Reminder of TV debate

COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’):

Further to Monday’s email, please read this morning’s post on EChurch blog for details:

As its webmaster is acquainted with both debaters, his comments and linked material are very useful background information.

As you know how the Lord prompts one, I was greatly encouraged by these responses from fellow readers:

John P informed me of his just-launched blog What On Earth Will Happen Next? which I recommend you to visit too.

Upon receipt of my mail, Neil Mc had just finished the second part of his comments upon Replacement Theology for the End-Times course at WinVin and he replied: “God is certainly bringing this subject to the fore! I strongly believe that time is short and, as you say, the ground is being prepared.”  His comments upon RT open with wise words:

Some caution and tentativeness is advisable as there are varying opinions and interpretations: we do well to remember, in humility, that God has set limits to our knowledge and understanding. Claiming absolute certainty in any explanation of puzzling aspects of scripture, or of unfulfilled biblical prophecy, is risky! Suffice it to say, we should keep an open mind, read scripture with integrity and in context and, wherever possible, adopt a literal interpretation in preference to dynamic equivalence….

Also, a couple of weeks ago I took Nina to a packed Woman To Woman conference in East London. (Public transport was non-existent in view of work-in-hand for Olympics!) Afterwards, Nina excitedly told me most of what happened as 3000 ‘spell-bound’ ladies listened to Billy Graham’s daughter, Anne Graham-Lotz.

She spoke in depth explaining why the End-Times are upon us. To paraphrase in summary;

“I know a lot of you are scoffing, but I don’t care – it’s all there in the Bible and that’s good enough for me. Just watch what’s happening and check it out in your Bible”.

Scales fell off their eyes.

SO MUCH of what Anne said was anointed by the Holy Spirit that Nina kept being fired up by Him as though getting mild electric shocks! Most of her message was given in her oft-repeated ‘WAKE UP!’ call which is usually available on line during conferences such as May’s Epicentre Conference jointly hosted with Joel Rosenberg (see video overview)

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