Catch up with the TV debate

COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’):

A video is now available on each proponent’s blog of last Wednesday’s 90min debate on Revelation TV, should you wish to watch.

First – or instead – it would be useful to read the text below both site’s video shots; ie. the interesting comments (with corrections!) thread on Calvin Smith’s blog as well as Stephen Sizer’s opening statement on his blog:

Despite each advocate’s reputation going ahead of him, there was a lack of acrimony and although neither gave ground each came to respect their opponent.

Calvin Smith stood staunchly against the wider view that Christian Zionism is a heresy. He could have mentioned this valid Biblical understanding blossomed during the Commonwealth Period under Cromwell. The Puritans laid great emphasis upon inter-preting and understanding the Holy Bible correctly. Hence, their realisation that the Jewish people ought to return to their ancient homeland – the eventual outcome of which was The Balfour Declaration of 1917 by the british Government.

Stephen Sizer has a concern for the well-being of fellow believers within the Jewish and Arab communities and wants to draw them towards one another – other ministries are already doing so. It seems his view may be fuelled by unreasonable and dangerous attitudes prevalent within US military based upon an extreme support for Israel, right or wrong. Like us, both contestants recognised that the modern state of Israel is far from perfect and we shouldn’t be blindly supporting it.


In this connection, I’m forwarding Doug Chaplin’s succinct reflections upon Judaism’s painful relationship with the church – hat-tip to Stuart for your recommendation. This reminds me of, and thus I rejoice over, the ‘one-new man’ relationship demonstrated magnificently between Rev John Kilpatrick and Rabbi Curt Landry in Alabama. (You may recall my referring to them last May regarding intercession for Israel v. proposed 3rd intifada.) Boy are those two men of God a powerhouse when together!

Also, it reminds me of the blessed time last year when Nina and I were privileged to attend and be instructed in the celebration of Rosh Hashanah. What a download I received about Almighty Father’s personal connection to His Holy Word, and Nina was unquestionably impacted by His Holy Spirit during that event – we were speechless!!

May you too, dear friend, sense His presence

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