as ONE MIGHTY ARMY…” (emboldening added).

(Upon learning about the ‘God-incidence’ between the date she posted it on Facebook and the book’s despatch, which was absolutely nothing to do with her, she wrote that she was “truly blown away”.)

2 > For some ‘strange’ reason I got TWO copies of an email notification of what had been written earlier that day around the world and ‘down under’ by Lana Vawser:

‘While I was in the USA the Lord spoke to me about the visitation of a REVIVAL ANGEL that is being released across the earth that is marking the season we are in. We are in a season of revival and it is beginning to build and sweep across the earth. The Lord was certainly highlighting the magnitude of the revival that will be seen on a global scale, yet I felt a real emphasis from the Lord on the body of Christ and individuals. As I sat with the Lord pondering what He spoke about this angel of revival, I was surrounded by the need for reviving, refreshment and rejuvenation within the body of Christ. As I sat with the Lord He spoke to me about encounters with the angel/s of revival that is going to increase more and more in this season, where the Lord is going to send these angelic hosts to minister to the people of God. “Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?” (Hebrews 1:14) We do not worship angels, we worship Jesus, but we must recognise that angels are ministering spirits that are sent to us. As I saw this angel of revival that had been sent to the earth, there were many, many other angels who were accompanying him and they all had clocks in their hands. When I looked at the clocks all of them were at the same time “midnight”. As they came into the lives of believers they all sang in one accord “It’s time! It’s time! It’s time! It’s time for the GREAT REVIVE! It’s time! It’s time! It’s time for the GREAT REVIVE!”...'(read Here it Is…The Angel of Revival!!’)

I noticed the full message’s closing words have this line

‘The body of Christ is coming alive in Jesus, in purity, in life, in love, in UNITY.

3 > A regular reader of this blog emailed on 7th April about the Lord awakening her in the middle of the night on Easter Sunday about the church she and her husband are to attend:

‘He woke me, and said: “It’s time to GO!”…(email closes) The Rhema Word God has had for me the past few months is UNITY.’

4 > Did you notice ‘Unity’ is the focus of Malcolm Duncan’s March Message, ‘Watching What’s Happening in the Church’? – about which I blogged on 7th April:

“I lead Spring Harvest and for three years I have been working on an act of unity across the United Kingdom that will see all of the evangelical bible conventions and celebrations declaring that whatever our theological differences are, we are one in Christ Jesus.

NEXT (and fifth instance), upon his return from Spring Harvest my Dorset friend and author William Smith caught up with those blogs and emailed me about Malcolm,

“…The theme of Spring Harvest next year is unity. Unity, as you know, is the major outcome theme of my new book. I love such confirmation.” (emphases added)

SO we have ‘four corner pieces’ of a jigsaw puzzle displaying ‘UNITY’ in the Lord. Could they in any way be related to the four faces of God?  I humbly submit how this may be so:

Four Faces image

  1. dramatic vision of fire, whirlwinds and God – symbolic of the Eagle’s vision
  2. word from the Lord about angelic release – symbolic of the Lion’s rulership
  3. act of obedience to Lord and pastor – symbolic of Bull’s sacrificial service
  4. noticing and writing about theme – symbolic of Man’s anointing and calling.

Lastly but not least, lest we may forget, there’s this blog’s ‘blockbuster’! – the prophetic word Heidi Baker brought in late 2014 on Unity in ‘A New Move of God in the UK’ (the statistics of that post blasted through the ceiling!).


Next, we’ll look at scripture on this and an illuminating insight from early church history.

[Credit: ‘Flying puzzles’ by Nokhoog Buchachon, courtesy Freedigitalphotos.net ]

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