Visions of spiritual ‘atomic bomb’ confirmed by Emma Stark

I don’t get time to watch video links that folks kindly send me, but this one is highly recommended. So I suggest allocating an hour to watch and consider will be time well spent.

We’re not, admittedly, fans of American shows, BUT this one’s important. It was brought to my attention by a reader and contributor to this blog, Dave Hood, but being extremely busy I got to hear the early minutes only whilst tapping on my keys. Others mentioned it and I chatted about the first speaker’s claims with members of the Prophetic Releasers Fbk group, and so I intended taking time out to watch. But a couple of days later I got spurred into making it a priority, and the way that was done can only be of the Lord..!

In video conference for those interested in a new Catch The Fire church planned for Farnborough, its leader Christopher Bird drew attention to a vision we’d both had, and his wife Rachel added that Emma Stark of Glasgow Prophetic Centre had also had a similar one – and then referred to that video I’d yet to watch!

In fact, what Emma witnessed was the second confirmation in chronological sequence of the original vision a pastor in Reading, Berkshire, had 30 years ago. 


Initially, the video caught my attention when Tracy Cook began talking about a dream two months ago about the suspicious source of ‘Chinese Flu’ and the subsequent world-wide Shaking. (I stopped there and didn’t hear the remainder.)

At 31:20 min mark Sid Roth tasks Emma for more of her thoughts on what we can do about the spirit of fear associated with this crisis; but first she qualifies her reply:

“I think a new breed of church is going to emerge and it’s going to be a post-Pentecostal and a post-Charismatic church; it’s not going to look like any version of church that we would say should be our ‘go-to’ aim. In actual fact, we’re going to enter the days of the Church of Holy Power, and that’s what’s going to be established at the end of this Shaking.

“Last year I was on my face in Africa in prayer, and I heard a bomb going off in the spirit realm. (Elsewhere, she describes it as a ‘terrifyingly awesome sound.’)  You know, I grew up in Northern Ireland so I’m used to hearing bombs in the natural. But this was a bomb in the spirit realm, and I said to God, “What have You done?”

He said, “Watch!” and the spray of this heavenly-sent bomb covered the entire globe and the spray started to land on the flesh of men and it started to have an effect on their skin and their skin started to melt and I said to God, “What are You doing” and He said,

“I’m making sure that it is not about one man, it is not about one ministry. I’m making sure that it’s not about ego. I’m making sure that I’m going to shake people so that all that is fleshly in them disintegrates. And on the back of that I will re-fire My Church with Holy Power.”

“And so when we actually come back to regather, we’re going to find churches move in a greater demonstration of the power of God than ever had before, but we have to deal right now with this fear situation…”

Emma proceeded with practical ministry for everyone – which briefly affected her too. To learn more about what had happened in South Africa last May read chapter two of this free book: 

Click image for link to download and read free-of-charge

I now recall our first visit 6-7 years ago to the church pastor Bird had moved to, not too far from us. (Nina had witnessed the Birds’ prophetic gifting in action at a lady’s house group.) As worship started at that church I suddenly had an open vision of a huge flame of fire shoot out into the hall from above the small band. 

Some may recall Jigsaw Pieces Portray 27th June’s Significance in Prophecy in which I recount my own and pastor Bird’s experiences of a spiritual ‘atom bomb’, but didn’t have the finer details Emma brought. Here are those relevant ‘pieces’…

3RD CONFIRMATION (Pastor’s ‘atomic bomb’)

In referring to that conference at the start of Sunday’s service at FBC, Revd Christopher Bird described it as being like an “atomic bomb” in introducing theology students to the Holy Spirit’s practical, power ministry.  Now, he had my complete attention because I’d blogged about having seen one of those explode in a vision 27 years ago today, as told when inviting readers to February’s One Voice prophecy conference (Bringing the Glorious Word of the Lord to the Nation).

Maybe Chris was referring to my vision of golden rainfall and exploding atomic bomb, because I’d mentioned it in my email inviting him to the One Voice event?

Afterwards therefore, I asked Chris why he’d used those words and he said he’d seen a picture in his morning prayers that developed into an atomic explosion of God’s glory across our nation!  However, he apologised for NOT having read my email yet – and then thanked me because I was confirming what he’d seen that morning! Therefore, it must surely be a God thing!!

1ST CONFIRMATION (My vision and original)

In other words, Chris directly confirmed the vision I’d had as he hadn’t read my account from my first years as a new believer at Tilehurst Free Church (Baptist), which reads:

‘At a very early Pangbourne prayer morning on 27 June 1992 I saw “a waterfall of golden rain which became like a nuclear bomb but in reverse”. When I later told associate pastor David about this he expressed keen interest in view of the vision of liquid fire he’d previously seen over Tilehurst (ie. in 1980s).

‘What particularly impresses me about this picture was that the golden rain (flames?) suddenly condensed into a focal point and there followed a brilliant flash of light. In films of nuclear bombs I’ve seen, the immense flash was followed by fire.

‘Regret I’ve not got any relevant scripture for this but believe it may relate to TFC. Like that widespread ‘rain’, we’ve reverted into a more compact unit, or operation. Perhaps the next phase is for the Lord to ignite us into a powerful instrument, such that His light will go off like a mighty bomb.’

Subsequent considerations connected that vision to meetings held in late 1990s along the Thames Valley and prayers for God’s glory to flow through them into London.  Now however, as emphasised by this Hampshire minister, that glory explosion won’t be localised but will affect the whole nation!  But I was yet to learn of Emma’s ‘bomb’…

PS to Monday newsmix – Justin Welby on Wuhan pandemic

Thank you ‘unholyjoe’ for providing this link to Anglican Ink buried deep in cyber-space!

Archbishop of Canterbury Message on Wuhan Virus Pandemic

Published 14th March, in my humble opinion, it’s full of pastoral pleasantries but lacks  any spiritual leadership whatsoever on behalf of the UK. Little wonder journalist Heffer nor myself could find it (I tried for ‘Welby national prayer call’ – but too simplistic!) 

Leisa Ebere: the Splintering Fence Prophecy

Smoke, clouds and the Hand of God over Brazil (click for link)

In processing this week’s material I’d slotted two words from Leisa for publication this week but she asked that on the dream of fireflies of pestilence be given precedence in view of its urgency. The first of those arrived as I was closing for a very long weekend Last Friday Leisa writes,

‘Father God, has been sharing with me a lot lately, about how people are trapped by their own mindsets due to erroneous teaching and lack of knowledge of the Lord’s true nature and good will towards mankind, and He gave me this Vision and Word last night. Please share it with your readers.


given to Leisa Ebere, 6th March 2020

‘I saw a large hand come down from heaven and crash down upon a fence, and I saw it split asunder.  And I saw it splinter and some of the splinters and flying debris hit some of the people who were watching things happen, but they refused to move, as they felt their duty was only to watch and endure the pain.  Then I heard the Lord say,

“I have not called them to endure the pain but to overcome it. For I am breaking down walls to help them, not to hurt them. If My People only took the Time to Know Me, they would realise every good and perfect thing comes from above. I will awaken them from slumber and deliver them from a bitterness against Me, that has brought them no comfort. The burden is not theirs to carry and so, I will remove it from their shoulders. This deception is being exposed by My Spirit and will be dealt with, as these poisonous darts of the enemy are removed from the hearts of men. And so, I shall cause tender shoots to come up green and lush, through the rough hewn stones,” said the Lord of Hosts.’

Group prophetic word: Rahab and a new name for the UK

I’m grateful to Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival for permission to repost this group word contributed by Veronika West, Lisa Tierney, Rick Davis, Geoffrey Pick, Yvonne Coombs on 10th March:

RAHAB and a NEW NAME for the UK

Yvonne painted a picture with fiery clouds and mountains and heard ‘A stitch in time saves 9’. This painting inspired Lisa to direct Yvonne to her word on the ‘SERAPHIM’ (RB: note dated 22.02.2020).

“Expect unusual signs from Me. A trumpet will sound, and I will cause a Great Cloud to descend on many areas of the British Isles. Red skies will signify the release of my Fiery Ones.” 

Mountains represent the intimacy of going higher to listen and take sustenance.

The mountains and the word ‘A stitch in time saves 9’ were relevant as this scripture came to Veronika.:
Psalm 121 – Look up to the mountains and hills, longing for God’s help.
But then I realize that our true help and protection come only from the Lord,
our Creator who made the heavens and the earth.

This word has a needle with the golden thread and will stitch up the separated flag of the UK. The painting with the sword in the crown has a hole like a needle head at the end with the key and this is where the thread shall pass through, due to the prayers lifted by the sword of the spirit and the authority within the crown.

Yvonne had a vision of a needle with a red thread passing through that represents the healing blood of the lamb.

The festival of Purim has begun with the Jewish people, a supermoon has risen that the Jewish scholars believe is the return of the Davidic era and this feast is a reminder to them that Queen Esther called a fast and prayer over her people. It is no coincidence that these words and pictures are revealing a divine coming together, a moment of heaven-sent help and revelation of what we, as the remnant, are to do for this Nation of the UK and the world: repentance and a calling out to the Lord for His help.

It also (as in Veronika’s word) prophetically speaks of God’s authority and power. We see this in Exodus chapter (10) God displaying signs of his great power and authority on behalf of the Israelites before The Spirit of Pharaoh…”Let my people go!”

It is no coincidence that this number 10 that represents order of completion and fullness of a season is NOW!

Numbers 10:10
10 Also in the day of your gladness, and in your solemn days, and in the beginnings of your months, ye shall blow with the trumpets over your burnt offerings, and over the sacrifices of your peace offerings; that they may be to you for a memorial before your God: I am the Lord your God.

”AN APPOINTED TIME OF REJOICING FOR THIS NATION…FOR THE CLOUD HAS LIFTED. IT’S TIME TO ENTER INTO THE LAND I HAVE PROMISED, JUDAH SHALL GO FIRST”…,WE ARE IN A KAIROS MOMENT, A WINDOW OF DIVINE GRACE, PROTECTION , ANGELIC SUPPORT AND REVELATION OF HEAVEN TO EARTH! Yet, we have become a Rahab nation that did not seek God when making decisions over the land and people of the UK, yet as Rahab was a prostitute and idol worshipper she helped Joshua and Caleb when they were sent into Jericho to spy on what they were facing. She had a fear of their God as she remembered the story of the Exodus from Egypt. She went from prostitution and worshiping false gods, to helping and becoming a part of the blood line of Jesus.

She represents the grafting-in of a new generation of believers, who will rise up to take the promised land.

The name Rahab has two meanings. One is of insolence, pride, ‘the proud one’ and that reflects the name being applied to worldly Egypt!

The name also means a broad, large and vast space of land and resonates with the promised land that has been promised and given to us.

This is a time of separation between those who will be world centred, as in the first meaning and those who will honour God first, who will be entering and walking in the promised land.

Rahab in Hebrew has three letters Bet, Chet and Resh. These mean ‘house’, ‘fence’ and ‘crown’. God was giving Israel the land and God’s house was given to God’s people by His authority and its broad boundaries. Like Israel, God has given the land over to the remnant in the UK to take the ground and restore.

The red cord (Yikvah) that Rahab lowered from the window of her abode was to let the Israelites know not to harm her and her family, as they locked themselves in during the plundering of Jericho. God protected her just as he protects us in these times of shaking. The walls were now down and this is a season of entering in of the promised land.

We the church have been as Rahab, we have forgotten the fear of God and have done things our way and prostituted ourselves to other unions; yet, in grace, the Lord is revealing that if we turn and pray, He shall call this nation by a new name. God is aligning Israel and the UK.


God Protects Us
A song of the stairway
look up to the mountains and hills, longing for God’s help.
But then I realize that our true help and protection
come only from the Lord,
our Creator who made the heavens and the earth.
3 He will guard and guide me, never letting me stumble or fall.
God is my keeper; he will never forget nor ignore me.
4 He will never slumber nor sleep;
he is the Guardian-God for his people, Israel.
5 Jehovah himself will watch over you;
he’s always at your side to shelter you safely in his presence.
6 He’s protecting you from all danger both day and night.
7 He will keep you from every form of evil or calamity
as he continually watches over you.
8 You will be guarded by God himself.
You will be safe when you leave your home
and safely you will return.

He will protect you now,
and he’ll protect you forevermore!

RB Footnote: Yvonne’s painting reminded me of photo from Brazil appearing in Joanne Rolston’s Smoke, Clouds and the Hand of God on her blog Red Sky In The Morning:


Yinka Oyekan: Watch the gates – upside-down laws

Interesting how the Lord’s timing and connections play out!

This morning I received Yinka Oyekan’s permission to publish his Facebook posting of Monday. Also in my in-tray was a notification of the video of pastor Bird’s report upon a Hindu mother and daughter being healed and delivered during his ministry overseas. If you’ve read my PS and link therein to a 2nd and 3rd ‘jigsaw piece’, you’ll appreciate the background between those items and Yinka’s report on upside-down laws, as below.:


On Wednesday I took a few minutes to pray in the afternoon and in that prayer time I felt a clear word from heaven;

“Watch the gates, the trickle will become a stream, the stream will become a river.”

I had been praying about the moral decline in the nation, but in that time I had a vision, the Lord pointed to an amazing grand cathedral, and as this image of this beautiful church building flashed before me. the Lord redirected me to pray instead for the moral state of the church. – I then had a vision of the gates of churches opening:

I saw individuals walking out of churches looking confused and the words came to me they are like sheep without a shepherd, harassed and malnourished.

The sense I got was that if the church will repent then the Lord’s mercy will bring a great healing in the land.

Then I saw scales and the justice system, the scales seemed unbalanced and I heard a whisper,

“I have this against your lawmakers, they oppress truth and stifle freedom. Yet they say they uphold truth and defend freedom. If your parliaments will not repent, a greater knot than Brexit will be visited upon you. You will tie yourselves in knots with your own legislation. You will say ‘up’ when it comes to laws governing people’s perception of who they are, but it will feel like ‘down’; you will say ‘down’ but your laws will say ‘up’, you will confuse your citizens with the absurdity of the laws you are passing. These laws will haunt you. Instead of listening to Me, you have chosen your own path. They will be a chain around your neck.You will pay for the harm you have done to your children.”

But I got a sense that the judgement of the Lord is on hold for a season because of a wave of prayer.

I prayed for mercy for all of us especially the mainline denominations and key church streams. But I will watch with great interest to see what is about to happen to those denominations and the legislative parliaments in our Land.

The Revival Prophecies – where are we now?

At One Voice, courtesy Carolyn Stewart: me, Andy, Geoff, Lisa, Carolyn, Ali & Rick, Chris.

First published and issued at the One Voice Conference, Reading, 8th Feb 2020; and thank you Geoffrey Pick for permission to republish from UK Prophetic Words, as well as for sharing the original with me. NB: links in prophets’ names for cross-reference:


Britain’s Christians have heard promises of future revival coming to the nation for generations, yet the long wait continues.

Are we now to give up hoping for a turnaround in church decline?

Can we really expect a revival to come suddenly, as it did in 1904-1905 in Wales, when hundreds of thousands were saved in a few years, swelling the congregations and igniting other revivals worldwide

The 20th-Century church in Britain saw a steady decline with membership as a proportion of the population shrinking ever decade since World War I. In a mere generation, Britain went from being a missionary sending nation to a mission-field. Foreign evangelists such as Billy Graham and Louis Palau took up the mantle for converting the nation through stadium evangelism. Even so, many foreign evangelists were not always received whole-heartedly by the British churches, who had failed to raise up soul winners themselves. It is noted that by international standards Britain had also been lagging behind other English speaking nations, by failing to encourage the voices of prophets. We are beginning to catch up in recent years, but as with evangelism owe much to the influence of other nations.

For many, it goes against the grain to assume that today’s prophecy can take longer than a generation to be completed. Most expect prophecies to unfold in their lifetime or soon after. The key points from prophecies below show that although incomplete, these words are already in advanced progress to being fulfilled. This is an indication that the prophesied harvest of souls cannot be too far off.

A summary of well known UK revival prophecies with fulfillment dates: Continue reading

More pieces to Emerald Isle invisible jigsaw, including ‘code-breaker’

(For the previous ‘pieces’ click here and here.)

This post was drafted yesterday and scheduled for publication today with a title relating to prophetic code-breaking. However, whilst preparing to retire for the night I was struck that it’s yet another jigsaw-piece relating to Ireland. So standing under the kitchen clock I made a note to change the title, and happened to note the time as 10:12. Also, they can be likened to being received by God’s GPS (Global Prophetic Signalling) system!

In discussing the following communication from Abel Praise to Veronika West with her, I note it is solid teaching on spiritual territory, as was used in spiritual mapping and prayer walking by Reading Churches Together in the mid-late 90’s, for which I wrote a paper on Reading Abbey and the town’s early spiritual history.

Moreover, I sense in my spirit not only its ‘God-incidental’ timing but also it very closely complements the open vision republished yesterday of the Rock of Christ emerging in Britain. (I hadn’t planned doing that but realised it was helpful background to petitioning the Home Secretary about preventing envangelism.) Afterwards, I realised that title may be inaccurate for it’s not yet a completely fulfilled prophecy, but then I was encouraged that in its being a published declaration ‘nailed to the wall’, thus empowering it towards closer manifestation.

AND I was most surprised at Veronika’s quick response, “Yes!! Amazing confirmation Richard. I thought of that word too, that you brought on the Rock emerging. Strong witness and confirmation.”

Therefore, this excellent and profound teaching warrants your careful study:


…It’s always so delightful to see the lines of the prophetic releases from The LORD in alignment as a deeper picture is given to know how THE LORD sets us as foot soldiers to march.

I am quickened to write concerning The Experience you shared of The Angel at the Boundaries of Ireland.

The first part of this vision is extremely significant – it is first an amazing confirmation of what has taken place concerning the countries that makes up The Nation of Britain regarding breaking out of EU; the recovery of The Priestly Heritage of Britain. The Priestly Heritage and authority Of a Nation speaks of the geographical authority of that nation; being the map and territorial boundaries that defines the sovereignty of that nation. The Angel with feet on the boundaries of Ireland; which denote the lines of the map of Ireland shows this is an Angel with Priestly authority; whose function in that order is now activated; and he is set to begin a new work with the Plumbline in his hand. Whenever the priestly authority of Israel was lost to the nations that surrounded them; their lands got encroached upon and they were either taken captive; or a strange nation exerts rule over them within the boundaries of their land.

The seasons of the priesthood of Eli saw the loss of the priestly heritage, then the Ark; and the direct result was that five cities in Israel [Ekron, Ashdod, Gaza, Ashkelon, Gath] fell under the hands of the philistines [1 Samuel 6:17]; but through the restorative Priesthood Of Samuel, and having led through a time of repentance; in getting them to dismantle and denounce strange altars; The Scriptures record that the cities that fell into the hands of the philistines were recovered back to Israel in the time of Samuel [1 Samuel 7:14]. When the priestly authority of a nation is lost in the spirit because of perversions in the priestly ministry, the geographic authority over the land is lost, and the effect is that land or those lands come under the authority of something else; even if they do not know it; because the priestly crown bears the geographic authority for the land. This is what happened also in the time of Israel’s captivity to Babylon. So first, the prayers, righteous warfares that have gone on to restore the sovereignty of the nation of Britain; restored it’s geographic authority; this is what the posture that Angel took reveals – standing on the boundaries of the land.

* After the Israelites entered the promised land, in Joshua’s time; the focus became the internal geography of the land; that the tribes were to gain; the first job was to “clean up” the land; to tear down the structures that pagan nations had established; that formed the systems and structures by which the land was ruled in unrighteousness. The gates, the high places, the places of councils, and network of altars within each part of the land that forms the spiritual structures and strongholds determines how leadership rises and falls within that territory to advance either a demonic agenda; and they were now to contend, pull down, and rebuild in a way model their cities according to the blueprints The LORD released.

Every tribe was to be allotted places with significant alignment to the character of their destinies and they were to build from that point. That became a new era in the destiny of Israel and they were ruled by Judges – This was the era of Judges in Israel’s journey to nationhood. The Scriptures shows that The LORD raised up twelve judges over several generations for Israel [Othniel, Ehud, Shamgar, Deborah, Gideon, Tola, Jair, Jephthah, Ibzan, Elon, Abdon, and Samson] since Joshua entered Canaan; and the era of the ministry of Judges in the timeline of a nation is given to do the work of cleaning things up. This is what you see as The Angel holding a Plumbline and dropping it at the centre of the land. It means the geographical and spiritual structure of the land comes in view – the gates, high places, councils, network of altars – that forms strongholds that defines how leadership rises and falls within that nation comes in view; and this takes a season of labors and righteous partnership with The Spirit Of The LORD to accomplish. This vision shows this as a key focus as a new era unfolds for Britain.

* The Two Olive Trees: The Trees are symbolic for the role Ministers play in the work of bringing healing to nations. The Scriptures in Revelations speaks of the leaves of the trees of the garden as being for the healing of the nations. The Oil flowing from the leaves goes further to bring a deeper insight: The Phase of Cleaning up the land and contending against structures that has enforced the rise of perverse leadership when in process; will also lead to the ministry of The Olive Trees that bear the oil for the emergence of new leadership whose ministry and function will bring healing and restoration to the land. A successful era of Judges is what was predestined to lead The Nation of Israel into the era of Kings within Israel’s National Blueprint; and all that era was preordained to accomplish – being the building and establishing or a national character that became significant for the timeline of Psalmist King David.

* Then comes the key for this: The Mystery of The Ministry of Joshua and Zerubabel.

* However, it is undoubtedly obvious that a prophetic chart is being revealed by The LORD concerning Britain as a new era begins to unfold; and it is time for righteous labors that will bring both a purging of perverse structures and a raising of righteous structures that will be the new pillars upon which a generation of righteous leadership will emerge that will bring healing and set the nation on an onward path as a shining light as its true destined calling.

* These are extremely significant times and significant opportunities for big changes. It is such an honor to bring perspective as The LORD gives insight.

Abel Praise,
Kingdom Military Missions.

Puzzle Pieces:
  1. initial alert to Veronika’s vision of Angel of Emerald Isle
  2. reminder of tube of light going from Dublin to Belfast
  3. Jose’s reminder Rick Davis vision of cutting away British Isles from EU
  4. full account of the vision of angel and whole of Ireland
  5. Abel Praise’s code-breaking interpretation of vision of angel
  6. my 2004 open vision of Rock of Christ emerging from Britain
  7. existing piece – 2019 Prophecy on Lord’s Plans for Brexit & Ireland.
GPS activated:
  • in Ireland
  • in Hampshire
  • in Yorkshire
  • in Nigeria

Digital Globe by Cooldesign, courtesy

[Flying Puzzles by Nokhoog Buchachon, courtesy]

Sign petition to stop hate speech against Christians and investigate Franklin Graham’s opponents for hate crimes

Further to my explanation of the vision of the Lord allowing the rotten fabric of Britain to be torn apart, join me in taking a stand against satan’s tactics of using the unsaved to vent their wrath against a servant of the Lord, thereby rejecting the One who sent him:

Please read below, visit CitizenGO to sign the petition and CIRCULATE WIDELY:



Leisa Ebere: The Time of Separation is at hand

Leisa emails yesterday afternoon; ‘Here is the Word the Lord gave me today in an Open Vision. God is calling His People, who have a heart to hear…’ (Formatting added.)  As for the numbers, my footnote refers:


given to Leisa Ebere on 02/02/20

The Lord took me into an open vision and I saw fighter jet planes touch down outside many nations around the earth, and they were landing beside the entrances of churches stuck in the traditions of men. And then I saw soldiers, both men and women, running out of the churches and they were shouting: “We have orders to disembark from these places, from the Lord God Almighty!”

Then I saw people on stretchers being carried out to the plane and I heard one soldier say: “Not even one of our wounded shall be left behind, for they shall be restored from the fiery darts of religion and unbelief.”

Then I looked, and the jet planes shut their doors and took off into the sky… and there was a jet-stream of fire that trailed across the sky from each fighter plane, which made a huge impact, as the fire rained down from the heavenly realm and caused great upheaval upon the earth. And I saw a separation of mankind, good and evil, was being loosed upon the earth and I saw the time-frame of 32 months. I also somehow knew that the navigators of the jet planes were prophets, as they determined the destinations of each plane by listening to the Lord’s Direction. After that, I heard a trumpet sound and an Angel declared:

“The season of separation is at hand, for time and the voice of the Most High God shall take on new dimensions as the People of God rise up to proclaim their destiny. Lo, let the Body of Christ Awake and hear the Word of the Lord!”


Leisa Ebere

  1. Again we have yesterday’s date 02.02.2020 which Eli Villanueva in Texas notes on my personal Facebook, ‘It was also the 33rd day, leaving 333 more days left in the year (someone posted)’. I replied, ‘It relates to what I’m learning from Jonathan Hill’s book ‘Unlocking The Biblical Watch’ on that ‘high’ number’s holy meaning of ‘living witness’!
  2. 32 months takes us to 02.10.2022, which brings another instance of my personal numbers. That is, ignoring zeros as they’re of no value (‘no-thing’), my childhood home address 212 (which featured in and later validated my encounter with the Lord in Sept ‘89) a week before my birthday on 22nd.

Leisa Ebere: White horse dispatch prophecy

Leisa’s email of last night reads: ‘I had been seeing the face of a shaggy, white horse for two nights in my dreams, then the Lord took me into an open vision and showed me what He is doing in this hour. Wow and Hallelujah!


given to Leisa Ebere on 28th January 2020

I saw a white horse with tufts of hair all over it, and I knew that it had been in the wild a very long time and that this horse knew how to survive. Then I saw the horse rounding up his herd, even though several dark demons were trying to oppose him as much as possible. The horse was not beautiful, but I saw that he was protective and faithful towards those that had been entrusted to his care, and then suddenly I saw the horse and his herd stampede towards the demons and chase them away. After that, I heard the Lord say:

“I am raising up ordinary people and giving them extraordinary abilities, and these I am dispatching with specific missions to stir up My body to clear out the blockage that currently stands in the way of My People walking into their destiny. These anointed ones shall be free of all religious mindsets and be fast and efficient as My Words and My Power flows out from their mouths and their fingertips. These are My rapid-fire prophets that I am launching initially into Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK, and then into the uttermost parts of the earth. And the hands of time shall be expedited as a result of their influence. I am Moving amongst My People,” says the Lord, “and releasing My Power. Get ready for upheaval and get ready for change!”

The Ringmaster prophetic vision fulfilled within days! (#49 = 7×7)

A very quick note to thank Phil View for his comment to Leisa’s ‘Ringmaster’ prophetic vision of Wednesday alerting me to what I spotted in last night’s update from Bill Koenig at the White House – click images for links to read full details (NB not in new windows):

Leisa Ebere: the heavy anvil prophecy

Leisa writes,  ‘Here is the Word the Lord gave me today, post UK election, which will require great sacrifice and concerted prayer strategies from God’s Remnant in the days ahead, in order to birth a changed nation. Blessings, Leisa Ebere.’


given to Leisa Ebere on 13th December 2019

I saw a heavy anvil slamming down on a long piece of metal, and I heard the Lord say,

“My Children have asked me for amendments in the nation of the UK, and so I have granted their requests, despite disobedience in the camp. But I say to you in the days ahead, that hard sacrifices will be required for transformation to come to the nation of Great Britain. For the way will not be easy as they suppose, for many who are within My Body have their mindsets firmly entrenched with the enemy. (!! RB)

“And just as the children of Israel murmured in the desert, so shall many murmur against Me during this age of transformation, for I tell you truly, that disobedience and a religious mindset has brought a need for My intervening hand,” declares the Lord. “Be not fooled, Boris Johnson is not your saviour, for he is only a small breeze in a major wind storm. Look up and get true revelation from Me,” says the Lord, “and I shall guide you through this desert journey.”

Then I saw an hour glass being turned over and I saw the sand running down into the lower chamber, and the Lord said: “The hard sacrifices must be made to birth nations of My choosing, and who will agree to submit to the weights and measures, yet to come?  For I am calling you up to greater heights in Me, not hiding you away in seclusion. It is time to stand, whilst My Anvil reshapes your hearts and minds, and for you to let love and the faithful strategies born of My Spirit, reflect in your lives.”